Finale Part 2

It seemed as if we had walked for miles. It was probably wasn’t nearly as long as it felt, but we did walk deep into the forest sitting just over the hill from Mara’s home. It was amazing how untouched the land was around the little village. Nothing for miles and it didn’t look like that would be changing anytime soon. The grass was so incredibly green and the moment we closed in our final location, I recognized it immediately. I found it Tilly! Rocks I had seen only once before, sprinkled the ground before the open mouth of a large gate. A gate that was hidden beyond the wall that had kept me out in my dream. I stopped for a second. Now that I was there, I wasn’t sure if I was ready. Tulipes ruffled the back of my hair. “Are you scared?”

“No. Just nervous.”

“I think you will like what you see.” Mara grinned.

Framboise, grumbled to herself. “Sure I have been asking to come here for years, but nooooo two strangers pop up and it’s lets go.”

“Hush Framboise.”

Mara pulled a key from her pocket and unlocked the large gate. The door swung wide on its hinges, coming to stop as hit on the other side. She stepped out of the way and placed a frail hand in the small of my pack, pushing with her might to move me forward. “Blanc jardin.” She grinned.

I could already see a bit as the door opened wide, but it was hard to take in what I was actually seeing.

“They’re statues.”

“Oui. Go inside. Take a closer look.”

Crystal statues, lined  the perimeter in a neat circle. They were all so beautiful. The glass was so slick and clear, it looked almost like ice, it would not have surprised me to reach out only to find its icy touch reaching back.

All of the statues were in pairs.



Each carved in an incredibly moving fashion…

I wasn’t sure what they meant, but it was so lovely. It didn’t really matter. I felt honored to be in it’s presences. My breath weighing heavy at the back of my throat.

“This is incredible.”

“Mara? Did you build this?” I asked looking back over my shoulder.

“Oh no. It has been here, forever. Long before my time.”

“It’s beautiful.” A joy unlike I had ever experienced filled my entire being, there was so much love infused in the picturesque statues before me.

Some had long been grown over with the trees and shrubery, but the feelings of intensity only increased as I made my way down the line. I got a little sidetracked which was pretty normal for me, about two statues from the end. I started to make my way back to the first, when a small inscription set at it’s base caught my eye.

I knelt down to study it closer, my knees gently dropping into a tuft of bright violet colored flowers. Everything was so vibrant you could see the care that was given here, just by looking at all the beautiful colors surrounding us. To my surprise the plaque was not in french, so I was able to read without issue. At first, I read it only in my head, but then Tulipes called out as she made her way to stand beside me. “What does it say?!”

I spoke a little louder so everyone could hear. “Two hearts divided, can finally be one. Always in my heart, and never forgotten.”

Framboise and the others walked across the grass, closely inspecting the other statues. I pushed myself to standing and dusted a little dirt off of my hands. “This is truly amazing, but I don’t quite understand what it all means. Or what it has to do with us.”

A small gasp escaped Tulipes’s lips as she stepped up beside me. “Tosca? Look.”

I wasn’t sure how I missed it before, but there it was now clear as day. The statue nearest the one I had knelt down to read. It took only a moment to realize what I was seeing…

“That’s you.” I choked.

“Yes.” She grinned.

“And that’s… me.”


“How can that be? How could something that has been here for so long possibly have us here?”

A small hand reached out, gently brushing my palm with her fingertips.

“I don’t know…”

Mara trudged across the grass, her cane sinking deep into the earth below our feet. “Many years ago. Long before my time. Long before my mothers time. Eh, it was a long time ago.” She winked. “A strange man arrived on my great of many removals grandmothers door. Her name was Mara too. It is how I got my name. She was a gardener, a beautiful woman and believer in love. The man pleaded with her to make a garden. One that would symbolize love in it’s truest form. She was very taken with the man, but it took some convincing for her to finally agree. He regaled her a story, a story of lost love, devotion and heartache. It was very moving, because it brought her to tears. Sadly the story died when she died and was never told to another soul. I remember as a little girl, making up storied for each other couples. They were all happy by the end, except the first. There is a sadness there. Much sadness.”

“That still doesn’t explain how we are there.” I looked from statue to statue. Suddenly a few more faces looked a whole lot more familiar. “It’s my family…. every generation from the beginning, but how could he?” I scratched the back of my head. This was all very confusing to say the least.

“He never said. They worked on the design for several months, his coming and going, he sketched out the statues and she brought them to life. She was very talented.”

“So it would seem.”

I spent another hour or so just looking in awe. Studying every statue over and over again. There was my mother, my father, grandmother, grandfather. It seemed so surreal. Wait until Tilly sees this, I thought to myself. “Tilly!” I had to call Tilly, she had to see this. I recommended we go back to the house, but Mara held up a hand, giving her niece a forceful glare. With a huff, Framboise pulled a phone from her back pocket and handed it over to Tulipes. It took some doing, but we were able to track the pair down. Mara sent Framboise back to the house to wait for Tilly and Valencia to arrive. She wasn’t happy about it, but she did everything Mara asked of her. Though she made sure everyone knew how much she hated it.

Tilly’s reaction was quite reminiscent of mine. She pulled her signature sunglasses from her face, just to fully take in the awe inspiring view around her. She totally lost it when we pointed out our statue and made an off hand joke asking where she was. “Probably in another garden.” I teased.

