Gen 7- Chapter 10: Tranquil Truffle

Prelude Chiffon…Where do I even begin? He was the sweetest boy I had ever had the pleasure of knowing, must have got it from his daddy. And as he got older, the sweetness only grew. Always a smile (I could tell, even if couldn’t see it) and always willing to help out. I think he decided early on it was his job to watch out for his little sisters. Especially little Lily. He was definitely the most protective of her. Only because in his mind she was the one who needed him most.

But it was not just his sisters who adored him to pieces. It was pretty much the whole house. He was Grandma’s little angel. I think she was slightly biased since he came first, but for what ever the reason, Prelude had many fans.

Prelude and Beaux. Those two were inseparable. We started calling them the Siamese twins. They spent most of their childhood lives together. I think if you added it all up, there were only a couple weekends that were not spent together. Best friends forever, and I honestly believed it was true. His brother from another mother through and through.





“Boys can you please take that outside?!”

“Sorry Momma.”

Thankfully they were easy to entertain and could find something fun or exciting in everything that they did.

“Count down to blast off. In T minus 5 seconds.”







They were not always being rambunctious though. After some serious begging and pleading, we finally allowed them to get a simbook account and a twizzler. They were literally always on that thing. I would wake up sometimes at 3 in the morning to *Click click click* *giggle* *Click Click click* We almost had to take his computer out of his room. Well we did a few times, but we almost had to take it out permanently. I know Blush would not be too happy that I was letting her son stay up all hours of the night.

“Bed now.”

“AWW Mom!”

Even when the computer was on restriction, they always found a way to keep themselves busy. When Prelude was little, I found an old bear in a trunk. I had no idea who it belonged to, but Prelude happened to be at my feet when I pulled it out and immediately started grabbing for it. It was pretty dusty, so I dropped it in a pillow case and gave it a nice wash. Of course I had to listen to about an hour of crying while we waited for it to wash and dry, but once it was clean, that bear went with him everywhere. Which worked well, because Beaux also had a stuffed buddy.

“Mr. Bear did you know that Beaux and Jupiter are staying the night!?”

“Oh really?! That’s great!”

I just knew those two would be life long friends.


*Toddles in*




“Bubbu sleep.”



“Whu…oh. OK.”


“Bubba up!”

Ughhhh. I tried to go back to sleep, but there no way she was gunna let me. I threw a pillow over my head. “Bubba wants to sleep Lily.”

“Up Up!”

I rolled onto my back, looking straight up at the ceiling. It was Saturday, I should have been asleep still, but that’s kind hard when your little sister is bouncing on the end of your bed. “Fine.” I whined sitting up. “What do you need?”


I could barely see her, my eyes were all glazed over. I rubbed them a couple times and finally a few blinks later, her cutie face came into focus. Her smile instantly made all the annoyance I was feeling go away. She had a way of doing that to me.

“You wanna go to the park? Now? Its like…” I turned to my alarm clock. “Good Berry its only 6:45.”

“Park! Park! Park!” She squealed jumping up and down. That made me nervous, she was not too good on her feet yet. I could just see her slipping and falling right off. I grabbed her hands. “OK. Just please stop bouncing.”


I rolled out of bed forgetting Beaux was still asleep below me.

“Hey! Watch it!”

“Sorry *yawn* Beaux.”

I helped Lily off the bed, and then she and I walked to my parents bedroom. They weren’t there. Stepping back into the hallway, I could hear mom and dad talking downstairs. They were awake already? Sheesh.

“Mom. Dad. Lily and I want to go to the park today.”

“Park park park!”

“Oh we can’t. Your mother and your grandmother are going to be out today.”

“Awwwww! Please!!!!”

“Sorry no can do.”

Well this sucked I thought to myself. I could feel Lily starting to get upset. I had to keep trying.

“Awww Dad, isn’t there some way we can go? Just for a little while?”

“Awwww Granite love, you don’t need me to go. Its not like I am much help anyways. I am sure you and Orchid could manage the girls just fine.”

“Please Dad! Please!”

“I suppose so. Is that OK with you?”

“Works fine for me.”

“See, you guys go and have a good time.”

“OK. As soon as your mother leaves, we will go.”


A few hours later, we were saying our goodbyes to Grandma and Mom and then we were on our way to the park for a day of fun! Beaux and I decided to race the swings. Who ever got their fastest got the right swing. It was the best. It went wayyy higher than the other. Sadly I lost. Beaux was like a super fast runner!

“Hah! I win!”

“Ya, well I didn’t want it anyways!”


Well left swing or not, I got pretty high up there!

“I am gonna get to the moon first!”

“Oh I don’t think so!! Activate rocket boosters! ZOOOOOOOOOM!”

Even though the girls couldn’t swing, they still had a good time. Especially Midnight…she must have been having a really good time, because she managed to go the whole afternoon without getting herself into trouble. She played with her rocking horse pony and that was where she stayed the whole afternoon. If only she could have been that well behaved when Mom was around.

