Gen 7- Chapter 9: Tranquil Truffle

“Hungry!!!!! MOMMA! Hungry!!”


Since the departure of Blush, Rowan and Beaux, the house seemed slightly more hectic. Poor Granite was working almost all time, which left me in charge of four screaming toddlers. I would love to say that my little angels were easy going and easy to take care of, but regrettably I cannot. Terrible two’s and one three was an absolute nightmare, but I was Tranquil Truffle Chiffon and I was determined to do it all on my own. Of course my mother had her own ideas.

“You know four children is a lot!” She called over the screams of Midnight and Prelude.


“Have you ever thought about bringing in a little extra support?”

“Support.” I tried to lean in closer, I was only catching snippits of what she was saying. Frustrated I turned to Prelude. “Baby boy I am trying to get your food, please, it won’t be much longer.” That did nothing, it may have made things worse.

“Mom, I am fine. We are fine. He is just hungry. I can handle this by myself.” I countered turning to the fridge and fumbling through the bottom shelf for the tupper ware of the days dinner. With Lily still on my hip I tried to the best of my ability to prepare Preludes meal. I felt my mother lean over my shoulder. “Dear that’s left over tuna salad.”

“Ughhh!!” I slammed the lid back down and opened the fridge again. Now more than frustrated I slapped the food into the bowl and plopped it down in front of my obviously “OMB I am gonna die if I don’t eat” starving child.

That was just about the time Lily was getting sleepy. I could feel her squirming and wriggling on my hip. She tapped my shoulder a couple times which was her way of telling me she wanted to go to bed. “Ok. Lets get you ready for bed then.” I agreed as I took her upstairs. As we left the room, I could hear Midnight crying behind me.

“Mommy! DOWN!”

“Yes love, I will be right back!”

Mom followed me upstairs still trying to convince me that her idea was a good one, but I was still not going for it. After tucking Lily in she started on me all over again. Always the persistent one she was.

“Couldn’t you at least think about it?”

“NO. MOM I am perfectly capable of doing this. I am a good Mom.”

“I know you are love. It has nothing to do with your capability. Its just-


Oh sweet berry what was that?!

Adrenalin pumped through my veins as I ran through downstairs, its a good thing I knew the house as well as I did, or may have just killed myself in the process. The screaming getting louder and louder as I neared the kitchen.



“No! Baby No!”



I could tell from the sound of her voice, she was no longer in her high chair. I kneeled down and scooped her into my arms. Pulling her to my chest I started to cry. “Oh baby girl. Mommy is sorry. Are you OK? I should have never left you.” The sounds of her painful crying was enough to make wanna throw up. I was so mortified, which was only amplified by the fact my mother was there to witness it all.

I think she could tell I was in no mood to discuss it further because she dropped it for the rest of the evening. She helped put Midnight and Prelude to bed and then made her way back home to BP. I followed her to the door and gave her a big goodbye hug. Once she had left, I sulked off to my room. I was exhausted.

That’s where I stayed until Granite returned home. The sound of that sickening thud replaying over and over again in my mind. My breath catching in my throat every time that it did.

“Everything OK?”

“Oh ya. Wonderful! I just tried to kill our daughter tonight is all.”

“You did what now?”

I threw my legs over the side of the bed. I was so embarrassed I was trying to avoid eye contact. I dropped my chin into my chest. “I let our daughter fall out of her high chair today.”

“You let her? Like you did it on purpose?”


“So she accidentally fell out of the high chair?”

I let out an exasperated sigh. “Yes.”

“I have failed as a mother.”

“I think that is going a bit far. Is she OK?”

“Yes she is fine.”

“Then don’t worry. Accidents happen.”

“I know but.”

“But what?”

“My mom thinks I need help and that didn’t really help my argument that I don’t”

“Aww love. Maybe we do need some help. You know I would be home 24-7 to help if I could.”

“I know, but I thought I could do it.”

“Well you can, but there is no shame is asking for a little support now and again. No one is going to think any less of you. I certainly won’t.”

*sigh* “OK. Can you call Mom and tell her? I just can’t…”

“I can do that.”

“Thank you.”

“You really are the best.”

“No. That’s you.”

So while we were preparing for bed (thank goodness the kids at least slept well) Granite made the call to my mother.