We stuck around until the sun went down. Paying homage to the beautiful lives and loves depicted before us. We were in for a surprise as the sun headed over the horizon, a bright orange glow brought them all to life, it almost seemed if they were slowly moving in its light. “I wish mom and dad could see this.”

“They wouldn’t beleive it.”

“Or would they.”

“You had family here once. I almost showed them.” Mara walked to my Grammy and Papa’s statue. “Here. They stayed with me for several days, but I never got the chance.”

Once the sun had gone down, a cold breeze pressed through the trees. We wanted to stay forever, but that just wasn’t possible. The photos we had taken with Tilly’s camera were going to have to do the trick. We thanked our lovely hostess and bid our goodbyes, heading back to our rental car that was still sitting in a ditch a couple miles up the road. Valencia brought with him a small canister of gas, that was just enough to get us to the station outside the city. The village disappeared into the night air, along with our adventure. Tulipes was crashed out in the seat beside me, sleeping peacefully, her head gently bobbing every time we hit a small bump. Though I had found a pretty nice souvenir. The thought of leaving her crushed my soul, but that wasn’t to happen for several weeks. Instead I enjoyed every moment we had with her. Hopefully a few more kisses to be found in between.

We arrived home about the same time, both pairs making our way to our hotel room door. It was far too awkward to have both us and our “friends” stay the night, so we both said our goodbyes and promised to meet one another first thing in the morning.

Oh berry how I wanted her to stay. In just a few days time, she had found herself a niche deep inside my heart. The fact that she felt the same, to any extent at all, still had me reeling. I wanted to say it right there, confess my undying love and devotion, but decided I wanted the moment to be a little more private and special, not with my sister and her guy beside us, it definitely wasn’t right. Still I held her close, refusing to let go. I know it would only be over night, but I wanted her with me always. As cheesy as it sounded, I could no longer imagine life without her. I wasn’t sure if she felt as strongly as I did, but only time would tell.

“Goodnight sweet Tulipes.”

“Goodnight sweet Tosca.”

“Awww aren’t you guys cute.”

“Shut up Till.”

The room seemed a bit smaller after that. Even though we had not spent much time together, it felt as if our already strong bond had been added another coat of sealant. Passing along triumphant grins every time we caught each others gazes, we settled in for the night, telling each other stories of our days adventures. Hers mostly consisted of her and Valencia, kissing in every possible location in the city, but I didn’t care. I closed my eyes and listened intently, occasionally tossing in an “awwww” or “that is so sweet” now and again.

It was a job well done, but I was most excited to see Tulipes when I woke, more than anything else. Soon I was dead asleep, waiting for my dreams to come once more.

Sunlight caught me by surprise. It filled every corner of the park, I rarely saw it in the day. Not since I was a child, it was easy to forget just how beautiful it all was, but seeing it again brought all my childhood memories back to the forefront of my mind. I smiled softly at the swing sitting alone, carelessly swaying in the breeze. Wait till I tell Orange she was right. The thought brought forth a chuckle, which spilled onto the grass.

Soft steps across the grass caught my attention, but it wasn’t until I heard my name, that I actually turned around. “Hello Tosca.”

I was greeted by four figures. Two I recognized, two I did not. The man at the front seemed to be the one addressing me. He looked familiar, but it took a moment or two, to throw it all together in my mind. He was the one in the picture. The one in the folder. The clues. “Hello.” I ventured, thoughtfully.

“I don’t know if you recognize us, but we know you very well, especially this little lady.” The man put his arm around the woman on his right bringing her forward a few steps. “Say hello darlin.”

Crystalline eyes of aqua glinted in the sunlight as she smiled. “Hello sweet baby.”

I paused for a second. Wait… “Grammy?”

“And you said he wouldn’t recognize you!”

I blinked a few times. “Orange?”  I asked, pleading to the one person I knew well. Other than Grammy, but Grammy didn’t look like Grammy and I was lost in a sea of thoughts. “Who are all these people?”

The man laughed. “We are all dreamwalkers, like you. The family is chalked full of them you see. Merlot, that’s me.”  He said with a wink. “Saffron, Orange, Miracle and you. Well, and your sister, but you knew that already.”

“Right.” I surveyed the grounds. Speaking of my sister…

“No she isn’t here. We came to see you.” Merlot explained.

“You sent me those clues. The fountain, the garden. It was you… but why? Why so cryptic. You could have just as easily spelled it out for me. I wanted to rip my hair out at one point.”

“I could have, but that doesn’t seem like very much fun for a boy with a heart for adventure does it?”

“Well, no.” He had a point there.

“Besides, you would have missed out on meeting a certain little lady if you had taken the easy route. We wouldn’t have wanted that. Now would we?”

The thought ripped my heart to shreds. “No. But, how? How do you know all this? How is it possible to see so many lives before they happen?”

“Ah I can’t tell you that.”

I narrowed my eyebrows. “Of course you can’t”

The quartet shot glances all around, a slyness to their behavior.

“Look kiddo there is a reason we are all gathered here today before you. There is someone who is dying to meet you.”


Merlot nodded. “Oh yes, it took some doing but we pulled many a string to get her here.”

