Gen 9- Chapter 7: Wistera Lace

Perhaps it should have been my first clue, that things were not as perfect as first perceived, when Matrix, quickly got up, got dressed, and headed downstairs to watch TV after we had finished. I was a little bit surprised, but since I was definitely no expert when it came to this sort of thing and only had movies and books to go on. How did I know what was supposed to happen next? I didn’t, so I threw on my clothes and met him downstairs.

I had already let anger cloud my judgment, what would it hurt to add a little pride and shame to the mix. I had a horrible feeling deep in the pit of my stomach. This was all wrong. I just made a huge mistake. The moment the thoughts floated through my mind, I pushed them away. No I was not about to admit that I just messed up. Instead I tried a different tactic. Maybe if I brought it up, we could talk about it. That much I did know about relationships, or at least real relationships? Ughhh the feeling was back again. I stood near the couch, trying to decide the best way to proceed.


“Oh hey cutie.”

“What are you doing all the way down here?”

“Oh, my show was about to start. Couldn’t miss it. What’s the matter?”

“Nothing… I just thought, you know, we would cuddle for a bit.”

“Ya, I don’t like that.”


Matrix realizing that he may have to do a bit of damage control, slid the remote off the couch and motioned for me sit. “We can cuddle here. Come sit with me.” I foolishly obliged. Something had seriously shorted in my brain or something, because I was eating everything he fed me, and only this tiny little part, probably my last surviving voice of reason, was able to knock any sense into me. Sadly the voice was far to small to hear at the point. I settled myself in close to him. His arm slid around me, and my voice of reason completely vanished. See this wasn’t so bad.

He even flipped the TV off for a bit so we could talk. I felt my nerves start to settle. See it was all just a misunderstanding. Everything was fine. It was nice to feel loved and appreciated, and it had been a long time since I had felt either without the worry of other things. Most important of those, was my weight, he told me I was beautiful and for once I actually believed it. We stayed together on the couch for about an hour, until I looked at the clock and saw I had 7 minutes to get my butt back home.

We said our goodbyes on the porch. My sense of dread had washed away completely. It felt amazing in his arms, I felt like I had won a prize! One of the most popular guys in school and he wanted me. Hah! it felt pretty amazing. If only Tulip knew about this little gem of information.

I was humming all the way home, tapping the steering wheel. I guess I was so engrossed in what I was doing, I hadn’t even noticed who was walking up the road as I drove past. I pulled into the drive, but my favorite song was only half finished, so sat in the car listening until it was over. Interestingly enough this was just enough time for Tapestry to appear over the hill. I closed the car door, and looked up to see him waving as he came up the sidewalk.

“Hi!” I waved back with a smile.

“Tap! What a surprise. What are you doing here?”

“Hey Wisteria! I just came by to see you.”

“Oh, well perfect timing. I just got home.”

“Ya, I saw you drive by. Listen I brought some stuff for you. Some things you might be interested in.” He stated patting a notebook he held at his hip.

I turned my head to the side to try and read the cover, but it was just an ordinary note pad. “What is it?”

“Well…” Tap was getting nervous now. “I know we decided to go a different direction with our report, but I sort of did a lot of interesting research on the side, and I found some things you might be interested in.”

“Oh…” I jingled my keys. “Come on in.”

We went inside and took a seat on the couch. After getting settled, I switched on the lamp and he handed the note pad over.

“I hope you can read it. My handwriting is a bit sloppy.”

I flipped through a couple pages. “No this is fine.”

“Good. First though, before you start reading…” I closed the book. “Yes?”

“How much do you know… about your ancestors?”

“Well.” I rested the book in my lap. “I know that my great grandfather, was in love with my great grandmother, and they were both married to other people.”

“Did you know, that she had four other children?”

“Yes.” I pointed to the painting directly above my head. “She kinda stuck out like a sore thumb.”

“Ever wonder why she was chosen to be heir. I mean, she was the illegitimate child. Kind of strange it would be her wouldn’t it?”

“I guess so.”

