Gen 7- Chapter 4 Part 1: Tranquil Truffle

Once Granite and I were officially a couple, things really didn’t change all that much. We had decided until we could figure a way to get everyone to accept we were together, we would keep things under wraps. It was certainly not because we were ashamed in any way, no way. It had more to do with the lovely persona that Granite had created for himself. The bad boy with the dear sweet blind girl…it was going to take some strategic planning to work it all out.

So until that time, we just enjoyed being a couple. We spent quite a bit of our time doing what we loved best. Playing music. It seemed even more special now that were openly sharing the emotions that flowed through it. I knew I loved him, and I was pretty sure that he felt the same, but we hadn’t openly said it. Not yet. I knew thought it was only a matter of time.

Now there were definitely other ways we enjoyed spending our time together besides the music sharing. There was something exhilarating about being alone together, the entire world blissfully unaware to the love and passion that we shared with each other. There was a tenderness and sweetness to his kisses, that I knew were meant for only me. A new kind of a kiss that I called it the miracle kiss. Catchy right? Well not like I had much experience on kissing techniques before Granite, but somehow I knew they were special all the same.

“I love the way you kiss me.”

“I love kissing you.”

For about two weeks we carried on each lunch the same as we always did, until one fateful afternoon. As I made my approach to the auditorium, I noticed more music. I could hear Granite’s guitar, but there was also a keyboard, bass and drums. At first I was unsure if I should just turn around leave, but my need to be with him overrode my worry and I pushed the large door open and carefully walked down the aisle.

I took my usual seat near the front of the stage, and then turned all of my attention to the music they were playing. It was Granite’s song, but whoa how different it sounded with everyone else behind him. Maybe even more powerful, which at first was hard for me to believe.

Somebody must have finally spotted me, because suddenly the all the music stopped.

“What is Miss See no evil doing here?” A girl from the far right of the stage spat. The venom in her voice dripped off of every syllable as she spoke. I felt a small twinge of anger run up my spine. I was about to tell her exactly what I was doing there when Granite darted across the stage. In a blink his voice was emanating from all the same place as her.

“Her name is Tranquil, and she is welcome here any time. Now you either learn to deal with that, or we will be finding someone new who can.”

A small smirk started to grow across my face. More than satisfied with his answer I kept my mouth shut.

“Whoa some needs a serious chill pill. It was just a joke man. Relax.”

Everyone including myself knew she wasn’t kidding, but we all decided it was best to just drop it. We couldn’t get too overly irate or she would catch on right away to what was actually happening. From the sound of her already adamant disapproval, she would surely have a lot to say about it and I seriously doubted she cared who she said it to.

“Ok guys take 5.” Granite announced as he hopped off the stage.

A few seconds later, I felt a hand squeeze my knee. “Hey.”

“Hey. So what is all this? You guys sounded amazing.”

“Thanks. I sort of took your advice and started a band.”

“Really!? That’s awesome Granite!”

“Ya it seems to be going well. They are all picking it up really fast! Which is good, because Licorice somehow snagged us a gig at Buri’s. ”

“Really?! That’s amazing! When? When?”

“In two weeks.”

“I wanna go!”

“Well, heres the thing. Its not the safest part of town. I don’t know if that would be such a good idea.”

“I can’t possibly miss your first gig ever! Pleaseeeeeeeee.”

“I don’t know.”

For a minute or so, he was completely silent. I could tell the wheels were turning. “How are you gonna talk your parents into something like that?” He finally inquired.

“I will take care of that part, don’t you worry.”

“Well I guess we can work it out then.”


Just then the side door opened and all the other band members started to shuffle back in.

“I guess we better get back to practicing.”

“Ya I should probably go too.”

“Here let me help you up.” Grant offered as he took hold of my hands. Of course he and I both knew I didn’t need any help, but they didn’t, so it gave us a great opportunity for some hand holding. He squeezed my hand gently three time as he lifted me up. He had started to do it almost every time my hands were in his own.

He pulled me into a hug and we quickly said goodbye. “Bye Miss Tranquil.”


My heart started to sink as I walked away. I knew we had to figure out a way to announce to everyone we were a couple. Not being able to see him when I wanted was slowly wearing me down. I so desperately wanted to turn around and run into his arms and stay there, but there was a fear that ran through the back of my mind. What if they tried to keep us apart? I only had so much control. The way things were going at the present time was quite good compared to what it could be.

But something felt off when I left that day. It’s probably hard to comprehend, but even blind people can feel the cold dead stare of hate. It felt as if someone was watching my every move. Unfortunately for me I knew it was not Granite. I had my suspicions, but decided to keep them to myself.

I kept my head high as I exited the auditorium and my way back to the completely clueless lunch table crowd.

For the rest of the day, my mind flipped flopped back and forth. Should I tell everyone? Should I not tell everyone? It could mean complete freedom, but at the same time, it could backfire and mean utter condemnation for Granite and my relationship. No it wasn’t time. Not yet. Like most things in my life, I deiced to listen to my heart. When the time was right, I would know.

After school had let out, Blush and I walked to the front of the school, just chit chatting about randomness and nonsense, when with out warning she grabbed hold of my arm and came to a screeching halt. I heard her breath catch in her throat in a low gasp.

“Whoa! Next time warn me when you are gonna do that.”


“Blush? Is something wrong?”


Something out there had her spooked, but due to her lack of vocalization, I had not a clue what.

“Hello blind girl here, need a little insight into whats happening.”

“Whu? Oh it’s nothing. I…. have a headache. Its really started to pound on me pretty bad. I just need a second.”


I could tell she was lying but from the distress in her voice, I knew it was probably not the best time to push the issue. Though you can bet I would be finding out later what exactly was going on.


If you are wondering…BERRY What just happened?!?! Click here!


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  2. I don’t know what it is with that mean girl (Licorice, is it?), but I there is something I like about her.. Maybe it’s the “bad” look. Could I request an upload? I’d love to add her to my town.

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