Chiffon Family Downloads

If you do not see the sim you are looking for here, you can also check my tumblr. Most are non Chiffon’s, but a couple have snuck in there!

Generation 1 of the family is now available for your downloading pleasure! Make sure to get the Fawkes Skintones from Mod the Sims!

If you do not have Fawkes Skin Tone Color Slider.  You can get it here!

Euphoria by Fawkes

I use Peggy Zone Male skin tone, and Rose Sims for females.

Default Eye Replacements

Lip Gloss

Generation 1 and 2 have been re-added now  safe and doll free!

Tea Rose’s Hair

Peche’s Hair

Unfortunately my house is glitched and I have tried to fix in many different ways. This being said only the family will available for upload.

Apricot’s Hair

Apricot’s Top

Peach Puff’s Hair

Pummy’s Hair

Olive’s Hair

Seashell’s Hair

Amanda’s Hair

Chiffon Gen 3 has been scanned and is doll free!

Apple’s Hair

Rose’s Hair

Celly’s Hair

Celly’s top is from the store

Walnut’s Hair

Not sure where his shirt is from sorry!

Macadamia’s Hair

Macadamia’s Smock

Saffron’s Hair

Saffron’s Top

Symphony’s Hair

Honey’s Hair


Emerald’s Hair

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Shamrock’s Hair

Eclipse’s Hair

Olivine’s Hair

Tiber’s Hair

Hair not included

Tranquil’s Hair

Blush’s Hair

Sapphire’s Hair

Just noticed a ton of requests on the blog, so I am going to try do a few today. First up the entire fam. No I will not post them all separately. It is a real pain in my butt lol. I have included a few things you might need, like the ear sliders and Waterlilys hair. Other than that all things are Store or EP items. Household only. The house is a pain in my side and I have never had much luck sharing it.

Sorry ladies. Valencia is not included.

I only have 4shared, so if you don’t please send me an email to and I will send it over to you directly. Thanks!

Please note ChiffonGen10.Package is a library file so it must go in your library folder.

You will also need Pale Skin non default  for Tulipes.

Fawkes is also required

The twins… Daughters of Prelude and Fern.

Kiwi’s hair is here

Laurel…. I have no clue. I’m sorry XD

Fawkes is required.


367 responses

  1. thank u!!!!!
    i love this family[:
    do you have a link for the fawkes skintones?
    becuase,i dont think i’ll be able 2 find it lol.

  2. Hi, This is an amazing story and blog. I’m really enjoying it. I just started a legacy blog myself and I have a question for you. This may be a stupid question, but I was wondering how you got your own picture at the top of the page. I am really new to wordpress and I am trying to figure everything out but I just can’t figure out this one. Any help would be appreciated.


    • Hi there! Thank you for commenting. 🙂 That is called the header. Some themes offer a custom header and some do not…I went and looked at yours and I am not exactly sure, but it should tell you in the description of the theme, whether it does or not.

  3. I have a question about the body types you use on your games (shinier skin, more muscular features)… Where do you get your source from? Mod The Sims or Peggy, or?
    Just wondering, I’m trying to find one to use that is pretty useful and reliable.

  4. Hey! I’ve been reading your legacy all evening, Its amazing – I especially loved the Peppermint Pier at the beginning. It was amazing, all red and white stripes for EVERYTHING! Love this legacy…
    Anyway, can you tell me where Peche Chiffrons hair is from (in the picture above)?
    Thanks, chocoholicarmen

  5. Hey Berry I was just wondering if u could upload Pummy as a sim pleezez. Also where did u get his Young Adult hair and his Yound Adult shirt they are so awesome. And can u add the links for the muscular feature and shiny skin etc to this page cos i can’t find them. Thanks!

    • Ok Scratch that. I was able to find her in my old messed up town as a toddler. So I aged her up. Her traits are pretty close. Best I could do xD

  6. I was wondering if you could upload Olive Bitters. I would love to have her in my game! She seems like she’s really fun to play as 🙂 Thanks!

  7. Helooo I’m having trouble finding the female skin on Rose Sims!
    I searched all over and finally found one that’s titled “skin + swimwear” Is that it?? I just want to make sure. :3

  8. I know he’s not a family member, but if it could be possible [if he’s still alive] could you upload Sensei Dragon Tea? I’m thinking of making a Berry Themed Martial Arts Center and I feel like he should be with it :p

  9. Great update! Ohmygods, everyone looks so beautiful, Mango especially<3

    Oh, yah, I was wondering if the Berry Neighborhood/Town thing will ever be available to download? I'd love to use that town! Thanks. (:

  10. Hi again. I just learned how to fix the infuriating exchange problems. I downloaded delphys custard tool and found the eeeeeebbbbbbiiiiiiilll girl doll in my gen1 household. I think I can upload them now. Also berry, when the exchange gets fixed can u upload gen 3? I’d love to have Orange Blossom and the triplets in my game.

