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Gen 8- Chapter 15: Waterlily Whip

Children are one life’s greatest gifts. Me of all people understood, just how much so. I was lucky to still be around to be with mine. Three beautiful children, all so different and unique in their own way. Amazingly the twins were more different than I would have ever imagined. Twins certainly did not mean the same.

Surprisingly, Affair and Wisteria, were much more alike, than Wisteria and Seance ever were. Personality wise and interests, little Wisty wanted nothing more than to be just like her big brother. When Affair joined the scouts, it wasn’t even a day later, that she wanted to join too. It almost broke her heart when I had to explain that scouts were for boys, not girls.

Once the tears had settled down, I mentioned the cupcakes (girl scouts) and she almost jumped right out of her skin with excitement. It wasn’t exactly what she wanted, but they had the same uniform, so it was close enough for her liking.

We had tried to sign all three up for scouting, but Seance was not the least bit interested. Not enough hands on he would say. Which pretty much meant, there was nothing for him to explore or discover, other than being out in the woods. Not really his cup of tea. Seance was a mini biologist in the making. We ended up using his scouting dues, that we had allotted, to buy him a chemistry set, and since we didn’t have a lab, we had to set it up in the guest kitchen. We never used it anyways, so it worked out just fine.

One of Fern’s relatives liked to splurge on all of the family members, this included our family for some odd reason. I’m not even sure how cousin Mars knew about us, but he sent gifts all the way from Shang Stir Fry for the kids.

The boys received these really authentic looking space suits, equipped boots, helmets and working micro phone walkie talkies. Those two played for hours, pretending the tall weeds out back were some strange alien planet. Most of the time, I had to literally drag them in for dinner. Even then they wouldn’t break character.

“This is A unit to S. do you read. Over?”

“I read you loud and clear A unit. Over.”

“Seems we have to break from our daily exploration. Our meal supplements must be consumed before they expire. Over.”

“Roger that!”

Once dinner was over, they were right back at it. Flying back into orbit, before the began their next round of space excavation.

“Last one back to the ship, has cleaning duties for a week!!”

“Preparing for shuttle dispersion.”

The first time uncle Prelude, caught a glimpse of them playing on his old trampoline, I thought his face was going to split from all the smiles. I could remember him and Beaux doing something similar back in their day.

“But we didn’t have the fancy gear. why didn’t they have cool stuff when we were kids?”

The boys were not the only one to receive a special gift from uncle Mars. In the same box with the space suits were 3 nice sized teddy bears. One purple one, one white and one blue. Those bears were her life. She didn’t go anywhere without at least one of them. All three if possible, but that was not always the case. We went through a huge amount of juice, because every time I turned around, Wisty was dragging them upstairs to “feed her guests”. Which would have been fine, but she liked to open them, so most went to waste.

Kiwi and Laurel were also fond of Wisty’s bears. They had gotten similar gifts, but theirs were little princess dresses, which I imagine were purchased at the same place as the space suits. The girls were a bit older than Wisty, since they were closer to Affair’s age, but since she was the only other girl, they got a long surprisingly well for their age difference.

Wisty was quite grown up for her age. She was incredibly smart, and just the sweetest thing that had ever walked the face of the planet. She had compassion well past her years, and a kindness. A kindness that was almost to a fault…

Kindness to a fault? Well, let me explain.

The girls had slumber parties almost every other weekend. Sometimes they would all go to Prelude and Fern’s, but most of the time they would shack up in Wisty’s room. Not saying that we spoiled the girl… okay well, perhaps we did, but she had a nice queen size bed, so all three fit just fine together. Wisteria always made sure to request a special reading from Disco, for the three of them. The twins always conked out early, but Wisty held on to the very end.

Favorite part of Disco’s day…

“Goodnight Angel.”

Ah, but let us get back to the kindness to a fault thing shall we.

It all started after one of the girls slumber parties. It had been a few weeks since everyone had received their presents. The girls had spent the entire evening playing happily with Wisty’s bears. I didn’t think anything of it at the time, but Kiwi had mentioned, just how much she loved them. Seemed harmless enough. That was until the next morning when the girls headed out to leave. They both had one bear tucked under their arms as they waved one last goodbye, before hopping into Fern’s car.

I could scarcely believe what I was seeing. She loved those bears. She couldn’t have possibly given them away. Did they take them? I knew they were little brats, but I never imagined them stealing something from their very own cousin. Well there was only one way I was going to find out. I had to ask the source.

“Sweat heart? The girls just left, and I couldn’t help but notice that they both had one of your bears.”


“You gave them your bears? Honey I thought you loved those guys.”

“I do.”

“So why would you give them away?”

“Because they asked if they could have them.”

“Wisty love, just because somebody asks you for something, doesn’t mean you have to give it to them.”

“But they asked nicely. I couldn’t say no.”

“Sure you can. All you have to say is, No I’m sorry. These were a gift, and I would like to hang on to them.”

“But that’s just mean.”

“It’s not mean.”

“Yes it is. They would have been upset, if I had said no. I didn’t want them to get mad at me.”

“Oh i see.”

I soon realized this was going to take a little more discussion, that just a little pep talk.

“How about you and I go out for a little while, so we can talk a little more about this. Sound fun?”


I had two reasons for going out that day. one being, Wisty and I needed to have a serious conversation about what it meant to be nice, and two, there was a new coffee/dessert shop in town, and I had yet to check it out, since the grand opening a couple of weeks prior. Bubble Buzz was literally all the buzz and I had not even seen the building yet! The rumor going around was they had this amazing mock ambrosia, that was so close to the real thing, it was actually hard to tell the difference… other than the price. Real Ambrosia was only available at the higher end restaurants, and you had better be prepared to throw down a couple hundred for one small dish. I had never tried the real thing, so I was sure that the mock was going to be out of this world.

When we walked inside, the place was almost deserted. Other than a couple sitting in the dining room and a lady behind the counter the place was empty. Gorgeous as it was, I held out little hope the place would stick around long with it’s lack of customers.

“Wow so quiet. Where is everyone?”

“Oh. Ummmm. Well, it’s the night crowd that keep this place going. Party doesn’t start until about 9 pm and then you can barely get in the door. The girl behind the countered stammered. She looked physically uneasy, and I think Wisty and my presence was only making it worse.

“Oh I see. Well we would like two of your mock ambrosia please.”

“Oh. alright.” The girl stared blankly at the cash register, as if she had never seen it before in her life. Leaning completely over the keys, she squinted her eyes looking for the right buttons. “Ummmmm. Okay. Right.” Her finger hovering over several keys before moving onto another. Finally in desperation, she looked up from what she was doing, her face frozen, eyes wide. “I’m sorry. I’m not supposed to be here. I was just here until Honey gets back.”

I could tell she was not only scared, but completely embarrassed.

“Well, maybe I can help.” I smiled leaning over the counter. I found the key almost immediately and pointed it out to her.

“Oh there it its!” She mashed the key twice and our total thankfully popped up. “10.75 please.”

I paid the girl, just as Honey was returning. From there, the sale went a long smoothly. Five short minutes later, we both had our plates. I wasn’t sure what actual Ambrosia smelled like, but our plates smelled divine.

I didn’t want to jump into business right way, so instead we dove right into our treat. It was amazing! I’m not sure if it is possible to eat pink, but I am pretty sure this is what it would taste like. Sweet, almost sparkly to the tongue. Half way through, I casually brought our discussion back to the topic at hand.

“Pretty good huh?”

“So good!”

“I thought so too. Speaking of good. You know you are a good girl right?”


“Good. Something I want you to understand though. Just because you tell someone no, doesn’t mean you are not nice. Sometimes we have to say no. You don’t always have to do what someone else asks you.”

“But I don’t like to make people sad.”

“I know you don’t sweety, but, well when you gave your bears away today. Did that make you happy?”

“Yes. Well. Kind of. I liked seeing them smile, but I miss them momma.”

“This is exactly what I mean love. Sometimes you have to say no. Now your bears, which were a very kind gift by the way, are now living with someone else.”

“I’m sorry.” He voice was so sad and disappointed. She pushed the ambrosia around on her plate. Refusing to look at me. “Momma?”

“Yes, love?”

“I’m sad.”

“Aww, it’s okay. I’m sure if I talk to Fern we can get your bears back.”

“Not that.” She said, shaking her head. “That.” Wisteria pointed out the front window.

It took a second for my eyes to focus on, what she was seeing, but then I saw. A woman with a small child were on the corner asking for money. They were both dressed in terribly mismatched clothes, which had probably been dug out of old bins, or purchased at the second hand store.


‘Why don’t they have money momma?”

“I don’t know sweet heart.”

I tried to think of an appropriate answer, but there was no way of knowing the real reason they were there. Wisteria’s eyes began to well up with the biggest tears I had ever seen. Her voice broken and hurt.

“It’s not fair. That poor little girl. She is probably so hungry. Can we give them money? We have money right?”

“Yes, but… it’s not always best to just hand out money. Remember the bears?”

‘What about food? Can we buy them some food? Please momma?”

I just sat their dumbfounded. I had hardly noticed the pair out on the corner, and here was my youngest child, completely devastated. My heart swelled with pride. “Yes of course dear.”

I just so happened to have an old basket rattling around in the trunk, so after our snack, Wisty and I headed over to the corner market to pick up a few items. A couple wrapped sandwiches and even a baby bottle, we tucked inside the old basket.

The second we arrived back at the Bubble Buzz, she jumped from the car and carried the basket over to the lady.

‘Hello. This is for you.”

“For me? I… I don’t know what to say. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

The lady kindly took the basket and immediately unwrapped one of the sandwiches. Wisty waited until she was settled and then reached into the basket for the bottle. “And this is for her. Can I give it to her?”

“Of course dear.” The lady smiled, tears sitting heavy at the brim of her eyes.

“This is for you.”

“Thank kooo!!!!”

We left that day with a new sense of fulfillment. Wisteria’s for helping others in need, and me knowing, that I had the most amazing daughter there ever was. I wasn’t sure if this is partly what my mystery letter was talking about, but I knew I had discovered my purpose in life. To bring this beautiful kind and caring soul into the world. My life felt complete.

