Gen 8- Chapter 10 Part 2: Waterlily Whip

By the time the girls had dropped me off ( I was the last on the list) it was getting into the wee hours of the morning. I don’t know about you, but for me, that is when I feel a little rummy. More likely to walk out on a limb and do something wild and crazy. The cover of starlight can be intoxicating without ever dropping juice on the tongue.

I shifted my eyes left to right and then lifted my phone from my shorts left pocket. I dialed the intended number and only hoped that he would not be cross with me. One ring. Two ring. Third ring, my spontaneity had all but vanished, but just as I was about to hit end. “H-ello? Lil? Is everything alright? What’s wrong?”

I quickly brought the phone back to my ear. “Hey. Nothing is wrong. I was hoping I could see you.”

“Right now?”


Not even a question or word bout it. “I’ll be right there.”

Things between Disco and I had been good. Better than good. They were amazing and awesome, but I had yet to say those three crucial little words, that changed it all. I never would have imagined in all my years, that a boy who had tormented me so, could turn around and support and love me ten times deeper than that.

He was like a regular figure around the house too. Invited to all the family functions and outings. Sometimes to ones, where I wasn’t even invited. I remember the first so fondly. It had been Mom’s birthday. That was the instant, that I realized how well he fit in with the rest of us, and that was the first time, that all, including my father, allowed him to really get involved. Probably also when I realized that I did love him, but I was scared, and wanted to wait for the right time to say it.

I saw his truck pull up and I felt a rush of excitement course through me. A large smile growing across my face, as he walked over the grass and closer to where I was seated on the large loveseat. Taking the seat next to mine, he almost without thinking, slid his arm around me. It was a welcome gesture, because the morning dew was not only settling on the ground around me, but all along my shoulders as well.

“You know you could give a guy a heart attack calling him at 4 in the morning.” He teased, giving my arm a rub up and down.

“I know. I’m sorry about that.”

“It’s alright. Now what did you need to see me about?”

I kissed him gently, for a little boost of added nerves and then I carefully pulled away, so I could see his face more clearly. “Something I wanted to tell you.”

“Oh, what is that?”

I looked around the grass for an answer, even though, I knew full well there would be no “I Love You’s” to pick from within its blades.

“I can’t tell you here. Come with me.” I grinned, tugging at his arm.

“Where are we going?”

“You’ll see.”

We walked around to the far side of the house, to the one place I knew we would never be disturbed. Only I, and a couples of times Prelude, ever set foot in the zen room. The perfect place for any sort of late night confession.

We stepped through the doors, and I shut us both inside.

“Wow, this place is amazing.”

“Never been in the Zen room before?”

“No. I always wondered what was in here, but I figured it was just storage.”

“Ah, well this use to be where one of my great ancestors practiced and honed her skills. She was quite the martial artist. Even won a couple of tourneys in her day.”


I knew I was getting off track, so I turned to face him. “That isn’t why I brought you in here though.”


“Mm-mm.” I said shaking my head. “Something I wanted to tell you. Something you need to hear.”

“What is that, gorgeous?”

I made it short and simple. I had beat around the bush far to long to draw it out and make it more complicated than it needed to be. I looked straight into his eyes. “I love you. So very much.”

In an instant, I felt his lips upon me. Our kisses solidifying the words,I had just uttered in the darkness. I knew then, that this was the moment, the one I had been secretly planning for. I leaned into his ear and whispered. “And I think maybe it’s time to take things a little further.”

He pulled back from me abruptly. Confusion with a just a hint of excitement growing across his face. “Are you sure?”


Slowly and sweetly, we moved in unison to the center of the round room. Helping one another out of our articles of clothing as we went. His touches were like electricity across my bare skin. Kissing my shoulders, neck, cheeks and arms, I felt my knees buckle with each touch.

Once we had reached the pillows near the center of the room ( I told you I had been planning this) We lowered down on them.

“Are you truly sure about this?”

But I didn’t reply. Instead I let my body do the talking.

I won’t go into detail, because that’s gross, but we shared something amazing that night. Something I would undoubtedly remember for some time to come.

We spent the rest of the morning, lazing away in each others arms. Intent to stay there all day, I almost didn’t hear the car door slam, at the front of the house. Any other day, it would have been just a random visitor, but not today. Today, it would be followed, by another slam, and another.