“Hey Mom…Mhmmm….Ya. I think she has decided to go ahead…Ya. Oh she is here, but her mouth is full of toothpaste. Uh huh…OK. See you tomorrow then. Bye.”

The very next afternoon, our new nanny was making her way up the steps and to the front door. It seems my mom had gone home that night and had placed the call. She had a feeling I was going to be calling to approve the go ahead. It really annoyed me she me knew me so well.

Petite Orchid Mauve. Fresh from the graduating class of 2011. Finished with college and ready to start her career in the childcare profession. Live in nanny had always been her life long dream and when my mother called the agency she was the first one on the list. Apparently another secret my mother had been keeping, she had already interviewed 10 different prospective nannies and she was the best.

She seemed nice enough. Soft spoken and friendly. I was still lightly unnerved by the fact I was openly asking for help, but she seemed to understand that and let me have quite a bit of space.

“Its so wonderful to finally meet you.”

“Yes and you as well. Please come in.” I smiled shaking her hand.

We continued our introductions until we were interrupted by Prelude alerting us he was up from his nap. I turned to head up the stairs when Orchid placed her hand on my shoulder. “May I?”

Before I had a chance to answer my mother chimed in. “Yes dear that would be wonderful.”

“Hey little guy. Is that you in here making all that fuss?”


“I thought so. You have some pretty poweful lungs. That is pretty impressive.”



“Hey Tranquil are you in-



“You must be the new nanny. Hi. I’m Granite. Nice to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you too.”

“Do you have a name? Or should I just call you Nanny?”

“Oh! Right! Haha um its Orchid. My name is Orchid.”

“Well its nice to meet you Orchid. Poor Tranquil has been running herself ragged. I think a little extra help around here is just what we need.”

“Yes…I uh better get back downstairs.”

Having the extra help was really like a dream come true. She was amazing with the children. They all adored her and I had to admit it made life so much easier not having to worry about all four at the same time.

It actually gave me a chance to spend quality time with all of them. It was amazing how different all three of the girls were from each other.

Midnight Mousse. I think it should have been Mischief Mousse thinking back. She was our little trickster. Most definitely the biggest handful for a blind momma.

If she wasn’t getting into shenanigans inside the house…

Then it was outside the house.

This wouldn’t have been nearly as bad except, poor little Lily was always crying. It was hard to keep track of Midna over Lily’s wailing. Either she was unhappy or she just tripped over something or hit a wall, coffee table, toilet, bathtub you name it that poor girl had smacked up against it. The doctors were always concerned when I brought her in. Covered in bruises. Ya that did not sit well.

The poor girl also had the oddest aversion to shoes. I could never keep them on her feet. First it would take me entirely too long to get them on and then once I did, I would hear *flop flop* and I would be feeling bare feet again. Finally I just gave up.

Big boy Prelude did his best to help. He would try to console little Lily to the best of his ability. I am not sure if it worked, but it was sure darn adorable to hear.

“Its ok Baby. Don’t cry.”

Ah but he was a resourceful one. When consoling didn’t work, he did not give up. He would try other tactics like reading to her. Of course he didn’t really know how to read, but she didn’t care. She would sit and listen to him prattle on and it usually was just thing to settle her out. My big boy helper to the rescue.

Awww little Sapphire. She was my angel in comparison to the other two. (Though I would vehemently denied it if ever confronted about it) She was my breath of fresh air. The most compliant and most observant, she could always tell when I was having a bad day and did her best to make it just a little bit easier on me. Something I was always truly grateful for.


“Love you too sweet pea.”

So I guess all in all having a little help wasn’t too far out. They were certainly a handful and after the arrival of Orchid we got to do so many new things. Like family outings. Something that was much to difficult for just the two of us.

It took me a while to admit it, but bringing Orchid in may have been one of the best decisions my mother ever made on my behalf.

Yup. She was a welcome addition to our little family.


Didn’t know where to split it…so I didn’t. Sorry >_<


71 responses

  1. kyaaaaa~ I’d recognize that cutesy face of hers anytime anywhere! <33

    my heart is in splinters tho.. what's with those two exchanging glances?

  2. Ohmahlord. Those shots of Midnight Mousse are so freaking precious–I really love the one of her toddling off on the sidewalk… Silly girl! Haha!! I’m already in love with all four of them, though.