“That was very kind of you love.”

“Thank you Momma.”


Alright folks! This is our last chapter of Lil and next time Wisteria will be taking the reins. That’s the exciting part! The part you may not like it… Wisteria will not begin until I get back from Australia. I leave November first, and I really don’t want to get started on her gen, to just up and leave. And with pets coming out, little is going to be getting done. I will be around, but Splash will be on vacation. ❤ Love you guys!!!

Gen 8- Chapter 14: Waterlily Whip

“Where do you suppose it comes from?”

“Honestly? I have no idea.”

Little Wisteria had always had trouble with her hair. From the time she was born, it had pretty much refused to grow. Seance’s hair started to come in immediately. Little tuft of blue balanced ever so gently on top of his head, only stretching out, bigger and wider, with the coming months. Wisteria, was bald. Bald as bald could be for months. I started to fear it would never grow in. Then suddenly it did. The tiniest bit of fuzz. It was so fine and fair, it was hard to tell at first, but then… there was no denying it. The hair on her head was white as snow.

We were already in confusion over her deep purple eyes, but now, we were a little more than confused.

Well does it come from your side of the family?” Disco inquired. I started to answer when my mind picked up on the almost accusatory tone. My mouth opened and then shut again almost immediately.

“What is that supposed to mean?”

“Well…no one on my side of the family has white hair, or purple eyes, and if no one on your side has it. Well, it has to come from somewhere right?” His inference was unmistakable now. I was in so much shock, I just stood there. A stupid smile resting on my face. Oh but it wasn’t a happy a smile. More of a “are you fudgin kidding me” smile.

“Please tell me, you are not implying what I think you are implying.” I growled. “Do you honestly believe I went out and found me a purple eye’d, white haired guy, to oh I don’t know, have a little fun with?!”

“Well, no. I don’t know. I don’t think you would, but where does it come from?”

“I don’t know!! But if you hadn’t noticed, those look an awful like your freckles and complexion on both of them.” My voice started to raise, and immediately tried to tone it down. Though my voice, was lower my anger was boiling over to a point, I could barely see straight. I picked up Wisteria, and swiftly whisked her away to her crib.

Still fuming, I did the same with Seance.

“Babe, I didn’t mean it to come out like that. I was just coming up with some ideas.”

“Ideas that involve me cheating.” I called back through door as it slammed behind me.

“No! I didn’t mean. Okay, well maybe, I did, but you are right. They definitely have my skin tone. Unless.”

“You say what I think you are going to say, and your butt is on the couch.”

“You’re right. I’m going to shut up now.”

“I think that would be best.”

We did not say another word to each other the rest of the night. I grumbled around the room, slamming laundry in the basket. “Stupid if he thinks… the nerve…. I just….OHHHHH!” While Disco watched sheepishly from the bed. Finally after about an hour he slunk off to the house to get some food and watch some TV. I took the open opportunity to turn in and go to sleep, so I didn’t end up killing my husband for being so…. argh!! By the time he came back, I was well off to dreamland. Lucky for him.

The next morning, I started immediately researching, any possibilities. Maybe there was a strange albino type anomaly, that caused white hair and purple eyes. To no surprise, there was nothing of the sort. I searched through all kinds of genetic type articles and they really weren’t much help.

The only lead I ever came across, was an old portrait. One of the oldest in the house. The elderly woman who must have been my grandmother six times removed or some ridiculous thing, had white hair, and so did, one of her daughters, but that just couldn’t possibly be. Could those genes still be in there? Generations later, was it even possible? I was just about to head back to my trusty computer to find out, when there was a knock at the door.

“Just a minute!!”

After opening the door and noticing there was a mailman on the other side, I realized it was not only a mail man, but a mail man with a massive grin stretched so tight across his face, you have thought I was Santa and my front door was the portal to the north poll.

“Yes?” I smiled, trying half as hard to match his odd excited expression.

“Are you – Waterlily Whip Chiffon?”


“Oh! This is so cool! You have NO idea how long I have waited for this day.” He giggled exuberantly pulling a large manila envelope from his sack. “This is for you.”

I gingerly received the letter. Instead of leaving like most postal workers, the man continued to gawk. The same expression on his face the entire time. Not sure what was more strange, I turned my attention to the large envelope. My eyes tracked back and forth over the odd writing on the front.
To: Miss Waterlily Chiffon to be delivered. Huh. It had today’s date. I looked at the man still standing on my step. “Is there something else I can help you with?”

“No Ma’am.”


I started to examine the envelope again. “Wait. How can this be? This was post marked.” I read it several times to be sure my math was up to date. “Over 200 years ago.”

“Yes Ma’am. It’s been sitting in the bosses office, waiting for this day. You have no idea. I had to fight half the carriers to deliver it to you.”

I just stood there, awestruck. What could I say. It was obvious it was for me, but how could someone know to send me something so far into the future.

“Are you going to open it?”


“Oh. Of course. It is yours of course.”

“It is. Good day Sir.”

“Good day Waterlily.”

I settled in at the kitchen table with the envelope and bowl of cereal. I wasn’t sure if I was ready to open it. What if it was a trick? What if it was booby trapped. I stared at it for several moments. Just like I did with spam email. Even knowing full well, I wasn’t going to get a virus, I remained cautious for some odd reason. Finally curiosity got the best of me, and opened the 200 year old seal. A folder slid out on to the table.

Opening the folder I found a couple of old photographs clipped to the inside. One of man and one of woman with a little girl. There was also a stack of papers, probably about four, that were folded into fourths and an additional note with a giant PLEASE READ ME FIRST written on it’s back. Not being a complete dimwit, I read the letter first.

Dearest Waterlily, 

I know after reading this you are going to have a lot more questions, that unfortunately I cannot answer. But lets start with the ones I can. Lets start with you. You don’t know me, but I certainly do know you, your family is quite special to me, and that is the exact reason why I am writing to you. You have questions about your daughter, and her out of place colorings. Your poor husband, does not really think you did anything that foolish, he is just as confused as you are, so don’t go to hard on him okay?

I had to pause and laugh while taking a good look around the room, this letter was too wild for words. I continued on.

She definitely belongs to both of you. I think an easier way to understand it all, is if you knew the whole story. One that very much involves you and all of your ancestors. You will find in the folder a stack of papers, that looked as if they were ripped from their book, that is because they were. Your grandmother, lets say grandmother, because if we went into how many greats we would be here all night. Your grandmother tore these pages from her journal, with the intention of destroying them, but she wanted me to read them first. Once I had read them,I just couldn’t allow her to dispose of them. They meant too much, so I pleaded with her to let me keep them. After promising, I would not let them fall into the wrong hands, she finally agreed. Go ahead and read them now, and I will see you on the other side.

Again I looked around the room for a candie camera or something, but there was no one there except me and my cereal bowl. I opened the journal pages and read on.

“The following events are true. So true that I was ashamed to write them down your pages my dearest friend. A truth that should that should never see the light of day nor should it be uttered in the darkest of rooms. A secret that only one other soul beside my own would ever know.”

I wasn’t sure what I was expecting to happen that night. I foolishly rolled out of bed and with out even trying to find proper clothing(in fear of waking my sleeping husband) I slipped into the darkness and down the walk. Heading strait for…”forbidden territory”.

Only the cold that wrapped around my legs and feet kept me tethered to reality. If had not been for them, I would have sworn it was all dream. Still wrapped in the comfort of my blankets, still safe and still…faithful.

It wasn’t until I actually stepped onto the grounds of the Pinot Noir estate that the ramifications of what my actions could bring started tumbling down upon me. I was risking everything to see him. If I were caught, it had the possobility of ruining it all. Everything that he and I had been so desperately trying to put back together.

Two marriages, two families…broken by two irrational hearts.

Fear ran through my veins. What was I doing? And how was I ever expecting to see him. I couldn’t just go up and knock on the door, or even throw stones at his window. I shook my head with embarrassment. I was beginning to wonder who actually had the control. Was it my brain or my heart? And more importantly who was right?

My heart was the one who hoisted me out of my bed that night. My heart was the one crying and saying it wasn’t fair, the foolhardy creature who got me into this mess in the first place.

My head ever vigilant and always full of reason. Telling me not to go, perhaps I should have listened. Sadly it was too late for that now.

But just like a prayer that is answered before your very eyes.

He was there.

I felt like the proverbial dear caught in the headlights. I was frozen where I stood. My heart beating so loud and hard I was sure I would wake the whole neighborhood. All I could do was stare up into those beautiful dark purple eyes. Those eyes that I saw everyday on the face of my…our daughter. Sadness building inside me with every passing second.

I was finally able to mouth the words “I’m sorry.” and he in turn motioned for the front door.

I ran across the cold wet grass till my equally foolish bare feet and I were standing on his porch. The door clicked and soon he was there, just inches from me. Taking my hands in his own, he lead me around to the side of the house. Out of view from the world, just like everything else between us had been.

“Lace? What are you doing here?” He whispered.

I didn’t have an answer. I didn’t even have a voice. My face was hot and I could feel the tears beginning to roll down my face. I tried wiping them away but it was useless. I opened my mouth to try and speak, but when nothing came out I closed it again biting my lip.

Turning away I was able to finally say at least a glimmer of what was going on in my head.

“I had to see you. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have come. It was stupid. I’m stupid.”

“Lace you’re not stupid. Please don’t say that.”

“Please don’t cry.”

“I can’t help it.”

“This is the way it has to be. You know that.”

“I do.”

“Or at least my head does, but its my heart. My heart keeps calling your name. I know it shouldn’t but it does. I don’t feel the same without you.”

“Lace please. Stop.”

“I wish I could, but I can’t. Every-time I see her, every-time I hold her, I am reminded of you. Its a burden I can hardly bare. All I dream about is us being a family. Being able to be with you, hold you, say I love you, without the fear of persecution, and I don’t know how to make it stop. What am I supposed to do.”

