Attention Splashers!!

For reasons that I cannot disclose fully at this time, I need a berry sweet name for Starlight Shores. This is where you come in! Take part in the naming of this awfully sweet world. I have setup a poll below and all you have to do is vote for your favorite! ;D I am really excited about this, I can’t wait till I can talk about it further!

Our Suggestions:

Starfruit Baies

Starburst Shores

Sourpatch Swizzles

Starlight Smores

Starberry Shortcake

Strawberry Sorbet

Starburst Port

Strawberry Shores

Starfruit Shores

Sunkist Shores

Souffle Sands

34 responses

  1. Starburst Shores πŸ™‚ Because it’s close enough to the real name and it’s cute πŸ™‚ plus, lots of the berry-sweet places have candy names– like Skittles Park– because candy is the sweetest you can get!

  2. I like Starburst Shores, even though I don’t really like Starbursts…(well, I guess I would if I didn’t have braces) But still….Starburst Shores!! πŸ˜€

  3. Souffle Sands for the win!
    I got the image of that delicious melting chocolate desert from heaven and just knew I had to vote for it. Plus it sounds like a good plaace to vacation at.

  4. I picked Strawberry Shores, because:

    1) I LOVE strawberries with all my being.
    2) It reminds me of the song Strawberry Fields, and that moment in “Across The Universe” where all the strawberries are on the wall. Yum…..great, now I’m hungry for strawberries! LOL

  5. I put in for Starburst shores, but Strawberry Shores was a very close second.

    I’m pretty sure I’ve been a fairly silent follower for a while… πŸ˜€ Can’t wait for the future at all…

  6. lol, sorry about that Typo.. But anyway, I can’t believe I haven’t commented for so long!! 1 million hits!! Thats amazing!! And the story is as good as ever ^_^ I feel like I’ve abandoned you Berry πŸ˜› But really I was just absent for a while πŸ˜€
    Keep up the awesomness
    -Banya x

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