  11. Hey, I love this legacy! So so so much. And I was wondering if you could upload Rose (the girl firneds with Saffron) to the exchange 😀 I think Rose is very pretty 🙂

    • I will have to ask permission from kitty. Rose is her creation, I just berrified her. She is on vacation, I will ask when she returns 🙂

    • Yes and no. Sugar Valley is a created world, with all new lots and houses (which we are in the process of getting together for CAW). Twizzlerbrook is just Twinbrook with all berry sweets in the houses and a few berryfied community lots.

  12. I noticed that you got some hair downloads from the site PeggyZone… So that site is safe and it doesn’t have anything that will mess up my computer?? I was looking at some of the CC on that site and it looked pretty cool, I just didn’t want to take a big risk with my computer and all the viruses out there… If you could let me know what you think of that site, that would be great! Thanks!! 🙂

      • Ok thanks!! And I have one more question.. I’m new to all the Mod the Sims stuff, and I tried to go to PeggyZone to download some hairstyles. I downloaded the hairstyles and followed the simple instructions about where to put the files, but the stuff still isn’t showing up in my game.. Am I missing something?? If you can help that would be great! Thanks again, love your story!

      • make sure you have the resource config file you get with peggy hairs in the sims 3 folder. unless you have ambitions then you want it in that folder.

  13. I just finished reading everything! wow! Great Story!

    Do you have the braids that i think Olive had when she was a teenager?


  14. I was looking at the Chiffon Family tree and noticed that Precious and Seashell had a daughter.
    I was wondering if you could upload Macadamia Chiffon. I would be delighted to have her in my game.

    Thank you!

  15. Hey can you upload saffron up there plz 🙂 I love how saffron looks 🙂 O and for some weird reason when I read your stories i felt like making coffee sims like they’ll be named after types of coffee haha and also cuz i just woke up and i want coffee haha

  16. Let me start off by saying that I love your legacy (I check every day to see if you’ve updated), and your characters are lovely.

    Which brings on my question.

    Do you make all of the sims in your neighborhood? And all of the spouses as well? Just curious. 😀

  17. hiii berry!

    i love your story! i find my self on your site all the time looking to see if theres anything new! OMB! i think its so cute saffron wanted a girl and she got another boy lol its so funny how that always happens to sims. when i want my sim to have a boy they pop out girls!

    keep up the good work!

  18. Hello, me again. xD.

    I clicked to the link for the Rose Sims skin, and I couldn’t find it. Everything is in japanese/chinese. Lol.

    • Its not completely finished, but I have found that I can share my save of it and it is working for everyone! There is thread over on the Berry Sweet Site with the link.

      • Yay!! I’m so excited to try out Sugar Valley! I just downloaded it, and tomorrow hopefully I will get to play around with it! Unfortunately I’ll have to wait until my next legacy to actually do a story in the town (which is going to be a loong time since I’m still on generation 1 :P) But anyway, thanks so much for all of your hard work berry! You make the world of simming sooo much more enjoyable! 🙂

      • Oh and one more question: When you download the Sugar Valley file, can you download it right to the saves folder in the electronic arts folder and it will be ready to play right away, or do you have to extract it first? Let me know! Thanks!

      • I unzipped the file, put it in my saves folder…no luck! Your saved game isn’t showing up. I even tried installing the package files too and that didn’t work either… I’m heading over to the berry sweet site to read the forums 🙂 Wish me luck

      • hmm thats odd. And you put it in MYDocuments/ElectronicArts/TheSims3/Saves?

        because no one else is had a problem o.o

  19. I can’t wait to see Pineapple up for download!

    Also do you use a mod to control the sims emotions (when trying to get your pictures) ? If so could you tell me the name of the mod and where I might find it please?

    Love your legacy, my favourite by far!


  20. thanks so much I found the mod with your help and now have it working in game :).

    I was wondering if you would be putting Pineapple up for download anytime soon, I have a beautiful sim in my game and ever since Pineapple was born I’ve been thinking he’d be the perfect simguy for her.

    Can’t want to see the next update… I check every day in case there is something new.. yes I like your legacies that much haha!