“I don’t know…”

“OMB. Of course. What was I thinking. I was a fool for coming here. You don’t… Well why would you. You have a beautiful wife you don’t need me. I was right I shouldn’t of come.”

“Please Lace. For all of us just don’t.” His voice started to crack as he pleaded. I was so lost in my emotions, I was nothing but confused.

“I’m sorry.”

“No. I am the one who is sorry. It wasn’t supposed to be this way. It was never meant to be this way.”

“What wasn’t?”

“I wish I could tell you, but I can’t.”

“I don’t understand.”

*sigh* “I wasn’t supposed to fall in love. I had love. I had the girl of my dreams! Literally… But then you walked in and threw everything upside down. You don’t think I love you, but I do. More than I should. I love you more than anything else in this world, but it shouldn’t be that way. I have a wife and children, I should love them, and I do, but you… I can’t get you out of my head. Every moment when I wake, you are there. The feelings of my longing almost as heavy as the guilt. I go through my day wanting nothing more then to touch your face.”

I just stood there in shock. I felt my heart squeeze so hard I could scarcely breathe. He was right, hearing it was only making it worse. The tears started come harder and faster and then he threw his arms around me.

“Oh Berry I love you Lace.” He cried into my shoulder. I had never seen him cry before. The painful sobs were making it even harder for me to stand. I held him close, pulling him in, giving myself fully and completely into the embrace. If only we could have stayed there forever.

“Lets run away together.”

“No. We can’t. You can’t do that. You have a family and beautiful daughter to take care of. A husband who loves and needs you.”

“I know. But all of it is meaningless without you. Sometimes I wish none of this had ever happened. It would have been best if you and I had never-”


“Please don’t ever say that. Don’t even feel it, or think it. I regret nothing. Every moment with you I will forever treasure. It was you all along. I have broken so many hearts in my wake, I guess it was high time for it to happen to me in return, but even so I wouldn’t trade any of it, if that involved not ever getting to be near you. You are so special, I only wish you could see it.”

“Oh Merlot.”

“Shhhhh. Its OK. Things are gonna be OK. You are going to have a wonderful life. Beautiful children, even more beautiful grandchildren. You are destined for great things, and I will be here forever loving you. I have already given you my heart and soul, please don’t ask me for more. I have nothing else to give.”

We stayed there shrouded in darkness for only a few moments more, before we both had to return to our own lives, but before we went our separate ways, we vowed to one another under the dying twilight our eternal love. A secret he and I would take to our graves, never telling a soul.

“I’ll never forget you.”

“I couldn’t if I tried.”

I set the pages down. A part of my heart sunk after reading it. How could a letter about people I didn’t even know hit so deeply? As instructed returned to the original letter.

I know this may seem like just a sob story, but it is very important for what I am about to tell you. The love those two shared transcended all boundaries, and even though they could not be together for reasons out of their control, their loved never died. A love that now lives on in your daughter. You have been given a very special gift, Miss Whip. She is kindhearted and loving, and she will grow to feel things deeper and stronger than you could ever possibly imagine. Take good care of her. She will need your unconditional love and undying support. She will grow to be a great woman one day, but I can tell you now, your snarky attitude will not work on her, so try your best behave?

In all seriousness though, please take special care. I know you two will be fine. Just never forget to listen.

I can’t say much more, so I will end this here. Have a wonderful day darlin. Oh! and you should talk to your mom more often, she knows more than you think she does.

Much love


Once I had finished the letter, it finally all sunk just how creepy and ominous it all was. How could this M from years and years and more years ago, know so much about my life. I pushed from the table and looked around again sweeping the room for answers. Of course there were none, so I did the first thing I could think of.

I ran to hold my daughter. I had no idea if half they things in the letter were true, but if they were, I wasn about to let down on my end of the deal. I scooped her and held her so tightly. “Momma loves you sweetheart.”

She wasn’t talking yet, but she let out a squeal, that I could have sworn indicated you knew exactly what I was saying.

I had always considered her my gift, but maybe she was even more special than even I could comprehend. I looked deep into her purple eyes, wishing desperately she could talk and tell just what she had seen. I knew she wasn’t going to get me the answers I needed, but maybe…

just maybe, there was someone that could.


I know most of you have read Lace and Lo already, but this is where it fits into the story, so bear with it. Thanks!! ❤

Gen 8- Chapter 13: Waterlily Whip

“It’s time.”

Life is precious. We all know that. Or least we think we do. We go through our lives, probably repeating that phrase a hundred times over, but do we really understand the complexity of the words? Not the only the meaning, but the feeling as well. Life is precious. It can be given in a moment of passion, or taken a way with one misplaced step. Sometimes through no fault of our own, we take life for granted. It’s just a part of us, that we some how seem to forget is a blessing, not a right.

But when a life begins to slip through our fingers, suddenly we remember just how special it all is. Fear enters our heart and we can feel the grip tightening, desperately trying to hold on in those final fleeting moments. No amount of sheer will or force can keep a life bound to this plane of existence. All we can do, is sit back and watch. Hope for the best. Sometimes we are rewarded for our leap of faith with heartbreak and disappointment.

And sometimes we are blessed with a miracle. A chance to prove we understand just how lucky and precious we truly are.

The doctors called it a fluke. Mom and Dad called it a miracle. I knew what it really was. It was my chance to make my life better. Stop holding back and push the fear away. All the gifts in my life seemed to dance before me. An overwhelming feeling of joy pulsed through my body the moment his face appeared around the corner. I knew what I was meant to do.

I had said if I made it through, we would get married. At the time I was speaking out of fear. I didn’t want lose him. Even as much as I hated to admit it at the time, he had over our short time together, filled my heart with a love and adoration I would have never expected. Those final moments of consciousness with his hand in mine, I knew my life wouldn’t have been the same without him.

Our road had been rocky, there was no doubt, but all of that seemed to have lifted far away. It no longer felt like a part of my burden. Perhaps I had left it on the other side. Another unlikely gift. It’s amazing how perspectives can change so rapidly in a moment of panic and loss. I knew I was dying, I could feel it. The tones in the doctors and nurses voices, as I zoomed in and out of consciousness. Their main concern was the baby, it was obvious from the little that I gathered, that they didn’t hold out much hope for me.

But I hadn’t given up. I knew I had to keep going. For my little boy, my loving husband to be, my parents. Too many people needed me. I couldn’t just leave them. They were all counting on me to pull through. I kept them in my minds eye. Promising to myself, that if I could just hold on a little longer, I would see them all again. But as I said before sheer will can only get one so far.

They had just gotten the baby out, and were working to stitch me back up, when my body finally let go. My heart stopped, and the doctors immediately did what they could to revive me, while a nurse tried her best to busy herself with cleaning off the baby. It took three tries to shock me back to existence. My heart monitor sprang to life once more. Only it wasn’t just my heart that was now beating. A tiny little rhythm much smaller and faster than my own, threw everyone in the room into shock.

“This can’t be!” The doctor exclaimed rushing back to my side. Pulling the ultrasound equipment out, he carefully scanned over the newly sutchered area. It was only a matter of seconds before he called out to one of the nurses.

“Nurse we have to open her back up now!”

I read the file and report a dozen times, and every time it was the same. No one, not even the doctor could explain how they had missed her. It was as if she wasn’t there before. Which all of us knew was impossible. The doctors relied upon some, weird medical jargon to try and smooth it all over, but we knew and well as they did, they were at a loss for a real explanation. Perhaps a gift I brought back with me from the other side. It sounded crazy, but it was no more bizarre than just failing to see her there.

Seeing them behind the glass made it all so real. I had cheated death, and these two beautiful angels were my proof. It had taken all my strength to walk to corridor to the preemie ward. My nurse was not very keen on the idea, but I wasn’t about to go another minute without seeing them. Carefully supported by Disco, we walked down the hall. My beautiful little boy and girl. I was filled with so many emotions, it was hard to tell what was up and what was down.

My mind started to wonder into dangerous territory. What if I hadn’t made it. They would have never known their mother. What would their lives have been like. Almost as if he was reading my mind, Disco wrapped his arm around my shoulder and drew me in.

“You’re here now. So just push those ideas far from your mind. You’re safe.”

I tried to smile, it only came out halfhearted. “I want to go home.”

Life after I returned home, wasn’t much different from how it had been in the hospital. I was on strict instructions to rest as much as possible. All my meals were brought to me, and the only thing I was allowed to do by myself, was bathe and use the bathroom. It seemed an unfair punishment. Forced to lay in bed, while the rest of the family got to have all the time they wanted with the babies.

Wisteria Lace was named by my mother. When the paperwork had arrived in the hospital to fill out their names, I was still in an out of a medicated stupor. I did manage to name our son, but that was only because Disco and I had discussed boys names before hand. Seance Chiffon.

Wisteria Lace, was such a beautiful name, I often wondered where Mom had heard it. Every time I would ask though, all she would say is she had heard it “around”. Whatever that meant.

Since I was on permanent bed rest, I was appointed the new Hominy Popcorn narrator. Which I had to admit was a lot of fun. Affair was talking quite a lot by then, so he was always full of questions and excitement. We were now up to two chapters a night and he was even able to point out a word or two.

Watching his face shine in the lamplight, I could feel my heart swell. He was getting so big. He wasn’t going to be my baby boy much longer. Soon he would be dragging the Hominy Popcorn books off to his room, and locking the door so he could read them by himself. A moment, I was not all prepared for, so instead of dwelling on it further, I ruffled his hair and continued on.

“Hominy, knew it only give her satisfaction, if he complained. So he continued to..”


I don’t normally do this, but after typing this up. I feel that this piece needed to be a chapter all on it’s own. Little shorter I know, but I hope that you will enjoy it none the less. The next part will be coming shortly. Perhaps this evening if all goes to plan. For now, let’s celebrate! Yay! She made it!! lol

Gen 8- Chapter 12 Part 2: Waterlily Whip

By the time we arrived back at home, it was nearly nightfall. Yet somehow I managed to beat Disco home regardless. It had been a long day for Affair, and his restlessness, was getting worse by the second. I gave him a quick bath and put him straight to bed. He didn’t even put up a fight. Poor little guy was tuckered out.

