Prologue – Part 2

Chantilly Lace: *whispers* What was that?

Chantilly Lace: Are you okay? Mother?

*floor boards creek*

Chantilly Lace: Mommy?

???: Yeah, I’m here. Second floor, yes.

???: I don’t know… this house seems pretty nice for being empty.

???: It looks like a bed room. Someone paints. Dude! I’m not lying. Don’t believe me, you come up here.

???: Yeah, that’s what I thought.

???: Look I did it, and now I’m out of here.

???: Oh now you say it. Just stop, okay. You’re a big chicken, we all know it- oh, uh, hang- I’m gonna call you back…

Chantilly Lace: *soft gasp* Oh no.

???: Is- is someone there?

Chantilly Lace: You need to leave!

???: Look, I’m really sorry. I thought-

Chantilly Lace: What? You just could barge into someone else’s house?

???:  No! It’s not like that. Please, I’m very sorry. I had no idea anyone lived here.

Chantilly Lace: Well they do, so please go!

???:  I am really sorry for breakin’ into your house. I had no idea anyone lived here. I swear. If I had, I never would have just walked in.

Chantilly Lace:  You’re the first visitor in years.

???: Years?

Chantilly Lace: My mother doesn’t like people coming around.  

???: I’m Merlot by the way. The least I can do is introduce myself after being so rude.

Chantilly Lace: Lacey.

Merlot: Lacey…


Chantilly Lace: Merlot, can I ask you a question?

Merlot: Of course. It’s the least I can do.

Chantilly Lace: What’s it like out there?

Merlot: Out… where?

Chantilly Lace: In town.  The only other person I’ve seen is the woman who delivers our mail.

Merlot:  Oh…well, it’s nice I guess. Wait, so you don’t go to school?

Chantilly Lace: No. My mother home schools me.

Merlot: Oh.

Chantilly Lace: You go to school here?

Merlot: In Fondant Fields? Yeah. Wait, so you never leave here? Ever?

Chantilly Lace:  No. I’ve tried, but mother is… persistent. 

Merlot: I see. So you’re kinda trapped here?

Chantilly Lace: In a way yes.

Merlot: Why?

Chantilly Lace: She’s scared.

Merlot: Scared of what?

Chantilly Lace: Everything.

*SLAM* *clunk clunk clunk*

Vanilla: Lacey?!


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