Gen 8- Chapter 15: Waterlily Whip

Children are one life’s greatest gifts. Me of all people understood, just how much so. I was lucky to still be around to be with mine. Three beautiful children, all so different and unique in their own way. Amazingly the twins were more different than I would have ever imagined. Twins certainly did not mean the same.

Surprisingly, Affair and Wisteria, were much more alike, than Wisteria and Seance ever were. Personality wise and interests, little Wisty wanted nothing more than to be just like her big brother. When Affair joined the scouts, it wasn’t even a day later, that she wanted to join too. It almost broke her heart when I had to explain that scouts were for boys, not girls.

Once the tears had settled down, I mentioned the cupcakes (girl scouts) and she almost jumped right out of her skin with excitement. It wasn’t exactly what she wanted, but they had the same uniform, so it was close enough for her liking.

We had tried to sign all three up for scouting, but Seance was not the least bit interested. Not enough hands on he would say. Which pretty much meant, there was nothing for him to explore or discover, other than being out in the woods. Not really his cup of tea. Seance was a mini biologist in the making. We ended up using his scouting dues, that we had allotted, to buy him a chemistry set, and since we didn’t have a lab, we had to set it up in the guest kitchen. We never used it anyways, so it worked out just fine.

One of Fern’s relatives liked to splurge on all of the family members, this included our family for some odd reason. I’m not even sure how cousin Mars knew about us, but he sent gifts all the way from Shang Stir Fry for the kids.

The boys received these really authentic looking space suits, equipped boots, helmets and working micro phone walkie talkies. Those two played for hours, pretending the tall weeds out back were some strange alien planet. Most of the time, I had to literally drag them in for dinner. Even then they wouldn’t break character.

“This is A unit to S. do you read. Over?”

“I read you loud and clear A unit. Over.”

“Seems we have to break from our daily exploration. Our meal supplements must be consumed before they expire. Over.”

“Roger that!”

Once dinner was over, they were right back at it. Flying back into orbit, before the began their next round of space excavation.

“Last one back to the ship, has cleaning duties for a week!!”

“Preparing for shuttle dispersion.”

The first time uncle Prelude, caught a glimpse of them playing on his old trampoline, I thought his face was going to split from all the smiles. I could remember him and Beaux doing something similar back in their day.

“But we didn’t have the fancy gear. why didn’t they have cool stuff when we were kids?”

The boys were not the only one to receive a special gift from uncle Mars. In the same box with the space suits were 3 nice sized teddy bears. One purple one, one white and one blue. Those bears were her life. She didn’t go anywhere without at least one of them. All three if possible, but that was not always the case. We went through a huge amount of juice, because every time I turned around, Wisty was dragging them upstairs to “feed her guests”. Which would have been fine, but she liked to open them, so most went to waste.

Kiwi and Laurel were also fond of Wisty’s bears. They had gotten similar gifts, but theirs were little princess dresses, which I imagine were purchased at the same place as the space suits. The girls were a bit older than Wisty, since they were closer to Affair’s age, but since she was the only other girl, they got a long surprisingly well for their age difference.

Wisty was quite grown up for her age. She was incredibly smart, and just the sweetest thing that had ever walked the face of the planet. She had compassion well past her years, and a kindness. A kindness that was almost to a fault…

Kindness to a fault? Well, let me explain.

The girls had slumber parties almost every other weekend. Sometimes they would all go to Prelude and Fern’s, but most of the time they would shack up in Wisty’s room. Not saying that we spoiled the girl… okay well, perhaps we did, but she had a nice queen size bed, so all three fit just fine together. Wisteria always made sure to request a special reading from Disco, for the three of them. The twins always conked out early, but Wisty held on to the very end.

Favorite part of Disco’s day…

“Goodnight Angel.”

Ah, but let us get back to the kindness to a fault thing shall we.

It all started after one of the girls slumber parties. It had been a few weeks since everyone had received their presents. The girls had spent the entire evening playing happily with Wisty’s bears. I didn’t think anything of it at the time, but Kiwi had mentioned, just how much she loved them. Seemed harmless enough. That was until the next morning when the girls headed out to leave. They both had one bear tucked under their arms as they waved one last goodbye, before hopping into Fern’s car.

I could scarcely believe what I was seeing. She loved those bears. She couldn’t have possibly given them away. Did they take them? I knew they were little brats, but I never imagined them stealing something from their very own cousin. Well there was only one way I was going to find out. I had to ask the source.

“Sweat heart? The girls just left, and I couldn’t help but notice that they both had one of your bears.”


“You gave them your bears? Honey I thought you loved those guys.”

“I do.”