Tapestry nodded and patted the book. “Okay, open it.”

I started to read. There was all kinds of information, though most of it was all over the place, it was pretty easy to get the main idea. Life for my grandmother was nothing but easy after the birth of her love child. She had the community to deal with, she had her husband to deal with, not the mention the feelings she still shared for the man, who helped to cause all the trouble. There was even a couple of printouts of photos. One in particular caught my eye. A large brown house with a man and woman standing outside. The man was dressed all in purple and the woman was a beautiful creature, with a stunning pink main of hair. Her eyes were so crystal clear they seemed to jump right off of the paper.

“This was him.” I stated, pointing at the page. That was when my eyes focused in on their surroundings. “That house. That was their house?”

“Yes they lived right next door to your family.”

I almost dropped the book on the floor. “That’s the house!”

“What house?”

“I was at that house. I knew, I knew it! We have to go back.”


I started to plan. “You busy tomorrow?”


“Well tell your mom we are going out.”

“Huh? Me?”

“Yes. You.”

I probably could have gone alone, but adventures are far more fun when you have a partner in crime right? Not only that, he had a lot of information sitting up there in his head, it might just come in handy. Also I had come to really enjoy us hanging out, he was a good friend, honest and true, it would have seemed wrong not to bring him along. Besides, from the previous times we had hung out, it was obvious that he didn’t get out much…

We drove out to Sugar Valley, and my decision to bring Tap along paid off almost the second we drove into town. I started to pull into the heart of the city when I realized I was lost. I knew it was up a hill, but there were more hills than I remembered. With his help though we found our way to the large brown house. Stepping out of the car, I looked to the left. The information said our old house was there, but the only thing was an empty lot. Guess it had been torn down years ago. We walked up the steps and the same feelings as before, started to wash over me. I rang the doorbell, but there was no answer.

“Maybe, no one is home.”

I looked in the window, there was furniture, so someone did actually live there. “I think you’re right.”

“I just want to have a look around.”

“Okay. Just be careful.”

“I’ll be fine.”

Again I started right for the fountain that sat in the garden. Something about it had me drawn to it, like a moth to light. I stepped closer and just like the last time, I could feel the pain, a heavy feeling in my heart. “Something happened here. I just know it.” I reached out to touch the warm marble. You would think I would have learned my lesson from the last time, but if my latest actions were any indication, I wasn’t always the most logical being. The moment I touched the surface of the fountain, voices started ring out all around me.

The voices! They bombarded my head. Sobbing, screaming, begging, oh the pain! It hurt, and significantly more than the last time. I tried to scream but there was nothing. My voice no longer sounded like my own. I was crying, I could feel the tears, but there was far too much in my head to to keep any of it straight. A distant voice tried to cut through. “Lace? Are you alright?” I tried to reply. Still nothing. The voices crashed down upon me again.

“Please, let’s just run away together!”

“Lace. I’m so sorry. Please will you ever forgive me.”

“I love you!”


Finally my voice was able to pierce the chatter. I clutched the sides of my head as I let out a blood curdling scream. “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” I felt a hand on my shoulder. “Lace! Omb! Lace! What is wrong. Lace. Talk to me!!!! We need help! Help!! Someone! Help us!”

It was all too much. Everything around me started to spin out of control. I tried to steady myself, but before I had a chance everything went black. I’m pretty sure Tap tried to catch me, but I was a bit too much for him to support and I hit the ground with a thud.

The next thing I remember is Tap trying to wake me up. His voice was riddled with panic, I could feel him patting my cheek “Lace! Wisteria? Wake up. Please. Wake up.”

My eyes blinked a few times, and the blinding sun bore deep into my retinas. “Ughhhh” Was always I was able to manage. “What happened?” I asked as Tapestry helped to my feet. “You passed out. Are you alright?”

