Prologue – Part 18

Turq: Lo Buddy? It’s Turq. Can we talk? Your aunt is worried about you.

Merlot: Go away, Turq.

Turq: Dude. It’s been two years. It’s time to let her go. It’s time to move on with your life.

Merlot: Don’t have one anymore. Not without her.

Turq: You’ve been moping around since it happened, you gotta snap out of this, man.

Merlot: Do you know what today is?

Turq: No.

Merlot: It was two years ago today…. So why don’t you cut me some slack and leave.

Turq: No man, I can’t do that. *sigh* I’ll be right back.

Turq: Yeah, it’s me. I’m gonna have to cancel tonight.

Turq: I know what I said, but a blind date is not high on my priority list at the moment.

Turq: I get it. I get it. Tell this Fairy person, I’m sure she is very nice, but she’ll have to go out with someone else.

Turq: Yeah, Okay. Thanks. See ya later.

Victoria: How is he?

Turq: He won’t talk to me. He won’t answer his aunt’s calls. When was the last time he left the room?

Victoria: I manage to drag him out for a meal now and then, but he’s inconsolable.

Turq: Don’t know what to do. Not sure he will ever pull out of this.

Victoria: Let me try.

Turq: *sigh* Sure, yeah.

Victoria: Why don’t you go home for the evening. I’ll make sure he gets a hot meal.

Turq: You sure?

Victoria: Yes.

Turq: I really could use some sleep. Been worried about his berry butt for far too long now.

Victoria: I know.

Victoria: Merlot honey, this is important. I need you to talk to me.

Merlot: What’s the point. What’s the point in anything? I ruined everything. I destroyed our life. It was going to be perfect, we were going to have a family. All because I wanted her to drink that stupid nectar.

Victoria: You have to stop blaming yourself.

Merlot: I can’t. I just can’t. I would do anything to take it back. Anything.

Victoria: *heavy sigh* I know I am going to regret this… Merlot. I think you should come with me.

Merlot: What is that thing? <———— Clickety Click click! (No pictures anymore but it’s easy to understand what’s goin on.)

Victoria: This… belonged to my father. It’s something he and I worked on for several years. Though he could never get it working… I was the only one who could ever get it up and running. Tried to tell him, but we all know how well he listened to me…”

Merlot: Alright…

Victoria: I shouldn’t be showing you this. I really shouldn’t. Merlot. This is a machine, you would call it a time machine, but that is only the crude definition. There is so much more to this.

Merlot: A time machine?

Victoria: Yes.

Merlot: And you are showing me this because…

Victoria: Merlot, if you feel that there has been a mistake, that Lacey’s life is worth more than what she was given, I can send you back.

Merlot: You would do that? For me?

Victoria: Has there ever been anything yet that I won’t do you for you?

Merlot: What do I do?

Victoria: Whoa whoa, you are getting a hold of yourself here. This is incredibly dangerous and there are absolutely no guarantees it will work. Or if it does work, there is no guarantee that it won’t completely alter everything. It’s called the butterfly effect. The whole world could cease to be as we know it, but if you feel, truly feel there has been a mistake. I will do this for you. The choice is yours.

Merlot: So if I went back to that night… the night we met.

Victoria: You could prevent it from ever happening.

Merlot: But then she and I would never know each other.

Victoria: Perhaps, but she would be alive.

Victoria: I… I need a moment to think.

Merlot: Take all the time you need.

Merlot: Lacey baby, it’s me. I- I don’t know what to do here. I miss you so much, but do I have the right to tempt fate. To take back the wrongs in this world? I know I said I would do anything, but this? Is it really up to me to make a decision like this? For my own selfish reasons? Maybe… I am the one who disrupted things by breaking into your house that night and this will put the world back into balance. I don’t know… I really hope you will forgive me one day. If all works to plan, it will be as if we never met, but I promise, there is no way I could ever forget you, not in this lifetime, or the next. I love you, and I always will.

Victoria: Have you made your decision?

Merlot: I have. Send me back. I need to fix this.

Victoria: Very well.

Victoria: It’s almost ready. Now, Merlot, try to work as quickly as you can. The less time you spend in the past the better.

Merlot: Okay.

Victoria: And it’s imperative that NO ONE sees you. The consequences would be even worse than what we are already doing.

Merlot: Right. Sure. I’ve got it.

Victoria: Good. I think we’re ready.

Merlot: What happens after?

Victoria: If all works to plan, you will simply cease to exist. Only your foot prints will be left behind.

Merlot: *sigh*

Victoria: Try not to leave any foot prints.

* Tap Tap Tap *

Chantilly Lace: Hello? Is someone there?

Turq: Did you see Persephone today?”

Merlot: No? Why?

Turq: She was looking for you.

Merlot: No, didn’t see her at all today. Oh, hang on. Maybe that’s her now.

Turq: Ooooooooooo!

Merlot: Hush…

Merlot: Huh…

Turq: What is it?

Merlot: Emergency at home. Weird.

Turq: Your aunt?

Merlot: I guess. I don’t recognize this number… and she’s not answering. I better go home and check on her.

Turq: You want me to come?

Merlot: Nah, I’ll be fine. See you at school.

Turq: Yeah. See ya.


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