Gen 7- Chapter 2 Part 1: Tranquil Truffle

This face, is the face of absolute detestation. Why do you ask? Well namely my dearest friend Blushy and her new boyfriend. She and Rowan seem to like to do what boyfriend and girlfriends do. Except they don’t care where they do it or who they do it in front of. And you might be saying…but Tranquil dear you can’t see it. Why does it matter…

True, but oh I could hear it, which may be have been just as bad. There was a lot of “mmmmm” and *smooch smooch* and *giggle-giggle* which I am sure in their little love bubble sounded wonderful, but to us on the outside, it was just gross. There were plenty of other places they could have chosen, but I guess our lunch table was as good of place as any.

Judging by the awkward silence that loomed in the air, I could tell that Rose and Java were not to please by our lunch time entertainment either.

Not knowing what else to do, I grabbed a carrot stick from my lunch bag and started munching as loud as I could hoping to drown out the sounds emanating from the two twitterpated beings beside me. This worked pretty well until I had munched it all the way down to a pulp and then the giggling and smacking returned. Ughhh. I was just about to grab another carrot stick when I heard a guitar strumming from the other side of me. I recognized it immediately, Granite must have been practicing again.

“Where you going Tranquil?”

Oh of course now she noticed me. I had to think up something good and quick.

“I was just going to go to the bathroom. I wanted to see if I could find it by myself. Think I have it down now.”

“Do you want me to go with you? You know, just in case?”

“No no. I think I got it.”

I felt so transparent. I just knew she could see right through me. (That’s how that phrase goes right?) I just knew she was going to jump from the table and escort me anyways. There was a small pause and then she finally replied.

“Ok, but if you need me, just scream really loud.”

“Hah! Ya. I will be sure to uhh do that.” With that I followed the wall to the large double doors. A brief moment of annoyance with myself floated through my mind at my stubbornness to use a walking stick. I didn’t need that to make me to look more out of place, but in a situation like this it would have been really handy…

I opened the doors and a puff of air from the air conditioner blew straight down on my head, which in turn probably caused the wildness of my hair to get even more out of control. I gave my head a shake and with one hand tried to smooth the hair back behind one ear. Like it always did, it immediately fell back to its usual position resting right on my cheek. Stupid Hair…

Reminding myself not to get off track, I continued on. I headed through the main hall using the wall as a guide. Got to love walls. So helpful. I had been practicing the same route from the day Granite and I had our first meeting. Which was awesome, but this also meant, that I really didn’t know how to get to the bathroom. Oh just a minor setback.

Twelve steps to the end of the stair case rail.

Six steps to the cafeteria, and then just a hop, skip and jump to the door…ok not really but, Omb! Could you imagine!

As I neared my destination, the music started to get louder, so I knew I was going in the right direction. I probably could have found my way just by listening, but its always good to know exactly where you are going regardless.

I leaned against the cool door to listen. The vibrations from the refrigerator on the far wall and Granite’s music was an unusual combo that made my tummy do a flip flop. I took a steadying breath and pulled the door open.

Following the chairs I walked down the almost unnoticeable incline to the front of the room. His playing never faltered, so I assumed he either had not noticed me yet, or was choosing to ignore me. When I got to what I had hoped was the front row of seats, I carefully sat down. Just like before I closed my eyes to listen. It was a different song this time, something I recognized, but that didn’t change how beautiful it was. His tone was so haunting. You would be amazed how different one instrument can sound when placed in anothers hands.

After a few more moments the music abruptly stopped.

“Oh its you again.”


“Is there a reason you keep coming in here to bug me?”




“Well would you mind telling me? I would really much prefer to be alone.”

“I like your music.”

“Heh. That’s a new one.”

“Why is that funny?”

“You would be the first.”

“First to what? Like your music?”


“I find that hard to believe. Have you ever let anyone else listen to your music.”


“Well then how do expect others to like it.”

There was no reply.

“Do you practice here everyday?”

“Uh ya. Mr. Cafe lets me come in here to practice at lunch and after school. He thinks it will keep me out of trouble.”

“And he doesn’t like your music?”

“I guess he does… Ok, so maybe you are not the first.”

I sat back in my seat with a winning grin.

“So what do you want?” He impatiently inquired.

“I want to hear your song again.”

“I play lots of songs.”

“The one you wrote.”

“How do you know I wrote it.”

“I can tell.”

“If I play it, will you go away?”


“Ok. Good.”

There were a couple footsteps and then the music started to play. It was just as beautiful this time around as before, I listened to each chord trying to catch all of the notes I was missing. Finally he arrived upon the section I was having trouble with and everything clicked into place. I let the music dance in my ear drums until the final strums vibrations completely dissipated in the vast auditorium.

I clasped my hands together at my heart. “Thank you.”

“Uh No problem. I don’t know what the big deal is, its just something I have been working on.”

“Well, I really like it. I have been trying to learn it myself on my piano, but your chords are quite complicated and translating to my piano, has served to be much trickier than I anticipated.”