“So why would you give them away?”

“Because they asked if they could have them.”

“Wisty love, just because somebody asks you for something, doesn’t mean you have to give it to them.”

“But they asked nicely. I couldn’t say no.”

“Sure you can. All you have to say is, No I’m sorry. These were a gift, and I would like to hang on to them.”

“But that’s just mean.”

“It’s not mean.”

“Yes it is. They would have been upset, if I had said no. I didn’t want them to get mad at me.”

“Oh i see.”

I soon realized this was going to take a little more discussion, that just a little pep talk.

“How about you and I go out for a little while, so we can talk a little more about this. Sound fun?”


I had two reasons for going out that day. one being, Wisty and I needed to have a serious conversation about what it meant to be nice, and two, there was a new coffee/dessert shop in town, and I had yet to check it out, since the grand opening a couple of weeks prior. Bubble Buzz was literally all the buzz and I had not even seen the building yet! The rumor going around was they had this amazing mock ambrosia, that was so close to the real thing, it was actually hard to tell the difference… other than the price. Real Ambrosia was only available at the higher end restaurants, and you had better be prepared to throw down a couple hundred for one small dish. I had never tried the real thing, so I was sure that the mock was going to be out of this world.

When we walked inside, the place was almost deserted. Other than a couple sitting in the dining room and a lady behind the counter the place was empty. Gorgeous as it was, I held out little hope the place would stick around long with it’s lack of customers.

“Wow so quiet. Where is everyone?”

“Oh. Ummmm. Well, it’s the night crowd that keep this place going. Party doesn’t start until about 9 pm and then you can barely get in the door. The girl behind the countered stammered. She looked physically uneasy, and I think Wisty and my presence was only making it worse.

“Oh I see. Well we would like two of your mock ambrosia please.”

“Oh. alright.” The girl stared blankly at the cash register, as if she had never seen it before in her life. Leaning completely over the keys, she squinted her eyes looking for the right buttons. “Ummmmm. Okay. Right.” Her finger hovering over several keys before moving onto another. Finally in desperation, she looked up from what she was doing, her face frozen, eyes wide. “I’m sorry. I’m not supposed to be here. I was just here until Honey gets back.”

I could tell she was not only scared, but completely embarrassed.

“Well, maybe I can help.” I smiled leaning over the counter. I found the key almost immediately and pointed it out to her.

“Oh there it its!” She mashed the key twice and our total thankfully popped up. “10.75 please.”

I paid the girl, just as Honey was returning. From there, the sale went a long smoothly. Five short minutes later, we both had our plates. I wasn’t sure what actual Ambrosia smelled like, but our plates smelled divine.

I didn’t want to jump into business right way, so instead we dove right into our treat. It was amazing! I’m not sure if it is possible to eat pink, but I am pretty sure this is what it would taste like. Sweet, almost sparkly to the tongue. Half way through, I casually brought our discussion back to the topic at hand.

“Pretty good huh?”

“So good!”

“I thought so too. Speaking of good. You know you are a good girl right?”


“Good. Something I want you to understand though. Just because you tell someone no, doesn’t mean you are not nice. Sometimes we have to say no. You don’t always have to do what someone else asks you.”

“But I don’t like to make people sad.”

“I know you don’t sweety, but, well when you gave your bears away today. Did that make you happy?”

“Yes. Well. Kind of. I liked seeing them smile, but I miss them momma.”

“This is exactly what I mean love. Sometimes you have to say no. Now your bears, which were a very kind gift by the way, are now living with someone else.”

“I’m sorry.” He voice was so sad and disappointed. She pushed the ambrosia around on her plate. Refusing to look at me. “Momma?”

“Yes, love?”

“I’m sad.”

“Aww, it’s okay. I’m sure if I talk to Fern we can get your bears back.”

“Not that.” She said, shaking her head. “That.” Wisteria pointed out the front window.

It took a second for my eyes to focus on, what she was seeing, but then I saw. A woman with a small child were on the corner asking for money. They were both dressed in terribly mismatched clothes, which had probably been dug out of old bins, or purchased at the second hand store.


‘Why don’t they have money momma?”

“I don’t know sweet heart.”

I tried to think of an appropriate answer, but there was no way of knowing the real reason they were there. Wisteria’s eyes began to well up with the biggest tears I had ever seen. Her voice broken and hurt.

“It’s not fair. That poor little girl. She is probably so hungry. Can we give them money? We have money right?”

“Yes, but… it’s not always best to just hand out money. Remember the bears?”

‘What about food? Can we buy them some food? Please momma?”

