Starburst Shores!!!

Okay guys! Here it is! One fully berrified Starlight Shores. All families are new (except 1) and almost every lot has gone under berrification. A couple were pretty awesome to begin with so I didn’t do much. This is just like Sugar Valley. All you need to do is unzip the folder and drop it in your saves folder. It will pop up as a save. NOT A WORLD. If someone knows how to transform it into a world I am all ears. Anywho I put a whole lot of work into this and I really hope you like it. There is absolutely NO CC. No Skins. Nothing. Not even store content. Only thing I used are EP items, which I have all of.

Everything is 100% Safe. I did a factory restart before I started. So it is safe for all as long you have SHOWTIME!

Starburst Shores~ <—————————————-

25 responses

  1. Holy whole lotta work, Berry! Thank you!! Do you know if/are you/is anyone working on berrifying Lunar Lakes?

    Also, congratulations on your many hits that you announced the other day.

  2. I can’t download it D: Do you think you could put it up on The Sims 3 site? Oh…wait, if it’s Lunar Lakes modified…probably not…but could you try? I REALLY wanna see this, but I can’t…

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  4. There is an error in the link, when directly following the link i get;
    “The file link that you requested is not valid.”

    But when i remove the ? at the end it works just fine~.

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  6. Hey Berry, 🙂
    I went to unzip is and it says the file is corrupted. I finally had everything to have a berry town and this is it. I really want to now why the file (CRC failed) Then the file name.
    Ao ❤

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