Prologue – Part 4

Chantilly Lace: What if I scooted closer?

Merlot: It think that might make matters worse.

Chantilly Lace: *whispers* This could be a once in a lifetime opportunity, so can I ask you for something?

Merlot: Anything.

Chantilly Lace: A kiss before we say goodbye?

Merlot: Yes.

Chantilly Lace: (I can’t believe this is happening!!!)

Merlot: (Why does this feel sooo good?)

Chantilly Lace: That was nice, thank you.

Merlot: Any time.

Chantilly Lace: You mean it?

Merlot: More than I’ve ever meant anything.

Chantilly Lace: Tomorrow then?

Merlot: You want me to come back tomorrow?

Chantilly Lace: Don’t you want to come back tomorrow?

Merlot: I… um… yeah, definitely, yes.

Merlot: Tonight then?

Chantilly Lace: Tonight.

Merlot: Good night or morning… *heh*

Chantilly Lace: Good night, Merlot.



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