“Oh, where is she?” A small tap on my shoulder, caused me to spin full circle. A woman all in white standing before me.

“Tosca may I present your great grandmother of many many many generations. Chantilly Lace Chiffon.”

“Hello Tosca dear.”

Her loving sweet energy pulled me in immediately. She was adorable, her nose was just about the cutest thing I had ever seen. “Hello.” I smiled. Allowing myself to fall into her open arms, I was enveloped in a hug, a hug like no other. It felt like a barrage of them at once. Like my mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, sister and Tulipes all wrapped in one. It was incredible. I buried my face into her shoulder, just as I had done with my grammy, since I was a child. She smelled like vanilla and sugar, like a sugar cookie come to life.

“You have come such a long way my love.” She spoke soft and low, stroking my hair. “I am so very proud of you. You are the tenth generation in a line of a beautiful family, one that I had wished for from a very young age.” I sadly never got to meet my grandchildren, but I always envisioned them to be a lot like you, full of love and adventure. Thank you Tosca. My life’s mission seems a little more complete.”

“You are welcome, but there is so much I want to know. So much to ask.” I turned back to Merlot, but he was gone. Everyone had disappeared. Only Chantilly Lace and I remained.

“Our time is running short.”

Another voice seemed to boom from the sky. “Hey sleepy head. Wake up~” The voice was sing songy, and pulled at me quickly yanking me from my peaceful sleep.

I looked to my hands, they were slowly fading away. Fading as Orange had done so many times before. “Wait!! What’s happening!? I don’t want to go yet! I want to stay with you! Please just a little while longer! Please!”

“Please don’t forget me! Don’t forget us!” She pressed, an urgency hidden beneath the surface. “I love you.”

“I love you too! I won’t forget! I promise! I couldn’t if I tried!” Those were the last words we spoke, before I was ripped fully from my sleep, back to reality.

I opened my eyes to a brilliant white light. It looked as if someone was shining the sun directly into my eyes. The voice from before still beckoning me to wake. I blinked a few times before I closed them again completely. This time squinting slowly I allowed the sun to enter my eyes from the glaring bedroom window at a much slower rate.

For a second I didn’t recognize her. I didn’t recognize anything. The room and everything inside it felt foreign. Long forgotten. Then suddenly it all sank in. “Fairy?”

“Yes. You dork. Who else would I be.”

“I don’t know.”

“I thought you were going to sleep forever.” She teased walking to the far side of the room. Still wrapped in a towel, small droplets of water still speckled her shoulders.

“What time is it?” I asked, looking to the window again.

“Almost noon.” She informed me, opening the dresser.

I rubbed my eyes and looked to the clock. 12:05… “That’s it?

That’s it? You slept half the day away! I have to leave for work now and you aren’t even out of bed yet!

A feeling of dread stabbed me deep in my stomach, the dream was fading, everything was slowly disappearing from my thoughts. I missed it already. I wanted to grasp onto every last piece, but it slipped through the cracks, just like sand through slender fingers pale fingers. I closed my eyes, maybe I could bring it back if I just closed my eyes.


My eyes shot open again. “Yeah? I’m here.” I winced through gritted teeth.

“Yes, I know you are here, but that isn’t what I asked.”

“You asked me something?” I hadn’t heard a thing.

“Just now… Merlot, seriously. Are you even awake? Or are you sleep talking or something creepy. You are acting weird.”

I didn’t know how to answer that. I was awake, or at least I was pretty sure I was awake. I stared blankly ahead. “I had a long night. Weird dreams.”

“About what?”

About what… how in the berry was I going to answer that. I watched as she slipped her stockings over her feet, sliding them high up on her thigh, doing my best to keep all my attention on her. “A bunch of different things. It’s pretty hard to explain. It was a complicated. Most of it is gone now. You  know how it is.”

“Must have been a doozy, you have been at it for hours.”


“Well, it is late, I am going to be super late if I don’t get out the door, this instant.”

Fully dressed she came over by me to give a quick hug and kiss before she was out the door. I pulled her closely into my arms. It seemed like centuries since I had been there. “You sure everything is alright?” She asked, throwing me a disconcerting frown.

“I’ll be fine.”

“Now don’t you go back to bed. You have things to do today!”

“I won’t.”

She blew me a kiss from the bedroom door, before she was clipping carefully down the stairs in her work heels. I watched from the window till I saw her step onto the walk, she was headed safely to our car, so I decided to throw on some clothes. I had a little “honey do” list I was supposed to  be working on, so there was no need for a shower. I had barely slipped my pants on when I heard the doorbell ring.

“That was quick.” I chided. “I gave you two weeks at least.”

I rushed from the bedroom door tugging at my shirt as I went. The dream still continuing to fade with each heavy step I took towards the front landing. Not really paying attention, I reached for the handle and began to teasingly berate my wife through its locked but obviously transparent surface. “Lock yourself out again. How many times is this now. I think we might have to-

But the next few words froze in my throat. My mouth gaped open at the realization it wasn’t Fairy who was now standing patiently on the other side of the glass. The door was wide open now and the pale figure standing before me came into clearer focus. Bundled in her arms was a tiny baby. My hastiness to rip open the door had caught the young woman by surprise and immediately her eyes shot up and met with mine.  In that same instant my dream came flooding back, only it no longer felt like a dream. No, it was more like a distant memory. Each line of her face felt like home, but all I was able to cultivate in my state of shock was a mystified “Hello?”

