Voting Time!

Alright folks this is your last heir vote! Let’s make it a good one~!

Oh let the battle begin! Who will be our next heir. First up is Tosca, eldest of the two he has always been the brains of the outfit. His taste for adventure is unmatched. Guided by Orange Blossom, there is no telling what this guy will get up to!

Tilly, the younger of the two, she is a bit of a free spirit. Doing things how she wants and not caring what anyone else might think about it. She is also an adventurer spirit, but she is more likely to follow Tosca on some crazy harebrained adventure than her own. Something might just happen though that changes her mind. Guided by Saffron Sugar, this little gal has a lot of potential!

Happy Voting!


18 responses

  1. Berry OMB don’t make me cry…. The last Chiffon… I can’t believe it! Seems like only yesterday Lacey was cheating on Bubbie with Merlot…. ❤ Tosca was my vote for the last *sob* Chiffon.

  2. Berry that was such a hard choice :/ I really hope that the sibling not chosen to be the last heir will still play a part in the heirs story. I was going back and forth between both of them for the longest time but I eventually chose my favorite from the start. Team Tosca!!

    I know this is completely unrelated but do you use a laptop for sims? If you do, what kind? I am trying to find a new laptop or computer that sims 3 will run smoothly on and have really great graphics.
    Thanks berry!

  3. I chose Tosca because I want to see more of Orange Blossom… she was my favorite child from that generation and I wish she had been heiress. Also, he’s pretty dang adorable.

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