I just sat their dumbfounded. I had hardly noticed the pair out on the corner, and here was my youngest child, completely devastated. My heart swelled with pride. “Yes of course dear.”

I just so happened to have an old basket rattling around in the trunk, so after our snack, Wisty and I headed over to the corner market to pick up a few items. A couple wrapped sandwiches and even a baby bottle, we tucked inside the old basket.

The second we arrived back at the Bubble Buzz, she jumped from the car and carried the basket over to the lady.

‘Hello. This is for you.”

“For me? I… I don’t know what to say. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

The lady kindly took the basket and immediately unwrapped one of the sandwiches. Wisty waited until she was settled and then reached into the basket for the bottle. “And this is for her. Can I give it to her?”

“Of course dear.” The lady smiled, tears sitting heavy at the brim of her eyes.

“This is for you.”

“Thank kooo!!!!”

We left that day with a new sense of fulfillment. Wisteria’s for helping others in need, and me knowing, that I had the most amazing daughter there ever was. I wasn’t sure if this is partly what my mystery letter was talking about, but I knew I had discovered my purpose in life. To bring this beautiful kind and caring soul into the world. My life felt complete.

“That was very kind of you love.”

“Thank you Momma.”


Alright folks! This is our last chapter of Lil and next time Wisteria will be taking the reins. That’s the exciting part! The part you may not like it… Wisteria will not begin until I get back from Australia. I leave November first, and I really don’t want to get started on her gen, to just up and leave. And with pets coming out, little is going to be getting done. I will be around, but Splash will be on vacation. ❤ Love you guys!!!

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  1. Last chapter noooooooo but yaaaaaaaay at the same time 🙂
    Awww, have fun when your away, I’m leaving for Orlando Thursday and I’m super excited <3333
    Was that the club thingy from dipped? Either way it was gorgeous!
    Awww, that part where Wisteria gave the gifts to the poor warmed my heart ❤ I love it!
    *Claps at the last chapter* Well done Berry, well done.

  2. oh god oh god i can’t even explain how much i love wisteria right now. i think she’s overtaken papple in my favourite heir(ess) stakes, and that’s hard to beat!!
    BUBBLE BUZZ!! *fangirlflails*
    ohh this chapter was just perfection to end on. wisteria’s magic just will never cease to amaze me, I don’t think ❤

    & I totally understand leaving the beginning of her gen until after australia – you deserve a rest from waterlily's intense generation so your creative batteries can recharge :]

  3. Wisteria’s such a nice girl 🙂 Can’t wait for her generation to start! I hope you have fun in Australia– can’t wait to see what it inspires you to write! When will you be coming back?

  4. Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
    I love Wisteria. She’s just gorgeous and loving. The boys are so dashing and happy. I love it it. I’m sad that Lil’s Gen. is finished, but I’m sad whenever a generation finishes. Naw.

    And even though I don’t get to meet you, I’ll be going “BERRY IS IN AUSTRALIA! YEAH!” when you get in the country. Haha. I hope you guys have fun, and I hope your parents enjoy it, too. ^^ Koalas and kangaroos, yeah! xD

  5. … So, I know this might be a bit sad, but I am actually in tears over Wisteria’s sweetness to the woman outside the Buzz. May be hormones, but may also be that I am seriously in love with her. I’m pretty sure it won’t be the last time, either–that girl is going to bounce my heart all over the place, isn’t she? Her sweetness is contagious, just like yours. C:

    Everything in this chapter was superb, lovie–screenshots and writing and gah, everything! Nobody melts my heart quite like you can.

    PS – Your portrayal of Hyacinth was sooooo perfect!! You have NO idea how much I am spazzing over getting to see the Buzz in your story, either–though, before you get back from Aussieland, I’m gonna fix up a version of it with less store content and such, because it breaks my heart to see how much stuff got replaced. I know it may not be a biggie for you, but I want it to be perfect for you!

    PPS – Your inclusion of ambrosia has me flailing with giggles over here. You have no idea. XDD You will see why, soon…

  6. Enjoy Australia!

    I actually teared up a little just because of how sweet little Wisty’s gesture was. If she is this kind at such an early age I cant imagine to good deeds she will do when she is older. She is going to bring an interesting new element to splash

  7. Oh Berry, what a lovely, lovely place to leave off. Wisteria reminds me a little of myself when I was that age. I think I’m going to love this next generation!
    Have a fantastic time in Australia!

  8. I’m really looking forward to Wisteria generation. She sort of reminds me of myself at that age.
    And GAH… First Glee and now this… It’s gonna be a little harder for me to keep sane, now, but I’ll manage. Have fun in Australia! You deserve the break

  9. While I’m sad there will be no Splash for a while, I’m glad at how this story is turning out. Wisteria is just a saint, I’m loving her right now! 😀 That, and I’m pretty sure you’ll have fun in Australia! Lucky you!