“Hi there.” She smiled adjusting the tiny bundle in her arms. “I hope we aren’t intruding. I was just taking Roz here for a walk, and decided this would be a good time to meet the neighbors. Probably shouldn’t have waited this long.” She chuckled brightly. “But that is besides the point isn’t it? Hi. I’m Lacey, it’s nice to meet you.”

She grinned reaching out her delicate hand for me to take. Warily I wrapped my rather large hand, by comparison, around hers and gave it a small shake. I must have looked like a total loon, but my mind was swirling in about three hundred different directions.

Could it be? The elegant figure from my dreams in the flesh? I felt my cheeks flush with excitement and shame. It was obvious she had no recollection of who I was, but even so, I found myself fighting every instinct, to throw my arms around and hold her yearningly close. So carelessly I wanted to kiss those cheeks, that adorable nose I had hopelessly fallen in love with, to greet her like the old dear friend she had been.

Oh Berry, she was beautiful. Perhaps even more so in person, than she had been in my mind.

I smiled again in my attempt to keep a safe distance, but there was no changing the inevitable. This day, this moment, it had all been done before. This was the moment my existence would forever alter countless futures if I allowed it to.

I had one hell of a decision to make, one that could change everything, for better or for worse, depending on who you were speaking to. My life had always been one of fatalistic proportions, but this…this only drove that nail in harder. Was my only reason for being, so that the cruel fates had someone to do their sinister bidding? Given the chance to learn where my decisions would lead me and others that I cherished…Would I be able to make the needed sacrifices that were now so apparent in their calling? Would I be willing to withstand the hardships I would undoubtedly endure to see them come to fruition? I looked deep into her luminous eyes, and felt myself crumble under the weight of my own breath, just the way it had before. I knew my answer, but what right really did I have to refuse? Was it fair for me to be selfish? Refuse to play my part? So many lives affected, all those amazing and inspired souls, the world would be deprived of knowing.

Would Fairy the woman I had so fiercely fought to have and keep, win out? Or would it be the woman I would unwittingly fall for in a moment of passion, one who was destined to bear my child and bring with her generations of light and love? Lacey…What of poor Lacey? I had seen her agony as well as my own. My conscience ripped at the very fibers of my heart, the thought of knowingly deceiving her, a woman one who would teach me more in our brief, yet poignant encounters, than I had learned in all my thirty one years of living. Lessons, I already knew, but if decided upon would have to learn yet again. Undoubtedly doubling all of the pain, all of the hurt, but there was something, something that trumped all the suffering I envisioned in my mind. The love that we would share, the moments I would have to hold her, as short as they were, it all seemed worth it, and after seeing the world through ten very different pairs of eyes, it was all clear to me. My life was merely a stepping stone to bigger and better things. My happiness was and always would be inconsequential. Guess that was part of my curse, but being near her, knowing what I would have the chance to experience, even if only for those few fleeting moments. I knew I would be inviting her not only into my home, but into my heart as well. There by ensuring the rest of my days would be spent, begging for her unknowing forgiveness.

“I was just about to put on some tea, would you like to come in?”

The end~


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    I do feel sorry for Merlot. :c And Fairy. Poor Fairy. 😦

    But I guess you can’t argue with destiny.

  20. omb. i can’t believe how sad i am that this is the finale. just want to say thank you for endless (well, almost, this being the finale) amounts of brilliant reading and thank you for the amazing Chiffons. your just the best 🙂 ❤

  21. Okay, my darling daughter, you baby girl are a genius, I have read every comment, and you angel love deserve ever accolade you are receiving! (Kleenex in hand!) This was the most amazing ending, the garden was breathtaking, Lacy was amazing and I have no words to describe how selfless Merlot is. I like many of your readers I was quite upset when he cheated on Fairy, but little did I know it was his destiny! You have created an amazing story, and there is so much of you in it, from the humorous to the heart braking you wove a story of love and brought to life a wonderful family. Watching you grow as a writer and know how much you put into this has been a pleasure! The whole thing is dare I say it, EPIC!!!!
    Merlot is your hero, and you are mine, love you so very much.
    Kudos to you on a very interesting two years…


    • gah mom!! this made me cry hahaha! And I heard from dad you were legit sobbing hahahaha I love you and am so blessed to have your unfaltering support!

  22. Lost of words for the final chapter…..I’ve been reading since Pineapple where before I had to catch up…..awh my eyes are watering up! You have the perfect blog, and you are a ah-mazing writer. Cannot believe its over 😦 ❤ Thank you for blogging ❤ Berry ❤

  23. I loved the way you connected the whole story into one big circle and that garden was amazing! All of your work is so beautiful, Berry, and I can’t believe it’s over. I was reading this before school started this morning and I had to finish reading it after school. But it was so worth the wait! I cannot wait to continue reading all of your other stories on Tumblr, and I will always, ALWAYS come back to this one and read it over and over again. ❤ Congratulations!!!!!!!

  24. Honestly Berry, I’m crying. I’m so sad to see this end, but I honestly couldn’t have pictured a better ending to the Chiffon legacy. It was even more amazing than I thought it would be.