“Heh. You play the piano? What are you like a little Ray Charbroiled?”

“No. But I do play. Quite well actually. Is there a piano in here? I would love to show you.”

“Uh there is an electric keyboard.”

“That would work.”

“Oh this I gotta see.”

“Where is it? I don’t know this room very well.”

“Oh right. Its uh over here.”

I got up from the chair and walked a couple of steps. This was one thing I hated. Uncharted territory. I must have looked really silly reaching my arms out trying to find where I was going.

“Here.” He said grabbed my hands. “There is a stage here so…watch your step.”

“Thank you.”

His hands were warm and slighty moist, I felt a squeeze on my heart. I carefully stepped up onto the stage and I squeezed his hands gently as a gesture of thanks.

“Its right here.” He informed. He then took one of my hands and set it on the far edge of the keyboard. I nodded and reached out for the seat.

I situated my hands on the keys and started to play, but nothing came out.


“Guess it would help to turn it on…”

“Ah yes. Never have that problem with a piano.”

I heard a small switch flick on and pressed one key. When I had confirmed it was indeed working, I started to play again. I decided to give his song another go, since I now had the missing notes. It wasn’t as beautiful or as haunting on the keyboard as his guitar, but I did my best to channel some of my inner angst to make it sound half way comparable. For an added fun effect, I closed my eyes and did my best Ray Charbroiled impression. Head swaying as I played, I let the music consume me.

Once I stopped, I sat quietly with my hands in my lap. Oh Berry he hated it. He wasn’t saying anything. My heart was beating so fast I could hardly breathe.

“Wow. That was…amazing.”


“How did you learn to play like that? With out…well…with…”

“Being blind?”


“I have always loved music. I can see music. It might sound strange but in my head it works. I don’t think I could survive without music. Each piece tells a story. I can feel those stories. Just like your story.”

“My story?”

“Yes. Your music is so expressive. I think the world would appreciate your story.”

“No one wants to hear my…”

“Is something wrong?”

“Uh no.” *ahem* “I was just saying no one wants to hear my story.”

“I think you’re wrong. You have a beautiful gift. You should share it with the world.”

“Nothing about me is beautiful.”

“I think you are too hard on yourself.”

“You think a lot.”

“Are you in a band?”


“Why not? You should be.”

“Because, I don’t want to. Jeez you ask a lot of questions.”

“Tranquil!! Where are you! You scare me to death when you do this!”

My whole body froze. “Oh no. I…gotta go.”

“See ya.”

Sheepishly I stood at the edge of the stage. “Would you mind?”

“Oh right.” Again he took hold of my hands and helped me off of the stage. This time I held his hands a little longer. “I…”


“Thanks again.”

I snuck out the side door just in time. “Here I am.” I called.

“There you are! Girl you freak me out when you do that.” She panted throwing her hand over her chest.

“Sorry about that. Guess I got a little lost, but I am getting the hang of it.”

“Well just glad to find you. Guess what!! I have great news!”


“Yes! Rose and I were talking and we are all gonna stay the night at her house for a slumber party! Isn’t that just the best!”

“Yay!” I squeaked. “That would be truly amazing. Except my mom will never go for that.”

“Oh pish. You let me take care of that.”

“Ya sure.” I chuckled.

In the words of Granite. Oh this I gotta see…er no pun intended.


24 responses

  1. I immediately had a Bambi flashback when you said “twitterpated” xP But OMB this is getting too cute!!! 😀 *insert giggle of girlishness here*

  2. The way She and Granite interact is so amazing! I love that she doesnt have to rely on his looks to know if she likes him, its more real when its something she has to truly feel.

  3. I love how much she feels everything around her, not just in the physical world but the emotional world as well. It takes a lot of skill to feel akward situations when you can see but even more when you can’t! Brilliant missy, I’m off to part tow!

  4. *squees!* Yay!! Tranquil and Granite!! I also loved the photo of them holding hands =)

    And hehe, all the little “puns” with the word “see” remind me of a video I watched in a class about what to do when you encounter a person who’s blind, and there is an awkward scene where the sighted guy says to the blind guy “I’ll see you later!” and then completely freaks out because he thinks he’s being rude, and the blind guy just laughs and says something like “It’s fine, really…we still use all the words in the English vocabulary, you know, and even say ‘see you later to each other’.'” It was just a funny reminder that just because a person is blind, doesn’t mean they would bar themselves from using any everyday words and phrases.

    Off to read part 2!!! *excited*

  5. Awwwwwwww!! :3 :3

    I really love your writing in this chapter, you could just imagine how Tranquil completely engages herself in the music!

    I also think it is good for Granite to be with Tranquil, he learns a lot from her.

  6. ARGHGHGHGGHHHH! My computer blanks out the pics of Granite!! Zee gnome is funny tho’ Hoping to catch sight of granite soon!!!
    Banya x

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