Lily wanted to bring Mr. Bear with us, and at first I was not to crazy about the idea, but like always, she had a way of talking me into pretty much anything. So I took the little piece of paper (with his name on it) out of his front pocket, and I handed him over.

“You have to take extra good care of him. You hear?”

“I will Bubba.”

I think she loved that bear as much as I did, but there was NOOO way I was giving him up, but she could play with him for a while…

We played so many games that day. Probably one of the most fun trips to the park we ever had.

“Where is Lily!?”


“I hear her, but I don’t see her anywhere! Where could she have gone?!”


“Oh There she is!”


I loved those girls so much! I don’t know why, but I always felt it was my job to protect them. Sure Mom and Dad had the same job, but I dunno, I just felt as if they needed me. Mom and Dad were not always around, so it was up to me to look after them in the mean time. Some thing I took very seriously. If some one ever tried to hurt my girls, they better watch out. Lude could be one mean dude…HAH! That rhymed.

Dad and Orchid were so boring. All they did was sit on that bench the whole time and talk. “Blah Blah blah. That’s exactly how I felt. Blah Blah.” Blehhhh…Why are adults soooo not interesting?

By the time the day was over, I was exhausted. I crawled into bed, clothes and all and passed out for almost 2 hours. By the time I woke up it was dinner. Mom and Grandma were not back yet, so it was just me, Beaux, Dad and Orchid. It was a pretty great day! I only wished everyday could be so exciting!


“Bye love. Have a wonderful time.”

“Awww you. Don’t miss me too much?”

“No promises.”


Mom, Blush and I were off for a day of pampering. It had been years since I had gone out with just the girls and four children later seemed like a good time to start up again. My two amazing boys walked with me to Mom’s car where we said our goodbyes. Oh how I loved them to pieces.

“Bye Mom! Have fun!”

“I will! Watch out for your sisters.”


Sitting in the passenger seat, my mind started to wander. One thing about being blind, car rides are very boring. Unlike everyone else, you have no scenery to keep you occupied. I flipped through the radio stations until I came across something that I liked. Wasn’t too hard really, I like most music, so when I came to the first station that wasn’t commercials, I stopped there. Thankfully its not too long of a car ride to the other side of town, and before long we were pulling into the parking lot of the Esplanade Spa.

Mom had rented out the whole place for the afternoon, so we would have the spa room all to our self. Blush helped me up the stairs and into one of the small fitting rooms. She handed me a robe and and my bathing suit and then shut the door behind her. I carefully got out of my clothes and slipped on the soft terry cloth. It felt like silk it was so soft.

“So that’s what 1000 thread count cotton feels like.” She giggled from the dressing room next to mine.

Once in our robes, we made our way to the spa room. Again I was guided (grumble) to the hot tub, where we just as quickly took the robes off. Pretty silly ritual if you ask me, but the moment we stepped down into the water, all of those thoughts melted away.

Naturally, my mind started thinking about the last time I was in a hot tub. The good part…I could feel a small grin growing across my face. He was so sexy even then.

“Ah this is the life.”

“I think this is the first time you have ever been in a hot tub hasn’t it Mira.”

“I uh….” Didn’t know what to say. Sure I was a grown woman, but the thought of telling her that I had snuck off to Granite’s house in the middle of the night, half naked in a hot tub, still made me cringe. I flipped my foot around in the water. “Yup first time. Its pretty incredible. Thank you so much for taking me.” Whewww nice save.

After our soak and massages, we rounded the day off with a late lunch. It was really nice being to be with just the ladies, having real conversations. Not that I did not love chatting with my girls, but it was nice to be able to have a day away, just for me. Once you have kids, its hard to find time for yourself. So any chance you can get, you should take it.

Even still I couldn’t help but wonder how everyone else’s play date was going.

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  1. I’m pretty sure I wasn’t the only one checking EVERY photo to see what Granite and Orchid were up to :P.

    It’s nice that she was able to get away for some grown up girl time tho 😛

  2. Prelude and Lily are the cutest siblings EVER!!! ❤ Omg the picture of them sleeping in the same bed was just…. D'AWEEE. Lily is actually one of the cutest toddlers I've ever seen! (besides toddler Mira – she just stole my heart) x

  3. To say the truth, I love the toddler and specially Prelude and Lily, they are so cute!!!

    I was checking every photo with Granite and Orchid inside! I don’t like when they talk too much, I start to be worried! 😦 but what can I say that makes me read more 😉 I LOVE SPLASH OF COLOR IT’S SO COOL!!! thanks Berry!! And I LOVE Tranquilite( they are so cute together!) and the hot tub scene, Funny 😀

  4. I love how even though we only heard one half-snippet of sentence from Orchid and Granite, it’s still enough to make me go “!!!!!!”
    But it is so adorable how Prelude is around the girls 😀

  5. D’AWWW!! The little Lily/Prelude snippet was freakin’ ADORABLE. 😀

    Oh..uh..hi there. I’m kinda new here…I’m Sofie. Wait-it says that above, doesn’t it? Oh..erm…well, I’ve been reading your legacy for some time now. In case you haven’t noticed, I’m a bit shy, and don’t post too much. But your Rainbowcy has really inspired me to start my own. Thank you so much, Berry. ❤

  6. I think this was the most stressed out I’ve been reading a chapter ever. I keep expecting something terrible to happen and dreading it. Now I need a spa visit to relax =( lol.

