Gen 8- Chapter 13: Waterlily Whip

“It’s time.”

Life is precious. We all know that. Or least we think we do. We go through our lives, probably repeating that phrase a hundred times over, but do we really understand the complexity of the words? Not the only the meaning, but the feeling as well. Life is precious. It can be given in a moment of passion, or taken a way with one misplaced step. Sometimes through no fault of our own, we take life for granted. It’s just a part of us, that we some how seem to forget is a blessing, not a right.

But when a life begins to slip through our fingers, suddenly we remember just how special it all is. Fear enters our heart and we can feel the grip tightening, desperately trying to hold on in those final fleeting moments. No amount of sheer will or force can keep a life bound to this plane of existence. All we can do, is sit back and watch. Hope for the best. Sometimes we are rewarded for our leap of faith with heartbreak and disappointment.

And sometimes we are blessed with a miracle. A chance to prove we understand just how lucky and precious we truly are.

The doctors called it a fluke. Mom and Dad called it a miracle. I knew what it really was. It was my chance to make my life better. Stop holding back and push the fear away. All the gifts in my life seemed to dance before me. An overwhelming feeling of joy pulsed through my body the moment his face appeared around the corner. I knew what I was meant to do.

I had said if I made it through, we would get married. At the time I was speaking out of fear. I didn’t want lose him. Even as much as I hated to admit it at the time, he had over our short time together, filled my heart with a love and adoration I would have never expected. Those final moments of consciousness with his hand in mine, I knew my life wouldn’t have been the same without him.

Our road had been rocky, there was no doubt, but all of that seemed to have lifted far away. It no longer felt like a part of my burden. Perhaps I had left it on the other side. Another unlikely gift. It’s amazing how perspectives can change so rapidly in a moment of panic and loss. I knew I was dying, I could feel it. The tones in the doctors and nurses voices, as I zoomed in and out of consciousness. Their main concern was the baby, it was obvious from the little that I gathered, that they didn’t hold out much hope for me.

But I hadn’t given up. I knew I had to keep going. For my little boy, my loving husband to be, my parents. Too many people needed me. I couldn’t just leave them. They were all counting on me to pull through. I kept them in my minds eye. Promising to myself, that if I could just hold on a little longer, I would see them all again. But as I said before sheer will can only get one so far.

They had just gotten the baby out, and were working to stitch me back up, when my body finally let go. My heart stopped, and the doctors immediately did what they could to revive me, while a nurse tried her best to busy herself with cleaning off the baby. It took three tries to shock me back to existence. My heart monitor sprang to life once more. Only it wasn’t just my heart that was now beating. A tiny little rhythm much smaller and faster than my own, threw everyone in the room into shock.

“This can’t be!” The doctor exclaimed rushing back to my side. Pulling the ultrasound equipment out, he carefully scanned over the newly sutchered area. It was only a matter of seconds before he called out to one of the nurses.

“Nurse we have to open her back up now!”

I read the file and report a dozen times, and every time it was the same. No one, not even the doctor could explain how they had missed her. It was as if she wasn’t there before. Which all of us knew was impossible. The doctors relied upon some, weird medical jargon to try and smooth it all over, but we knew and well as they did, they were at a loss for a real explanation. Perhaps a gift I brought back with me from the other side. It sounded crazy, but it was no more bizarre than just failing to see her there.

Seeing them behind the glass made it all so real. I had cheated death, and these two beautiful angels were my proof. It had taken all my strength to walk to corridor to the preemie ward. My nurse was not very keen on the idea, but I wasn’t about to go another minute without seeing them. Carefully supported by Disco, we walked down the hall. My beautiful little boy and girl. I was filled with so many emotions, it was hard to tell what was up and what was down.

My mind started to wonder into dangerous territory. What if I hadn’t made it. They would have never known their mother. What would their lives have been like. Almost as if he was reading my mind, Disco wrapped his arm around my shoulder and drew me in.

“You’re here now. So just push those ideas far from your mind. You’re safe.”