  25. Wow! What an amazing ending! You really brought it full circle here at the end! I absoluetley loved this story and I’m kinda sad to see it end.

  26. Oh goodness. Its so amazing Berry, so are my favourite author ever, in my eyes you beat people like Jaqueline Wilson. I have never ever read a book/story which has made me sob like this. I am hardly ever emotional, people sometimes say im as hard as stone. But when I saw the statues, I was like, ‘Whut?’. Then i looked at them again and I had tears in my eyes. This was the thing that introduced me to sims, on the very first day I signed up, I read the Prolouge. Now its ending, im sobbing so hard. Your an amazing writer Berry, and I hardly ever comment. I will probally re-read this rainbowcy about 100 times, its amazing. I ask one – okay, two – things of you. 1) Keep writing! 😀 2) I need answers, was that all in Merlots dreams, or did Tosca turn into Merlot? I need answers!!! I dont go on the thread much 😦 So I hope to see a whole post full of your magnificent explaining(; I will never forget this. Its just pure amazing. I shall cry myself to sleep tonight:’)

  27. I can’t believe this is the end. After Merlot showed Tosca Lacey, I started crying! Berry, a fantastic end to an amazing legacy. 🙂

  28. So breathtaking….and Lo…OMB…he knew everything.

    I can’t even choose a favorite part, only that I know if I hadn’t been in public while I was reading this I probably would’ve had a less dignified reaction T_T

    My love for these berries has never flourished more than when I saw those statues </3 This was epic Berry. No other words…

  29. You know I had a feeling that everything would come full circle, but I wasn’t exactly sure how, and any of the guesses I mulled over were nothing compared to the reality!! How beautifully crafted!!!

    Looking back now too I should have seen it coming! There were always all these hints and letters from Lo, always hinting that he knew way more about the future than seemed logical, and now it all makes sense why! He’s seen it all before!!

    I also understand it all so much more now. It always kind of confused me why Lo would cheat on Fairy with Lace (even if I did think they were an adorable couple) just because Fairy was supposed to be his one true love…the sweet little pink girl from his dreams that he’d waited so long to get. This though, this all makes perfect sense. Having living through the eyes of so many wonderful, breathtaking souls, how could you possible decide not to have that come to fruition?

    Gosh, wonderfully done. Just wonderful. You are truly not just a sim writer, but a genuine artist. I take my hat off to you. Seriously.

    Just….wow ❤

  30. I think this may be my… third comment? I don’t know, honestly.
    I first began reading Splash of Color way, way, back at the very beginning, when maybe the first chapter was out? I don’t know. But either way, it was over two years ago.
    I honestly don’t know what to say without rambling on about my life story. I guess all I have to say now is, thank you. In these two years, I’ve become an aspiring writer. This is what I want to write — a story so perfect, so beautiful, so amazing. This is just… breathtaking. I’m holding back tears at the moment, something very very few stories have made me do, because I just realised that every single tab I have open, every single thing my computer has opened at the moment, was not there two years ago. And now I feel horribly sad because all good, beautiful, and amazing things come to an end even if it’s in such an absolutely perfect way. So much has changed in the past two years and I am glad for it all.

    I don’t even know why it was today I decided to check in on Splash, why today of all days, but I guess I just knew. I knew that this was it. And I’m really glad I checked. I was sad because I felt late but then I realised that today’s the seventeenth so I’m right on time, eh?
    This is just amazing though. I haven’t even touched The Sims in forever, but I’m so happy I continued to read this amazing story.

    -hugs forever-

    …also, how much of this was planned beforehand?

  31. Wow, amazing as always Berry!!! I have loved this story from the moment I first started reading it and am very sad to see it end. I hope you do another story but I think that the Chiffons will hold a special place in my heart. AMAZING!!! I hope you keep up us updated on what is going on with them and how they are doing. If you ever decide to continue on with this story I don’t think anyone would be to upset by that idea! lol You are an amazing writer and I have enjoyed getting to know your “family” and seeing what they have gone through.

  32. I was gasping at almost every picture. That. Was. Incredible. It’s….it’s…over? I don’t want it to be though. 😦

    I was like “That her! And him! And her and him and” AHHHH ❤ All the ice sculptures and Merlot's mind and everything was just so wonderful and soo beautiful and I'm going to stop typing now…..

    ❤ 'd it!! Will you still post on here? I know there aren't any more chapters, but will you post anything else? 😀

    ❤ ❤

  33. That was THE MOST AMAZING FINALE EVER. Thank you thank you thank you for creating something so utterly perfect.
    I’m having a hard time putting it in words- I don’t even know what to say.
    I’m so happy but so sad at the same time… To think that this will be my last comment on this legacy? I just… can’t… no…

    Just so so so so so great and amazing and magnificent and perfect and everything else that is good in this messed up world ❤

    Thank you Berry!!!

  34. Oh my… wow. That was all a dream. I never saw that coming, ever ever ever. This was absolutely incredibly beautiful. You’ve outdone yourself, Berry. The Chiffons will always be remembered as something extraordinary. ❤

  35. I’m speechless. I’d never have thought you had that planned, dear, you’re a genius! I seriously.. gah, can you tell I’m still flustered? Oh. I’m teary and everything, because I can’t even comprehend that it’s done! My last comment, the last chapter..*sob* All I have to say, is that you are beyond amazing, and thank you for sticking with it through it all. You’re amazing, and I feel pretty awesome for ‘knowing’ you. I just hope that you write some more, and this isn’t the end of the oh so amazing Berry.


