Gen 7- Chapter 8 Part 2: Tranquil Truffle

But oh was I mistaken. Within an hour, I was having full blown contractions. He was ever so polite to wait till after the shower, but he wasn’t about to wait a moment longer.

“GRANITE! Its time!”

Soon we were rushing to the car, our little one was on his way!

I received a full escort all the way to my room. Something I was grateful for, seeing I would have been so lost without him! “Ok love. Watch your step here.”

He did surprisingly well keeping his wits about him. We spent the next 12 hours in the delivery room, but finally after many tireless hours, we welcomed a healthy baby boy into the world. Prelude Chiffon had arrived.

Little did we know, back at home Blush and Rowan would also be joining at the hospital. Not even 6 hours after we had left, Blush too went into labor.

Amazingly she delivered before me, she too welcomed a baby boy into the world. Bordeuax Rosaceae.

Two days later, Blush and I brought all four boys home.

I was a little scared at first, but something in my clicked and a motherly part of me soon took over. He and I bonded quicker than I could have possibly hoped for. He had ways of telling me what he needed through sounds and movements he made. It was almost as if he knew I would not be able to see them visually.

There was no greater feeling than that of being surrounded by the two men you love most. I was so very blessed and I made sure that they both heard it everyday.

It was a very special time in the Chiffon house.

Bordeaux. That little guy had the cutest smile. Or so I was told. Only thing in life I wished I could have seen were all the children. Just hearing they are beautiful sometimes wasn’t enough, but unless I had another dream that revealed them to me, it was not gonna happen…

He was a welcome member of our household and had the ability to pull Blush out of any sort of funk she ever found herself in. He was such a friendly little guy always laughing and smiling.

Granite was such a good daddy. He took care of not only Prelude but he made sure to spend time with little Bordeaux…(Beaux for short) as well. He was pretty much his uncle, so it was no surprise once he started talking he called him Un-cew Gwant. I know Granite got a kick out of that.

Ah but there was no one he loved more than little Prelude, who according to Granite looked just like my mother. Having no idea what she looked like either, I was slightly annoyed, but I guess the green hair and eyes were a dead match. Awww I just knew he was the most adorable toddler there ever was!

He had two loves other than Granite and myself, and one was playing with dolls. I personally thought it was adorable. He would get Beaux to play with him sometimes, but he was not nearly as interested in the idea as Prelude was. There was no doubt he had a good imagination.

True to his name, he was a lover of music. My music to be specific. He and Granite would stand and listen to my play and little Prelude would soon be humming and cooing along. Everytime I heard his little voice emerge over the melody I felt my heart swell a little bigger. My little harmony man.

He was even the first one to find out I was pregnant again. I was so excited, but Granite was still at work, finishing of teachers conference night, so he was the next in line.

“Guess what.”


“You are going to be a big brother. Isn’t that so cool!”


Of course I wasted no time once he was home to give him the good news.

“Maybe we will get a girl this time.”


“Are you my little angel in there?”

“Oh I think she just kicked. That must mean yes.” I giggled.

My pregnancy flew by so fast second time around! Probably due to the fact I had little Prelude to take care of. He too was flying by, growing every day, eating solid foods and even trying to dress himself sometimes. He had gotten into a good routine of bringing me his shoes. I can’t even count how many times, I tried to put the shoe on the wrong foot. Luckily for me, he would grunt when I did it wrong. Those little shoes were hard were really hard to differentiate.

Before the arrival of our next child, we had successfully taught our son to walk. It was a definitely a group effort and activity that really brought the three of us even closer together. Our little man was growing so very quickly.

The second time I went into labor, actually hurt worse! It was a Thursday evening, little Prelude had just gone done for his “bed-nap”… when I felt like someone was dragging my insides right out and onto the carpet. I clutched my belly pain. Oh Berry this was intense. We managed to get a quick babysitter and Granite and I were off to the hospital to deliver our second child and third child and fourth child. Yes you heard me right. Triplets! No wonder it hurt so bad! Midnight Mousse, Sapphire Sip and Waterlily Whip Chiffon joined the family early that Friday morning. A blind mother with four children


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      • :O holy fudge monkeys! Dealing with triplet girls AND a toddler is pretty dang hard!! (I should know! I’ve had a tot and triplets in the game before! XD) and also: That picture of Prelude eating his cereal is TOO STINKIN CUTE!!!!! :’D

  1. Oh my gosh, I’m so excited to see the girls toddler-fied! And Prelude is just so so so precious! I was a little disappointed he didn’t get any blue, but aww it doesn’t even matter! ^_^ Poor little guy now has three little sisters though, hehe. I bet he’ll be an awesome big brother to them =)

    Loving your story as always, Berry. In fact, I’ve been reading it over lately and it’s just as wonderful the second time around!

    So much yay for babies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Awwwwwww they’re so adorable!! Prelude definitely iherited his mothers charm and cuteness from when she was a toddler! :3
    And I think Granite is the most amazing sim-father I have ever seen.

    Hahaha, one child and then triplets – this is like generation 4 all over again!! x’D Good luck you three!

  3. Oh those baby pics are just so adorable! Talk about a cavity factor. My heart kinda aches for Mira though. She is going to have to most beautiful berries in the world and never see their precious little faces. I love how she has taken to motherhood and adapted though. <33

  4. I feel stupid, I forgot she was blind. In the first part I got confused, “What she can only see one?” then I got it in this part…I feel dumb 😦 Love the Chapter (As always) 🙂

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  6. Those little boys are the cutest I have ever seen *Squeals uncontrolably* I just can’t wait to see the girls, because blue is my favorite color, not that little Prelude isn’t the cutest baby boy Chiffon I have ever seen…but I am just sooo excited!!!!!!!!!! <33333 this story!!!

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