Guys guys, let’s just face it. I won. There is no point in this vote. I mean… with numbers like that? Come on!!!!  What? It’s closed now? I won? WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so ready!!!

I sure hope so. Just remember you are the one who said it.


19 responses

  1. Yay!! I voted for him!! But hey, Berry erm, so i saw the poll was April 3rd and the results were also April 3rd so did you just do like, a one day vote or is it just where I live? thanks

  2. Ohhh Berry I’m very very skeptical to believe that you will outdo yourself with this ending! Which is a compliment, by the way! :0

      • Berry, sorry if I made it sound like I don’t have faith in you! It’s just that after all the amazing storytelling, tantalizing, both heartbreaking and utterly **squealworthy** (for lack of a better word) chapters that have been part of Splash. I do have faith in your imagination and your obvious storytelling skills, but it’s hard to look back on everything and think that it would be outdone. It’s just my opinion. But hey, you could prove me wrong! It wouldn’t be the first time this legacy has. Like when I thought Saffron would be my favourite gen, and then I read *Tranquil’s* and I fell in love. I still squeal everytime I re-read her generation. So yeah I squeal quite a lot.

        That was a really (and probably unnecessarily) long post but I had to clear what I meant here, sorry. <:F

  3. Yay!!! Ya’ know what I noticed… Tosca and I have freakily simmilar noses. I mean, I don’t have the female version of his nose, like, his nose is on my face.

  4. This is great! And terrible at the same time! You’ve come so far! But the fun is about to end, no doubt to be started again with something just as great! Your dedication! I wish I had some c(:

  5. BML. (Berry My life, see what I did there 😛 ??)
    I started reading right after the heir vote that chose Pineapple so I missed that one, then I voted for Emerald not Olivine when it was that generation, then there was no vote for Tranquil, then I voted for Sapphire not Waterlily, then there was no vote for Wisteria, and, if any of you read my previous comments, I MISSED THIS HEIR VOTE.
    some people are just born losers you know …

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