Gen 7- Chapter 8 Part 1: Tranquil Truffle

“Oh Sweet berry.” *mrphhhhh* I moaned as I was awakened for the third time that night with wave after wave of nausea. I was trying to be as quiet as possible, so I could let poor Granite sleep. He had recently started his new job as the music teacher at huckleberry High and needed all the sleep he could get. Unfortunately I wasn’t quiet enough.

“Baby you alright?”

“I… *hrpphhhh* don’t think so.”

“You need help to the bathroom?”

“No. You sleep. I will be fine.”

I threw myself out of bed and rushed to bathroom just in time. I grabbed hold of the bowl and I think everything but my toes came out. Oh it sounded simply awful. Poor Granite, I hated that he had to hear it. I leaned my head against the cold bowl and a for a brief second the spinning stopped. Breathing a sigh of relief I tried to stand, but as soon as I did, another wave came over me and I was right down where I started once more. “Ughhhh” I moaned again.

The toilet and I were constant companions for about two weeks. Finally I broke down and called my mom. Since Grandpa had passed, there really was no one else I could talk to or ask what was wrong and if maybe I should see a doctor. The moment I told what was happening, she instantly knew. Or thought she did.

“Mira angel, it sounds like I am gonna be grandma soon.”

“I’m pregnant?”

“I would assume so yes. Its always a good idea to make sure though. Why don’t I come down, I can buy a test pack on the way.”

“Thanks Mom.”

“You’re welcome dear.”

Well she brought a test over and guess what?! I was! I was so excited! I was bouncing around the house with my mom surprisingly she was much more excited that I thought she would be.

“Now you get to tell Daddy.”


When Granite got home from work that day, I waited till he was out of the shower and then I pounced on him.


“Hello beautiful, feeling any better today?”

I felt my tummy tie up in knots. “A little…I have some news.”


“Mhmmm. We…are gonna have a baby!!”

“We are?!”

“We are!!” I squealed.

“Oh sweetheart! This is so great!” I felt his hand wrap around my own. ” So that’s why you have been so sick. I should have known.”

“Well maybe. It was a surprise to me too.”

“Come here Mommy. Give me some lovin.”

“Oh you.” He always knew what to say to melt my heart.

I could already feel a slight baby bump beginning to form. Granite placed his hand upon it and I felt fire rush to my cheeks.

“Hello in there. This is your daddy.”

The way he talked belly was the most adorable thing I had ever heard in my life. I placed my hand on his shoulder to steady myself.

“Whoa you alright?” He questioned grabbing hold my waist.

“Yes. I just have a hard time handling your amazingness sometimes.”

I don’t think there ever was a more protective daddy in the history of daddies. Any chance he had, he was right next to me, helping to hold my bump, making sure everything was OK. Making sure I was OK. I was waited on hand and foot. I didn’t have to lift a finger the entire time I was pregnant. It was pretty darn sweet.

Not long after announcing my pregnancy, Blush announced she was also with child. It was in that same phone call that also had a desperate request. Well for her it sounded desperate, for us it was a welcome idea…

“I hate to ask you this, but…”


*sigh* “Well you see since Rowan and I found out that were having a baby, we decided our little apartment wasn’t nearly big enough. So we have ordered a house to be made, but do to set back in the construction its not going to be ready for at least a year. Problem is, Rowan starts his new job there in Twizzlerbrook in 6 months, which was when the house was supposed to be finished. Would it be possible for us to stay with you guys for a while?” It was obvious by her tone, she was absolutely mortified about asking, but we had a more than large enough house.

“I wouldn’t want it any other way.”

“Oh you are the best! We are gonna have so much fun!! I owe you forever and ever!”

Before long, Mr. and Mrs. Rosaceae we fully moved in and we were one big happy family. Well for the most part. Poor Rowan was having a hard time with Blush’s pregnancy. He was excited and scared out of his mind all at the same time. Poor guy, I felt so bad for him.

When the idea of a baby shower was mentioned by mother and aunt, we decided to combine them into a three way shower! That’s right. Pear and Maroon were also expecting their first child. She was due a little later than Blush and I, but we decided a huge party would be just the thing to bring some life into the giant and empty house we all found our self in.

The energy in the house the day of shower was almost electric. There was so much happy, I could almost reach out and grab it. The three preggers got to sit at the front of the room and daddies got the couch. They were the only boys who were invited!

Three handsome daddies. Or at least I assumed they were handsome. I only knew how one of them actually looked, but judging by the way Blush gushed over both of them, I was pretty sure they were pretty darn good lookin.

I don’t think I had ever heard so much joy in my mothers voice ever in my life. She was bubbling over with light and I think she relayed the story of how we came to discover I was pregnant about 20 times. It was really nice to hear her voice minus its usual stress.

My great aunt Punchy even decided to make an appearance. My second cousin Eclipse was in town, so she decided to drag along his wife. There was bit of drama over that actually. There were whispers of how old she was. They said she looked about 17.

“Too young…”

“Yes my thoughts exactly.”

Since there was no way for me to make any conclusions personally I just stayed out of it. My aunt Punchy seemed to like her and that was all that mattered in my book.

Even my dear cousin Minnie was in attendance. I don’t think she and I talked to each for maybe 10 years or more.

It was sure nice to talk to her again. I hadn’t realized how much I missed her till she was there listening to little Prelude. He was making all kinds of movements by that stage, I was just about ready to pop actually. I would not have been surprised if my water had broken in the middle of the party.

It was like old home week. Even Java came around. I wasn’t all that surprised. Her BFF was there celebrating her baby too. I seriously doubt she would have missed it for anything.

My aunt Emerald was having just about as much trouble trying to get pregnant as my mom had with me. I felt so bad. Here we were celebrating three new lives and she was still struggling. She assured us that she was more than over joyed to be a great auntie and we needn’t worry. Still I secretly made a wish that the stork would bring her, her own little surprise.

We finished the night with a few photos just as everyone was taking their leave. I felt a small pinch but nothing too severe really.

“Everything OK?”

“Ya, I think he is just as excited about the party as I am.” I smiled rubbing my belly.


16 responses

  1. Oh my gosh! Your families! Are too cute! Really, the cousins and everyone are so unique, and yet it really looks like a family.

    Oh and also, yay babies.

  2. Hi there, Im a new reader, and so far i love your legacy…..:)
    I dont make legacies of my own, i just enjoy them.. heheh. Anyways, I read your berry puffs about Frosted Mint, and its so cool how she’s related to the Chiffons….

  3. Okay this is silly but how did she read the pregnancy test without someone’s help? That just randomly occurred to me while I reread this chapter!

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