Tumblr is apparently doing some crazy nonsense again, so it seems like a good time to remind everyone that Pillowfort.io is a new social media platform that aims to give users control of their content and how it’s seen and shared, as well as provide better communication tools to promote conversation and creativity. If this sounds good to you, you can donate $5 to our PayPal and you will receive a registration link the Friday after your donation. And if you decide the site isn’t for you, you can request a refund for up to three weeks after you sign up. (All money we receive through this process is going towards paying our hosting expenses and compensating our programmers.)

Reblogging this in light of the recent news, since we’ve been getting a lot of questions from people looking to join. If you’ve sent us a payment since the 16th of November you will receive your invitation email shortly after the site returns, which will likely be tomorrow! If you want to purchase more than one registration link ($5 per link, so $15 for example would get you 3 registration links) you can give them to anyone you want– the ones you purchase are not tied to your account in any way.

Now, Pillowfort will not always require a payment to sign up; we are doing this because we are still in the process of implementing our subscription plan, which will be our source of long-term revenue, and these payments through PayPal give us funding to make sure we can pay all our server expenses, employee compensation, etc. while we are still working on implementing our business plan. Once we exit beta you will be able to join the site and use all of its essential features
for free, with the option to pay for some extra goodies similar to what LiveJournal and DreamWidth offer in their subscription plans.

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