Gen 8- Chapter 10 Part 1: Waterlily Whip

“I’m getting married!!!”

None of us paid attention to Fern opening the sun roof, nor did we think anything of it, when she stood from her seat. It wasn’t until she slipped on the edge of the leather seat in her heels, that we realized she was propping herself to pop right up through the open top. We weren’t going all that fast, we were only driving through downtown after all. Still it made us all a tad uneasy. She had already blown through a bottle of nectar all to herself, and was now working on her second.

“Weeeee!” She called out into the open air. Several times we tried to coax her back inside, but it was of no use. She was bound and determined to announce to all of Twizzlerbrook, that tomorrow she was no longer to be a Killarney, but would finally be joining the ranks as a Chiffon instead. That is if she didn’t kill herself first…

Time flies quickly on, any time there is a wedding involved. First it was wedding dress fittings, and then floral arranging meetings, until soon, we were ready to celebrate the infamous bachelorette party. Course it was must have been much longer and painstaking for poor Saph, who had been scrupulously planning and adjusting for six months prior to Fern and Prelude’s big day. For me though, it was like a drop in the bucket, before suddenly, we were standing outside the Holly Berry dive with an already overly juiced bride to be.

I, like most of the others in attendance, were slightly concerned how the night would play out, since Fern was already three sheets to the wind, and we hadn’t even made it in the doors yet. She did however manage to get herself, all the way up the stairs before she darted straight for the dance floor, to begin her ritual of woooo’ing and ow ow’ing.

The first thing I noticed when stepping inside, was the lack of red lighting. The usual blood red glow that filled the Holly Berry Dive, had been replaced with an oceanic and much more pleasing blue. I wasn’t sure if it had been per request by my dear sister, but it sure did make a difference. The whole feel of the place had completely changed with a small switch of light bulbs.

I wasted no time in, setting myself up at the fooseball table, where, if all went as planned, I would remain for the rest of the night. Dancing was not my thing and although I did enjoy a good nip of the nectar every once in a while, tonight was not one of those nights. In fact if it had been up to me, I would have been home on the couch either snuggling up with a good book, or Disco.

It probably comes as no surprise though, that my sisters had other plans.

Now that one sister was living with her boyfriend of seven months, and the other was now married to the foreign exchange student, by way of elope-ification. Our time together, was much fewer and farther in between. So even if I had wanted to weasel out of it, there would have been no way.

Sadly my nicely laid out plan was shot down almost immediately after take off. Fern and a few others who had been rocking out on the dance floor, abruptly focused all their attention my direction, the moment they observed that I was “not having any fun.”

“Lily, come dansh with ush.” Fern slurred over the pulsing beat of the music.

The first attempt to persuade me to the dance floor, I chose to ignore, but it was not long before she was right back at it. This time with much more force. Ensuring that she was louder this time, she called while waving her arms wildly and jumping up and down. “LILY! Over here! LILYYYYYYYY!”

Even out of my peripheral, I could see how manically she had been flailing, so I released my hands from the grips and watched the little white ball sail past the miniature man standing guard at the far edge of the table. I grumbled to myself as the table made its electronic beep signaling my invisible opponents goal, before walking over and standing only a few feet away from miss lush and the juice sisters.

“What?” I questioned the girls as if I didn’t know. I knew full well, why she wanted me come over, but I had to admit, it was rather amusing to watch Fern as she attempted to string together coherent sentences in her current party state.

“Come dance with ush.” Fern whined.

“I don’t think so.”

“Please! I’m getting married tomorrow! Please! Come celebrate with us! Be happy for me!”

“I am happy for you!”

“Then come dance with ush!!”

Well if there is one thing I hate, it’s to see a juiced girl cry. Especially right before her big day. I nodded and smiled, which subconsciously must have signaled to Fern that it was now okay for her to rip my arm out of the socket, as she pulled me up onto the tiny stage with the rest of the girls. Thankfully she had done no permanent damage to my shoulder or my arm, so I got to shakin my groove thing with the rest of them. Groove thing? Do party girls even say that? I have no idea, it was totally not my scene, but once I loosened up a bit, I did start to enjoy myself a little more.

“I’m getting married!!!!”

“She’s getting married!!”

After that, the juice really started to flow. Fern found herself a glass which seemed to have no bottom, because every time I turned around it was full to the brim once again.

Through the rest of the night, Fern could be found either sipping from her un-ending glass, or blowing bubbles in the secret room at the back of the main room. I had sworn bubble blowing had been banned in Twizzlerbrook buildings, but banned or not, Fern was back there with peppermint bubbles floating all around.

Then it was back to the juice…

and more bubbles.

Who knows if it was the bubbles or the juice, but something sparked a brilliant idea in Fern’s brain, and she dramatically burst from the back room filled with a spark unlike I had ever seen in her, which was rather amazing because she was already lit. Hah! Get it? *ahem* … never mind…

“OMB! You guys! I just had the greatest idea! Everyone to the limo!” Fern pointed to the large double doors, throwing her head back as if she was atop a tall pony preparing to gallop off into the night.

Reluctantly we all followed as she stumbled out the front door to the awaiting limo.

Waiting only as long as it took for the driver to notice we were no longer inside, before we were all back in our stretched transporter again. Fern was hanging half way through the window that connected us to the cab, so she could discretely (as she put it) give the mystery instructions to our driver. Once he had the address, he kindly requested that she get out of the window, so he could roll it up. “For your safety, Ma’am.”

The limo rolled on until we pulled up in front of the beach side park. At this point, I think the only one who had a clue, other than Fern, was Saph for obvious reasons. We pulled to a stop and Fern burst from the door jogging quickly across the lawn, while rounding her arm in a big circle beckoning all of us to follow. “Come on you guys! Hurry! This way!”

Obediently we all followed her across the cool moist grass, that lead the way out to the sandy yet uninspiring beach. I laughed at all the girls in their heels as they tried to maneuver across the uneven ground. Being barefoot, I had no trouble at all catching up to Fern who had stopped at a specific place along the shore line.

“This.” She stated pointedly. “Is where he proposed.”

There was an eruption of aww’s from the peanut gallery. The happiness and excitement exuded from Fern and it was hard, even for me, not to get caught up in it all. Her love for my brother, was infectious. You couldn’t help but want to scoop her up and tell her how adorable she was.

Fern was well into the half way point of her and Prelude’s romantic proposal rendition, when her entire demeanor changed. Her eyes flew wide and she was all of a sudden was struggling for words. “Then, I…. well I… I…”

All of us noticed immediately that something was wrong, but before we had a chance to ask…

We all had our answer.

Okay…ew? Midnight gripped my arm, and I could sense her growing disgust as if it were my own. My stomach did a small flip flop and I did my best to look away. Saph, the ever vigilant maid of honor, was by Fern’s side immediately to help her to her feet.

“You okay? Oh goodness, here lets wipe your face.”

The rest of the girls were just as horrified as Midna and I, although it was safe to say some may have been amused by the whole ordeal. None of us knew quite what to do. All the juice in her system, no longer wanted to be there, and there really wasn’t much we could do about it, except pat her back and say “It’s Okay Fern. Just get it all out.”

Definitely a night she and I were going to remember for a very long time… on second thought, maybe just me. Who knows if Fern would remember anything in the morning.

Oh, but my memorable night, had only just begun.

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  1. I can’t believe what Fern just did… aaggh, man!! I am laughing my butt off, over here XDD Way to puke on where your boy proposed to you… definitely not something she’s gonna want to reminisce over, later. x_x

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