I tried to smile, it only came out halfhearted. “I want to go home.”

Life after I returned home, wasn’t much different from how it had been in the hospital. I was on strict instructions to rest as much as possible. All my meals were brought to me, and the only thing I was allowed to do by myself, was bathe and use the bathroom. It seemed an unfair punishment. Forced to lay in bed, while the rest of the family got to have all the time they wanted with the babies.

Wisteria Lace was named by my mother. When the paperwork had arrived in the hospital to fill out their names, I was still in an out of a medicated stupor. I did manage to name our son, but that was only because Disco and I had discussed boys names before hand. Seance Chiffon.

Wisteria Lace, was such a beautiful name, I often wondered where Mom had heard it. Every time I would ask though, all she would say is she had heard it “around”. Whatever that meant.

Since I was on permanent bed rest, I was appointed the new Hominy Popcorn narrator. Which I had to admit was a lot of fun. Affair was talking quite a lot by then, so he was always full of questions and excitement. We were now up to two chapters a night and he was even able to point out a word or two.

Watching his face shine in the lamplight, I could feel my heart swell. He was getting so big. He wasn’t going to be my baby boy much longer. Soon he would be dragging the Hominy Popcorn books off to his room, and locking the door so he could read them by himself. A moment, I was not all prepared for, so instead of dwelling on it further, I ruffled his hair and continued on.

“Hominy, knew it only give her satisfaction, if he complained. So he continued to..”


I don’t normally do this, but after typing this up. I feel that this piece needed to be a chapter all on it’s own. Little shorter I know, but I hope that you will enjoy it none the less. The next part will be coming shortly. Perhaps this evening if all goes to plan. For now, let’s celebrate! Yay! She made it!! lol


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  1. What beautiful names for the twins…Lily wedding was so romantic even if it was at the hospital but it was breathing nonetheless. I love the fact is now reading to Affair he looks at her with such adoring eyes 🙂

    Hope you like the last of The stick legacy now that it finished 🙂

  2. I really love this chapter. It also pulled at my heart and made my mind go in a different direction because my sister lost her twin girls this summer.

    When I got to the part of the Lil’s surprise twin, it reminded me of the twin that was born alive but made it only a few days before passing. The twin that died before birth is our angel, because we believe she gave life to her twin to give us, even if short, joy.

    Wisteria gave life back to Lil… It just touched me.

    Sorry for making it personal.. >.> But this chapter I loved it Berry! I truly did. I’m happy for Disco and Lil.

  3. Oh my gosh, the emotions. T_T I literally had water in my eyes when I read the first few paragraphs… Honestly, sometimes I think your writing can’t get any better than it already is, and you just knock my off my feet. Just… Wow.

    Lil’s life has been such a crazy roller coaster, but something in this post just made it all feel… so complete. Like we’re finally seeing Lil truly ‘grown up’ for the first time, changed… and it’s just so gosh darn bloody perfect. *melts a little more*

    I’m glad you separated this into it’s own chapter, because I love it just as it is. ❤

  4. YES! SHE MADE IT! I literally did a happy dance when I saw. And TWINS! Woo! They’re such pretty names! Amazing as usual, Berry!

    (I don’t think I’ve commented before. Oh well!)

  5. Yay!!! She made it! Her twins are so adorable and I love their names. I’m so happy that Lil and Disco married. After all they’ve been through, it’s such a happy ending. I’m really sad that Lil’s generation is ending soon, though. 😦

  6. *sniff* Cue the gigantic sigh of relief followed by a waterfall of tears. 😥 I’m just… So happy. Lil, oh, she brought back a gift from the other side. ❤ Little Wisteria Lace… Oh, I love her already!!! I'm just all full of emotions! And Seance, what a beautiful name!! I can't wait to see what the kids look like when they are older. Brilliant chapter once again, Berry. You were right, it does have the ability to stand on its own. 🙂

  7. Even though I’m a sucker for tragedy, after reading this chapter, I am very happy she made it. I don’t know how you do it, but your always making your chapters more and more beautiful. Outdoing yourself whenever it seems impossible to do so. Lovely chapter. I loved the beginning! I often ponder how that people think about stuff, like life being precious for example, but do they really think about it? On a deeper level? I’ve always tried to put that into words and you did it so flawlessly. Breathtaking chapter, very well written, very in depth.
    I love the twins and their skintone, I absolutely cannot wait for the next chapter! Amazing, just wonderful!