“Sleep well sweetheart.”

“Nigh Mummuh.”

Oh how a little soul could touch so deeply. I held onto his hand for several seconds before letting go. A kiss on the cheek, and he was already drifting off to dreamland. I waited till I was sure he was asleep and then headed back to the bathroom for a bath of my own.

I soaked for a good 30 minutes. Trying to release the negative thoughts again, but they seemed to be getting worse. Especially when it came to Affair. Would he understand why mommy and daddy weren’t married? Would he ever forgive me, if Disco left? I didn’t know, but it wasn’t going to change the way I felt. I just had to accept the fact, that I was not ready, and forcing myself with guilt to try and make a decision wasn’t, going to help either.

I was already in bed by the time Disco had finished with his shower, and was ready for bed. Instead of heading to his side like he normally did, he walked over to mine.

He practiacally crawled into my lap, carefully hovering over me and my book. I did my best to teasingly ignore him, but it is hard to ignore an adorable guy sitting across your legs.

“How was the shower?”

“It was nice. How was yours?”

“Great. Lots of baby talk?”

“You know it.”

“Care to have a little more?”

That one threw off my aloofness. I closed my book and set it on the bedside table. “You want to talk about babies?”

Faster than I had time to react, Disco had jumped over me and pulled me into his arms. I could feel my body shiver with excitement.

“Sure. Why not? It’s not like we can’t afford another mouth to feed, and we already have one. Whats one more?”

“I suppose.”

“Maybe it will be a girl this time.”

My mind flashed to Kiwi and Laurel, and for a brief second, a little girl did not sound all that inviting…

but in no time at all, he had swayed me.

It wasn’t long before baby #2 was on its way. I was much more excited this time around. Since I had gone through all if it before, everything seemed so much easier. I managed to again, survive the early months without a hint of morning sickness. No idea how I got so lucky, but my advice, don’t look a gift berry in the mouth.

Once a family starts to grow, there are certain activities you want to get involved in, that you may not have even considered before. Take for instance family photos. From the time we discovered that were indeed expecting our second bundle of joy, I was compelled to get family photos taken of the three of us. Disco and I weren’t technically married, but there was no denying that we were a family. I ran the idea by Disco and he was all for it.

I came across a new studio town that specialized in children’s photography. Frosting Photography had settled into the old spa/gym downtown. Their prices were decent, and they had an unbelievabley great grand opening deal. I made an appointment immediately.

The appointment was for Staurday morning, so when Saturday arrived, I packed up Affair, and Disco and I headed out. I had wanted to dress Affair in something a bit more formal, but he didn’t want to. We tried for twenty minutes or so to get him into his suit, before I finally gave in. He wants to wear his t shirt and jeans. So be it.

To our surprise the studio was almost empty when we arrived. Must have been tough getting things going, because Mr. Frosting was more than pleased to see us. He ushered us immediately to one of the back rooms. “I think the lavender room will be best for you three.”

I was instructed to take Affair to the little bucking llama at the far end of the room. His single photos were first. He wanted nothing to do with the llama or anyone else in the room, and as soon as his little bottom hit the saddle, his face dropped into a frown. I stepped back, hoping that after a few shots he would warm up to the idea.

He did not.

Sensing the growing frustration from all parties, I carefully lifted Affair off of the llama so we would have a little heart to heart.

“You know it would be so great if we could get you to smile.”

“Don’t want to.”

“What about for Mommy and Daddy.”


I was going to have to a different tactic. “What about for your little sister or brother. I bet they would love to see your beautiful smile when they get to see these photos one day. What do you say? Big brother?”

That was all I needed to say, from then on out, he was all smiles. Those beautiful bright blue eyes shining.

Pregnancy for me seemed to really hinge on the whole nesting thing, but not just the babies room. No my need to remodel and fix, stretched all over the house. My first victim, was the art room upstairs. The peach yellow purple was just too drab. After a little convincing, I managed to talk Dad into letting me fix it up. Which meant, I picked what I wanted and Dad and Disco did all the work.

I spent almost all of my free time in that room, so I wanted it be nice and pretty. The color scheme was much more pleasing to my eye, and since it was mostly mom and me in the room. I was the only one enjoying it.

No amount of joy prepared me for what was about to happen. I was painting as usual, when a small pain hit my stomach. At first it was such a small jab, I thought it was just a slice of the last nights pizza, but then it started to get worse and worse, but it wasn’t like a contraction. It was much more painful.

Worse and worse, until I doubled over from the pain, dropping my knees. I clutched my belly and screamed. “Disco! I need you!?” I tried to use my breathing technique to lessen the agony, but I could hardly breathe, let alone breathe deep. “Disco!!” I screamed again. Everything was starting to spin. The world was fading out, I knew it wouldn’t be long before I passed out completely. The last thing I remembered was hitting the floor with a thud, and then everything went black.

“LIL?! Granite call an ambulance!!!!”

When I woke, I found myself in a hospital bed. The pain, oh the pain was still there. Disco’s sweet face was looking down at me. I had never seen him so terrified in all my life. “Disco? AHHHHHHH!” I screeched.

“Don’t talk love. It’s OK. We just got here. They are trying to find your Doctor. Just relax.

“It hurts.”

“I know love. Just try and take it easy.”

I could see the tears sitting at the rim of his eyes. I was terrified. The pain ripped through me again, harder than it ever had before. I screamed again at the pain.

“If you can they wan’t you stay on your back.”

I couldn’t. It was like I had no control over my body. I rolled over onto my side and gripped my belly tighter. “Why does it hurt so bad!? Am I going to lose…

“Try to roll on your back baby. They said-”

“I can’t!!!!! Oh Berry please make it stop!” I screamed again. Fear and Pain had full and complete control over me.

“Can we get a doctor in here?!?!?!? PLEASSE?!!?!”

“Nurse we need a gurney in here stat!”

“Lil. Please just hang on. Don’t go to sleep. Don’t go to sleep.”

The pain was causing me to fall in and out of consciousness. All I could hear was Disco sobbing and a distant sound of wheels on linoleum.


“Yes, Lil.”

“If I make it – unnnnh – I want to get married.”

“Don’t talk like that, of course you are going to make it.”

“Promise — me, we will ahhhhhh – get married.”

“I promise.”

“I love you Disco. I’mmah so…. sorry.”

“I love you Lil. Lil? Lil?!”

Gen 8- Chapter 12 Part 1: Waterlily Whip

Affair Chiffon was by the far, the greatest gift, I never asked for. I was nervous at first, and I had this constant worry I would do something wrong, like drop him on his head, or forget him at the grocery store, sitting in a shopping cart. Well I am pleased to announce that none of those things ever happened. He and I got a long famously.

Now I won’t lie and say he was a perfect little angel, because Berry knows he had his moments, but all I could have ever asked for came bundled in his tiny little blanket. The next piece of my life puzzle. The moment I had held him in my arms, I knew that everything in the world happened for a reason. He was my new reason to get up in the morning.

My reason to laugh and smile. The bumble-y, stumble-y little darling, I could proudly call my son. Through my childhood, I never really considered myself the motherly type. I didn’t cuddle my dolls past the age of three, and to the shear disappoint of my dear sisters, I hated playing house.

But Affair made it easy for me. All he had to do was look at me with those beautiful blue eyes, and I knew exactly what he needed.

He may not have been an angel, but to me he was perfect.

“I love you little man.”

“Love oo mummuh”

I think Disco transitioned into parenthood even faster than I did. All you had to do was watch them together for 5 seconds to see just how much they loved each other. Part of their nightly routine was a bath and one chapter chapter from “Hominy Popcorn”. I’m not exactly sure who enjoyed it more.

“Lord Vichyssoise. Hominy watched as everyone in the room shuddered at his name… Can you say Lord Vichyssoise?”

“Lllllord Vish.”

“That was excellent!”

“Heeee. More Daddy. More.”

“Haha Alright, I will try not to interrupt this time, and let you enjoy the story.”

Sometimes, I had a hard time watching them together. Disco was so good with Affair, an exemplary father, and doting boyfriend. So what was holding me back? Why wasn’t I ready to take the plunge? I didn’t know. Every time I thought about the proposal, my tummy flipped under and nauseous guilt washed over me. He was so patient, but how long would he wait? The thought of him leaving crossed my mind a couple times. I tried my best to push the negative thoughts away. When the time was right, it would be right, and he would still be there. I had done a pretty good job of convincing myself, but some nights, I woke in a cold sweat.

Feelings that utterly confused me. If I feared him leaving, why I couldn’t I slip that ring on my finger? I was starting to feel that there was something seriously whacked in my brain.

Thankfully a little time with Affair, and I could feel all of my worry draining away. He really was a little ray of sun on my sometimes dark days. A musician just his grandma, who by the way adored him just as much we did. They seemed to have this bond through their music. All it took was one afternoon of grammy’s piano playing, and Affair wanted to play too. Of course, the piano was a bit too big, so we bought him a xylophone instead. He took to that thing, like a duck to water.

“Hit the red one. Do you know which one is the red one?”


“Close. That is the green one.”


“Very good! Oh you are so smart. Can you hit the red one?”


“Yes! You are going to be a great musician one day. Just like your grammy.”


“Yes dear?”

“How do you do that?”

“Do what?”

“How do you know what color is which? I mean, how did you know he hit the green one?”

“Oh, well each color makes a different sound.”

“Yes, but how did you know what color went with what sound?”

“Your gramma use to play with me like this. She taught me music notes by color, because she didn’t know how to read music. It was easier for her that way.”

I shook my head. “You really are amazing, I hope you know that.”

“I know.” *Ring Ring* “Could you get that? It might be your father. He’s late.”


I set down my paints, and headed for the nearest phone. Closest being, Mom and Dad’s room, I slipped inside and headed for Dad’s bedside table. I snatched the receiver from its cradle, and at first, I thought I had missed whoever it was on the other end. The line was dead quiet.

“…Chiffon Residence?”

I learned I was mistaken. The earpiece erupted in giggles and screams. “LIL!!!!! EEEEE LIL!”

