Gen 9- Chapter 9 Part 1: Wisteria Lace

Have you ever had one those dreams? The kind that jolt you from a dead sleep, but you have no idea why? Peacefully dreaming when a noise unknown to you, trespasses in on your inner most sanctum, causing you to fly off your pillow searching the room for answers? That was the kind of dream I was having that night. The dream itself was nice  enough, there was no immediate danger, or even any sort of loud noises, but for some odd reason, my eyes shot open and I sat upright. Searching the dark corners of my room, for the location of the sound, but there was nothing. Every thing was still, completely silent and calm.


There! I heard it again. The noise was so muffled, it was hard to believe that it could wake me from such a sound sleep.


I slipped my legs over the side of the bed and let my feet make contact with wooden floor below, it was cold, but not so much that I felt the need to grab my slippers.


What on earth was happening out there? Every few seconds and *smack* over and over again. I was fairly certain  it wasn’t a burglar or some sort of home invader, but to be completely sure, I discretely peaked out the door that led to my balcony. The window pane wasn’t very wide and all I could see was a little movement out in front of the Shiloh house.

This is silly, I thought to myself. Just go out the door and get a better look. Finally I did just that. Unlocking the door, I stepped out into the night air, which to my surprise, was much warmer than I had expected. It made me wonder why the floor had been so cold, perhaps the air conditioning? I paused. I was getting off track. I had a tendancy to do that. Bringing my attention back to the moment at hand, I looked from my widows walk to find a boy chucking eggs at my neighbors house.  He had like two dozen or so and looked as if he was only through half of the first carton.


I’m not sure what it was that caused me to even think it would be a good idea to intervene, but for some reason, I quickly went back into my room, snagged my robe from it’s hook and threw it over me as I made my way down the stairs. Stupid boy. Didn’t he know who lived there? Surely he wouldn’t have tried if he had. I had better just go out and warn him before it was too late. Yes it all seemed logical in my head, so I continued on, out my front door, and down the steps. I hadn’t been to my fathers house is almost four years and it seemed I had forgotten a step or two, and almost fell flat on my face,three forgotten steps before the ground. Oof. Fourteen steps Gloss, not eleven.

He didn’t appear to be dangerous, just incredibly stupid. *smack*

“Ummm, what are you doing?” I sounded more like an interrogator than I had intended. The boy paused, but never took his eyes from his work. He slammed another egg against the side of Mayor Shiloh’s house. *smack*

“You do realize who lives here right?” Me, of all people asking this question, it amused me. He had to live in town, or maybe not. There was no way to know. *smack*

“Dude. I’m standing  right here. You can pretend all you want, but I can see you, I could reach out right now and slap you on the back of the head. Wanna see?” I shot back angrily. One thing I hated was being ignored.

Finally he turned around, a smug grin plastered on his face, but still he never spoke.

“Hello? Are you deaf or something?” I genuinely wanted know.

“Yeah, I can hear just fine.”

“Okay. So, what are you doing here? Do you always find it a good idea to egg the mayors house?”


“You don’t say much do you?”

“Look, I am a little busy here, so if you wouldn’t mind leaving us alone that would be awesome.”

I looked beside him as well as in front and behind. There was no “us” other than me, and I was pretty sure he was not including me in his statement, so where was this other person? A few times I blinked, a blank expression revealing my confusion, but he was way to into what he was doing to notice or care. “I’m sorry I swore you said us.”

“I did. We are busy, so you should just go away. And leave us alone.”

Oh wow this guy was totally nuts. I should have ran back to the house, it would have been smarter than sticking around to find out what whacko would churn out next, but I stayed, blame it on my curious nature. “So there is somone else here, besides you and I?”

“Jeez she doesn’t give up does she?”

“Who are you talking to?”

“My friend.”



“Is your friend real?”


“Uh huh. Alright. Well I would suggest you and your friend go home before you get in trouble. If you get caught here, it could be really bad for you… er both.”

“You don’t ge it. Uhhh what’s your name?”


“Gloss, this is something I have to take care of. This guy, that lives here is the biggest jerk and he broke my sisters heart. So Tryst suggested we egg his house.”