I had no idea if I was alright, I wasn’t even sure what happening now that I was awake again. The voices were still echoing quietly in my head, and all I seemed to be able do was stare blankly at Tapestry’s sweater lapel. That’s when the sadness hit, it felt like I had been dumped, gone home found my cat had been hit by a car, and my parents had gotten a divorce. Needless to say it was a heart-wrenching feeling. Tap touched my shoulder again. “Lace are you alright? You look as if you are about-”

I looked up to gaze into his eyes. The tears were perched at the corner of my lids. My lip began to tremble and threw myself into his arms.

I didn’t know what to say. I just cried. Cried and cried.

“I want to go home now.”

I didn’t say anything the whole drive home. I was still in pain. Unlike the last time, it didn’t go away. I could still feel it, burning a hole in my chest. I looked over to the passenger seat a few times to find Tapestry staring back at me. The look of concern on his face, made it even harder to hide the horrible feelings I was now harboring. I started in the direction of his home and he touched my arm. “No. Just go home. I’ll walk.”

A puzzled look nestled into my brow. “I can drive you home. I’m fine.”

“No you are not and I want to make sure you get home safely. Please. I’ll walk home.”

“Alright.” I was in no mood to argue, so I turned the car at the next street and drove us both back to my house. When we got to the house, Tapestry helped me up to my room. “This really isn’t necessary. I will be fine.”

“You do realize you passed out back there?”


“Okay… just get some rest. You need it.”

“Yes. Dad.” I teased. It was a playful tease though. It was in actuality an incredibly sweet gesture.

“If you need anything. You can call me. Okay?”


My head hit the pillow and I was pulled into a deep sleep. I never even heard him leave. It was a nice sleep, apparently a really nice sleep, because at some point I got up and put on pajamas even though I don’t ever remember doing it.

It wasn’t until 3 am when my phone rang, that I even realized I was back at home. I had missed dinner, and for some strange reason no one had come to get me for it. Maybe they had, I sure didn’t remember it though. I picked up my phone and tried to read who it was coming in. It was a number I didn’t recognize, but for some odd reason I picked it up anyways.




“It’s Tuilp.”

“Tulip? What? Why are you calling me? It’s like 3 am.”

“I know! I’m sorry. It’s just… well I just now got home from the fair, and I saw. Wisteria I saw Matrix and his girlfriend, and they are definitely not broken up.”



Berry note: Yes, I am fully aware her clothes and hair change… >_< I had a couple technical difficulties and that was one of the results of it all. So my apologies. Let’s just pretend it is all the same lol… thanks! ♥


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  1. I knew that Matrix kid was bad news. He only wanted sex and thats it, now that he’s got what he wants he’s gonna leave. And poor Wisty, I have no idea where your going with this but, I know its gonna have a happy ending to it 🙂

  2. -________- dumb boys *grumble, grumble*

    poor Wisty!! I hope she’s able to recover 😦

    BTW, was that a wolf in the background of the picture with Wisty and Lace and Merlot faded in the background??

  3. Mmmhmm, yup. I must give Matrix a piece of my mind D<
    That jerk!
    And the bit with Wisty hearing the voices ;__; Oh goodness, I teared up. So many memories and the connection she has. This was an excellent post, Berry! EXCELLENT!
    I sure hope things work out for Wisteria :c She's such a darling girl.
    I'm definitely looking forward to more, as always ❤

  4. adffgyguifswguegfefegfuiwuiswuiweuiwuweu8sweguiwax1369832y83w891s8192bnx dhdehjui2bhjjkss MATRIX! You… ghiooehiqdbkidvueg3wsguiewdgcisew3gbisdfbo384y6y8wshdsbguiwqy8hfrfrfrfrfrfrfrfrfrfrfrikihoswuhkjswbsuifbuuisguiguiuifiwiouugwdiuiguuaui!!!! Matrix. Must. Die. Painfully. Now, I shall resume hitting the keybord to express my anger: bgis1c4 jfhslskfjfnwioa83n$=njfiskahdidloandoajspahdjoaycbnak9q84;l5ejadbfisjkfjhskafbsklwidbfkslaflfhionsbjsjkbfjailAKJHFBJSBJKSUGBAKJSKUSKUJBHAUKHFIOSHAKJFUDGFJAKUDUGKAJSGUFBGSKDYWBDHKATYYWBGJKFKAUU
    Okay. I think that about covers it. No wait; ipoadbhsioeubjkhiodubhj2wtyilulvbhudaisjbqkwasgbvueiasgbgkbkbkbkbkbkbkbkbkbkbkbkbkbkgfubquiwtsgfbuiaysguwtgfbjksgjbgufbuiggggggbjkkwgibgjuayksfhioqwayfhioahysbowayghfashkw8iuohefuigtkaygkawysijkwakghjwgf8ouikwhfuiokhfioh