    Much, much love.

    • Awww wow that is such a compliment love. hahaha if you knew me in real life you would laugh, I am a huge weirdo, but I can be quite a character. Its funny some of my real life contacts are getting interested. Sent the link to my boss tonight. Little nervous about that…

  36. I’m almost in tears, seriously. I’ve been reading since Olivine and now… it’s *sniff* over….
    You never fail to amaze me, Berry. Even at the end, you keep the story going, forever around and around…
    I absolutely LOVED it. It was The PERFECT ending to a PERFECT story.
    I NEVER EVER EVER saw that coming, ever. And yet, it makes more sense than any ending I can imagine!
    I hope you keep writing, you are amazing!

  37. Well, shoot. That was beautiful. I was definitely not expecting that at all, but I’ve only been following for like 2.5 generations. Your writing got distinctly better abruptly towards the last generation or so. I feel like I should have expected it though, it only seemed right to end it like that. Thank you for those beautiful stories.

  38. B’aw. I never cry about anything and I’m over here sniffling like an idiot. That was amazingly done. I’m so sad it’s over but I’m anxious to see whatever else you come up with. Love, love, love this.

  39. What a beautiful end to all this, I can’t believe it’s over! :’) You have me in tears here, this was undoubtedly the most beautiful ending to any story I’ve ever read. After all those in-game years, to see all those statues and how it all started.. There couldn’t have been a better end for it :’)

  40. Oh Berry. You’re baby has grown up and moved on!! When I saw the word ‘Finale’, I was so sad, but it was a lovely ending. I remember reading on your FAQ that Merlot and Lacey was an accident, that you kept rejecting their wants left and right until you gave up. Still, what an amazing one.

    • I did the same when I typed it out. My breath hitched a little. Arghhh I am relieved but it is a tough transition to know it is over.

  41. This ending was just beautiful! I have followed your blog since I found it, but not comment so much. A wonderful ending that connects with the beginning! Amazing! Sad that it’s over now but one can always read everything over again 🙂

    You are very talented and I’m glad that you show it. Thank you for creating something beautiful as this story. You are truly an amazing writer 😉

  42. I just .. I don’t … Berry. Now I know why Merlot couldn’t answer my question; Lacy turned his head so drastically so that the 10 generations of Chiffons could come to be. That’s why he was able to leave the file, make the statues, everything. I am actually in my office at work, with tears rolling down my cheeks. What a marvellous ending, to a marvellous story, I’ll be expecting my answer from Merlot in due course.. but the real question everyone wants to know is …

    Q: What’s next for Berry ? Obviously a break, but after that ? Will you write more stories or are you going to deprive your 1 million readers of your unparalleled brilliance?

  43. Let me test something… *puts on Lacey wig* *re-reads chapter* Ahh! T’was right! It DOES change my view of the chapter. And it breaks my heart even more… WAHHHHH!!!!! *sobs*

  44. This sounds like the typical comment but honestly you’re what got me into Sims 3, Berry…and I’ve always dreamt of writing something like this but knew I could never compare haha. You’ve been a really big inspiration and I can’t thank you enough though! I’m still in awe that this is the end, but it was perfect and that’s all that matters 🙂 Thank you for this story, it was truly beautiful.

    • Aww you should write anyways! If that is something you wish to do. Do it! I started the same way with machinima. I saw someones and thought, “man I really want try that.” And I did. :]

  45. There are so many things I want to say right now it’s just wrong. I think I’m going to read Splash again and then try to write something myself. I’m crying right now.

    Berry please do the world a favour and become an authoress.

  46. Does this REALLY have to end??
    I am really going to miss this
    congratualtions on such a brilliant Rainbowcy and making it to the end.
    I think I am not going to stop crying for the next week 😦

  47. Well, here goes a ridiculously long comment to your ending (my first ever I might add…). I’ve been ‘on board’ you could say from Miracle- a little late I know, I’m so sad I never knew of your awesome writing before then! I spent forever trying to catch up, and even now I don’t consider myself caught up because I only read the finale tonight! Ah well… Anyway, I want to say you have truly inspired me to begin writing my own story. I have thought about it for a while and ever since reading your story, I think I’m going to try! From the bottom of my heart I would like to thank you for sharing your wonderful talent with all of us fans and for inspiring me to persue something I would have never thought of before reading this!
    Crazy to think that this is all over, I’m sobbing right now! What a perfect ending to your perfect story!
    THANK YOU BERRY!! Along with the rest of everyone PLEASE give an update because I’m positive that Tosca + Tulipes = ADORABLE babies!!
    Alright, ridiculously long comment complete. SOBS thanks again Berry! <3<3<3

  48. Berry!!! WHYYYYYYYYYY Why does it have to be over already 😦

    Though it begs to wonder…what would have happened if he resisted? ….o.o *mind blows up*

    I put off reading this even though it sat in my emails….taunting me, because i was working, and now ive finally found time where i can read alone (without judging eyes mocking me crying) and im glad i did :’) It was so beautiful

  49. I finished reading this a few hours ago, but I couldn’t think of anything to say then, and I’m having a hard time now, too. It’s not that that there’s nothing I COULD say, but I’ve been rendered pretty speechless, and anything I could manage to squeeze out would be no different than what the umpteen million people above me have already said.

