Prologue – Part 13

[ 8:25 am ]

[ 11:06 am]

[ 2: 29 pm ]

[ 5:59 pm ]

[ 7:23 pm ]

[ 10: 04 pm ]

[ 10: 31 pm ]

Vanilla: Listen well, boy. You have no right being here and it would serve you well to turn around and leave this very instant.

Merlot: I can’t do that.

Vanilla: You do not want to test me. I will make your life miserable.

Merlot: I’m not leaving her like this.

Vanilla: Very well, then I’m calling the police to report an intruder. Home invasion should get you a few months at least.

Chantilly Lace: But that’s a lie!

Chantilly Lace: Mother! Please leave him alone! I promise, I’ll do whatever you want, just let him go!

Merlot: How can you do this to your own daughter? Trapping her like a prisoner?

Vanilla: It’s none of your concern what I do with my child. Now leave and don’t ever come back.

Chantilly Lace: *sobbing*

Vanilla: She’s only sixteen, so that makes her mine. You won’t win this one. Don’t even try.

Merlot: *sigh* 

Merlot: Lace…

Chantilly Lace: No.

Merlot: Lace, what choice do we have? Your mother’s right.

Chantilly Lace: I can’t do it. I can’t live without you!

Merlot: Just for a little while. 

Chantilly Lace: Merlot, please, no!

Merlot: *voice cracks* Baby, I’m sorry. I wish I could take you away with me, but we’re just kids. I don’t have a job, or even my own car.

Vanilla: Listen to the boy, Lacey.

Chantilly Lace: This isn’t fair!

Chantilly Lace: If you leave, I’ll never see you again!

Merlot: That’s not true.

Chantilly Lace: You’ll move on with your life and you’ll forget about me.

Merlot: No way. I couldn’t if I tried. Lace, I promise, we will get through this… together. You just gotta hold on.

Chantilly Lace: Please don’t go.

Merlot: I love you.

Chantilly Lace: *broken sobs*




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