Meet Pearl Prism, founder of The Prism Pastel Rainbowcy!

(Click here for the rules I’ll be loosely following for this challenge)

Pearl’s mother disappeared when she was a little girl, and she was raised by her well-meaning (but overprotective) real estate agent father. 

After graduating from Sim U, Pearl’s father begged her to move back home, but finally caved and let her rent one of his newly vacated properties in a small (but safe!) Willow Creek neighborhood.

The house included an adjacent mother-in-law studio suite, where Pearl’s father agreed to allow her best friend Trey to move in – under the agreement that he’d be there to keep watch over Pearl and “call immediately if anything happens”.

“He’s a good egg, Pearl,” her father said to her the day they decided on her plan to move. "He’ll keep an eye on you.”

Ahhh!! ♡

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