Berry basket of Kitty keepsakes

If you do not know kittycattylion and her Tea family…you really need to! She is so amazing and over some time now has become a dear, dear friend. That being said, we have recently had a ton O fun visiting each other in our games. The photos are beyond adorable and definitely deserve a place to be seen. Thus this page was born!

I have no doubt much more will be added to this page over time, so check back now and again and you may find more goodies 🙂

Love ya mah Kitty!

Berry’s Basket

Kitty and Berry’s adventure…

Happy Birfday Mah Kitty Darlin!!

The sun has just gone down and it is about time for Kitty’s party to begin.

“Dude I am pretty sure the invitation said 8:30pm. We are so late!”

“Relax Lo it will be fine.”

*squeee* “Oh you guys are right on time, come on in!”

“Hey Berry! I got the pizza. I asked, but they did not have Sushi pizza sorry.”

“Its fine. No prob….Aww Lo did you bring Kitty a gift?”

“Ya nothing big. Just a little something.”

“Thats so sweet! Well don’t just stand in the door way, come in!”


“So I brought Slasher man 5. I was hoping we could watch it”

“Ehhh I am not really a scary movie kitty.”

“Ya she gets a little scared.”

“Don’t worry Lo will keep you safe.” C:


“See not so bad?”

*Whispers* “Berry I gotta go potty, but I am scared!!”

“I can go with you.”

“No no…I think I can do it.”



“EEP!” *Kitty Coronary*

“Oh mannnnnnn.”

“LO!! What do you think you are doing?!”

“Ya man! You know how spooky she is. Not cool dude.”

“I’m sorry! I was just being funny.”

“Aww this is great she will never get to sleep to night now! You know what this means don’t you?”

“Its your job to keep her safe all night…”

Pleasant Dreams my Kitty! ❤

Kitty and I went shopping today! You guys like our new shirts?!

ZOMB~!!! We’re back!!!

Let the party resume!! <333


It all Started With a Nip

The Wine Flows After Dark

Part 2-1: Kitty Needs a Peche Flavored Drink

Part 2-2: Kitty Needs a Peche Flavored Drink

Part 3-1: Top it With Butterscotch and Pineapple

Part 3-2: Top it with Butterscotch and Pineapple

Part 4-1: The Scent of Lime and Honey

Part 4-2:  The Secent of Lime and Honey




Kitty’s Keepsakes

guess who stopped by today? ❤

“rise and shine, Berry!”

“we brought you some fruit, flowers, and..”

“Mr. Nuzzles!”

“now, you take good care of him for me, ok?”

you do not approve of ghosties.

you do however approve of Jake’s “gear”!

the thing that worries me the most is that you seem more compelled with what’s going on on the telly than with the ghost sitting on your couch.. that, and your outfit..

your face, it needs mai kisses! ❤

oh? how did this get here?
well, it’s what I left you in Sugar Valley~!


in another dimension, the story continues as Sunset High celebrates their flawless football season.. as a beautiful sunset strikes the Valley, the girls are in for a little surprise as the boys once again prove they are one and the same person..’s got a reputation to live up to, yanno?
meanwhile, in Sunset Valley.. 

“what’s taking them so long?”

“dude, they’re girls.. what’d you expect?”

“we’ll be down in a minute.. Kitty’s having a slight malfunction!”

“ok! don’t take too long!”

“well.. was it worth the wait?”

“where are we going anyway?”
“you’ll see!”

“the fire department?!”
“yup! my dad’s a firefighter, so I kinda took the liberty of borrowing his keys to show you girls around.”

“you wear those striped ones too, eh?”



“wanna sit down for a while?”

“I really like this kind of sitting, Lo..”

with the dawn of the night came a sense of romance that was almost impossible to ignore.

teenage dreams became vivid memories that night at the fire department.

Screenshot-471-3.png image by kittycattylion

this one I love:



Kitty, Berry and Friends~

Thea’s Welcome back Berry paraty!

“Where are we going?”
“Just keep those eyes closed. We’ll get there soon.”

“Yeah Burzy no peaking.”

“We’re almost there.”

“Hey everyone they’re almost here! Get ready.”

“Jake, Amelia seriously we have to be in our places now!”
Here they come!


