Gen 4- Chapter 3: Saffron Sugar


The day of the shower arrived, and mom was so excited. She had invited a lot of friends and family from all over. Even her cousin Amanda drove all the way in from Sugar Valley. Mom had not seen her since we had moved here. It was quite a heartwarming reunion for both of them.


Auntie Peach was positively glowing. I had never seen her look so pretty, also I had never seen her in shoes. She was actually wearing little converse sneakers. She said because of the pregnancy her normal bare feet were causing her terrible back pain, so until the baby arrived she was stuck wearing them.

“I hate shoes, but I hate horrible back pain just a little more.”


The house was filled with laughter and joy. Peach’s baby was the first baby to come along in years. The three of us were the last and that was ages ago. Gramma was still with us at that time. She really felt blessed to be there to experience another welcome to the family party.


Everyone took turns talking to and trying to feel the baby. Rose was incredibly fascinated by the whole thing. She was an only child and never found herself around children very often. She was a little apprehensive at first.

“May I…have a listen?”

“Of course.”

The party ended in the usual way, and everyone went home. At first Rose was going to spend time night, but then we decided, we would probably never sleep if we did and then we would be exhausted for our trip. So we both went to our own beds and got some sleep. Even still I had a hard time getting to sleep. I was too excited!


The next morning at exactly 8am on the nose. There was small knock at the door. I was just finishing my hair, so mom answered it. I could hear Rose and mom chatting, as I descended the stairs and made a small detour into the kitchen.

“Hurry up slowpoke! We got to get a move on.”

“I’m comin!” I called back with my mouth full of breakfast bar.

When we met at the door, she paused. “You ready for this?”

“I am so ready.”


She nodded and we headed for the car. My mom waved to us both as we got in.

“Bye you two! Have a good time and be careful! Call me when you get there!”

“Ok Mom! Don’t worry we will be fine!”


The drive wasn’t that bad, It only took about an hour or so to get there. Luckily there is a back road that takes you almost all the way into town, that has absolutely no traffic. As we drove through the center of town, I looked out the window. There was this awesome park right by town hall, but unlike our park it was super bright and colorful!

“Thats Rainbow Skittles Park.”

“I’ts beautiful. You sure know a lot about this place.”

“I come back here all the time to visit family. Here we are.” Rose parked the car. I took a deep breath as I grabbed the handle of the door.


We made our way up the front walk way and the big red and white building came into view.I was speechless. This had to be the same place. The beautiful colors and warm sea air. I ran out to the beach scanning as I went for any sign of the yellow cutie.


“This is it Rose. You were right.”

“Yippee! Now lets find your dream-lover!”


I turned back towards the pier and gingerly went up the steps to the candy cane colored building. The rush of cool air blasted my face as I opened the door. Inside were all the amenities a lonely traveler would ever need. Food, lodging, and a computer. Persimmon would feel right at home. One thing missing was my handsome friend.


We grabbed a couple lemonades from the bar and had a seat. As we talked I searched the beach for any sign of him. Nothing. Suddenly I realized I had completely tuned out of our conversation and tried to bring myself back to earth. I was getting more and more disappointed as the time ran on.


“I don’t think he is gonna be here.” As I admitted the words it all became more real. He wasn’t coming.

“Well maybe we are not looking in the right place.”


“Rose you genius! You are absolutely right! The swings!”

I ran to the swings just on the other side of the building. My excitement and hope was growing.


“Hey crazy! Wait up!”


Sadly he wasn’t there either. I dropped my head in a big huff. “Rose this is stupid. We should just go. He isn’t coming. He probably doesn’t even exist.”


“Hey now. I didn’t drive all the way to Sugar Valley for you to give up. I bet if we sit right here on these swings, he will come.”

“Maybe your right.”

“Of course I am! Now sit.”


“You just watch, we will sit here and soon he will appear and then you two ,will be like those two.” She motioned with her head to the couple standing just on the opposite side of her.


“Hah! I hope you’re right.”


We sat on those swings all after noon. Watching everyone who came by. As the sun began to set over the ocean, my heart felt heavy. The look on my face probably said it all. Well this was a waste of time. I rested my head on the chain and let out a big sigh.


“We should probably go now.” Her voice was so solemn.

“Ya. I think you’re right.”

I didn’t talk much on the drive home, I was so sad. Then the thought occurred, why was I so sad? Some guy I had never even met, probably wasn’t real, and I am over here on the verge of tears? Didn’t change the fact though. I turned my head to look out the window, as I felt one lonely tear drop fall.


When I got home, I carried myself up to my room. Mom tried to ask me how my trip went, but I just waved my hand. “Mom can we talk about this later. I am really tired.”

“Of course sweetie. Goodnight.”


I threw on my pajamas and slid under my nice cool sheets. Within moments I was asleep.


When I opened my eyes, I was back on the pier, and just like before the place was completely deserted. Great… I walked down the steps and out to the beach.


I plopped down into the sand. It was beautiful crisp night and not a cloud in sight. I squeezed the sand between my fingers as I watched the spinning light from the light house make its millionth round. *Sigh*


The moon was completely full and it quickly adverted my attention from lighthouse. As I watched it slowly moved through the sky, I heard footsteps.


There he was again. I looked up at him at him, but did not say a word.

“Hey beautiful.”


“Whats wrong?” He asked as he took a seat next to me.


