Gen 7- Chapter 11 Part 2: Tranquil Truffle

Ah Barbeques. It was the signal that summer had officially begun. Dad cooking hotdogs on the grill, mom napping in one of the big loungers…

And all the kids swimming happily in the pool.

All the kids but me that is. You would think with a name like Waterlily that I would love swimming. That was not exactly the case. In fact I did pretty much everything in my power to steer clear of the pool. Pretty much spent my time eating…slowly. Seconds and maybe thirds depending on how long we would be stickin around. Now don’t get me wrong pools are great! I was not actually afraid of the water itself.

No it had more to do with getting in. I was pretty much a bonefied clutz from the moment I was able to walk. So I knew maneuvering around a pool would probably not end so well for me.

“Come on Lily! Get in! The water is awesome today!”

I looked over the table and down to my sister in the water. It sure did look inviting. I did give it some actual major thought before I declined.

“I’m good. Thanks.”

“Ughhh you never get in. You are so boring.”

“Its safer up here.”

“Whatever. You’re just scared.”

“I’m not scared. I’m practical.”

About that same time Chestnut swam over to the side of the pool as well. Come on Lil! She is right. The water is fantastic! I promise you’ll be fine. Just get in.”

“I don’t know.”

“Trust me.”

Ughhh. He knew just what to say. I guess BFF’s are good at that sort of thing. I did trust him. I trusted him enough to cut my hair. Sure my parents hated it, but I loved it. He had never steered me wrong before. I looked at the water and then back him. “Ok fine.”

“See! Just one step at a time and you will be fine.”

I walked over to the ladder. My first thought was to just jump in, but I could just see myself slipping and hitting my head on the side of the pool. A thought that made me cringe. Eeesh. So instead I took one step onto the ladder. Unfortunately the steps were really slippery and my worst fear came true.

Now I don’t know if I set myself up for disaster, but the moment I stepped onto the ladder my foot gave way and suddenly I was falling face first into the water.

Pain and shock ran through my face as the chlorinated water shot up my nose. In an instant everything went black and all I could hear was Chestnut screaming.

“OMB Help! Lil! Lil are you OK?! Help! Someone!!”

To my misfortune the lifeguard was busy settling a dispute between two of the girls and did not hear Chestnut’s cries for help.

Thankfully my brother did.

“Hang on Lil!!!”


Before I knew it, Prelude fished me out of the water and set me in one of the loungers not too far away. Everyone was standing around me looking on wondering if I was gonna be OK.

“OMB Lil this is all my fault. I am so sorry! Please wake up!”

“Do you think we should call someone?”

“Lily love wake up it’s Daddy.”

“Granite? What happened?”

Finally I started to come to. This was exactly why I didn’t want to go in the first place. I was mortified at the fact everyone was standing around staring at me. The more my eyes adjusted the more people I saw. How embarrassing.

The moment I tried to stand from the chair, the lifeguard started running over to me.

“Oh My Berry!” She screamed grabbing ahold of my shoulders. “Honey are you alright? Oh man this is bad. Oh geeze. How do you feel? Do you feel faint? Weak? Are you breathing OK?

“I’m alright.”

“Do you need anything? Water? No not water… Oh I am so so sorry!”

She stood back up turning to my brother. “What-…” She stopped mid sentence. “Errr I mean…what happened? I was so busy with he girls I didn’t see. I am a horrible life guard.”

“I think she slipped on the ladder. She is OK now. You’re not horrible. Just a lot of kids here for one guard.”

“You are too kind. If my boss finds out I am dead.”

“No harm done. Don’t worry you’re secret is safe with us.”

Then they started giggling and smiling at each other. Yuck…

I was just starting to get my bearings straight when an annoying voice cut through the air like an annoying knife through butter.

Disco Finn…My sister Sapphires best friend and bane of my existence.

“HAHAHA Agualily fall down!!”

I never hated someone so much in my life. Of course I was young, but there was enough hate for him to go around…

I started to glare at him, the anger boiling over in me like a tea pot ready to be tipped over. It didn’t matter what he said, nothing in the world could get under my skin quicker than him. “Take it back.”

“Why should I? That is your name. Agualily.”

“It’s Waterlily. WATER… LILY.”

“That’s what I said. AGUA Lily.” He snorted.

That was when I snapped. I had officially had enough of Disco constant teasing. I jumped him right there in front everyone. I didn’t get to far though before my dad and the lifeguard were pulling us apart. I was still swinging and screaming as they did. Why did he make me so angry!

“Get it right! Or I will do it again!” I screamed.

“Waterlily Whip Chiffon!”

“We do not hit people young lady.”

I stared back at my dad. Great now here comes the lecture I thought to myself. I knew we didn’t hit people, but Disco was different. He was a big fat jerk who needed to get hit. I wasn’t a violent person. I really wasn’t, but every once in a while they have it coming.

“Now tell him you’re sorry.”

“No way! He deserved it! I am glad I did it. I aint apologizing to him!”