    Can’t help but feel bad for Tranquil–she’s trying so hard to prove how capable she is, but she just can’t quite manage it on her own. Makes me wanna squeeze on her. D;

    Baaaahh… Granite noooooooo. DX Resist the Orchid! RESIST! (Bet that’s pretty hard though–she’s a cutie!)

  3. I will cry if something happens between Granite and Orchid! Haha!
    It makes me nervous!

    But Prelude is just the cutest I swear!! =D

  4. That look makes me nervous also, but I keep telling myself , “Self, this is a berry sweet story after all.” Hope that works!!

  5. Uh oh.. :c I don’t like how Granite looks at that girl! :s I am almost in tears and they didn’t even do anything yet..
    No Granite you are going to break Tranquils heart..
    *Crosses fingers that nothing happens between them*
    I am probably just over reacting.. hoping I am anywas<3

  6. AHHHHHHH, the looks exchanged between them flipped me out as well!! I would die a little inside if those two broke up.

    Although my hypothesis right now is more that Granite and Orchid know each other from their pasts, and not in the most positive way. Perhaps a relationship gone wrong or something. Thus, awkward tension between them as they avoid mentioning it. Or at least this is what I hope….because yeah, breaking them up? TRAUMATIZING. o_o

    I’ll be anxiously awaiting the next chapter!!! Eep!

    • that’s what I thought! The only reason it didn’t make sense was cause he asked her name.. but maybe he didn’t remember her right away!? Either way I hope and PRAY he doesn’t have feelings for her.. why would he anyway!? Tranquil is perfect!

  7. If Orchid and Granite make a baby it would be sooo cute…..tooo bad it and him and her would all have to DIE!!!!
    Mir cannot be hurt!!

    Great chapter as always Berry!!!
    you always leave me with my mental wheels turning

  8. On the plus side, Tranquil can’t see the awkward expressions, or the way Orchard might look at Granite, so she won’t be feeling overly jealous or possessive. That could drive a man into another womans arms, if she was.

    Gorgeous pictures, Berry, as usual. All the little toddlers are just gorgeous. I just can’t wait until they’re in their teen years. Lily will be amusing to watch, going to school with no shoes.

  9. That little miss Orchid chick better stay away from Mira’s hubby, im in the mind to come kick some butt if i have too! So don’t even think about it! 😡 On a brighter note though those kiddo’s are beautiful!

  10. If he cheats on Mira I will download him and all the different kill sim mods I can find. Then I will proceed to kill him in every possible way there is to kill a sim.

    Btw those kids are adorable.

  11. No no no no no! You can not not not make them break up over some stuip overachiever nanny! No no no that just wont do they are tooooo cute together to have anything going on!!!!!!!!!!!! *sigh* Hmf…But anyway all the babies are super cute! And say where did you get the skin for Granite? Does it come in noraml colors too? Link?

  12. Poor poor Mira! That’s a lot to handle for a sighted mother. She did the hardest thing of all for a Chiffon too, she asked for help! And Orchid, poor girl as well, I mean seeing Granite every day how could she not fall in love with him (I mean come on I totally would). I sense a little trouble on the horizon.

  13. Little Midna had me in stitches.. such trouble. The toilet shot is definitely my favourite lol. I can guess how hard it was for Mira to give in and ask for help, after all what Mother wants to admit defeat. Though I can’t imagine four toddlers being easy to look after. I’m not liking what I’m seeing between Granite and Orchid… I hope he’s not foolish enough to act on any impulses he may get. 😀

  14. NOOOOOOOOOO don’t do it granite please! i will shed one thousand tears if he doessss. on a more positive note, the kids are all so cute.

  15. Tranquite won’t get split up.. will they? Surely it’s just a harmless crush – Granite is too loyal to Mir to do anything!!!! … Right??

  16. Please Berry, PLEASE don’t do anything between Granite and the nanny, Granite and Tranquil have a beautiful love story, I know laceLot are a couple, and they had a hairess, but I love this couple too much to break the love, I love your legacy but I will cry if something happens between the nanny and Granite, Tranquil and Granite 4ever love! But I still love your stories

    • I want GRANITE AND TRANQUIL together without betrayals, please. It’s my favorite couple in splash of colour! Love your story!!!!! LOVE IT!!