    • thank you so much! I am stuck away from my computer for a few days. as soon as I can sit comfortably I will be updating again. Also when that time comes I will upload the current family.

  21. I know this is the wrong blog, lol, but I can’t think of a better place to post this question where I’d get a pretty quick answer…
    Where is Blueberry Muffin’s hair from?! I’ve look through Peggy and Newsea and haven’t come across it. I want to download her, but I want the right hair for her. :3

  22. Thanks Berry and Roxi,

    I also now have many new hairstyles because the link made me curious! lol

    am a happy simmer though because you actually pointed to some i’d been trying to find for AGES!. YAY!

  23. Hey Berry,

    I downloaded the Generation 4 household but when Pineapple ages to adult he looked nothing like his website picture in my game. (I only downloaded the household for him alone 🙂 )

    I have the fawkes skintones and the Rez Delnava UI mod you listed but his face and eyes look totally different on mine 😦

    Any idea on where I’ve gone wrong.

    I was so looking forward to elfing him out and making some cute baby sims for my neighbourhood 🙂


  24. Also forgot to mention I did install Peggy zone male skin before this picture. His body looks ok its the head and the eyes that look different. ( I know I don’t have his hairstyle).

  25. It’s fixed… it seems that the skins link points to the body files (no face file was included in the package) stupid me for not noticing when I downloaded.

    I’ve found the face files and just tested the,, WOW he looks HOT now! lol his nose is fixed, softer mouth, fuller lips etc.. minor differences but well I should role the perceptive trait on myself lol.

    Only thing I need to do now is fine a nice female skin for Ophelia… “she has the curse of no cleavage” going on at the moment. Her manlike smoothness (no shadow, no crease, no nothing) is giving me the heebie jeebies when she goes for a swim, stroles around the house in her underwear and so on lol.

    Thanks for replying so soon 🙂 Hope your feeling better and not having to kneel on the floor quite so much.

    • hehe thank you! I actually got myself a little notebook, so I am resting comfortably on the couch atm 🙂 Though I did sit at my computer yesterday with a lot less pain. Getting better ❤

  26. omg i am so obsessed with your work now!!!! i think you should make like a tutorial “How to make your own berrilicious sim” lol

  27. Hey Berry, I love your rainbowcy. It makes me happy and hungry at the same time.

    I was just wondering if you’d share what mods you use on a regular basis? Just curious; don’t need links or anything.

    (Mods besides the obvious, anyhow. I know you have Rose’s skins and the eye thing, and…I forget what else you’ve said.)

  28. Love Love love this legacy Berry! It had never ever occurred to me to have a theme, in this case, colours, for a legacy yet I look at the sims 3 forums and your gorgeous Berry sims are everywhere! I wondered (I hope this isn’t a really stupid question) if I could also base my legacy on this colour theme. I wanted to ask as I did not want to steal your idea. I respect my fellow creators!
    Just want to say congrats on such a wonderful legacy, you have inspired me to make my own colourful legacyand I hope I will be able to have your permission to do so. I wait on baited breath for your answer 😀

    Also, loving the town, did you make all that yourself? x

    • Thank you so much! I actually did not create the rainbowcy, I just gave it my own spin and it seemed to take off like mad! Feel free to make your own! 🙂 Thank you for the fabulous comment! Sugar Valley is a collaborative project that many many creative simmers have been working on. Over at the berry sweet site, I am sharing a starter version of the town there. You will need to be a member though.

  29. Ahh okay, thank you so much. I already have a little idea spinning around in my head. Just hope it hasn’t been done yet! Also, do berry sims have to have the different colour skin? It’s just my game doesnt take too well to CC so I would probably be stuck with the traditional game skins.Hair colour I can definately do tho! haha.

    • How ever you want! There are a few colors in the base game. If you use the lightest blue shade of skin it works great for purple or lavender hair! Lightest green, for teal. Lots of options with no CC required 🙂 The Sugar Valley I am sharing is also CC free!

  30. Yay! I joined the site by the way,I sent you a message but ignore the first question as you have just answered it! haha. Just wanted to run my idea by you to see if it had been done yet! If not then I know what I will be doing today 😀

  31. I just found this legacy on Friday and I love it (I stayed up till two in the morning on Saturday reading the whole thing), but I was wondering where you got the necklace that Pummelo gave Apricot and Pineapple gave Honey Mint… It’s so pretty, and I’d love to have it in my game.

  32. the chiffons RULE !! and you RULE too..u dont just rule you rock !!!
    i just LOVE this family..and all the other sims in this legacy..
    cant wait for your latest updates… and once again U ROCK BERRY !!