“Oh nothing. I just drove all the way out to see you today and you weren’t there.”


I looked down at the sand, and drew a heart with my finger. “Yup…”


A big smile grew across his face as he scooted closer. He bumped me softly with his shoulder. “Hey. Don’t you worry, will we meet and its going to be amazing. You’ll see.”


I looked over to give him a “ya right” look, but was suddenly lost in his gorgeous yellow eyes. I wasn’t sure if he was right, but what I was sure of was, I loved being around him. I could feel the warmth from his body and it was something I never wanted to forget.

“You just have to promise you will never forget me? No matter what happens. Don’t give up on me. Ok?”

“Ok, I promise.”

“Good. Now…I think that kiss is still in order.”


We both leaned in and…..



This time the beeping caused me to leap from my bed. My heart was racing a million miles an hour. I glared at my clock. I picked it up with intentions of hurling it across the room, but stopped just before. I gently placed it back onto the night table. ” You got lucky this time. Next time I won’t hold back.”


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  1. my, Berry, you’re on a roll, and I love it!!
    I love how you incorporate things I’ve mentioned before in the legacy when it comes to Rose’s reasoning, like visiting her family and such.. you’re awesome.
    now, I’ll ease up on the Rose talk.

    I can’t wait for Saff and her dreamlovah to meet.. I bet it’ll be magical and emotional, just like the meeting of two other dreamlovahz I used to know. just remember, I cry easily.

    loved it, as always~! ❤

  2. Berry you are such a fantastic writer. How in the world do come up with these amazing ideas? Oh my I am soo addicted to reading this, because it is just soo fascinating. Please do not ever stop.

  3. wow this was a really good chapter cant wait until they meet!!! 😀 poor saff she drove out there for nothing maybe they wont meet there but somewhere else accidently… LOVE THIS CHAPTER!!!

  4. Such a good chapter 😀
    I was honestly hoping he was going to show up too, but at least it looked like she and Rose had fun while they were there, even if it was a slight disappointment.

    And damn that alarm! :3

  5. STUPID ALARM CLOCK! she just needs to shut it off lol so she can get that kiss its like watching effing friends all over again when you were rooting for Ross and Rachel to get together and when they finally did you sighed a huge sigh of relief! GAH! lol love it btw berry!

  6. Woo! Awesome chapter, as always Berry. LOVED IT. I think her dream lover is perfect for her… Saffron’s hair is beautiful, that hat is sooo adorable!

    Can’t wait for the next one, as always. 🙂

  7. I’m loving the dream scene 😀

    Not loving the alarm clock, God I hate them but I guess it does do it’s job.

    Graet Chapter though, like Kitty said you are on a roll!!

  8. I love where you’re taking everything, Berry!
    The photos are incredible, too. Just so colorful and fun to look at.
    I can’t wait to see more!

  9. Loved it! (:
    Oh by the wayy i voted for you (:

    I love the dream scenes,!
    They are amazinggg!

    P.S. Where did you get Saffron’s Hair?

  10. that darn alarm clock! i hope saff can meet her dreamlover soon. i feel so bad that she waited on the swins back in sugar valley for nothing. poor thing. i so love the picture of her and rose on her bedside table. so cute!

  11. I love how this is kind of like “back to the beginning” in a way since so many Rainbowcy founders seem to meet the loves of their lives at Peppermint Pier. It kinda pulls that whole ‘legacy’ in.

  12. i don’t know, i like the alarm always going off, it’s kinda fun 😉 keep that up and when the two finally meet in RL, they just have to start out with a kiss.

  13. i never did like alarm clocks much, had i been her i would not have given it that third chance to ruin my dream kiss! very cool chapter i cant wait to hear the creative name you have come up with for him.

  14. I’m love-love-loving this Generation so far! I too, think that you are doing a great job with tying the ‘legacy’ aspect of the rainbowcy together.

    Stupid alarm clock! 🙂

    And I like the dreamlovah as kitty puts it, he’s got that nerdy-cuteness rather than being a typical ‘hunk’.

  15. Alarms are all evil =O It’s too bad he wasn’t there when Saffron went. The dreamlover is totally adorable though, and I hope they really do meet soon!

  16. Grrrrr just a dream, and that stupid alarm clock! I love this legacy every chapter is just so amazing please dont ever stop

  17. Very good choice of poses for this chapter Berry!

    Cute idea tying it with Dream, although my email is flooding with comments from that story XD

  18. great story 😀 how are you able to get saffron to sit on the beach like that? ive tried to get my sims to sit on the ground but they never will 😦 ?

  19. I love your stories!! Thanks for coming up with such creative ideas and sharing them with everyone, you have inspired me to create my own legacy stories!! I haven’t started yet, but I will get my first intro up soon hopefully! 🙂

    • Yeah same here. I love this story so much so every couple of hours I check back to see if there’s a new chapter. If there isnt I just read the comments and sometimes past chapters lol.
      Keep up the phenomenol work! (in passing, you dont hear the word phenomenal a lot anymore do you?)

  20. Finally I have made it through all those FANTASTIC chapters! Your Chiffon legacy is adorable, fun, filled with drama, I loved every word of it and I am so glad I can now follow it as you put the chapters out. Saffron is beautiful and I love the “dreams” storyline. I can’t wait to see where this goes, and whether the alarm clock will survive or not 😛

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