The Chiffon Family Tree

See Full Family Tree

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78 responses

  1. I love this, can’t wait to see it expand. =D
    Cherry Blossom looks so similar to Merlot, but she definitely has Lacey’s nose.

  2. Hey berry,
    someone messed around with the family tree
    it now has Aldo Valdez and Abbie something where Sunset should be I think. I think it’s because we can edit the family tree.

  3. Are any of your sims born with brown hair, even though no one has brown hair in their past? My founding sim had white hair and her spouse was a male version on Mint Fizz–mint green hair and white tips. And two of their kids’ hair was an ugly shade of brown, and one was even black-headed! I didn’t change the first one, but when the twins came, I changed their hair.

  4. Berry, how do you change their appearence when there’s still birthday sparkles? My sims always tend to grow up with some weird clothes/hair and your’s don’t 😦

  5. Someone messed around with the family tree again. Lacey is ‘Poo’ now, Merlot’s ‘Hot Stuff’, there’s no Pummelo, Peche and Sunglow and Sage has a daughter. -.-‘

  6. Question for you done the family tree using family echo but when click the link when logged out of the tree i could get in and now no one else will. So I tried saving in HTML through family echo and now no one can see the tree any tips 😦 thanks

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