Two quick announcements

First off… guys the story is not over just yet!!! We still have one more heir who will take the reigns. So don’t tune out just yet! XDDD

Secondly, due to the overwhelming success and requests about when the next one will be happening. I have decided to open the old Berry Sweet Confession blog as an Ask a Berry Sweet Blog. So you can ask questions when ever you like!


Hey guys!! I did it~ Ask A Berry Sweet is now open! Same rules apply as before. You can ask me or any of my simmies your questions. I have turned off anons on my main blog, but you can still message to chat or other personal questions.  :]

There is still a stack I have to work through in this inbox, so I will be posting them, but immediately reblogging them to the other blog before they are deleted here. So come on over and follow if like to read more into the lives of the Berry Sweets! If you don’t well you won’t get spammed anymore! Yay!

Ask a Berry Sweet/Blog

Ask a Berry Sweet/ask


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