Two Year Tumblr-versary!

   Holy moly ya’ll. I can’t believe it has been 2 years already! Feels like just yesterday I was bookmarking CC on here and finally decided to make a Simblr. I remember being so nervous to even reach out to anyone and I’m really happy I did. I have made some of the best of friends on here! Having a simblr was more than just the sims to me, it was about meeting new people and friends. 

   My situation as a military wife is extremely hard and making friends irl is just near to impossible because of always moving. Ya’ll have kept me thriving and never bored and just yea, this saved me. I thank ya’ll from the bottom of my heart<333 SO, instead of a “Follow Friday” I decided to do a Follow Forever with a few honorable mentions. Love you all!

My Best Friends;

@myfireheartt: I honestly don’t know what I would do without you. You are hands down the ultimate best friend<3 Thank the heavens we were actually able to hang out last summer! I don’t know where my life would be if you were not in it. Thank you for being my best friend boo!

@selaronosims: To my first friend on here! I have and always will look up to you. From our long conversations about our babies, to playing WoW with your boys. Thank you for being a shoulder to lean on<3

@coliswonderland: In the last few months I have really gotten to know you! We were always friends from a far but now we talk everyday xD You are my go to girl anything CC! It helps we are both HP fanatics haha.

@lizillasimming: I LOVE YOU. No, seriously, I do. One of the happiest and upbeat person I have the pleasure of knowing<3

@iheartdinosx3: My partner in crime! Us together means an enormous amount of giggles and jokes. Thank you for always being there!

@this-nerdy-sim: Another one of my HP lovers and amazing friend! I love how you always see the good in people and it makes me happy when you really let loose! You deserve all the happiness in the world hun.

Follow Forever;

A-F: @108sims @asterllum, @alittlethoughtgarden, @applezingsims @alwaysimming, @ahunnasims, @annabellee25, @alyssajoltsims, @berrysweetboutique, @butterfly-tattoo, @buildingsimm, @callisto-sims, @citrontart, @carmysims, @ciruelabob, @deelitefulsimmer, @dust-spirits, @dustflwr

G-L: @ghardenia, @grumpysimmies, @generalsimmingllama, @graycurse-sims, @halbtagssmiley, @holly-plumbob, @immortalsims, @industrisims, @invader-sim, @itsscreamingcolour, @jenba, @jools-simming, @lumialoversims, @lilsimsie, @leo-sims, @leeleesims1, @lovelypixels, @lyshasims

M-R: @mintiphresh, @meowlr @mwgaybachelor @maimouth, @meisiu, @madmono, @moon-craters,  @neopixiesims, @notsoberry, @nadinemaee, @notquiteaberrysim, @nooboos-in-wonderland @our-dazed-sims, @obisims,  @publicwoohoo @plumbboxx @pooofy @pixelsimdreams, @peacemaker-ic, @pixelunivairse,  @pixielated, @panda-plumbobs @pancakesims4 @pixeltrashcan, @redhotchilisimblr, @rickeygirl24, @ricagrim

S-Z: @simmingswimmingly @simmingbee @simsimmajay  @simlaughlove, @sage-pie @saudade-sims4, @simsrocuted, @simmerapple @saucysims @storylegacysims @simaroosimblr, @simseasons, @shysimblr@tragicplumbobs @trillyke, @tajsiwel, @tainoodles, @themweirdsims @tenkasims @tabbyrh, @thisissimtastic, @tinkerbelch, @thesimsofnoalyn @tigresssimmer, @tipsycowplant, @toddlers-and-tiarras, @valhallansim, @wildlyminiaturesandwich, @weepingsimmer, @willow-creeks, @wyattssims, @xo-nocturnealley-ox, @your-nerdy-wife-lizilla

Really hoping I didn’t miss anyone! I love each and every one of my followers and the people I follow ❤ Ya’ll mean the world to me! Thank you so much for always bringing a smile to my face! Happy Simming!

Congratulations sweets! Thank you for including me on this wonderful list of simmers!

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