“Young Lady…we are going home.”

That night I had to sleep in the spare room. I was in so much trouble I wasn’t even allowed to talk to my sisters. They dropped me in a chair facing a corner and that was where I had to stay the rest of night. One of the most boring nights of my entire childhood…

But it was so worth it.

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  1. Waterlily’s awesome. ^^ She’s so cute! I love that her best friend cut her hair. XD

    EM!!! ^^ I was soooooo excited for this moment. (Surprise, surprise. XD ) And what a great meeting!

  2. Hi! I’m new to reading this legacy, but I’m trying to catch up!! So far it’s absolutely awesome!!! You have SUCH a good talent!!!! Uh I sorta skipped ahead a little bit because I got kinda excited that a sim was blue…. :p Anyways, I have definitely noticed a pattern between the Chiffon’s—– stubborn. Haha this girl isnt an exception!! Your a wonderful writer, Berry!! Keep up the goodness!!!! 🙂

  3. I love Lily! We all have that jerk in our lives who strives to drive us insane…
    But am I the only one who thinks he is almost the right colour to be next gen spouse material?

  4. Yay a new chapter! I am so happy Orchid and Granite didn’t “do anything”. I would have killed Orchid AND Granite! Mainly Granite. lol
    Seriously, Lily needs some control. I understand though, I have that same situation but I just avoid it, how much I want to hit them I try and avoid it.
    I can’t wait for more!

    Your an amazing photographer, Berry. Do you do photography in the real world? Just curious. Is there anyway I could contact you via email? I have my email right here if you want to give me yours. No hurt if you reject. 🙂 It’s all good. I just have some questions for you concerning some simmie stuff. But if you’d prefer I ask here, that works too. I just find email more private and more efficient. But whatever suits you best.

  5. I am serious, Berry. When I started back up reading through your legacy, I am loving every waking minute of it! Every chapter has a whole new caption|feeling to it! Keep up the good work!

    I hope that maybe, you can read my new one that is coming out soon? 🙂

  6. OMB Now I’m happy that Waterlilly won, instead of her sister (sorry, forgot which one I voted for…..). Agua-lilly hehee…i mean, oh I hate that name…uh huh…
    what’s the next color after Light blue?

  7. “But it was so worth it.” She was s0 right!! Love that Lilly, “Waterlily Whip Chiffon!” as soon as dad said her full name I knew she was in deep dodo!!

  8. wait wait wait… dico finn is considered lavender right? and the next color is lavender… is anyone thinking what i’m thinking?

  9. ❤ – ing Lily! 4 some reason I always thought Lily was spelt with two L's like, Lilly, is that an alternative spelling???
    Banya x

  10. go waterlily! she sure taught that bully 🙂 i love when simmies fall into the pool like that, the faces they pull are hilarious! even though i love granite, i’m glad that orchid is out of the picture. i think if she would have stuck around i think there would have been trouble.

    • I read it and I think it’s really good! Keep writing 🙂 oh and I also started reading your 100 baby challenge … That’s also really good! I tried one once but totally failed- I like reading them better anyway!

  11. HEY! so i’m an avid reader, i love LOVE LOVE LOVE! this legacy. anyways. i think the story is sooooo good. i’m glad that there’s nothing going on with the babysitter 🙂 because the granite and tranquil love story is honestly the BEST, yes, the BEST of the whole legacy. SOOO! tranquil and granite are awesome togetha :)) yep, it is awesome that they’re together :))

    • y? it’s a love story…baby just saaaay, yeeees
      …sorry that song just went in my head 🙂 sorry about that (The song is Love Story by Taylor Swift if you don’t know it 🙂 )

      • I looove Taylor 🙂 🙂 Oh and by the way, if you want to know what color is next for Berry, go to Table of Contents then right above Lacey’s picture is “Greetings from Berry” and that’s where the color pattern is

  12. Hey berry! I wa just wondering, whens the new chapter coming??? I don’t mean to sound pushy; I just love the Chiffons with all my heart!

  13. Everyone I come to check on this website to see if you’ve put up a new chapter, I stare at the first pic of Granite and think “yummm 🙂 “

  14. Hey! Love it! Love it! Love it!

    How do you get your town to have the different skin tones? And I mean the “townies” that walk around.

    Can’t wait for more!!

    • I think I can answer this one! It’s Twallan’s Master controller mod, it allows you to take any Sim into CAS at any time. It can also do a bunch of other nifty things. If you’re not opposed to downloading mods, I recommend it!

  15. Hey Berry! i ma big fan of your legacy…just wondering when the next ch will be out! i get so excited to read a new one 😀

  16. OHH! Looks like we have a shoe-hating, hydrophobic, tomboy on our hands, which means I love her so much I could just jump into the screen and start hugging her!!!!!! I loved the bit about her beating Disco Finn to a pulp (hehe, berry sims get it?? I know lame joke) for calling her Agualily.

    “Get it right or I’ll do it again!!”

    HAHAH I love her already <33333

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