And the Winner is!

YAY Thank you guys!! I finally got my barefoot heiress x3 <3333 I am so happy I could kiss you all!

Waterlily Whip   215

Sapphire Sip   173

Prelude   72

Midnight Mousse   28  LOL Poor Midna…

41 responses

  1. yay! i cant wait to see waterlily’s story :). I picked her because i use the name waterlilly sometimes for things, but i think the only thing i use it for now is my Youtube account, but i picked because i like the name! woo!

  2. WATERLILY won!!! But I love Prelude so much 😦 he is green. I’m sad because it’s already the 8 gen, and it’s almost ending 😦 I love your stories, berry !! Love it!!!

  3. Waterlily sounds like such a sweety! Also, are you going to keep going after you reach the 10th generation? Cuz if you do, I have a suggestion.

  4. Yahoo, Waterlily you did it, your barefoot heiresses!!! Lol, I can see you know doing a little happy dance behind your computer!!! Go Lily!!!

  5. *fails epically to do happy dance and falls to floor laughing hysterically*
    did I mention my floor is tile?

  6. I keep meaning to ask you this but always forget. I was wondering if you remembered where you found the YA PJ’s that you use often?

    I’ve been searching for them for ages but not had any luck… and I so despise the “underwear” option EA gives us.. they just don’t “fit” some of the ladies frames at all.

    Looking forward to the next chapter (as always) 🙂

  7. Darn it! I started reading this legacy right after Pineapple got chosen so I missed that vote, then I voted for Emerald last time and she didn’t win, then Tranquil was an only child so no vote, and now finally I get to vote again and I vote for Saphhire and she doesn’t win 😦 Maybe next time…
    But after reading the the next chapter I think I like Waterlily better now 🙂

  8. For me it was between Prelude and Waterlily..I love Waterlily and her clumsy trait, but I’ve been waiting for an oppurtunity to have another male heir, just for funsies:) Waterlily is a stunner though, she is sure to be fantastic. 😀

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