Lacelot Machinima

After writing the Puff on my favoritist Splash pair. I decided to top it off with a Machinima. I plan on doing a Machinima for each Gen anyways and I didn’t really count “Your Love” since it was more of a joke then the actual story. So here is the real deal!

Consider this our 500k celebration gift because it is almost upon us!!!

So let me say THANK YOU AND MWAH I ❤ you all!!!


29 responses

  1. Congrats on almost reaching 500k!! I swear we were only just celebrating 400k.. xD
    Goddd the song was perfect.. The shower scene was AMAZINGLY good, the way Bubbie turned into Merlot and then they were behind the glass together – just incredible angles and imagination!!! Aaaand the very last scene made me cry 😥 it’s given a whole new side of Lacey’s gen, thank you so much for sharing!!! xx

  2. OMB berry! I loved it just as much as Honey and Papples! I actually cried this time… Why is forbidden love so sweet? Great job. You’re so inspiring!!! 😀

  3. Is it because you used a different hair and that blush that went across her nose? Anyway, Lacey looked different. Honestly, I think she looks cuter that way.

    Now to brace myself for the onslaught of rebuttles.

    • I had the blush across her face to look flushed and she had no lipstick on. I think she looks nice either way. I just went more detailed. x3 She did look different.

  4. I. Am. Speechless.

    The song and their story and the camera movements… it was just too amazing for words.
    And that last scene gave me some serious goosebumps.

    Congratulations on the 500k, you deserve it so much and don’t ever stop working with The Sims!!!

  5. Oh my gosh this was so beautiful! i cried my eyes out ( i’m a bit of a hopeless romantic lol) i really saw a new side to laceys and merlots affair i didn’t really know much about it in gen one and i just thought it was a one night stand ( Lucky lacey! Mer is a hottie) but because of this machinima is seemed like much more. Anyway, this was just totally beautiful but at the same time heart wrenchingly sad 😦 🙂

    • awww Ya. Its a bit on the complicated side, only more complicated by the fact she was too proud to openly admit her feelings. Something in the end that ended both of their lives pretty early in their elder stages. T.T Their love was something special. You do learn a bit more about them in gen 4 but even then, she tried to hide it.

      • Oh i remember merlot dying when he went to meet cherry, it’s all flooding back now lol. you do kinda forget about their storyline when theres been so many other great storyline in the rainbowcy! but i must admit that merlot and lacey’s love is my favourite apart from Tranquils and granite’s. it must be to do with the whole forbiden love thing, would explain why i love romeo and juliet. Sorry about me yapping on.

  6. Ok I am officially slow, I finally realized why I like Merlot so much!! I don’t think it’s my imagination that he looks like some very hunky, son-in- law, right?

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