Hello my name is Berry and I am Lacelot Obsessed~

If you identify with any of the above statement then you may want to listen up. LOL if not ignore this and carry on. XD

You may be aware that I am not only writing Splash, but little side stories as well, and quite a few of these stories have involved Lace and Lo. Some are fact and some are fiction, but I can honestly say that they inspire me like no other. That being said I have quite a few ideas still left in the Berry vault regarding these two… again some fact and some fiction. So I decided to make them their own place. A little blog dedicated to my favorite pairing of all time.

—> Click me! <—-

Ah but once you look it over, you will see I am not the only one who is contributing. There is always room if you have some thing to share. I can’t wait till all is said and done and you all know the true meaning of their love. <33333

Much love and appreciation for you all!! ❤ and as always thanks for your continued support!


12 responses

  1. I have to say I haven’t look through them all but the first few I’ve seen are great they make a very romantic couple. The one at the beach is really romantic and so sweet. I will read through the other a bit later but you are right they make a beautiful couple 🙂

  2. Oh.. I feel so sad for them. From your stories I can see that they love each other.
    But Merlot had an ideal life. He got kids and wife from his dreams. Doesn’t he love Pixie anymore?
    And I love Lacelot very much, but I just feel sorry for Bubbie an Pixie! Doesn’t they deserve to be loved too?

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