I shot from the floor to my feet. “The wedding!” I yelped before scrambling for my clothing. All around the room I searched for my shorts. Of all the things I could lose, it had to be my shorts. I saw a flash in my mind, of me, running to the back of the house in my panties. I was not about to let that happen so I continued my frantic search. Disco probably would have kept on sleeping, but a pair of jeans, t shirt, and a jacket to the head, could wake even the heaviest of sleepers.

“Wuh- Lil? What’s wrong?”

“We are going to be late for the wedding!”

Almost as quickly as I had, Disco jumped to his feet and threw on his clothes. We carefully crept to the back of the house and un-noticeably slid through the sliding glass doors. Stowing away to my room, we quickly dressed into our wedding attire. Thankfully Disco’s suit, was situated on a hanger right next to mine. Not knowing how to iron, he had brought it over with a desperate plea for me to help. Now I probably had less of an idea of how to do it, than he did, but I gave it a shot. Again my lack of stubbornness, had paid off.

The wedding was beautiful. There isn’t much more I can say. Prelude and Fern looked amazing.

Fern looked incredible in spite of her previously long night. Her makeup was flawless, and her smiled beamed so brightly, it was hard to tell if it was the sunshine or her teeth. My brother, was shining just as brightly. The love on his face, made my heart melt. I imagined this must have been what it was like at Mom and Dad’s wedding. Two souls bound to one another by a bond so deep, so pure, love almost seemed like an inaccurate description.

Once the ceremony had concluded, the chairs were all removed and it’s place was a dance floor. Everyone including myself, made our way out to it, where we spent the rest of the day celebrating.

Looking around the crowd, it seemed as love was blossoming everywhere.

Seasoned loves were renewed.

New loves were just getting started.

Watching the happy couple, I couldn’t help but wonder what my own wedding would look like. Would I be just as happy? Would I actually choose to wear a gown? Many questions raced through my head, but I knew I was not read for that sort of commitment just yet. Things were great just the way they were. I saw no need to rush into anything. Disco and I were happy. What more did we need?


OriginallyΒ this was going to be three parts. Now I think I will take part 3 and make it the next chapter. Should be here in the next day or so :3


39 responses

  1. Squee!! The zen room… perfect. ^-^ (Hopefully Apricot isn’t turning in her grave, though.;) )

    Aww, the wedding turned out so beautiful… Fern is such a lovely girl. And Chessie was there with someone too, eeee! Everyone is finally starting to see their happy ever afters… It’s hard, because it means Lil’s gen is beginning to draw to a close–but that just means there’s another around the corner!!

    Lovely through and through hon–though now I can’t wait for the NEXT chapter! Gah!
    ~ ❀

  2. LOVE IT!! Awwweh, the scene in the zen room is just beautiful. *sniff* They are the perfect match!

    Is Tranquil and elder or adult? She looks gorgeous regardless. She ages very well. πŸ˜€ Still the most beautiful heiress. πŸ˜‰

    Oooh I have a feeling Disco is gonna propose soon!!!

  3. What a fantastically colourful wedding (as only Berry Sweets can have!). I love that Chessie even has someone now ❀
    And as for Lil well isn't she a sneaky little girl with her plan of seduction, love that!

  4. I LOVED the wedding and I’m glad Fern got back onto her feet from the night before. I’m so happy for Chessie, he looked pretty happy. I was so excited when this post came out, it definitely made my day. β™₯

  5. Loved both chapters so much! Disco and Lil together…There’s so much chemistry! I’m so glad it’s working out for them. The way you ended it though…I’m sure there’s something big coming!

    Oh and…MULBERRY! ❀

  6. So wow just amazing! I’m glad you didn’t wait on that third part I really needed a pick me up today. Berry you know you remind me a bit Jane Austen, but I hope, that unlike her, your life is filled with as much love and romance as your stories are. I shall patiently wait till your next update. c: can’t wait Berry!

    • Holy moly! WOW! Actually yes, My life is filled to the brim with love. Amazing hubby, supportive parents and some of the best friends a girl could ask for. Thank you love T_T

  7. Had to leave earlier, I love the section about old loves and new loves starting that was so sweet, this wedding was wonderful!! I love this chapter even more that the one before.

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