    Okay. Now I will continue with what else I wanted to say. The scene at the fountain with the Lace and Lo faded in the background… AMAZING!

  5. OMB I FIGURED IT OUT!!! (sorry for the caps)
    Wisteria = Lacy and Bubble = Bubbie like everyone figured before, and… Matrix = Merlot. It all makes perfect sense!!!

  6. OMB! O_O That’s what I get for trying to see the greater good in people. I could have sworn Matrix was one of the good ones. *sigh* I think it’s so cool that she can feel the pain of Lacelot. ❤ It's a very unique gift. 🙂

    Oh don't worry about those minor changes in wardrobe/hairstyle, Berry– they don't interfere with the story at all. 😀

    Hmmm… Do I sense something going on between Wisty and Tap? I sense more chemistry between those two than between her and Bubble. Even if those two don't end up together, he's a great friend. 😀

  7. I loved Tap from the very beginning.. maybe because he is the quiet bookish kinda person that I am. I kind of really like them together. They look quite nice physically, and I love how they communicate with one another. So cute!
    Considering Matrix’s reaction after they.. I’m not completely surprised, unfortunately. But I do *not* trust Tulip, so unless Wist sees the couple together, it may just be Tulip spinning her web. I hope that she doesn’t do anything too rash!
    Oh dear.. :S
    Wonderful chapter once again, Berry! :3

    • I agree with you! I’m not completely sure Wisty should belive everything that girls says. Not that Matrix seemes like any prince Charming either, best to keep an eye on both of them. At least she has Tapestry to count on, right? 🙂

      • Exactly. I am not sure.. Tulip may have some part to play.
        And yes, of course! I am so excited to see Tapestry and hear what he has to say. He seems like a really great friend. With him tucking in Wist at the end I was squealing. That’s so sweet, considering what had literally *just* happened.

  8. T____T on so many levels T_____T to relieve the pain of Lacelot and then have her own pain. Well let’s just say that girl is going to need a seriously strong shoulder to cry on.

  9. The plot thickens! I have a lot of theories I’m tossing around as to what is going to happen next, but I’ll just keep those in my head for now.

    Great posts, Berry! And two in a row! It felt rather like Christmas. Thank you. =0)

  10. Shoot!! I knew it… Matrix wasn’t right for her at all. Good that she has found a new friend in Tapestry though, he seems to be everything she needs now. I don’t know if they’ll get together later or not, but I really hope they’ll at least stay friends, he’s so good to her. 🙂
    And I’m really curious as to what the connection with her ancestors is going to end with!! Great chapter once again!

  11. I believe that Tap would be like Bubbie and than Bubble will com along and it will connect again but he will be with someone else, so Bubble would be Merlot. Because unlike Matrix, Merlot actually had feelings for Lace!

  12. Wohhh i loved that faded picture, AWESOME!!
    But NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO matrix you little ———
    And I like Tapestry, you know…Tapestry is supposed to be a colorful banner…maybe… 😉


    I hate thinking about the whole Lacey and Merlot thing!!!!!! WAH!!!!!! I just feel so bad for their poor spouses! 😥 *sniffles*

    I hope she isn’t pregnant… She probabaly is.

    TAP-ES-TRY! TAP-ES-TRY! *continues to chant*

  14. Yep, definitely still on Team Tap…especially after this last chapter.

    It’s hard to know who to trust, Matrix or Tulip, since I don’t like either one of them! Gosh, I hope Wisty gets her happy ending soon.