The line for the buffet was a bit long though

It was still going late into the night!

While some were eating a little dance party started. Jakey doesn’t look too pleased that Amelia is dancing with Cupcake.

But he was soon won over and we all started to join in.

Shake it Bossy!

Our guest of honour was a little hesitant at first.

But a cheerful Kitty pulled her in and got her going.

There was some rather intense dancing.

Plenty of chatting

And a little firting

And at the end of the night Berry was back with her computer.

Terra’s Gift!

Here’s my little welcome-back present for ya, Berry! =D (Well, it’s not entirely mine xD)

“Berry! We’re so glad to know that you’ll be back with more Splash! PappaMint babies, yay!”

“I was gonna give you a present, but…err… Cloudberry kinda hijacked it. Ehe.”

“Move over, blondie! Berry, there’s somebody I’d like you to meet! I think you’ll be happy to see her.” <333

“Berry, this is my daughter, Honeysuckle! Terra says she’s going to be the Heress for Gen 4, and I agree. I mean, how could someone that cute not be Heiress?”

Welcome back from Honey and Cloud! <333

(…”And Terra too!”)

435q’s Gift!

“Keep your eyes closed, Berry, just a little bir further…”
“They are closed, Leah.”

“A couple more steps…” I said excitedly.

The door opened. “SURPRISE! Welcome home, Berrz!” Kitty said happily.
“Oh, Kitty!” Berry said as she pulled Kitty into a warm hug.I slid passed them. I needed to get something ready.
“Berry, we have something for you…”

“It`s a berrified Berry! We all had a hand in making her.”

In the midst of Berry`s squeals of excitement, someone had come up behind her.
“Hello, Berrypie. I don`t think we`ve formally met,” Everyone gasped. It was Merlot, “My name is Merlot Pinot Noir.”

“Merlot? Is it really you,” She said in an even louder sqeal.
“Yes,it is me,” He leaned in for a hug, but instead got a kiss.

And later, another.

Here`s the cast of this story. Amelia and Angry aren`t there because they don`t show up in my game.I really hope you like it Berry!
Bonus pic:

Cute look for Kitteh! She has an adorable smile on her face too.


89 responses

  1. ERROR 1337:

    Cuteness Overload. Commencing Shutdown and Self-Destruction.

    It would appear IE has something to say about the cuteness level. Please tone it down—no, wait! It’s full of win!

      • i can be so slow sometimes, you’d think i’d pick up that both boys are the same
        (i took me a minute to connect the dots when i was reading the story too ;P )

      • 🙂 Lo actually came first. When I first decided to do DALD, it was not Berry Sweet and kinda put the idea back on the shelf for a while. I kept the chars around in my bin though. And then Merlot and Fairy were born!

  2. c: awww berry and kitty are such cute friends ! ❤ it reminds me of me and my best friend. lol even thought im the one that builds her houses lol, i should make something like this for her, sense shes my only friend and shes moving away :c sad month!!

    anyway love it berry! you rock! and so does kitty!

  3. Berry! Adorable <3333333 It made my day because my mom had surgery today and this made me feel happy. But how did you get the kids to kiss? :'D

  4. Love it!! Sadly though, I cannot continue reading Kitty’s legacy. My computer is all wonky and will not let me make an account on TS3 website. And as of a few days ago, you can only view the forms if your logged onto your account. It makes me angry:/. By the way, the thought just occurred to me that I should make an account here.:P

    • The face paint is CC and… and… I can’t remember where it can be found… Anyways, the tip jar is on the lemonade stand that comes with ambitions 😉

  5. First off I want to tell you that I love you legacy, and these pictures are absolutely adorable. If you have the time can you tell me where the clothing that toddler kitty is wearing came from? I have searched many sites and I just cant seem to find it.

  6. Thank you for the fast reply. I’m sorry, I should have specified. I meant in the second set of toddler photos the one that is maroon and has a white sleeves.

  7. awwww thats soooo cute!!! 🙂 it was kinda weird when i read there was a jake and amelia couple and my names amelia and my brothers name jake XD awkward

  8. @Kawaii: It’s by peggy, it’s a special member only download i think, but if you go to peggys page and browse through her hairs you’ll find the number that way you’ll be able to search for a retexture or you can go to the booty XD

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