Gen 10- Chapter 3 Part 2: Tosca

Leaving the hotel room, my gut let out a lavenous rumble. I looked around the empty hallway. “Glad no no body was around to hear that.” I chuckled to myself. I had not eaten since my little stunt on the plane, so my stomach was a righteous mess, by the time we landed. Nerves were so shot, and I wasn’t too sure I would be able to even hold anything down, but my tummy seemed to think other wise, so off we went to find food. The cafe sign was turned to the open side, but there was no one around on the patio. The place was looked fairly deserted from the outside. Hoping there might be civilization on the inside I stepped through the front door.

Not much different on the flip side. The place was deserted, there wasn’t even a person standing at the reception desk. I felt like I was entering on private property or something. There was a low voice coming from a TV in the distance, a french news caster chattering away, about berry knows what. I looked around the empty room.

“Hello? Are you open? The sign says you are, but… I don’t think that… you are.”

There was a clatter of glass before a man popped up at the bar. Unaware of my existence, he continued to clean and prep things for the later shift. Seeing that I wasn’t entering into a completely empty establishment, I decided to walk through the open hallway to the main dining room.

I walked up the bar, where the man was still looking at the work before him. “Hello?” I asked, stepping a bit closer. “Are you open? I would love to order some food or take-” The man looked up and I was paralyzed by the gaze in his eyes. They bore through me, leaving marks on the other side. “Out…”

He set down is glass and tucked the towel in his pocket. “Bonjour mademoiselle.”

“Bonjour.” I grinned back. I could feel my insides tiptoeing around my belly button. Oh berry was he cute. I decided to ask again, because my stomach wasn’t about to take no for an answer. “Are you open? I would like to order something. Starving.” I rubbed my belly, just in case he wasn’t understanding.

“Oui!” He lifted up a menu and sent it over the bar to me.

I scanned the menu quickly and picked out the first thing I recognized. The man nodded and walked a small paper to the back room. I watched as he walked away, cute going as he was coming. By the time he returned with my food, I was ready to consume the plate along with my meal. He kept a close eye on me, and I did the same. It felt like eye tag, but I wasn’t sure who was it or who was winning.

After I had finished eating, I slipped the menu across the counter trying to find something suitable to order Tosca. I finally decided on the same thing that I had, but when I went to give him my order, he slipped around the side of the bar heading straight for  me. I felt my heart quicken as all of the blood rushed from my head. I had never been so captivated by another human being in my life. I was like a fly in a web and there was no way to escape.

“You are beautiful. Your name belle?

“I uhh hehehe it’s Ferra, but everyone calls me Tilly.”

“Tilly!? Why that sounds French. No? You are not?”

“Um, noooo.” I started to back away. “Not French. I’m from the berry states.”

“Oooh, beautiful and foreign.  I shall be your, ah tour guide. Take you, show you around.”

“Oh, that is very sweet….”


“Valencia…but I have to get my back to my room. My brother is waiting for me. We have-

He took hold of my hands and all thoughts flew out the window. “Mission.” I trailed off.

“Mission! He and I are here, important business. Must get back.” I felt a thumb grace the outer side of my hand and my knees buckled. Oh sweet berry, what was happening?

“Mission for what? I’ll help you find.”

I watched our hands intertwined, my voice losing all resolution. “A garden I think. A special white flower. Mooooooonflower.” I cooed.

“Oh! I know the place.” He grinned.

“You do?! Where is it?!”

“Across town. Come I take you.”

“I really should be getting back…” But if he had information, the trip could be informative.

Take me anywhere Mr. French man…

Once his replacement came into the bar,Valencia tossed his work thingies on the counter and took hold of my hand guiding me to the entrance. Everyone sure was friendly around these parts. We walked across the street to his car, where he grabbed a couple things from his glove box. Tucked his wallet in his back pocket before locking the door behind him. “It is a beautiful day, we shall walk. Is that okay?”

“Sure” I squeaked. Oh what was I getting myself into?

Well we finally made it to his garden, but I was pretty sure this wasn’t what we were looking for. There were beautiful flowers growing all around, but it definitely wasn’t out of the ordinary or spectacular, not to say what we were looking for was any of those things, but it was bound to be more than this. I studied the flowers closely. Nothing looked right, and nothing resembled the strange emblem on the paper.

“I don’t think this is it.”

Before I had a chance to turn around, a pair of strong arms scooped around my waist holding a beautiful bouquet of white flowers. “For you.”

“OMB! Where did you get these?!” I had no clue where he picked them up, but they were beautiful.

“I am sneak. For you.”

“Ah ehehehhe you are very sweet.”

“Sweet for you.”

The heat radiated from my cheeks. Taking a deep whiff of the flowers, the world around me spinned a little off it’s axis. It all seemed like dream, if I didn’t know my dreams so well, I would have been almost sure of it.

“I would like to help you and your eh, brother you say?”

“Oui.” I giggled.

“Stay with me today and I bring you back tonight. We look first thing. When you wake.”

“I uhhh…”

“S’il vous plaît belle Tilly. You would make me happiest french man ever.”

For some reason, I felt I couldn’t possibly say no to that, so I agreed. “Oh why the berry not!”

We spent the rest of the evening traveling the city. We saw many things, but not what we were looking for. Hopefully Tosca would have better luck, and hopefully he wouldn’t kill me when I got back.


Short, sweet and fun. HAHHAHAH goodnight guys!

Valencia is the uber sexy Leland Vanhorn from creatingsims over on tumblr!


25 responses

  1. Had a most horrible day. Everything went wrong, but when I checked my email and saw an update had been written, I instantly calmed down and now I’m happy. Thank you for that.

  2. Awwwwwwwww amazing sexy french man. I want my real life romance to be like that. ❤ I'm so happy for Tilly and also YES I guessed the next gen. colour right in regards to the last chapter. 🙂 Well- that is- IF Tosca eventually ends up with the beautiful waitress.

  3. Am I the only one going, “OMB, Tilly, he could be a cute, but crazy french murderer”? Obviously that’s not how these stories go, but still. Maybe I am just paranoid. XD

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