  17. ARRRGH!! I really, REALLY hope Granite and Orchid have an awkward and negative past instead of a crush on each other D:

    The triplets are so, so cute by the way – especially Midnight when she’s getting into trouble, and Prelude when he is taking care of his sisters. The picture where he is holding Waterlily… I almost died from the cuteness. *o*

  18. Ee, he’d better be frowing at her in a “what am I going to do about that silly girl’s silly crush” sort of way and not in a “ooh what a pretty girl, good thing my wife can’t see me drooling” kind of way!

    (or I’ll punch him in the teeth?)

  19. Please please please don’t let the stupid nanny be the end of Tranquite!!! I seriously love this couple just as much (or maybe more) than Papple and Honey! Oh, the cliffhanger “/

    Btw, I absolutely ADORE the kids. They are uber cute and can’t wait to see them all grown up (although I’m loving the toddler-cuteness) Great job with the story!

  20. talk about a crazy house full of toddlers! i’m glad that tranquil agreed to get some hired help, but i’m thinking that orchid has eyes for grantite…which is not good at all. i’m seriously hoping that grantite doesn’t stray from the family!

  21. hmmm, no comment, as account i can’t figure out what to say. But i am getting that twitching feeling every time something bad’s about to happen in a legacy i’m reading. Maybe that’s due to the fact Mir can’t see Granite’s face in that last pic.

  22. Not liking the look on Granite’s face there at the end D: Poor Tranquil, things may just get a bit tough for her. Tougher than they’ve been, at least >.<

  23. Behind the nanny when she’s holding prelude, is that the first legacy house? But isn’t that in sugar vally? Or did they move back and I don’t remember? Did I just find a blooper?

  24. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I knew it as soon as I saw Orchid. I was like ohh no there is going to be an affair. And then that first little flirty awkward meeting. I don’t think I can handle it!

    • That “F” was not and almost expletive I swear! It was me hitting the key. Don’t wish to offend anyone so just putting it our there just in case.

  25. OMB Prelude is the most adorable toddler I have seen. When he wakes up from the nap… precious. How do you not just take thousands of pictures? Well, they’re all terribly photogenic, but he is especially : )

  26. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!

    Please Berry dont let Granite go off with the nanny – that would just be the worst thing in the world!

    But the toddlers are all so cute. I love how they have their own personalities. I still wish Sapphire had won though!!!


  27. OMG! I haven’t been on this site for a few weeks, and I log on to find little Tranquil a mom of four?! Crazy! Her children are all gorgeous though!

    Granite turned out to be a cutie as well. 😉 Hopefully he and the nanny don’t wind up together…but then again it could make for an interesting story line. Not all couples have perfect endings.

    Either way, I just want to say that you’re doing a wonderful job *and* wish you a happy birthday! 🙂

  28. Before I gush over all of the adorableness the kiddies are producing, let me just say that I’m scared about the exchange between Granite and Orchid..I REALLY hope it won’t damper their marriage!

  29. Things between Granite and “Orchid” (I recognized Meeka right away! She’s one of my favorite sims EVER) are rather…suspicious. The thought of Granite cheating on Tranquil is horrid, but the fact that she can’t see the glances they’ve been exchanging makes it TEN TIMES WORSE!
    Nanny=Bad Idea

  30. Midnight mousse is just the cutest!!! I love the pictue of her with her daddy cos theyre like the same colour. Cuuuuteee!

    Nooo granite don’t even think about the nanny. fingers crossed

  31. Man, I keep forgetting Tranquil is blind. But Orchid is so cute! And if you break up those 2, I’ll teleport right over to your little world and…. 🙂

  32. as much as i like things to work out, i can’t help but wondering what would happen if things took a turn for the worse. (i’ve seem to have lose my romantic side and hoping for bits of trouble for some reason, just saying…)

  33. Can u upload all the toddlers?? They r sooooooo adorable also can u upload merand granite??

  34. Its just so interesting!

    If that Nanny causes any problems for Tranquil and Granite, after all they’ve been through, I will…. complain?

    .. But aren’t Prelude and Waterlily so cute! I hope they stay closs forever!

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