I pulled the phone from ear, eyes growing wide from the screeching. I waited for the screaming to subside, and then brought the phone back up. “Midna… for some reason I get the feeling you are excited. Not sure what gave it away though, your screaming, or my broken eardrum.”

“I’m sorry Sis! I just have the coolest news ever!!”

“Are you gonna scream again? If you are, warn me please, I would like to keep one eardrum in tact.”

“Same ol Lil. Always over exaggerating. Anyways… Coronation and I…. are pregnant!!!”

“Really?! Gosh that’s amazing!!! Tell him I said congratulations. Wow did he manage that?”

“Very funny. You know what I mean. ANYWAYS! The shower is soon, and it’s going to be his grandma’s house in Fondant fields. And you better be there.”

“Now, how could I miss my own sisters shower?”

“Good. Bring Mom, if she doesn’t still hate me.”

“She doesn’t hate you. We will see you there. OK Bye bye.”

Mom and Midna, had yet to patch things up after her and Coronation’s impromptu wedding, but I knew for a fact, that Mom was not about to miss a shower for one of her own grandchildren. As usual, I was right. The moment, I announced it, she starting floating around the rooms. Telling anyone who would listen, that she was going to have two grand-babies. Since the only people in the house were me, Dad and Disco, we got to hear the story more than a few times.

I was looking forward to the shower, because Mom would have more people to gush with, other than myself. Again, I couldn’t have been more right. The moment we arrived, Pearl (Coronation’s Grandmother) and Mom started beaming over the upcoming birth. They sat on each side of momma Midna while she opened her presents. Midna was relieved to say the least.

All the ladies gathered around the chairs, as Fern and I planted ourselves on the ground. It was easier to keep the kids in line on the grass than it had been in the seats. I had an easy time with Affair that day. He stayed fairly mellow for the duration of the party.

Fern on the other hand, had her work cut out for her. Kiwi Kiss and Laurel Mint, were what you would call a hand full. If one wasn’t trying to squirm out of her lap, then one was tugging at her shirt trying to get in it. I watched how she struggled with them, and I was glad, that I only had one. Twins seemed like way more work. They made Affair look like the angel.

On top of all the wiggles, it seemed that Kiwi had learned a new word. A word she was quite proud of, and made sure that everyone knew, she could say it. Which horrified Fern to no end, because the new word was “fudge.” Every time she pronounced it, a triumphant grin would grow across her face. Unfortunately, after she revealed her word to the Kandy Kane’s, Fern confined her to her lap for the remainder of the party. Kiwi wasn’t very pleased after that.


“Say it again, and I am telling Daddy, as soon as we get home.”

It was so exciting to see Midna looking so happy. She had been feeling pretty bad since she got married. The couple times I went to visit her in Coconut Bay, she always seemed worried. I tried to convince her that Mom wasn’t mad, but for some reason she was convinced she had broken her heart. I swear it took longer for Midna to get over it than Mom.

The party was starting to wind down just about the time Affair needed a change. He started to squirm in my arms. Immediately the smell wafting up from his diaper, alerted me to just what was causing his discomfort. “Whew.” I croaked, waving my hand in front of my nose. “Did you do that?” His unchanging frown, told me he was in no mood to joke. So I headed to the house.

Heading through the kitchen to guest bathroom, I passed Heaven and Saph having a deep debate on how great it was to be a Mom. Heaven said yes, Saph… was less convinced.

Pearl was already working on everyone’s dishes. Which after seeing how immaculate her house was, I was surprised, she had been able to stifle her compulsion for as long as she did.

I had just gotten the yucky diaper diaper changed when he revealed that he was now hungry. I opened the bag. His snack bag had somehow gone missing. “Great.” I scowled into the bag, rifling through a second time and then a third.

“Hugry Mummuh.”

“I know love. I know. Let me see if I can find…” *sigh* I knew it wasn’t in there. Gathering Affair back onto my hip, we headed out of the bathroom. “Maybe gramma Pearl has something you can snack on.”

Before I had a chance to ask. Saph stepped right in between me and Pearl. “Soooooooo?” She giggled.


“So how did it go with Disco? You know. I heard he was going to ask you something important.”

Saph was literally grinning from ear to ear. I hated to be the one tell her, but I couldn’t well lie. I looked to Affair, his sweet patient smile, unaware of what I had done to his father. “I said…No.”

Saph’s expression drooped instantly, eerily similar to the way Disco’s had.

“You said no? But…But why?”


“Because… Pearl do you have something I could give him just to tide him over till we get home?”

“Of course dear. Help yourself, we have plenty there in the fridge.”

I threw Saph an apologetic look, as I carried Affair to the dining room. “Sorry I got get him some food.” I said placing Affair in the high chair. Hurrying back to the kitchen, I shoved my face in the fridge. Saph trailing behind all the while. I found a small jar of apple sauce and poured it into bowl I found in the cupboard.

She didn’t say a word until I had set the bowl down in front of Affair. The second he started munching she started unloading. “How could you say no?! I thought you two were happy?”

“We are happy.” I countered.

“But, if your happy. Why didn’t you say yes? I don’t understand.”

“I just wasn’t ready.”

“How more ready can you be?! You have a child together!?”

“I know.”

That was all I was able to say. I know… I didn’t have the words or energy to explain it all again. It had been hard enough trying to explain to Disco. I knew Saph would never understand. I could feel the disappointment in her voice. In a way I felt as if I had failed her. Her sacrifice was all in vain. I wanted to tell her it would happen one day, but I wasn’t so sure, that it ever would.

Gen 8- Chapter 11: Waterlily Whip

What started out as a bump no larger than one you might get after a large meal, had grown into something, I could no longer ignore. Could it possibly be? A baby bump? I mean it was possible, but I hadn’t had any of the pregnancy symptoms. I not once had thrown up, nor did I have an out of control appetite. Yet there sat the obvious protrusion from my normally flat belly. I touched it gently. Anxiety threatening to pull my right off my feet. How did I let this happen? We had always been so careful. I was no fool, I knew how pregnancies happened, which is why I had taken all precautions very seriously.

Drowning in my own thoughts, I never heard him as he sat up in the bed behind

“Is that what I think it is?” Disco’s question was laced with a grogginess that made my chest feel uneasy. His eyes would not tear away from the lump resting around my abdomen. I had no where to run to. No way to ease him down gently. He knew as well as i did, what we had done, and it would seem we were now reaping the er… benefits.

I wanted to say yes, but the words would not come. Instead the tears rolling down my cheeks did all of the talking. I felt so ashamed. So embarrassed, like some how it was all my fault. I wasn’t even quite sure, why it was all so intense. Most likely due to the hormones, that were now racing through my system to aid the little being inside.

Disco, almost the instant it had come out of his mouth, realized how harsh his question had been. He sprang from the bed, and rushed to my side. I could feel myself literally falling apart in his arms. The sobs grew louder and deeper, and the only thing I was grateful for, was that we were staying in the guest house, so no one else would hear the ruckus I was making.

“I’m sorry!” I choked. The sobs continued to rack my entire body from head to toe.

In the softest tone I had ever heard, with not even an attempt to raise it, so it would be heard over my cries, Disco petted my hair. “What are you sorry about love?”

“This! I wasn’t ready for this! We were just getting to know one another, and now this.”

“This.” Disco smiled touching my belly. “Doesn’t change anything. Not for me it doesn’t. I know, you may not be believe it fully yet, but I love you. Heart and soul, and you won’t ever see me walk out that door, ever…well except maybe when I have to go to work.”

That I couldn’t help but laugh at. I sniffed deep, trying to clear my eyes as well as my nose. “You always know what to say to make me feel better. You know that?”

“I know you better than you think I do.” He said with a wink.

He touched my belly a second time, only this time, it was not for me, but for us. Even just the gentle touch of his hand upon our child filled me with a warmth, that made my tummy tingle.

“Do you think it is a boy or a girl?” he asked, still attempting to feel them from inside.

“Not sure.”

“Doesn’t really matter, they are going to be the most loved baby either way.” He stated as if it were a given.

Again I smiled. “I think you could be right about that.”

We shared another kiss, and I couldn’t help take in the complexity of all we had been through. What one of my dearest friend had been willing to go through just be by my side. I felt slightly guilty. I knew he was ready for all of this, and I… well I wasn’t.

Well ready or not, the baby was on it’s way, so I had some announcements to make. I had a feeling my mother would be excited, so I decided to to start with her. “Mom, got some news. Some rather big news.”

“Am I going to be a grandma?!” She squealed.

I stood there unblinking for several moments. “How did you…”

“Oh I am so excited! He is going to be adorable.”


“Oh I mean. He, she, who knows what it will be. Right?”


My mom always had this uncanny way of knowing exactly what was going on, but I swore if it turned out to be a boy, I was convinced my mother was magic or something…

The rest of the announcements pretty much went the same way as the first. Everyone knew almost instantly, from the moment I said I had news. The only one, to have a different outcome, was Prelude and Fern, because Fern had a little announcement of her own. Looks like our little one, was going to have a cousin already.

Disco, immediately dove into doting father mode. It seems what ever he chose to do, he refused to half berry it. He had a pile of books next to the bed, all with titles like, “First baby, and what do I do?” and “Baby is the new pink: Progressive colors redefining the gender lines.” I had barely skimmed through one of them in the time, that Disco had scoured about three, cover to cover.

I experienced pregnancy fatigue, through out a good portion of the pregnancy. So I spent most of his studying time, catching some well needed Z’s, but I did get a few personal narrations, when Disco would run across something that he felt was incredibly important.

“Did you know they have ears now. They can hear the sound of yours and my voice.” Disco stated excitedly. “How cool is that?”

“Very cool.”

“We need to talk to them every day. It says you should pretend that they are in the room with you and you are just striking up a conversation, and by the time they get here, they will recognize the tones in your voice instantly.”

“What if I’m not a good mom?”

“You kidding? You are gonna be a great mom. I just know it.”

“Glad one of us is so sure.”

“You just wait and see.”

