To my dear… an Epilogue of sorts.

Disclaimer: If you have not read the finale. Don’t read this!

If given the chance to know where your decisions could lead you and the ones that you loved. Would you be able to make the needed sacrifices? Now think for a moment, that you chose to take this route. Knowing everything you were about to do was meant to happen in a certain order. Not being able to confide in another soul your hardships or angusih. What would you do? How would you cope? How could you possibly get through the days carrying such a heavy burden? Some use a journal to, spill out all their emotions, crying into it’s pages, begging for salvation. Others write letters. Letters to family, friends, Someone incredibly special in their heart.————

Letter #1

To my Dear Cherry Blossom,

I’m not sure where I should begin. I guess I will start with an introduction. You don’t know me yet, but I know you very well. Better than anyone at this point, in fact I am the only one who knows of your existence. I guess I should explain a bit more. Your mother and I are friends, dear friends, and though I do love her with all my heart, sadly that just isn’t enough. She and I are meant to travel two different paths. Side by side, but never meaning to cross. Ah but that is where you come in beautiful darlin. You will bring us together at our crossroad of destiny, forever binding us. Sealing an endless line of light and love in your sweet smile. Sadly, your mother and I will only have our memories and you, to cling to. Her more than me. I mostly have the memories. That’s why I have decided to write to you. My chance to talk to you, the way I wish I could. It may not make much sense, but it is a way for me to get through the days. Someone to listen and you of all people deserve to hear what I have to say. If only I could actually send them…

I like to think that maybe in some way you will know deep in your heart, but that is probably my foolish heart wishing for far too much.

Your mother and I spent the night together last night. My one opprotunity to show her just how much I love her. One night isn’t enough. I can feel it already. Tugging at every fiber in my heart. I miss her already, knowing what is to come… Only makes it harder. Everything has been sent into motion now. You will be on your way to us soon. All I can do now, is sit back and play my part. I eagerly await to meet you, hold you for a few brief moments, again not nearly as long as I want or should be allowed, but you can take ease knowing that every minute, every second I get to see you, will fill me with a needed sense of validation for all that I am attempting.

I love you so much baby girl and I will see you very soon. Until then, I will be here patiently waiting for your arrival.

Your loving father,



Letter #2

To my dear Cherry Blossom,

Your mother told me about you today. Her beautiful eyes sparkling with excitement, as she spilled the news for me and your Auntie Blushberry to hear. Even though I knew it was coming, I couldn’t help but catch the infectious energy she was illuminating. We both hugged her, congratulted her and Bubbie on their fifth bundle of joy.

Your mother doesn’t realize that you are mine just yet. In due time she will. A day I can honestly say I am not looking forward to. But if I think about that now, I will slowly drive myself insane. For now I bask in her happiness, capturing those true genuine smiles of hers in my mind. Gentle hands caressing an ever growing belly thoughtfully, dreaming of you. What will you will look like, what will she name you. She has a name picked out already, but she won’t share it. Not yet. Cherry Blossom, just like the lovely pink buds that blossom so carelessly in my dreams. Pink like your stepfather. It’s a beautiful name, and I couldn’t imagine you with another.

I guess I will take some time to tell you how I am feeling. I’m nervous baby girl, we are getting closer to the day where everything falls apart. It is a double edged sword, of heartache and joy. I will finally get to see your beautiful face, one short year filled with brief encounters, before you and I will part for many years. But I signed up for this knowing full well, what I was getting into it. It doesn’t make it any easier though. I want to apologize to you. None of this is fair, but I promise in the long run it will be worth it. Hopefully next time we speak I will have better news. I keep hoping things will get easier. It hasn’t happened yet.

I might stop by the house this evening, check in, see how my two favorite girls are doing. Until then I will say goodbye.

Your loving father,



Letter #3

To my dear Cherry Blossom,

Happy birthday angel! Today is the day, everything is about to come out. The truth will be told, and your mother and I, our lives will be forever changed… I don’t know if I can do this. I’m terrified. I don’t usually let things get to me, but it is way too late for that now. I let you and your mother get to me a long time ago. Just thinking about not being able to see you anymore is ripping me apart, piece by piece.

Your poor mother, so blissfully unaware. I feel like a monster sometime. Doing this to her. I wish I could tell her the truth, I wish I could tell her everything. It would make life so much easier on us, but I can’t. It will destroy it all. It has to be done. You have some pretty amazing people who will fill your life in my absence, and one day, I will come back to you. When you are ready.

I am having a hard time writing this one. My hands are shaking and my nerves are shot. Somehow I have to pull this off. Pretend to be just as shocked as everyone else… This really isn’t fair. I curse the great berry above everyday for putting this burden on my shoulders. You are worth it though, so is our family. I just really wish you didn’t have to be in the dark about it. I better go before I mess up this paper further, but what matter does that make really? You won’t ever see it… I, I love you angel. Happy Birthday again, you will be the only one who is happy by the time it is over.

Until we meet again…

Your loving father,



Letter #4

To my dear Cherry Blossom,

It has been a while since I have gotten a chance to write to you. Life has been busy, keeping my mind on other things. Dealing with the fallout at home, not to mention how the rest of the world now sees me, I haven’t had much time for myself, nor do I find myself alone very often. Fairy seems to find comfort in attaching herself to my hip, to ensure nothing else happens. Nothing will ever happen, but there is no way for me to explain that, so it is something I will have to live with, till she is comfortable again. It has been many years, since that fateful day. You and I have gotten to hang out several times. Time I will cherish till… my final breath. I regret falling out of the habit of writing to you, but getting to see your sweet face has made up for it ten times over.

However I found the need to write to you today. You called me this afternoon. We have a date to meet up at the park in just a few short hours. I- I will not be returning home after it. I knew this day would finally occur, but for reasons I probably don’t have to explain, I didn’t keep very a close watch on it. Fearing death is just one thing I didn’t need to add to my list. Again life isn’t fair and you are about to learn it the hard way. The only thing on my mind at this point is saying goodbye to your mother. I’m not sure how the berry side layer works, but I sure hope I will get to keep an eye on you guys once I’m there. I’m not scared. Not anymore, but I miss you already. I hope I have done everything right, taken all the needed to steps. It is hard to remember everything. If not my work has all been in vain, but I do truly believe in my heart I have done this right. I’m not even sure what I will do with this letter. All the others are safe. Hidden away from the world. I guess I have a few moments to decide that one before I go.

I love you Angel. Take care of your mother for me.

Your loving father,


16 responses

  1. This Legacy Has Been Fantastic and I loved every minute of it.
    on another note I’ve been listening to the song “Save the Dance” by Ricky Martin and it reminds alot of Lace and Lo’s relationship (even moreso since the finale) I can actually picture one of your beautiful machimas to it (not that i’m asking you to make one)

  2. *sniffle* Loved the letters! Poor Lo, he just couldn’t win for losing, could he? All the sage in the world to be happy, and no capacity for being selfish and saving himself the heartache and pain. Truly beautiful, Berry. Bravo.

  3. Oh Berry…you have me near bawling…but since I am in public and supposed to be studying for final exams…I will refrain. Merlot was a beautiful soul and I wish Cgerry would have gotten the letters before she died.

  4. The song Yours Truly by Paradise Fears is almost TOO fitting for this… This is absolutely perfect, Berry ❤ I can't believe it's over, though! D:

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