Happy Splasha-versary~!!! – Closed~

Since there has been so much going on lately, I haven’t had time to procure a proper gift, so I am opening my inbox on Tumblr to all your questions! To spice it up a little, and since this is a party and all, every one has been having a good time, sipping on the nectar, if you know what I mean, so their answers might be a bit off the wall, or perhaps a little too informative x3 If you don’t have a tumblr, its okay!! You can just read along or ask a question anonymously. I just didn’t want you folks to feel left out of the loop!! I love you GUYS!!!! GAH YOU ARE SO AMAZING!!!

You can still read along, I am going to add a tag for them tomorrow so you can go back and browse if you wish :]


6 responses

  1. I was anon but in case you were wondering I asked the question about whether the story was going back to the house in Sugar Valley or not, why Peche is so shmexy (he’s way too modest btw) and how Bubble has been

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