    Hope you have a great time, and oh dear….Pets…I think my poor game will never get much rest from me once I have that in my posession, and if I’M that way, imagine how the Splash world will cope. XD

    You go have some much needed fun, and don’t feel rushed to come back! Take your time! (but not too much time, of course. :P)

  10. I know that niceness thing is probably gunna affect her generation a lot…but I LOVE her hair.
    And I can’t wait for the next chapter.
    Are you going to include Pets in your Rainbowcy? 🙂

  11. AWWW shes adorablee! i LOOOOVEE her, i cant wait for her generation. yaay your coming to Australia hehe i live there 🙂 where abouts are you going?

  12. OMG! In the first picture, the two boys look just like their parents. Affair looks like his momma and Seance looks like his father with that laugh! Wisty…*sigh* I just wish I could be like her. I just am never brave enough to go up to homeless people! Am i weird? Ha.

    Anyways have fun in Australia. I was just in Sydney visiting my brother. Have fun again!

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  14. OMB!!! I teared up at Wisteria’s sweetness! Like everyone has stated, she may be the favorite. 😀 I love how devastated she was when she saw the young woman with the hungry baby. 😦

    Enjoy your time in Australia, come back safe and sound. ((hugs to you and the hubby))

  15. Wisteria é tão doce, este capítulo apenas toca o meu coração! 🙂 É tão lindo … Férias na Austrália! É uma pena que não haverá novos capítulos até Novembro, mas também você precisa de tempo para descansar depois de escrever capítulos tão bom. Eu só tenho uma pergunta, When The Sims 3 animais de estimação sair, eles trazem uma nova cidade, você vai mudar a família Chiffon lá? Só por curiosidade … 🙂

    Desculpe se o meu Inglês é muito ruim … Mas eu estou usando um tradutor …

  16. Wisteria is so sweet, this chapter only touches my heart! It’s so beautiful … Holidays in Australia! It’s a shame that there will be new chapters until November, but you need time to rest after writing chapters so good. I just have one question, When The Sims 3 pets go, they bring a new city, you will change the family Chiffon there? Just out of curiosity …

    Sorry if my English is very bad … But I am using a translator …

    • Eu uso um tradutor para falar em Inglês também. Falo francês. Esposa do meu irmão fala fluentemente português. Desculpe, se eu estiver falhando nesse idioma. Eu ainda estou aprendendo. * risos *

  17. Wow. amazing. I really enjoyed it. I loved Lilly though. I LOVE Wisty to precious You should of gave her short hair though.. you know for a change. well .. expect for Lily but short all the way though but she is rather beautiful and I love that you gave her a nice trait.
    i really love this chapter. And so one more after her Splash is done? Is that how therules go? Why?

  18. P>Sand enjoy your time. Be safe. Everybody is lucky to indulge your writing and your love for Splash (: Enjoy. Can;t wait to see Pets in your story and one quick question .. sorry! Um , you know how Berry Sims are colorful and amazing same would go for Berry Pets?

  19. Oooh, I love Dipped! I love how you incorporated the Bubble Buzz into your story! Little Wisty is so cute! I loved this last chapter and can’t wait to read from Wisteria’s point of view. Have fun on your vacation. ^_^

  20. Okay, Miss Berry… Not fair, I am so proud of you and always have been. You have brought back memories that I have cherished for years, little Wisty’s kindness and good heart, her selflessness and compassion go straight to my heart. When I look at her face I see my Sharrie looking back. The artistry you weave with words and photos are more beautiful than any Da” Vinci ever painted. I love that so many of your readers make the connection between your amazing kindness and the same loving heart of your beautiful Wisteria. Thank you so much for being my beautiful and amazing daughter.
    I could use a Kleenex, I love you.

    I love the little Wisty girl.

      • I can’t believe how very wonderful this chapter is, and Wisteria generation is going to be amazing. You shine through her in so many ways. I was a little surprised on how emo I got hearing all the love that was being sent your way. Not sure why I should be, your kindness is evident to everyone who knows you. Gad, I’m lucky!

  21. Im.All.Caught.Up.

    You may not remember me Berry, what with the vast fan-base you’ve got yourself here, but, I was that simmer from the forums a few days ago, asking for links to romantic legacies? Well from that moment til now, Ive been reading. Close to non stop. Im in love. The way you write.. its magical. Im not sure what it is, but the emotions Ive felt reading this… have made me speechless.

    I want Teenage Granite ❤ My Splash love, right there!

