Berry Sweet Sims Make a Splash at Comic-Con

Althea Quin and I headed down to San Diego last week for the convention and decided to cosplay as Lacey and Rose. Little did we know, that a couple of plumbobs nicely fashioned to a pair of headbands would be such a hit! We took pics upon pics and even did a small little interview with a website. I know some of you have seen this already, but just in case you have not. I am linking the vid below! It was far too fun! Berry Sweets unite!


The Video!!!


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  1. Hey Berry! I see you are still active among the simming community.

    Just wanted to tell you that your lovely Olive gave me my 75th child in my baby challenge, a boy I named Orpheus. He looks like his mother except he’s got my sim’s jawline, and blue eyes. He has an ever-so-slight hint of Olive’s skin tone as well, and blond hair. Adorable Baby.

    Do you want me to post pictures of him? On the forums on whatever thread you host now?

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