  33. Hey Beri I was just wondering were you got your eye replacement from. It’s really cool. I was also wondering if you use a special type of lip gloss 4 your female sims or do their lips just come like that.

  34. Hiya!
    I love your legacy, and I want to download the fawkes skin tones but the UI mod doesn’t work with Late Night. I noticed you have Late Night, so can you use the UI mod with Late Night? o.O

  35. Hey Berry could you please (w/ a berry on top) put up Glade? For some reason i have trouble downloading gen. 5. It downloads, but then in my game i can’t find it and when i go to my launcher it’s not there?

  36. While waiting for the latest chapter i went back and reread some of the story. I was really a fan of Generation 7, and I loved the Chiffon triplets! I was really surprised that no one had requested Pumpkin, Persimmon, and Saffron seperately as a big group. So~ even though I’m two generations late~ does anyone have them as YA? Ooooh, and not to sound like a whiny newb (I am so cool for using the lingo ;D) but does anyone have the links for their adult hair too? I really like Pumpkin’s.

  37. Berry, I have a question about the euphoria skintones – or actually it’s about the mod you need to have to download them. I tried downloading that mod, and it keeps saying that I don’t have the permission to download it, even though I just made an account on modthesims. Do you know if the mod has been deleted or something like that? Because otherwise I’m confused…

    • Nevermind, I saw one of your earlier posts where it said you didn’t need the mod. I have downloaded the skintones now, they are so beautiful! 😀

  38. wow ive been reading your story for a while now. I think i started this summer? Anyways i always fail to comment on chapters XD your legacey is AWESOME. and i was looking through the downloads and looking at all the familes then you get down to livi and her fam is so small 😀

  39. I don’t know if this is possible because of the crash last year – but I couldn’t help but notice that Amanda kept popping into the story afterwards. So… if you still have her in your game… could you please upload her? It would mean a lot to me!

  40. Hi Berry! I adore your creations. I’m hoping to make my own sweet Sims, but I can’t get the right skin tones. Do you think you could upload the skin tones for girls but give full credit to Rose Sims?

  41. Hey Berry! I love your rainbowcy, especially this latest generation. I just wanted to ask, where did you get Granite’s jacket from? Thank you! 🙂

  42. Hey Berry I just wanted to ask you (before I do it-lol) I downloaded Peche and Merlot and well I made them “normal” and gave them new names and was thinking of using them in my legacy. Of course if I upload them I’ll give you credit for their creation, but I just wanted to make sure it was ok?? Thank you! Awesome job btw! I’m gonna be so sad when this legacy ends!

  43. Hey Berry! I’m trying to download the Eye Replacement Mod, but when I save it as a .rar file, it shows up as a webpage and asks me to download again, which causes the same problem to happen over and over again. Help?

  44. Hi berry, as you may know i have started my own rainbowacy. But so far the sims have no colored skins… I downloaded the skins from the links you gave on this page but they won’t work! Do you think you could make a walkthrough or something for downloading them? Stupid but awesome CC skins!!!

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  46. I’m not sure where to ask this but, here it is. Do you berrify people’s sims as requests? If not that’s fine but your berry sims always look WAY better than my attempts. lol Just wondering! 🙂

  47. Hey Berry, I LOVE your story *-*

    I wanted to have Lacey in my game, too, so could you please tell me where you got her hair? Thank you so much!

  48. Hey Berry! I love the rainbowcy! In fact, you’ve inspired me to create my own 🙂 (long time sims player, short time legacy reader/writer) I just want to know if you could please check the link for Tea Rose’s hair, because I ADORE her hair (it has to be my favorite next to Honey Mint’s) but when I click the link, all i get is a page that says “Link not found” and a picture of a crying goat O.o

  49. Not to be a bother, but are you planning to put pineapple on the exchange as a lone sim? Because the full family wont download for me and I love him so much!

  50. Just wanted to say I love your legacy even though I’ve only read to generation 3 so far lol. Reading your legacy made me want to write my own so I wrote a plan and a few chapters of generation 1 but I can’t find a download of sugar valley anywhere. Is there any way you could post a link to where you downloaded sugar valley on this page?

  51. kinda late but can u post a link to lacey’s hair? *the one with the two buns* I didnt know if it was from an EP or if it was a Mod.