    However, I will say this: there are very, very few stories I have read that contained characters I cared as deeply for as I would my own family, and Splash is one of those few. You’ve created something beautiful, and, as it’s a reflection of yourself–you should be proud. I am forever in awe of not only this family, but the world you created for them to live in. It’s a place of escape, of emotions both bitter and sweet, of love and life in it’s most purest sense… If someone asked me to point them to something to read that find a place where their imagination could run free, I would just as easily point them in the direction of Sugar Valley as I would Hogwarts, Narnia, or Middle Earth.

    Bringing this story to a full circle at its end was a brilliant idea that ties this multi-year project off in a neat little bow, and brings back so, so many memories for me… I don’t cry often when reading other Sims stories, but seeing Lace at that doorstep totally broke my resolve to stay dry-faced. Let’s face it, you’re the queen of tugging my heart-strings. XD

    This journey is something I am honored to have walked with you, girl. It’s so hard for me to see it end, but at the same time, it fills me with hope–seeing how much you’ve grown only tells me that whatever you do next will shine even brighter.

    You are incredibly blessed with talent–don’t ever let it escape! ❤ Thank you for giving us over two years of bliss!! No words could repay that gift to us.

    Love you oodles and oodles, Shareberr ♥

    • I love you too darlin. Every time I try to read this, I cry lol. I can’t believe how far we’ve come. You have been a huge inspiration to me and I am so glad you finally had the courage to come and talk to me. It was a true blessing and all my honor to say the least.

  50. I can’t believe this is over, I fell in love with this family from the beginning and I couldn’t get enough of them. I checked your page everyday for new updates, just waiting in anticipation for the next chapter. I hope you’re planning on keeping us updated while you continue playing, just want it to keep going. I also really wanna see what Tosca and Tulipe babies look like<3 😀 Berry, this was an absolutely beautiful and emotional ending to an even more emotional and amazing story. Great job and I really hope to hear more from you, your writing is just captivating and so enjoyable!

    Congrats on an amazing Legacy!

  51. (I don’t know if I’ve left a comment yet…I know I started to a few times but had to run to work or class…But I have to comment now! It’d be a crime not to…)

    So when I first heard about sim legacies or sim stories of any sort, I was annoyed. “It’s just a stupid game!” Then my friend started doing a challenge in her game, and I looked into it, and I, of course, found this…(Which then, of course, inspired me.) Ten generations (or 12, in the case of mine) to delve into lives and personalities…It’s a great venture for any writer. Your characters were all beautiful (not just in color, though the touches were sublime) and the story kept me running back almost daily for updates. About mid-way through Wisteria I started wondering about Lacey’s mother and what not, but tieing it back to Merlot like that? Completely priceless. Tramps any questions I had for what happened to the old estate. Miracle was my favorite (that was a brilliant generational story, through and through). Uhm…what else should I say….

    Can’t wait to see what comes next? Yeah. Let’s go with that one. (Actually I want to say don’t end here, but I know, all great stories have to end, and the readers have to accept that. There is a time that we have to move on. :D) Thanks for sharing this amazing story with us!


  52. I would like to personally thank all of Berry’s wonderful readers, your comments have been truly appreciated. I can’t tell you how moving it is to see her so happy and overwhelmed with excitement and love for all of you. This experience has been an amazing journey for her. Being able to be apart of that experience is quite unique for me. Your positive out poring of love and admiration is boundless and has moved her to reach for twist and turns that she may not have thought of without you, you helped her move forward and gain confidence as her Splash Family’s story grew so did she. And because you were all there spurning her on with praise and constructive criticism at times, you have enriched her life and the life of her “Splash Family” and her non splash family. You have given of yourselves, by sharing your emotions and pieces of your hearts and being able to share that with her is a gift she will never forget. Thank you so much for enjoying her amazing story and the talent behind it. She is as wonderful in real life as she is on paper, (blog).
    Thank you again and I tip my hat to you all!!!
    SIDE NOTE: When Berry first started writing this amazing story she was not so crazy about the writing part, she loved to take photos and that is where she felt her talent was. Well she was only part right, as time went on another talent emerged and that was her brilliance for story telling. So glad she found that part of her.


  53. Oh Goodness! This was such a wonderful ending!

    And to think it was all a dream. I think we know which decision Merlot will make~
    It’s kinda deep when i think about it, because one person’s actions can make an entire fate for future generations. In a way, I think that’s pretty beautiful in itself.

    Sorry for the rant, I just thought the ending was so perfect and beautiful.

    Great job, Berry!