  15. Well crap, I did end up regretting my words. Bleh =( Matrix went from “seems like a good guy” to “seems lower than pond scum” pretty dang quickly. If Tulip is telling the truth and he’s still with his girlfriend, then that was a pretty extensive lie he told too. Ugh! Poor Wisteria =(

  16. Oh no! Hopefully she’s not pregnant… That would be a total mess.
    Tap is so nice!! He’s the right guy for Wisty!!
    And the voices!! Aaah!
    I’m hungry for more!!!!!

  17. Wait I’m probably being silly but I’m feeling that Matrix is Bubbie out for revenge and Matrix is actually the sweet Bubble forced to be away from her by his parents D: Either way I wanna reach in the virtual world and wring Mtrix’s neck!

  18. On one hand we have Matrix, a lying, selfish, self-centered SOB and on the other hand we have Tapestry a sweet an and kindhearted sole. Hummmmm! Any guesses who I like better.
    Matrix should not be your first guess, the little slime ball, lying sack of s%!$… ooops, my mom side showing, sorry!!!

  19. I think that is just too much pain for even Wisty to handle, She is always helping everyone, Now she really needs someone to be there for her. Perhaps Tap will fill that spot.

  20. so I’m hoping Tulip is lying…but I don’t think so….
    maybe she will be a good friend after all….and Matrix needs to fall into the Matrix…smh…im soo done with him.
    I’m dying to see how the whole Lacelot thing works out….maybe wisty needs to talk to her mom…after all she had the letter from the past….

  21. Matrix is a jerk. He is a jerk in my game as well. He has a new chick every few sims days. Tapestry seems sweet. Poor Wisty hold your head up and talk to you Grandma if she is still around

  22. I brought my umbrella! Oh dear Berry, you have created a master of disgust. Matrix takes on A WHOLE NEW LEVEL OF IDIOCY. Tap, on the other hand, is my kinda guy! Give the lil’ dude a medal, he didn’t TOTALLY freak out when Wisty mind-warped. But, with her background, that occurence didn’t really surprise me. The Dreamland stuff, that surprised me. This? Well, Wisty was an unlikely miracle- and that’s what you expect from unlikely miracles. Hmm…a story idea? *Hmmm* Meh, I’ll think on it.

  23. oh the speculations of the comments section. I will say that the story has taken a turn from what i thought you were heading to. It’s fun though trying to predict what Berry’ll do next lol.

  24. Well, my idea of what would happen between Wist and Matrix wasn’t far off. I thought that she might fall pregnant, and he would run off. Either way, he is still a jerk!!

  25. :O
    I-I .. I thought Matrix was good. Oh how foolish of me x.X
    And as for Tap, I’ve always loved that guy <333 Hope he ends up with her

  26. WTB! :O I can’t believe I missed this chapter. >.:O Buuut I am so curious as to her visions of her ancestor and Lo! OMFB it’s just amazing! Such a little clairvoyance to really add awesome ness to this!!

  27. Oh no…this is what I was afraid of. I’m sort of liking Tapestry for Wisty anyway, but I don’t like that Wisty is going to be hurt in the process. Loved the scenes in Sugar Valley…I wonder what will happen with Wisty’s unique connection with her ancestors!

  28. Hi, my name is Butterscotch Nickles (online…). I really like your Rainbowcy! Very colorful and
    creative. How do you make your legacy website? And what did you use to make your sims’ skin colors like orange and pink? I want to make sims with those skin colors for my game, if I can.

  29. Sorry for the add-on comment, but I downloaded the Euphoria Fawkes skin colors, and I can’t open it in my downloads files, and it’s not showing up on the skin slider in CAS in my game. Do you know how I can fix that so I can use the magical rainbow skin colors?

  30. OMG, I feel like such a stalker doing this, but for some reason I still don’t have the skins. I totally checked out the tutorial and I put it in my package folder, but I don’t have it in CAS for some reason. Again, I apologize for this…intervention.

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