Gen 8- Chapter 3 Part 1: Waterlily Whip

If I look like a creeper, it’s probably because I was one. Or at least I was turning into one. Camping out in the front of my own house trying to catch a glimpse of the mystery boy who had been leaving the lovely trinkets on my porch. He was a crafty one though…or at least I assumed it was a he. After all this stuff with Chessie, who knew for sure.

There was one main problem with catching the mystery gifter. He had no sort of set schedule. A gift would randomly arrive and never in any kind of pattern. Sometimes it would be two in a row, sometimes nothing for weeks. This really threw a wrench in my plans for catching him. I wasn’t about to sit at my front door window every night, so in all honesty my attempts were pretty moot.

The gifts were always so thoughtful and sweet. They never failed to make me smile, no matter what kind of day it was, one of the mystery gifts could immediately turn my day around.

I had a growing collection of goodies and even nicer collection of little note cards. Whether it said, “You’re cute.” or “I love to see you smile.” I had saved every little scrap. There was one thing missing though. I wanted the mystery boy himself. He had already captured my heart, so the next step was to tell him so. But who was it! I had to find out.

And something about the night seemed right. This would be the night he would be sneaking up the walk with something pretty in hand,I just knew it! So I set up camp and eagerly peaked out the window making sure to keep an ever vigilant eye.

It was about 12:45 when Midna walked by on her way to bed. She was not quite so supportive of my idea. She pretty much felt it was as pointless as I was trying to convince myself it wasn’t.

“Are you really gonna stay here all night?


“But what if he doesn’t come? Are you gonna stay out here every night until you find him?”

“I dunno. Maybe….”

“And I thought I was weird.”

“Oh you are definitely weird.”

“Ha ha.”

I looked out the window again. The darkness rolling over the rocks that lead up the path. “I just gotta find out who he is Midna.”

“Well I guess I can’t argue with that. You should make some coffee or something. Help you stay awake.”

“I’m good.”

“Ok well, I am going to be bed. *yawn* Goodnight.”

“Night Sis.”

I heard as her footsteps ascended all the way up the stairs and over to our room. I felt a bit of relief when I heard the springs of the mattress make that all too familiar creek. Once I was alone again, I settled back into my post.

Watching a waiting. Waiting and Watching. Time passed on and I could feel the lids of my eyes growing heavier by the minute. At one point I nodded off to the extent that my forehead hit the glass with a low thunk, causing me to pop my eyes open again. This was only for a breif few minutes though before the cycle started all over again.

Finally I couldn’t fight it anymore, and I drifted off into a very uncomfortable sleep.

“Dude. All that trouble and you fell asleep.”

“Huh?” I mumbled.

“And he actually came. Man you suck haha!”

“What?!” I sat up quickly wiping the sleep from my eyes.

“Look for yourself.”

I got to my feet and ran out the door. Sure enough there they were. A beautiful bouquet of white roses sat just by the morning paper. Defeated I stepped closer to them. Well that was successful, good job Lil.

I looked around trying to see if I could see anyone around, but of course there was no one. He was probably long gone. Gah! And I had been doing so good! Stupid sleep!

I leaned down to pick up the vase. I played with one of the buds before my hand located the little note card attached. “Have a good day.” I closed the card and I couldn’t help but smile. “I will get you one day.” I sighed under my breath.

I took the vase up to my room. Another goodie for my shrine.

Just like with all the gifts, it did what it was intended to do. I still felt special and I still felt as giddy as a school girl. The giddiness only seemed to grow when I thought about throwing my arms around who ever it was and squeezing them tight. I smiled to myself at the prospect, that I could actually be falling for this mystery person.

“Hey Lil.”

I almost dropped the vase on the carpet from surprise. “Oh Berry! Chess you scared the daylights out of me!”

“Whoa sorry there! It’s just me, and WHOA… your collection seems to be growing.”

“I know! He came again last night. I tried to catch him, but I kinda fell asleep at my post.”


“I gotta find out who he is Chess. It’s driving me crazy!”

“Do you think it could be Pompador?”

“Pompador Plum?”

“Ya. He works over there at the Cherry Swirl nursery. He could easily get access to all these flowers, and I swore I saw him checking you out last week between 5th and 6th period.”