  54. I know I’m kinda late and everything, but that was AMAZING!!! I was SO not expecting that. I cried. You are such an amazing writer and you have touched the hearts of many. It’s sad that the story is over, but it still was one. of. the. best. things. i. have. read. in. my. ENTIRE LIFE. Thank you so much. :’)

  55. What an amazing finale! I’ve never commented on the story before, but I’ve been reading since Papple’s gen. When I first found Splash, it took me one weekend to catch up on the whole story, and I’ve been hooked ever since. I loved seeing you evolve as a writer, and looking from your first post to your last, I can tell that you really discovered and honed an amazing talent. You infuse your characters with so much life and personality that your readers quickly grow to love each one. You make us forget that they are just pixels! Your plots are fantastic, your pictures are phenomenal, and this is truly the best legacy/rainbowcy I have ever read. Please keep giving us updates – I will never forget about the Chiffons! You are truly an inspirational writer. Keep it up please! <3, Lily

  56. Berry, this was incredible! I know that I’ve told you a billion times and so has everyone else, but your writing is just so unbelievable. The Chiffons brought these video game characters to life. You have so much creativity, and it’s really inspiring. Whenever I read anything you write, it makes me want to be a better author. The stuff you put out there to the public is so empowering and special. It brings people to another place. Reading Splash was better than any other book I have ever read. There is so much more to you and your writing than you realize. You are such an amazing, talented, and lovely person, and I am proud to say that I know you. You are so special, and it’s hard to believe that Splash is over already. Every single reader that you have has appreciated you so much more than you know. I don’t even know how to describe how perfect you are, but I hope I have done my best to show how much you and your Sims mean to me and many other people. Please, please, don’t stop writing, whatever you do. You are so skilled in it. Your writing really helps people. I can remember reading all of Splash over again one day when I was really feeling down. It makes people happy. You make people happy. You’re amazing, and don’t forget that.

    Love always,

    • Seriously started sobbing trying to read this. Gah I can’t thank you enough love. You have no idea how much your words mean to me. They certainly convince me to keep writing! :] ♥

  57. I feel horrible, I’ve been away for so long and this happens… Amzing finale Berry, left me speechless 🙂 I loved everything that you put into this legacy- every single detail… The pictures, the words ❤ You're amazing Berry, more than I could every be (: Just keep being you n.n Love you <333

  58. This was unbelievably touching and incredible and I wish I could go back in time and not rush this final, miniature generation so that I could read this finale all over again! The natural and professional way you’ve dealt with creating this story has blown me away time and time again and I can only hope that these silly words of admiration will at least in some manner pay you back for all the wonder and enjoyment that you have given me throughout this legacy. You are a beautiful person, this is a beautiful story, and this was a beautiful, beautiful finale.♥

  59. That was an awesome story! If you have any other legacy’s you would recommend for a good read can you let me know. And also can you check out mine i just started a while ago and never wrote before so some tips would be awesome 😀 Thanks

  60. This is one epic story! It has been chock full of ups and downs, surprises and colors, and I love how instead of really ending it, it just goes back to the very beginning, those dream walkers are sure powerful eh? 🙂
    Awww now I’m crying, I really will miss this story, Its seems like I’ve followed it forever. It was just so complete. So interesting. Wow Berry, I knew you were an amazing writer but this is just so….wow, I have no words to describe it. I love the story and you are awesome ❤

  61. Wow! I found this story a couple of weeks ago and have been working my way through it. This was amazing! I loved it. All through the story, I kept trying to figure out what was going on, but I never could. You are a brilliant storyteller, and I’m so glad that I was able to read your work 🙂

  62. Oh Berry, congrats. You did it you finished your legacy. It’s beautiful it made my withered little heart break. Well done, you have set a bar for sims 3 writers. As always much love.

  63. Oh… my… BERRY!!!! You wonderful writer you!!! That was amazing!!!!! Not only did you bring the entire story full circle, you did it in the most amazing way!! I don’t think I could ever tire of this story, even if I tried, not that I would ever want to. You brought all of your readers on an amazing journey, and I just wish I had discovered it a little sooner. (Ok, a lot sooner.) Never stop writing, you have such a gift, and you should never let it fade!! (Also, thinking about Merlot giving all the hints when he was being the Chiffons in the dream makes my brain explode.) Love you, your stories, and all the Chiffons!!!!!!!!

  64. Started reading the whole Rainbowcy late and have never left a comment, but I loved everything and everybody! Apricot and Tranquil were definitely my favorite heirs 🙂 And I absolutely LOVED how it all ended! Left off at a perfect place to start all over again!!!! And I definitely will read it again ❤ ❤ You are amazing!! So sad it has ended though 😥

  65. Berry, I have been following this rainbowcy from the very beginning and have fallen in love with your characters!
    I am soo sad to know it’s over but throughly enjoyed the ride!!
    Your are a great writer don’t you EVER stop!!!
    This ending was PERFECT!!! everything came full circle in the most unexpected way…I could see this being turned into a movie of some sort.
    Again thank you for sharing your gift with the world….your stories will stay with me always.

  66. ive been sitting here for the past 4 days reading this story non stop since i found the link on your Tumblr. i LOVE your writing. i LOVE your characters. i LOVE this story. excuse me while i go sob in the corner

  67. This ending gave me goosebumps, that’s a very rare thing for me to get from reading.
    I’m not entirely sure how I managed to find this but I’m so glad I did. It became my new reading addiction, every generation pulled you in and made you care. It was beautiful. I’m going to have to go and read everything else you’ve written now, as I’m convinced it’ll all be well worth a read.
    I hope you don’t mind but I’m going to link to this legacy in the ‘must read’ section of my own legacy blogs, though I do not have very many readers myself I wouldn’t want any of them to miss out on this.
    Thank you so much for writing this.

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