    Have a bunch of fun in Australia, and Ill be ehre when you return, ready for Wisty, and all the dun she brings :3

    ~ Zoe (WriterGurl97)

  22. Berry, baby I can’t stop reading this chapter, There is no way I can explain how much I love the wonderfulness of your most amazing strength and your ability to put on into words, a moment in time that that was so special for us. i can see that sad little face looking at me, wanting to help and not knowing what you could do. But knowing you had to do something and thinking of someone else and feeling there sadness. You have become the most wonderful women and when the time comes you are going to be the best mom ion the world.
    No pressure on that, lol!!

  23. Awww :’3 Wisteria is such a cute and incredibly kind little berry! I can’t wait to see what you’ve planned out for her. She is really beautiful on the banner by the way, she looks like a woman from a renaissance painting!

    Have fun in Australia and take all the time you need to rest! 🙂

  24. I gotta say…I’m gonna be lost without reading this for a whole month :P. Can anyone tell me where in Berry’s name do you get the tears? They’re perfect for story screenies..

  25. When will you be getting back? I need to know what to mark my calender. 🙂 Wisty is such a sweetheart! I hope she learns when to say no, though. I don’t want anything bad to happen!

  26. I have a question. I noticed the banner up there is filled and it only has nine heads in it. What I want to know is, because these next children will be the tenth generation, does that mean there won’t be an heir? It makes sense, but I wasn’t entirely sure.

  27. Berry,
    This is my first time commenting. I have been lurking since Olivine’s generation and have been intimidated honestly. You have a gift for writing, for spinning a story and capturing your audience in its magic. I get excited when I see you have written a new chapter. Reading your legacy (and others who are also very good) has led me to start one of my own. If you get time, it would be really amazing and mean a lot to me if you could check it out.

    Thank you for everything you contribute to the Sim and Berry communities.

    • Oh goodness T_T Thank you so much! You are very kind. Ahhh I just don’t know what to say! So here i will give you a big hug instead! *squeezsh*

  28. Okay that’s me officially caught up, it’s taken a good 3 weeks but, i’ma kinda sad, cause now I can’t just click “next” lol. But I guess that’s the way the berry squishes. I hope you enjoy your VayKay, I’ve been to Australia twice, once when I wasn’t even born yet lol, then 4 years ago, we done a tour of Australia, we went to Perth, Brisban, Queensland and then sydney, but the best by far was the great barier reef, we snorkled in there for about 2 hours and it was just breath taking. I hope you get a chance to go (to the reef) cause you’ll love it XD

  29. Bonjour. Je me demandais si un quelqu’un voudrait lire un héritage français. Le français est ma langue maternelle. Le prologue devrait sortir bientôt et le site sera en place également.

  30. Hello I was wondering if anyone would want to read a French legacy. French is my native language. The prologue will be released soon and the site will be up as well. It will not actually be in French. It just incorporates a lot of my family/French traditions.

  31. Oh goodness… Just one gen after Wisteria? Nooo!! I never want it to end! Are you planning on doing anything after this legacy is over? (: ❤
    Love this legacy by the way (;

  32. Duuuuuude, I am actually dying from anticipation ~ You got back on the 17th and its now the 22nd. I am in serious Chiffon Withdrawls. I need a fix Berry. I Neeeed A fix, Emphasis on the Neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed. XDD Nah, I’m just really glad your back and made it home safely. How was your trip ? I bet it was awesome. I have a question, have you thought of a “berry sweet” name for Apaloosa plains.. I have thought of the first bit but can’t think of a replacement for “plains”… *ahem* ~ Appleoozy. I thought about Appleoozy Pancakes but that didn’t sound right to me… Anyone else got any ideas, Maybe Wisteria will travel to Appleoozy Plains XDDD

    • hahaha I think we are just calling it Apple Plains ( I was lazy ) I really like that though. If I decide on something a little more creative I will let you all know n.n Chapter is coming, just waiting for my brain to come back from down under…

      • I was sitting thinking, and it’s just impossible to find a berry word to replace plains, cause lets be honest, you can call berry sweets a bunch of things, but “plain” aint one of them XDD I love the word Appleoozy ~ I can’t believe my brain had a moment of actual creativity haha. So glad that the new into is up .*Runs (metaphorically) to the “home” link. XD

    • Oh gosh I hope soon. Me and my brain are not seeing eye to eye right now. I am currently working on a much needed intro to this gen, due to the enormous amount of characters.

  33. Hi Berry. Here’s the pictures of Affair and his girlfriend in my gme, Rue Magic Splitz.

    I absolutely adore them… I took like, 5 million pictures of them (:

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