Berry’s Puffs

Do you like Berry Sweet stories? Well if you are reading this, the answer to that is probably yes. XD I recently started a collab blog for me and my fellow writers to come together and share our Berry Sweet “Short Stories”.  I have contributed two so far and I know some of you have read them, but for those who have not. Here is the links. Enjoy!

27 responses

  1. Thats awesome berry! I am sure anything you type up will be great.
    also, I was wondering if anyone could reccomend some good cc sites?

  2. I LOVE your stories, they are fantastic, I’ve started to read them 3 ago and I’m in gen 6 , I just love it, and Pineapple too 🙂 but if I can ask one thing how do you move them to other positions while they are in bed, and how can I put the babies on someone’s legs? And change the color of the baby’s blacket? Sorry I ask a lot! Love your stories!!!

  3. Berry, could you give me the link to the first chapter of Kittycattylion’s Tea legacy? I love your legacy so much and I heard hers was also good. I tried the link on the right but when I try to click on the first chapter nothing seems to happen… Thank you so much! (but don’t worry your legacy will always be BY FAR the best sims 3 legacy out there!!)

      • Your welcome 😉 and thank you so much for replying! Unfortunately, when I click it, it doesn’t come up (and I tried a day after, to see if it was just my computer), then I scrolled down and found bits and pieces of it but never a whole chapter… 😦 Oh well… Thanks though!

      • All the links are in her first post. It has a picture of Squirrel with a list of chapters. Than a pic of Logan with his list of chapters and so on. Its not listed like Chapter 1 chapter 2 each chapter is a little phrase.

  4. Okay, I know this is off topic, but I just saw the amazing drawings on the forum thread and had to comment about them somewhere – they are so sweet and fantastic!! You are such great artists! I wish I could upload my drawing and give a link to it, but I don’t think we have a scanner 😦

    • coool! i love 100 baby challenges!! i’ll defintely read it! i tried one but failed 😦 so i made an alphabet baby challenge (where you have 26 kids all named after the letters of the alphabet)– much easier. i got to baby 12 whne my game got glitched and i couldnt play that household anymore 😦 😦
      but i’ll defintely read yours!!

  5. Hey Berry, i tried to email you at the web address that you gave to be a contributor, but the email system kicked it back and said the email doesn’t work. Any ideas?

  6. Berry, I keep meaning to ask, what eyes do you use for your sims? Are they default or non-default? I have Shady’s multicolour eyes, but you can never really get pink colours or anything like that.

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