You Guys! Hey you guys!!! We just hit 700k hits on the Splash of Color blog!!! Woooooooo!!!! *dances around* I cannot thank you all enough! You guys rawk and made this little story that could, 100% bigger than I ever imagined! I wish I could hug every single one of you! ♥

Little Lacey would be so proud to know her Legacy lives on and you all love it so much! My little Berry heart is swelling to max over here right now.

Someone back in the day said we could possibly hit a million hits before it is over. I laughed back then… but now… Now we might just see that happen!!! *dies*

~ Much love your ever grateful

♥ Berry

ps. Sorry if you thought this was a post… The more I get into my break the more I realize how much I really needed this @_@  Don’t get me wrong though, I am excited to get back. Just a neccasarry evil to give myself  a chance to restore my energy for it! ♥

31 responses

  1. Hey There Berry!

    Wonderful news! Its a HUGE deal too! I think it’s possible to reach one million! Yu have so many viewers every update sometimes I don’t even comment because I know you can’t read them all (Plus i change my Name too much! LoL!
    I’m glad you took a break! I’m working on my first book and I took A COUPLE OF WEEKS to rest my mind. It helps with the stress! Can’t wait to see you back in action~
    And I hope your vacation is relaxing! Try soaking your feet and eating snickers dipped in vanilla icecream! It works for me!!

    Hope To Hear From Yu Soon!!!

  2. Congrats Berry. You created a change in the way that people make their sims, name their sims and so on. So anything that you create is going to get loads of attention. Go Berry Go Berry! Love the caption of Lacey and Water Lily. Enjoy your break

  3. Oh my berry!
    This is so awesome! It happened on my birthday so I feel special 😀
    You should be proud. This little story isnt so little anymore (:

  4. Oh my berry congrats on 700k hits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You deserve every hit!!!!!! By the way love the pic of lacey and waterlilly!!! Lol Waterlilly’s face. Anyway plz take all the time you need!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  5. Congrats Berry! You really do deserve it. I haven’t even got 7000 veiws on mine 🙂 You deserve that rest. And, you definately will get a million, or maybe even 2 million 🙂 BTW I have been reading your legacy for quite a while, I just haven’t had the courage to comment

  6. congrats berry!!! you really deserve it!! and i know u are going to get 1,000k hits sooner or later!!
    And hope your having a good break!! cant wait till we get to see more waterlilly!!

  7. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! I actually found this several years ago, and was like “I’ll check it again someday, I mean, how many posts could Berry have done?” Holy crap, girl!!! This will get a million hits. If it hasn’t already! 😉

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