“Tryst? Is this your friend?”

There was no time for him to answer. A short siren beep later and I knew we were busted. The red flashing light glared from across the road, and I felt my knees turn to jelly. Oh no, I knew it was going to happen, I just forgot to consider the fact, what if I was still there when it did. The boy dropped the eggs but stood his ground. Not that he would have probably gotten very far if he had tried to make a run for it with his… partner in crime.

I squealed. “This is exactly what i was talking about! You can’t just egg the mayors house, no matter how much of a jerk her son is!” I had no idea if what he was saying was even true, not knowing my neighbors personally just yet, it was hard to tell, but he seemed awfully angry for it to be a lie.

A sturdy police officer exited his vehicle, and walked across the sidewalk, right up to the … three of us?  His voice was stern as he began his lecture. This was just berry fudgin lovely, now I was in on this, and as much as I tried to explain that I had nothing to do with it, he wasn’t going for it.

“Officer, I was just trying to get him to stop.”

“That seems a bit farfetched little lady.”

“Why do you think I am in my bathrobe! I live right over there!” I pointed in the direction of my house, but he still gave me that glare, as if to say, “I’m sorry little girl, I don’t believe a word you are saying”. Wonderful, the thanks I get for trying to be a good samaritan, I grumbled to myself. The cop then turned his attention to the boy, trying to get what ever information he could. The boy did not make it easy, I just knew I was going to get hauled off the to jail by the end of all of it.

“What is your name boy?”


“Affair what?”

“Uhhh, I don’t have a last name.”

“No last name? Son, you better not lie to me. I am not a man you want to mess with.” Unable to get the answers he needed, he brought his attention back to me, my stomach completely flipped leaving me slightly woozy. “Do you know this boy?” He pressed.

“No sir.”

“So you do not know his name?”

“His first name is Affair, but I just learned that when you did.”

“I see, and your name little girl?”

“Gloss. Gloss Dreamcatcher.”

The police officer pulled a note pad from his back pocket and jotted my name down along with Affair’s first name. I just prayed to the great berry above Affair omitted the fact that Tryst was there also. I’d be off to jail and he’d be off to the loony bin.

Once he had gotten our names written in his book, which I knew was going to tarnish my perfectly clean record, he instructed us both to sit while he ran our names through the system. By this point I was terrified. My father was going to kill me. The interrogation sadly, did not end there. “So, Gloss, Affair… what are you two doing here?” He reached down and picked up the full carton of eggs and opened the lid. “Ohhh my eggs. I haven’t seen one of these in years. Going old school I see.”

Affair quickly dove into his explanation, doing his best to keep me out of it. “Sir this is my fault. We were already out here, when-”

“We?” The police officer, caught on, and inquired immediately.

Oh sweet Berry, this was it. I could hear the little white padded van rolling down the road to take him away. Stupidly I interjected. “By we, he means him and me. He was trying to keep me out of trouble, but I just can’t let him take the full rap. It was both of us. We. Yup.” Affair shot me a look of surprise, and my eyes dropped into my lap. Dead. Dead. Dead.

Once the policeman had taken our statements, he left us both to sit and stew while he went back to his car to run some names and numbers. He had managed to get a last name from Affair, and I almost fell over backwards when he said Chiffon. That name was almost as influential around these parts as the mayor.

“You’re a Chiffon?”


“Wow, this could be bad.”

“It was worth it.”

“So what happened.”

“Jerk dated my sister, and lied about his girlfriend.”


“It was bad. She was crying all the time and I hated that there was nothing I could do.”

“So you guys, thought this was a good way to deal with her issue?”

“Seemed like the only thing we could do.”

“I see.”

“Does your sister know you’re here?”

“No. I don’t think she noticed. She was busy working out. Something she started after it happened.”

“Gosh it sounds like he hurt her pretty bad.”

“There’re more to the story, but let’s just leave it at that. Okay.”

“Sure. I understand. It’s personal.”


“Look I’m really sorry, we dragged you into this. Tryst feels really bad too.”