Since we were already settled into the guest house, we decided to it would be easier to set up the front room, into a make shift nursery. It would not have made any since to put the baby in the house, when were both so far away. We set up the room in beautiful lavenders and blues, two colors listed in Disco’s book.

Once the decorating began, things became more real, and I was finally getting excited. Though Disco seemed to be a little more excited than me.

“Did you feel that?! I felt that. They have quite the little kick.”

I giggled. “Yes, I felt it, it’s right here in my belly remember.”

“Oh ya. Sorry baby, Daddy is silly.”

“He sure is.”

“Which is probably why I am about to do this.”

“Do what?”

Before any more explanation was needed…

Disco was kneeling before me, with a ring box in hand. He opened the box and I couldn’t believe my eyes. “Miss Waterlily Whip Chiffon, will you marry me?

I was at a loss for words. My heart was racing so loudly, I knew it would drown out any sort of answer I was about to give.

I reached out for the box, and carefully shut the lid. “No.”

“No?” His voice floated through my heart and I could feel as his shattered. His face fell into such a deep grimace, my stomach twisted into a knot, I knew for sure would never release. He retracted the box and set it near the newly decorated crib.

I knew he deserved an explanation, was not sure if it would help, but he deserved it regardless. “I’m sorry. It’s not for the reason you might think it is. This isn’t how it should be. We should marry because we love each other, not because you accidently got me pregnant.”

“It has nothing to do with that.”

“Perhaps it doesn’t, but I don’t want to spend the rest of my life.” My voice could no longer voice the words. Vocalizing it made it sound stupid, I couldn’t get the words to come across the way I wanted. Hormones or no, I was a right mess, as usual.

But instead of being shakin by my confession, Disco pulled me into his arms.

“Shhhh, you don’t have to explain to me. If you aren’t ready, you aren’t ready, and unless your next plan if action is to kick me out, then I am willing to wait as long as it takes.”

Oh the berry lovin tears. “Why do you put up with me?!” I sobbed into his shoulder.

“Do you really have to ask? Because I love you, and that’s what people in love do.”

“I don’t think I deserve you.”

“Don’t you ever say that again.”

“Disco… I do love you. It’s just.”

“Nope, not another word about it. We have more important things to worry about.”

“Like what?”

“Like this.” He smiled, pressing his lips to mine. I wasn’t sure what was so special about me to deserve the unconditional love I received in an endless abundance, but I was learning quickly just to be gracious of my blessings.

“I love you Miss Chiffon.”

“I Love you.”

By 8 and a half months, i felt like a blimp. It was hard for me to walk anywhere without a noticeable waddle. Which is why I was slightly perturbed when I left the bedroom to find that the front door was wide open. Disco had gone up to the house for something, and must have forgotten that the door was slightly wonky. I started over to it, but half way my tummy gave a shudder and a painful cramp pulled at my insides.

“Ow!” I screeched. Another contraction hit only a few moments later. “DISCO! I need you now!”

It would seem, even with all the books, he was not ready for the real thing. “OMB! No! Now!? What do we do?! Lil! Are you okay? Breathe breathe breathe.”

“Help me to the car please.”

“Oh Right. Right.”

“And call mom.”


By the time we got to the hospital, my contractions were dangerously close together, it must have been the quickest labor in history. Since all the horror stories, I had heard, it lasted well into the double digits of hours some times. For me though, I wasn’t but up in the stirrups when the doctors, motioned for the nurse to get ready because “This baby, was on it’s way!”

He came into the world the usual way.

And a day later, we returned home with the newest family member. Affair Chiffon.

Everyone in the house was dying to meet him. Mom especially. She met us at the door, and threw out her arms, indicating that the baby was to be placed in them, this very instant. She cradled him and cooed like most grandmothers would, but there was something different about this meeting. Almost as if she already knew him, which was impossible I know, but still she greeted him like an old dear friend.

“Hello angel, it’s good finally have you here.”

Gen 8- Chapter 10 Part 2: Waterlily Whip

By the time the girls had dropped me off ( I was the last on the list) it was getting into the wee hours of the morning. I don’t know about you, but for me, that is when I feel a little rummy. More likely to walk out on a limb and do something wild and crazy. The cover of starlight can be intoxicating without ever dropping juice on the tongue.

I shifted my eyes left to right and then lifted my phone from my shorts left pocket. I dialed the intended number and only hoped that he would not be cross with me. One ring. Two ring. Third ring, my spontaneity had all but vanished, but just as I was about to hit end. “H-ello? Lil? Is everything alright? What’s wrong?”

I quickly brought the phone back to my ear. “Hey. Nothing is wrong. I was hoping I could see you.”

“Right now?”


Not even a question or word bout it. “I’ll be right there.”

Things between Disco and I had been good. Better than good. They were amazing and awesome, but I had yet to say those three crucial little words, that changed it all. I never would have imagined in all my years, that a boy who had tormented me so, could turn around and support and love me ten times deeper than that.

He was like a regular figure around the house too. Invited to all the family functions and outings. Sometimes to ones, where I wasn’t even invited. I remember the first so fondly. It had been Mom’s birthday. That was the instant, that I realized how well he fit in with the rest of us, and that was the first time, that all, including my father, allowed him to really get involved. Probably also when I realized that I did love him, but I was scared, and wanted to wait for the right time to say it.

I saw his truck pull up and I felt a rush of excitement course through me. A large smile growing across my face, as he walked over the grass and closer to where I was seated on the large loveseat. Taking the seat next to mine, he almost without thinking, slid his arm around me. It was a welcome gesture, because the morning dew was not only settling on the ground around me, but all along my shoulders as well.

“You know you could give a guy a heart attack calling him at 4 in the morning.” He teased, giving my arm a rub up and down.

“I know. I’m sorry about that.”

“It’s alright. Now what did you need to see me about?”

I kissed him gently, for a little boost of added nerves and then I carefully pulled away, so I could see his face more clearly. “Something I wanted to tell you.”

“Oh, what is that?”

I looked around the grass for an answer, even though, I knew full well there would be no “I Love You’s” to pick from within its blades.

“I can’t tell you here. Come with me.” I grinned, tugging at his arm.

“Where are we going?”

“You’ll see.”

We walked around to the far side of the house, to the one place I knew we would never be disturbed. Only I, and a couples of times Prelude, ever set foot in the zen room. The perfect place for any sort of late night confession.

We stepped through the doors, and I shut us both inside.

“Wow, this place is amazing.”

“Never been in the Zen room before?”

“No. I always wondered what was in here, but I figured it was just storage.”

“Ah, well this use to be where one of my great ancestors practiced and honed her skills. She was quite the martial artist. Even won a couple of tourneys in her day.”


I knew I was getting off track, so I turned to face him. “That isn’t why I brought you in here though.”


“Mm-mm.” I said shaking my head. “Something I wanted to tell you. Something you need to hear.”

“What is that, gorgeous?”

I made it short and simple. I had beat around the bush far to long to draw it out and make it more complicated than it needed to be. I looked straight into his eyes. “I love you. So very much.”

In an instant, I felt his lips upon me. Our kisses solidifying the words,I had just uttered in the darkness. I knew then, that this was the moment, the one I had been secretly planning for. I leaned into his ear and whispered. “And I think maybe it’s time to take things a little further.”

He pulled back from me abruptly. Confusion with a just a hint of excitement growing across his face. “Are you sure?”


Slowly and sweetly, we moved in unison to the center of the round room. Helping one another out of our articles of clothing as we went. His touches were like electricity across my bare skin. Kissing my shoulders, neck, cheeks and arms, I felt my knees buckle with each touch.

Once we had reached the pillows near the center of the room ( I told you I had been planning this) We lowered down on them.

“Are you truly sure about this?”

But I didn’t reply. Instead I let my body do the talking.

I won’t go into detail, because that’s gross, but we shared something amazing that night. Something I would undoubtedly remember for some time to come.

We spent the rest of the morning, lazing away in each others arms. Intent to stay there all day, I almost didn’t hear the car door slam, at the front of the house. Any other day, it would have been just a random visitor, but not today. Today, it would be followed, by another slam, and another.

I shot from the floor to my feet. “The wedding!” I yelped before scrambling for my clothing. All around the room I searched for my shorts. Of all the things I could lose, it had to be my shorts. I saw a flash in my mind, of me, running to the back of the house in my panties. I was not about to let that happen so I continued my frantic search. Disco probably would have kept on sleeping, but a pair of jeans, t shirt, and a jacket to the head, could wake even the heaviest of sleepers.

“Wuh- Lil? What’s wrong?”

“We are going to be late for the wedding!”

Almost as quickly as I had, Disco jumped to his feet and threw on his clothes. We carefully crept to the back of the house and un-noticeably slid through the sliding glass doors. Stowing away to my room, we quickly dressed into our wedding attire. Thankfully Disco’s suit, was situated on a hanger right next to mine. Not knowing how to iron, he had brought it over with a desperate plea for me to help. Now I probably had less of an idea of how to do it, than he did, but I gave it a shot. Again my lack of stubbornness, had paid off.

The wedding was beautiful. There isn’t much more I can say. Prelude and Fern looked amazing.

Fern looked incredible in spite of her previously long night. Her makeup was flawless, and her smiled beamed so brightly, it was hard to tell if it was the sunshine or her teeth. My brother, was shining just as brightly. The love on his face, made my heart melt. I imagined this must have been what it was like at Mom and Dad’s wedding. Two souls bound to one another by a bond so deep, so pure, love almost seemed like an inaccurate description.

Once the ceremony had concluded, the chairs were all removed and it’s place was a dance floor. Everyone including myself, made our way out to it, where we spent the rest of the day celebrating.

Looking around the crowd, it seemed as love was blossoming everywhere.

Seasoned loves were renewed.

New loves were just getting started.

Watching the happy couple, I couldn’t help but wonder what my own wedding would look like. Would I be just as happy? Would I actually choose to wear a gown? Many questions raced through my head, but I knew I was not read for that sort of commitment just yet. Things were great just the way they were. I saw no need to rush into anything. Disco and I were happy. What more did we need?