  52. Everything is so amazing. You are very Creative. I hope you do continue. I re-reading all the gens. i’n Gen 3 now. you know, to kill time for Waterlily’s new chapters to come out. So when Waterlily’s chapter is coming to a end, you can vote for the new heir? Please reply- Dayne. Be safe. God bless. Not to annoy you but- when Waterlily has children can you please name one of her male children after me? Dayne-Michael.

  53. I really enjoy this story, from the beginning until the current generation =)

    I wanted to ask a question that I’ve been wondering for some time – where do you get those adorable freckles that both Disco and Sakura Sugarblossom, Sunset’s girlfriend, both have? I think they make Disco extra cute ;D

  54. Hey Berry,

    I was just wondering if I can use some of your sims in my new ISBI that I’m planning. I’m filling up my neighbourhood with legacy sims and simselves, so I will just put them in the neighbourhood. I’m not sure if they will play a major role. I just thought I should ask your permission first 🙂

    Thanks already!

    PS Oh and I know this is the first time that I comment on your legacy… you see I’m still catching up and I hate commenting somewhere in the middle 🙂 But I really love your legacy and sims, thus I would like to use them :).

  55. First, I love your legacy! ❤ You're a very excellent writer. Second, I just wanted to let you know the link to Tea Rose's hair doesn't work. Third, thank you so much for putting all these sims up for download! They're very fun to have in-game. That's all. :3

  56. Hi Berry 🙂 I’d really like to start making berry sims so I wanted to download the fawkes skintones to get started but when I click on it, it says it’s outdated… I was wondering if you could post the new link for it? Thanks!

  57. Hi I was just wondering if you could upload Waterlily how she looks now or post a link to her new hair? I just love her new hair and thank you in advance 🙂

  58. Do you use pose player and if so do you have any you recommend. I am trying like heck to find poses like you have. Like the one with Mik and Pineapple where Pineapple’s hand is on his brother’s shoulder and where you had everyone sit down in the park and where you had Pineapple grab Mint’s hand.

  59. Hi ! i love your legacy but i was wondering , if i download a sim by itself , for example peche , is he single or does he have a daughter and spouse if i wanna play him?
    Cause id really like some peach babys , just sayin hhhaa

  60. Hello! Awesome legacy. ;u; All your sims are so pretty, aaahh ~ ❤ Do you by any chance have Coronation up for download? And also, where is Disco's hair from?

  61. My computer just got worked on and the whole Hardware pretty much got wiped out except for a few things (My sims3 games and EP all stayed) and my mods are all completely gone and I can’t find the framework cause I can’t remember what it’s called. Does anybody have any idea what it is?

  62. I love your legacy and have been reading it for some time now. I thinking about starting a legacy blog myself and I have a question. If you start a blog on WordPress, must you pay a fee every month to keep it? Thanks!

  63. Hi Berry, I was just wondering, when you upload your sims to the sims 3 website or your website, why do you de-cc them?

    I downloaded a sim you used in one of your machinimas. I think her name was Felicia?….. anyway, I looove her hair and I really want to know where you got it from. If you don’t know which one I’m talking about I’ll send you a link.

  64. Do you still except requests here? because I am suffering from a lack of berry sweet male problem in my game. would you please upload the following sims? bubbie, pineapple, butterscotch, glade, and prelude?

  65. I really don’t know if you’ll see this, but i really liked the asking question thing for splash’s anniversary.. so, i don’t know if you could do sumthing like that again??

  66. I’m probably going to sound stupid here, but a few days ago I downloaded Merlot. Using master controller I was able to see that the mouth curve/height where lower than is possible, and upper lip shape is higher. Do you like use sliders? If so where can I find them? Please tell me.

  67. Berry, if you don’t mind me asking…would you put Tulipes up for download? She has to be the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen :3

  68. Hi.. When i try to download Euphoria by Fawkes, it says the thread has been deleted. Is there a similar thing i can get somewhere? Thanks (:

  69. Hiiiiiiiiii! Your sims are very pretty, but i don’t know how to download them I press download but it says error… Also would you please upload the household at the end with Tranquil still alive and Tosca’s girlfriend? I don’t have any way to get The last generation. pretty plese with berries on top? You gotta do it cuz i asked nicely lol. 🙂

  70. I just realized there is a lot of comments here that I have missed. It is a bit overwhelming 0_0 but I will try to work on a few of these requests today. Please note that if you do not have 4shared, send me an email at I will be uploading simfiles not simpacks, because they are more compatible. thanks!

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  72. All of your sims are stunning you have inspired me to start a rainbowacy not only that but can I just say I love peach puff and apricot I think the second generation girls would have to be my favorite and mango ❤ OMB

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