“Aww, thanks. I… I will be fine. It’s a first, I’m sure my parents won’t grill me too badly.”

“Still, I’d like to make it up to you. Maybe I could, I don’t know, take you to coffee or something?”

I looked up to find a pair of sweet blue eyes staring right into me. Were my cheeks flushing? Was I actually getting anxious over this silly boy. I laughed nervously folding some extra hair behind my ear. “You mean like a date?”

“Well, only if you want to. It could be just coffee if that is what you want.”

I thought about it for a few moments, my smile was hard to contain, but the darkness of the night helped to conceal it a bit. “Well you do sort of owe me big time for this. Sure. Why not. Coffee sounds nice.”

“Okay! Great! Can I get your number? You know what? You live right there, how about I just meet you here, Saturday? Noon sound alright?”

“Sounds great.”

“Alright. Cool.”

Once the officer had returned, he pretty much let us go. I guess since it had been a first offense for both of us, he chose to let us off with a warning. He did escort Affair home, but did not take him all the way to the door, he merely dropped him off and instructed, that in the future that he was to keep his nose clean. I slipped up the steps and back to my room. It was hard to believe so many little things could happen in such a small amount of time, but something about Affair was exciting, intriguing, all together fascinating to me, and I could hardly wait for Saturday. I snuggled into bed, and switched off the light. Strangest night ever, and it was only day four of my new life. Twizzlerbrook was sure different from Sugar Valley and in my opinion, it was so, in a very good way. My silly grin stuck with me, even after I had fallen back to sleep.


Well… I hope that I will be able to get the second part up for you guys tomorrow, but if I can’t… hope you enjoyed part 1, Part 2 will be along shortly.

27 responses

  1. Despite his odd methods I love that Affair wanted to do something to get back at the boy that broke our girl’s heart. I also love where this thing with Gloss is going *____*

  2. I loved this chapter (I mean … The first part)! I see that the Affair may come to have a girlfriend soon … It’s just a guess, but it seems to be fine with the Gloss!

    Still, I’m a little sad to see that Wisteria is still obsessed because of her weight, she can not be so because of a stupid boy! Although I understand she is hurt … Affair was right to be worried about it and try to teach a lesson to the Matrix! 🙂

    I really liked, I’m anxious to see part 2! : D

  3. I was so confused up until the part were Affair says the guy hurt his sister. And I finally thought: it’s not Wisteria thinking at all!
    I honestly thought Wisteria was dreaming that she was inside Lacey’s body, or something, because Gloss looks just like Lacey and she’s from Sugar valley!!
    Can’t wait to see how you spin this in the next Berry 😀

  4. Awww…Gloss is SO pretty ❤

    That was sooo sweet. 🙂 I'm guessing the guy he was with is his imaginary friend…. :/

    But I can't WAIT for Part 2!! 😀

  5. Intriguing… I’m really wondering where you’re going with this Berry… But of course it was wonderful as always and Gloss is so pretty and what’s her story?? and wow I didn’t recognize Affair, and everything else everyone already said 🙂

  6. When I saw the first picture, I was like, “OMB! It’s Lacey!” Then I realized it wasn’t… Gloss is so pretty, I love her. I feel so awesome ’cause I recognized Affair before he said his name.

  7. Like everyone else I though it was Lacey xD is it bad I was rooting for Affair? I don’t care if it’s the mayor’s house she raised one heck of an awful person. I would love Affair even if had been a rock he chucked into the window and broke a fish tank with. Good brother!

  8. This is the reason I always wished I had a big brother. Unfortunately when Jerk guys know you don’t have a big brother, they aren’t worried about cheating on you or breaking your heart. I hope Matrix gets his comeuppance cause he broke Wisteria’s heart. The little ..*struggling for a good adjective* nitwit (will have to do,) ❤ another amazing chapter berry, onto part 2.

  9. I love this chapter at first I honestly thought Wisteria was having a dream but Affair was just awesome. I have three older brothers and they can be very annoying at times (such as showing up at my school to pick me up when they hear have a new boyfriend) but even though they are like that know they have good intention like Affair even if its mortifying at the time.

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