    I love, love, love the children! They feel so real and they’re all unique and wonderful ^_^ Prelude is such a sweetie! I hope we’ll see plenty more of him even if he isn’t the heir =) Wonderful chapter as always…despite my anxiety! Hehe ❤

  7. When I saw “Chapter 10” up, i’m sad to say I thought “Oh no….”. Yes, i love your rainbowcy, Berry, but still…I got worried. PLEASE don’t do anything Orchid! or Granite for that matter! 😦 stressed

  8. Awww, I so wish Prelude would’ve won. He’s just too cute!
    Hmm… I wonder what Granite and Orchid managed to talk about all day at the park???
    Also, what were the pieces of paper inside Mr. Bears pouch?

    Still, the best part was Mira saying how sexy Granite looked back then… in her earlier hot tubing days. LOL.

  9. Ahh! I was hoping to know how Orchid was gonna impact everyone in this chapter! Gah! Now I’m gonna be stressed until I KNOW Granite doesn’t get involved with her! I hope she’s the only one with feelings 😦 He loves Tranquil too much to get with her! She looks ditzy to me and so not his type. Great chapter though Berry! Despite the fact I’m still left hanging! lol

  10. I loved the comment about Prelude and Beaux being B B A M to to funny. Those two are so absolutely adorable, what sweet guys. And Prelude is the best brother ever!!

  11. Granite and Orchids play date was probably going wonderful, fun, and amazing! i bet they were having a real blast!! ;D it is a given.. lol
    Amazing chapter Berry! c:
    those kids are SO cute!! and I love how the spa you built looks so amazing, Berry!!

  12. Hmmn nothing too suspicious going on with those two but I cant help but be on my toes about it. Prelude is sweet! I think if my younger brothers had done that to me I would have chucked them out of my room lol

  13. YAY SPA!
    Prelude and Lily are like…Are like…Amazing. i love them so too much. Prelude was sooo adorable!! Him and Beaux!
    Granite and Orchid had better have nothing going on….
    Or….I’ll cry?

  14. Hi there Berry! Just saw that awesome Birthday message! Happy belated birthday!

    Great chapter! I just loved the bubba scenes. 🙂 And don’t get me wrong but that Orchid person just rubs me the wrong way. I don’t trust her. Can’t wait for what’s coming next.

  15. Wonderful! Prelude is so adorable and the girls are so very cute. It is good that miracle could get a day of fun in for herself. That was nice. 😀

  16. I can’t help but wonder what was going on back at the house with just Granite and Orchid!!

    I adore all the patterns you use!!! the purple spa hd me wanting to go soak around there even though purple is not my color hahaa

  17. Isn’t that the bear that Mango gave Cherry Blossom for a baby shower gift? And looks like Orchid and Granite chatted it up the whole time at the park instead of playing/ watching the kiddos…

  18. Prelude is the cutest little boy and I love the bed scene. This is my favorite generation of kids, they are the cutest ones! (My favorite generation is still Apricot though)

  19. No no no no no no no Orchid!!!! She just need to go AWAY! And never never never come back ever! I think its so cute about Prelude and his sisters!! Just love it! It reminds me of my relationship with my borthers =)

  20. prelude’s pj’s are so cute! haha i couldn’t help but notice them in the picture of him and beaux playing with their teddys. i can’t believe how cute these kiddies are! :0 i’m still a bit weary of orchid.

  21. Wow! I just read through all this.. Okay, well, it took like three days but whatever ^^ This is awesome, your sims are so pretty and.. All this colourfullness makes me want to do a rainbowcy instead of a normal legacy 😛 And I’m curious where you got the triplets hairstyles? I see those three on toddlers all the time but I can’t find them >.<

  22. ohmygosh(: You must get another chapter in NAO! lol It’s been almost 5 days! lolol
    anyways, I love it. but am kinda suspicious when Orchid and Granite are together…:|

  23. Hey 🙂 I’m normally a lurker, but now have stepped into the light 😉 I hope nothing is going on between Granite and Orchid!! The battle that Mir and Granite had to go through for their love to shine had me sobbing, so don’t tear it apart!! Lol I’m soo dramatic 😉 I actually spend my days gushing about your legacy 🙂 I absolutely adore every aspect of it 😀 and as a side note, I with Prelude were real ❤ Hes adorable 🙂
    How do you come up with these names by the way? I've always wondered 🙂
    Wow long comment….
    Ciao xx


    Lily and Prelude are the most adorable brother and sister pair I have ever seen. Prelude is not doubt mommy’s little helper

    I love all of the girls as well! They’re all blue!!!!! Which thrills me to absolutely no end because it is my favorite color ever!

    I always make a strong bond between brothers and sisters in my game, it’s just so cute to have them spend so much time together!!!!

    <3333 the Chapter as per usual

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