“Mhmm. Maybe you should go talk to him.”

“It’s worth a shot right?”

It sounded easy enough, but by the time we arrived at the garden, I had lost all my nerve. My feet wouldn’t move forward, and all I could do was cling to Chessie for dear life.

“I can’t do this Chess. What if isn’t him?”

“But what if it is?”

He was right. I had to do this… “Maybe I will just talk to him.”

“Sounds like a plan. Now go!” He agreed guiding me in the direction of the gate.

“Right. Ok. I can do this.”

I made my way over to Pompador, still unsure what I was actually going to say.  He was so into what he was doing, he never heard me as I made my approach. I stood there behind him for a few seconds.

I mentally tried to prepare myself. Your just saying hi. You don’t even have to mention the gifts yet. Just a simple hello. Hello. See it’s easy you can do it. Hello…now would be appropriate.

“H-hey Pompador?”

“Oh, Waterlily.”

“Hey. How are you?”

“I’m good.” He nodded wiping some dirt onto his pants.

“That’s good.” Ah I was drowning. I had no clue what to say. I looked to Chessie who was giving me a thumbs up. I smiled weakly to him and then brought my attention back to Pommy.

“This is a beautiful garden.”

“Oh thanks. I have been working hard to get things spruced up around here. Glad someone else can see it.”

“For sure! It looks amazing. I especially like those purple flowers over there.”

“Ya. Those are a special breed. Only ones like them in town and they grow right here.” Aha! I thought to myself. I think we might be onto something with this one. Well that was enough for me to go ahead and ask him my next question.

“I didn’t mean to bother you, but I was wondering if you wanted to go out for, oh I dunno coffee or something?”

“Uh ya! That sounds nice.”


“Sure. When did you wanna go?”

“I uh…well I-”

“How about next Saturday?”

“Sure that sounds perfect!”

“Great! See you then.”

We exchanged numbers and then instead of leaving like a normal person, I just kinda stood there. He was nice enough to keep smiling, but then I finally realized what a creeper I was being. “I guess I will see you later.”

“Yup. See you Lily.”

I started to leave, but the stupid gate thought it would be funny to not open for me. I walked right into it and almost fell right over the top. My belly smacked into it and I let out a big OOF. I grabbed hold of the gate and squeezed my eyes tight.

“You alright?”

“Yup! I’m good!” I called back.

Oh Berry how embarrassing.

I walked back to Chessie trying the best to hide my shame.

“So how did it go?” he grinned.

“I think I just died a little inside.”

“Oh it wasn’t that bad!”

“Did you see that back there? It was like a train wreck!”

“You were doing good till the fence thing.”

“Arghhhh! You saw that?”

“Umm I mean no no.”

“Can we just go please?”

As we walked home and I felt as if I was going to shrivel up and die of embarrassment. Only boy in history to make me feel so…stupid, other than Disco that is, but that was for total different reasons entirely. Pompador had to be the one! I knew I was going to have to bite the bullet and ask him on our date. Step one complete. Step two…I wasn’t ready for step two.


16 responses

  1. I love Pompadour!!! I still don’t think it’s him. Just because those flowers only grow there doesn’t mean someone else is stealing them or something. But I could be wrong!

  2. Disco! It is Disco, I know it! I hope so, at least. Of course, you never make this easy, Berry, so I could be Pompadour. But I doubt it.

  3. Too cute. She stayed up all night and feel asleep at the last moment. Stupid Sleep. 😛

    Pompadour is very handsome. I hope he is the Mystery man…but who can say in Berry’s world. 😀

  4. Hi, umm… Berry, I know you probably don’t have time to read this but you inspire me and I would just love it if you read the first chapter of my story… its about two teenagers who have completely different lives and were never meant to be but end up being with each other forever and ever. I know it sounds corny but can you please read it and comment on it. And can anyone else please read it. Thank you. Bye.

  5. Oh dang, three suspects to sort out! I was sure it would either be Chess or Disco, but now I’m not sure! Apparently I have issues with the number three, if it completely throws me off track…

  6. Can’t be Chess, I really don’t think it’s Pommy cause he was acting so surprised but he has the right coloring so idk, I still think it’s Disco Finn! I love Waterlily!!! <33

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