Originally this was going to be three parts. Now I think I will take part 3 and make it the next chapter. Should be here in the next day or so :3

Gen 8- Chapter 10 Part 1: Waterlily Whip

“I’m getting married!!!”

None of us paid attention to Fern opening the sun roof, nor did we think anything of it, when she stood from her seat. It wasn’t until she slipped on the edge of the leather seat in her heels, that we realized she was propping herself to pop right up through the open top. We weren’t going all that fast, we were only driving through downtown after all. Still it made us all a tad uneasy. She had already blown through a bottle of nectar all to herself, and was now working on her second.

“Weeeee!” She called out into the open air. Several times we tried to coax her back inside, but it was of no use. She was bound and determined to announce to all of Twizzlerbrook, that tomorrow she was no longer to be a Killarney, but would finally be joining the ranks as a Chiffon instead. That is if she didn’t kill herself first…

Time flies quickly on, any time there is a wedding involved. First it was wedding dress fittings, and then floral arranging meetings, until soon, we were ready to celebrate the infamous bachelorette party. Course it was must have been much longer and painstaking for poor Saph, who had been scrupulously planning and adjusting for six months prior to Fern and Prelude’s big day. For me though, it was like a drop in the bucket, before suddenly, we were standing outside the Holly Berry dive with an already overly juiced bride to be.

I, like most of the others in attendance, were slightly concerned how the night would play out, since Fern was already three sheets to the wind, and we hadn’t even made it in the doors yet. She did however manage to get herself, all the way up the stairs before she darted straight for the dance floor, to begin her ritual of woooo’ing and ow ow’ing.

The first thing I noticed when stepping inside, was the lack of red lighting. The usual blood red glow that filled the Holly Berry Dive, had been replaced with an oceanic and much more pleasing blue. I wasn’t sure if it had been per request by my dear sister, but it sure did make a difference. The whole feel of the place had completely changed with a small switch of light bulbs.

I wasted no time in, setting myself up at the fooseball table, where, if all went as planned, I would remain for the rest of the night. Dancing was not my thing and although I did enjoy a good nip of the nectar every once in a while, tonight was not one of those nights. In fact if it had been up to me, I would have been home on the couch either snuggling up with a good book, or Disco.

It probably comes as no surprise though, that my sisters had other plans.

Now that one sister was living with her boyfriend of seven months, and the other was now married to the foreign exchange student, by way of elope-ification. Our time together, was much fewer and farther in between. So even if I had wanted to weasel out of it, there would have been no way.

Sadly my nicely laid out plan was shot down almost immediately after take off. Fern and a few others who had been rocking out on the dance floor, abruptly focused all their attention my direction, the moment they observed that I was “not having any fun.”

“Lily, come dansh with ush.” Fern slurred over the pulsing beat of the music.

The first attempt to persuade me to the dance floor, I chose to ignore, but it was not long before she was right back at it. This time with much more force. Ensuring that she was louder this time, she called while waving her arms wildly and jumping up and down. “LILY! Over here! LILYYYYYYYY!”

Even out of my peripheral, I could see how manically she had been flailing, so I released my hands from the grips and watched the little white ball sail past the miniature man standing guard at the far edge of the table. I grumbled to myself as the table made its electronic beep signaling my invisible opponents goal, before walking over and standing only a few feet away from miss lush and the juice sisters.

“What?” I questioned the girls as if I didn’t know. I knew full well, why she wanted me come over, but I had to admit, it was rather amusing to watch Fern as she attempted to string together coherent sentences in her current party state.

“Come dance with ush.” Fern whined.

“I don’t think so.”

“Please! I’m getting married tomorrow! Please! Come celebrate with us! Be happy for me!”

“I am happy for you!”

“Then come dance with ush!!”

Well if there is one thing I hate, it’s to see a juiced girl cry. Especially right before her big day. I nodded and smiled, which subconsciously must have signaled to Fern that it was now okay for her to rip my arm out of the socket, as she pulled me up onto the tiny stage with the rest of the girls. Thankfully she had done no permanent damage to my shoulder or my arm, so I got to shakin my groove thing with the rest of them. Groove thing? Do party girls even say that? I have no idea, it was totally not my scene, but once I loosened up a bit, I did start to enjoy myself a little more.

“I’m getting married!!!!”

“She’s getting married!!”

After that, the juice really started to flow. Fern found herself a glass which seemed to have no bottom, because every time I turned around it was full to the brim once again.

Through the rest of the night, Fern could be found either sipping from her un-ending glass, or blowing bubbles in the secret room at the back of the main room. I had sworn bubble blowing had been banned in Twizzlerbrook buildings, but banned or not, Fern was back there with peppermint bubbles floating all around.

Then it was back to the juice…

and more bubbles.

Who knows if it was the bubbles or the juice, but something sparked a brilliant idea in Fern’s brain, and she dramatically burst from the back room filled with a spark unlike I had ever seen in her, which was rather amazing because she was already lit. Hah! Get it? *ahem* … never mind…

“OMB! You guys! I just had the greatest idea! Everyone to the limo!” Fern pointed to the large double doors, throwing her head back as if she was atop a tall pony preparing to gallop off into the night.

Reluctantly we all followed as she stumbled out the front door to the awaiting limo.

Waiting only as long as it took for the driver to notice we were no longer inside, before we were all back in our stretched transporter again. Fern was hanging half way through the window that connected us to the cab, so she could discretely (as she put it) give the mystery instructions to our driver. Once he had the address, he kindly requested that she get out of the window, so he could roll it up. “For your safety, Ma’am.”

The limo rolled on until we pulled up in front of the beach side park. At this point, I think the only one who had a clue, other than Fern, was Saph for obvious reasons. We pulled to a stop and Fern burst from the door jogging quickly across the lawn, while rounding her arm in a big circle beckoning all of us to follow. “Come on you guys! Hurry! This way!”

Obediently we all followed her across the cool moist grass, that lead the way out to the sandy yet uninspiring beach. I laughed at all the girls in their heels as they tried to maneuver across the uneven ground. Being barefoot, I had no trouble at all catching up to Fern who had stopped at a specific place along the shore line.

“This.” She stated pointedly. “Is where he proposed.”

There was an eruption of aww’s from the peanut gallery. The happiness and excitement exuded from Fern and it was hard, even for me, not to get caught up in it all. Her love for my brother, was infectious. You couldn’t help but want to scoop her up and tell her how adorable she was.

Fern was well into the half way point of her and Prelude’s romantic proposal rendition, when her entire demeanor changed. Her eyes flew wide and she was all of a sudden was struggling for words. “Then, I…. well I… I…”

All of us noticed immediately that something was wrong, but before we had a chance to ask…

We all had our answer.

Okay…ew? Midnight gripped my arm, and I could sense her growing disgust as if it were my own. My stomach did a small flip flop and I did my best to look away. Saph, the ever vigilant maid of honor, was by Fern’s side immediately to help her to her feet.

“You okay? Oh goodness, here lets wipe your face.”

The rest of the girls were just as horrified as Midna and I, although it was safe to say some may have been amused by the whole ordeal. None of us knew quite what to do. All the juice in her system, no longer wanted to be there, and there really wasn’t much we could do about it, except pat her back and say “It’s Okay Fern. Just get it all out.”

Definitely a night she and I were going to remember for a very long time… on second thought, maybe just me. Who knows if Fern would remember anything in the morning.

Oh, but my memorable night, had only just begun.

Gen 8- Chapter 8 Part 2: Waterlily Whip

“I’ll get it!!”

*picks up the phone*

“Chiffon residence. This is Midnight speaking.”

“Midnight, Hi! It’s Fern.”

“Hey! Fern, how are you? Let me grab Prelude.”

“No, actually I am not calling for him.”


“Is Sapphire around?”

“Yes, she is. Let me get her.”

“Great! Thank you.”

“Sure. No problem. Sis.”


“Saph! Hey. How are you?”

“I’m good. How are you?”

“Fine fine. Say, I was wondering if you and I could meet up to talk for a little?”

“Oh? Sure. We can do that. When?”

“Well I am down at the Twizzlerbrook lake, wanna meet me here in say… twenty minutes.”

“That works fine. OK. See you then.”

I hung up the phone into the receiver. Midna eyeing me carefully the entire time.

“So what do you think she wants to talk about?”

“I have no idea. Maybe she needs help with something regarding the wedding?” I replied with a shrug.

“Well if it’s anything juicy, you got to tell me the moment you get back.”

“OK. OK. I will.”

Ah the joys of planning a wedding. I arrived at the lake and to no surprise, Fern was on the phone again. I only caught a little of the end of her conversation, but from what I heard, it was her mother.

“No,I am not wearing that. No… I don’t care if Grandma wore it seventy years ago. I don’t like it. No. No. Mom, this is my wedding and even if I wanted to walk down the aisle in a scuba suit trimmed in white lace, I will. What? Of course I’m not… Oh. Mom, I got to call you back. OK? OK. Bye.”

She was putting her phone away, just about the time I got to her.

I could tell straight away something pressing was behind our urgent meet up. She nervously shifted her weight from one heel to other.

“Everything OK Fern?”

“Yes, fine. I wanted to discuss something, but I really felt it would be better in person.”

“Oh, sure. Is everything alright? You and Prelude?”

“Oh! No no! It has nothing to do with us personally. I have something to ask is all.”

“Well sure. You can ask me anything.”

“Right. So I was wondering if you would be able to help me with this wedding stuff? I am not very good with making plans, and I have seen how much you enjoy this sort of thing. And in return, I would love for you to be my maid of honor.”

It took a few seconds for her words to soak in, but the moment they did. I let out a squeak. Pure excitement rushed through me, and my head was nodding fervently up and down. “Yes! Oh yes! I would love to help!”

“Really?! Oh this is wonderful! Thank you!”

“You’re welcome, but are you sure? I mean, don’t you have any close friends you could ask?”

“Not really. I am closer to you guys than I have been to any of my other friends in years… So, will you?”

“Of course!” My mind went into planning mode instantly. “Now, I will need lists. Lots of lists. Lists of people to invite. Lists of flowers, decorations, colors. Oh! This is going to be so fun!”