  8. Yay berry, I love you so much for this! And two babies? You definatly know how to suprise someone. I was thinking about Waterlily all week and I have a cold so that was not a good combination. But, seeing this chapter is better than tissues! 😀

  9. Seriously, I just grinned and was so happy when I saw Lil pulled through! ❤ And I may be looking too much into it, but when I saw the "Lace" in Wisteria Lace (Beautiful name BTW), I couldn't help booth think she was kinda named after Chantilly Lace from ay back when. 🙂

  10. TTTTTHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNKKKKKKKKKK BERRY SHES ALIVE. i actuly really like lil not that i didnt like the others lil just i like her more for her story i guess, that its just not the average love story that it was a boy picking on her and he wanted to make up.. 🙂 and what are theyre names i didnt see them…

  11. I knew she wasn’t going to die, I mean, c’mon people! lolz…I actually did think she was….

  12. Cleaver, cleaver, cleaver, glad it worked out for everyone concerned. I love everything about this chapter. Had my heart pounding, wasn’t sure if it was Lily talking or Disco at first.
    You have made the most beautiful names for your people but I me thinks Wisteria Lace is the most beautiful of all. Love the sweet little gift Lily was given, beside her life.

  13. So beautiful 😀 Sooo glad she made it!! Thank you Wisteria!! (I like her already 😉 ) By the way, Wisteria Lace… Lace is from Lacey obviously but is Wisteria supposed to be familiar?

  14. That chapter was just….astounding. I am EXTREMELY glad you kept Lil around! For a second at the beginning I thought Disco was talking, and I was just like “NONONONONOOOOOO Disco shush I want Lil to talk and be alive!”, and then I saw it WAS her, and I felt better. XD

    As I see the next chapter is already up, I’m gonna go to that one! WOO! So glad Lil’s alright! That wedding was gorgeous! <333

  15. I literately cried tears of joy when i saw her standing there with everyone! im so happy lil made it i was dreading this chapter to tell you the truth. It was well done berry, your so amazing and im glad that i get to read your wonderful stories.

  16. She made it ;’)
    That first picture of her, pale and worn out, but smiling and alive… so, so amazing and touching. You don’t know how much I smiled myself as soon as I saw her. I love how you are able to take pictures that are always so full of emotion. And the surprise arrival of Wisteria Lace and the idea behind it was such a great twist!

    Fantastic chapter!!

  17. Whewwwwwwwww 🙂

    Thanks for sparing her life. (And mine :D)

    Love the Chapter Berry. Always do. I hope that you keep on writing like this. It’s AWESOME. <33333

  18. First of all, the picture of Disco at the beginning=beautiful. I can never put into words how emotional this chapter made me feel. All I can say is that I almost burst out bawling in the living room, in front of my dad and little brother. Second, Seance Chiffon. Did you mean the name to mean like a real seance? Like the connecting to the “other side” thing? Either way, it’s an awesome name. And Wisteria Lace and Tranquil. I think I know where she picked up Wisteria’s name!

  19. so I began rereading Waterlily’s gen because I had forgotten a lot of it…now I understand about Wisty & Lace….

    ” Perhaps a gift I brought back with me from the other side. ”

    maybe a little bit o’ Lacey from the other side… T____T gahhh! I can’t believe tears were running down my cheeks when I realized Lil was okay!!

  20. D: GASP!!! TWINS!! Wait……..i have a theory. Maybe it was supposed to be triplets, but one of them sacrificed his/her own life to give it to Wisteria and Waterlily. R.I.P gone triplet. ;( BUT YAY WATER LILY!!!!!!! (~:

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