We spent about two hours touching base on the bare bones basics. We would delve more heavily into it as time passed, but we did get a good head start going for ourselves. This wedding was the first thing to happen in a long while to really get me pumped.

“Roses? White roses? And it would take you how long? That is a joke right? But their white roses… isn’t that like a wedding staple? They should be coming out your ears, ready for the picking. I’m sorry. How much? Boy, you are just full of the laughs today!”

First floral shop and I was none too impressed. I looked down at my list. Thankfully I had about a dozen more shops I could call, but it made me slightly nervous that first one on the list couldn’t even obtain white roses. I squeezed the bridge of my nose with forefinger and thumb.

“Yes, I can hold.”

No sooner did the dumbest florist alive return to the phone, that Midna appeared needing to talk. Still trying to decipher the person on the other end of the line and their reasoning, I had barely paid any attention to the pleading look Midna was giving. I did however finally notice.

“Yes, well thank you for your time. I will give you a call back real soon. Uh huh. OK now. Bye Bye.”


“I am so not calling them back…”

I dropped the phone onto the table next to my list.

“Midna? What’s wrong?”

“Need to tell you something Sis.” Her somber tone worried me. Midna was hardly ever serious about anything.

“OK…what is it?”

“Coronation is supposed to leave soon, but I don’t want him to go and he doesn’t want to go either. But the only way for him to stay is to attend a college here in the country. Well, he just got his acceptance letter to attend college in Coconut Bay.”

“Wow, Midna that is awesome!” I smiled excitedly.

“I know it is! But…there is more.”


“Yes, I am going with him.”

My happy demeanor nose dived immediately at her words. “You’re going with him? To Coconut Bay?”

“Yes! Ahhhh isn’t that great?!?”

“No… It’s not.”

“What? Why not?”

“Why not?! Because, we are the trio! If you leave…what will we do?!”

“Geeze Sis. We can’t stay together forever.”

“I know. I just thought we would have more time than this.”

I felt my heart sink. It felt literally like my heart was bring ripped into thirds and one of the pieces was slowly being extracted through my breastbone. I was not ready for this. Not even semi ready. I would have tried to talk her out of it, if I thought I stood a chance of convincing her otherwise, but I knew better.

“Have you told Mom and Dad?”

“Not yet. What do you think they will say?”

“Don’t know. What can they say? You’re 18 now.”

“Think Mom will cry?”

“No. She might be upset, but you know her. She rarely cries at anything.”

I wanted so badly to say, “but I will.” but decided to keep that little piece to myself. Guilt wasn’t going to work either. I knew this was something I might as well prepare myself for.

Midna pretty much dropped the bomb and then flew right on over head to her next destination. I needed a little fresh air, so I grabbed my list and phone and headed out back to make some more phone calls. I decided I was not ready to quarrel over flowers again just yet, so I followed my finger down the list to my section I had set apart for possible venues. I dialed the first number and then flopped the list down on the chess table.

“Hi yes, I am looking to see if you have any bookings available for April of next year. Mhmm, yes the 24th. Yes, I can hold.”

Again I was interrupted, but this time it was by Lil.

“Saph? Can I talk to you?”

Unfortunately the moment she started talking, the person who had me on hold returned to the line. I covered the receiver with my hand. “Lil, I am super busy right now. Can we talk later?”

She nodded and then walked away.

“Sorry about that, yes I am here. Uh huh. Well what about the 31st? Fully booked out? Till August? Well, that certainly will not work. Yes, if you could put me on the list, that would perfect. Uh huh,” *Beep* The call waiting started to beep in. “Oh! OK, yes. Sapphire Chiffon for the Chiffon/Killarney wedding, Thank you. Thank you very much. Goodbye.”

I started to feel like a secretary as I clicked to the other line. “Chiffon residence.”

“Saph. It’s Me.”

“Disco, hey!”

“You got a minute?”

I really didn’t, but seeing that it was my best friend, I made the time anyways. Sure our relationship wasn’t exactly the same as it used to be, but I still loved him as my bestie regardless.

“Sure. What’s up?”

“Something I need to tell you.”

“Oh no, don’t tell me, you are leaving too?” I said teasingly.

“How did you know?”

My heart dropped a second time. I was kidding! He can’t leave! I gripped the phone tighter in my hand.

“Wait, you really are?”

“I am.”


“A month from now. I just need to get away. It’s too hard on me here.”

“How long will you be gone?”

“Not sure. Might not come back. Nothing for me here. Well besides you, but…well, I messed that up good.” He laughed nervously.

He was right about that one, but this was no the time to rub it in.

“Have you told Lil?”

“Don’t think she would care. No reason to bother her with it.”

“You should tell her. She might want a chance to say goodbye.”

“I doubt that.”

“Well, do you want me to tell her?”

“You can if you want. Don’t feel you need to though…” *sigh* “Gonna miss you Saph. Gonna miss… I should go.”



“Maybe you should just talk to her.”

“Bye Saph.”


It wasn’t even dark yet, and I was physically exhausted. I had barely made any sort of headway, and somehow managed to lose two people that I cared for dearly in the process.

I drug myself to the second floor and prepared myself for a hot bath. I seriously needed something to release all the tension I had built up. Seemed like it took for ever, for my water to fill, but eventually I was able to flip off the water and sink down into the hot foamy goodness. I had just forgotten about Midna and Disco when…

*knock knock knock*

My head snapped to the door, giving it a death glare, that no one else could see. This had better be good.

“What?!” I growled.

“Saph, it’s Prelude. Look I am sorry to bother you, but I need to talk you about something.”

Unbelievable!! I sunk below the water and bubbles, so only my eyes and up were visible. I irritated-ly blew bubbles into the water. What did it take to get a little alone time around here?! I could tell he was still on the other side of the door, so I angrily yanked the plug from the drain, and pulled on my robe.

“Somebody better be dead or dying…” I seethed.

“I know, I’m sorry. I have to leave now, but I needed to let you know that, Fern has changed her mind on the accent color.”

I glared back at him, one eye wider than the other. “She couldn’t have called me later tonight to tell me?”

“Well, no. She is at work and she wanted to tell you as soon as possible.”

“Fine, what color does she want now?”

“Regent blue.”

“It was Regent blue…”

“Oh right, no it was… Oh man. I can’t remember now.”

That was all I could take. I could feel my entire body engorging with rage. I squinted my eyes. How badly I wanted to scream at the top of my lungs, “OH MY FREAKIN BERRY!” I was about to go nuclear and Prelude was sitting at ground zero. I managed to keep my cool…somehow. I held my hand to his face.

“No. I can’t deal with this right now.”

“But, I.”

“Nope. Just walk away now. Please? I am begging you.”

He looked completely crushed.

“I’m sorry, I have had the day of all days. I just can’t take in any more input today. Tomorrow. Tell me tomorrow. OK?”



I heard my phone alarm go off from the other room. “Sorry, I got to run! Appointment downtown to talk to the tailor about dresses.”

I ran to my room and threw on some clothes, before I was quickly out the door again. Equipped with only my note pad and an address, I drove into town.

I managed to locate the shop rather quickly. First and probably only thing to go right for me all day. I stepped inside and was immediately greeted by Thunder Peanut Butter.

“Hi there, welcome to Rags to Ruffles. How can I help you.”

I was rather taken back by the handsome man before me. I shook his hand a few extra times, before I was able to force the words through my lips.

“Hello, Sapphire Chiffon. I have an appointment with you at 5:30.”

I looked to the clock on the wall, 5:27 great I wasn’t late.

“Today? Are you sure?”

“Yes…” I opened my notepad and thumbed through it quickly. Locating the date and time, I pressed my finger underneath it as I showed it to Mr. Peanut Butter. “See, right there.”

His smile dropped. “I am terribly sorry Mrs. Chiffon.”

“It’s Miss.” I added hastily

“Miss Chiffon…but I have to leave early today. My assistant, assured me that she had only scheduled appointments today till 4:00 pm. It would seem she made a mistake, I am terribly sorry for the inconvenience.”

It should have been OK. Clerical errors happen every day. I should have thanked him kindly for his time and left. That is not exactly how things went down. After the day I was already having, this was just what it took to make me blow my top.

I looked up to the ceiling, an angry smile growing arcoss my face.

“Well isn’t that just peachy! I drive all the way out here, an obvious appointment made in your books and now you are leaving… If I were you, I would fire that idiot assistant of yours. In fact, I know where she can get a job with an idiot florist!!!”

The horror on his face, should have signaled me to back off. Instead, I only fueled the flames further. My tirade went on for a good 5 minutes and he just stood there listening to every biting word I spewed.

By the time, I had gotten it all out of my system, I felt sick to my stomach. I bit my bottom lip and dropped my chin deep into my chest. I was completely mortified by my behavior.

“I can’t believe I just said all that to you. I’m sorry.”

“Long day?”

“You don’t even know the half of it?”

“Why don’t you tell me?”

“Don’t you have an appointment to get to?”

“It can wait a couple minutes.”

I looked up at him apologetically. I didn’t really want to unload on the guy further, but I couldn’t resist a friendly ear.

“I am organizing my sister-in-law-to-be’s wedding, and it would seem that maybe I am pushing myself a little too hard.”

“I see.”

“I mean, I haven’t done anything but wedding related stuff, for weeks now! Then on top of it, my best friend and my sister, decided to let me know that they are both leaving by the end of the month! It’s just too much! I feel like I am slowly losing my mind!”

“Sounds pretty rough.” He looked at his watch. “I would love to stick around and discuss this further, but I really have somewhere to get to, but maybe we could meet up after? Maybe for coffee? 7:00pm? We can talk about, what ever you feel like.”

“That sounds, really nice. Thank you.”

I stayed with him, while he locked up the shop. I wanted to hug him for his incredible kindness, but settled for another handshake instead. We both went our separate ways, and I already felt so much better, I could hardly stand it. I walked back to my car, grinning the entire way. I had no idea if anything would come of our coffee, but I didn’t care. I eagerly looked forward to talking to him again.

The day finally was starting to look up.