Gen 2- Chapter 11: Cherry Blossom


Misty wasn’t the only one getting older, I too was feeling my age as it crept up on me. I could not only feel it, I could see it too. Wrinkles and age spots that were never there before. I did my best to accept my unstoppable aging, but it still sucked!


Peche on the other hand still didn’t look a day over 30. If I didn’t love him as much as I did, I might have been jealous. Instead I just enjoyed the fact he still looked H-O-T Hot!


Things were still going strong between us acutally. I was so happy that love had found me and stayed with me. Through thick and thin we were in it together.


My little Peach Puff was growing faster and faster. She was still the sweetest most precious little angel. Her personality was beginning to develop and she was such a character! Playing in the toy box and playing with her dolls, was serious business. It was almost as if she was planning out her play days. Meticulously laying everything before her. You could almost see the wheels turning in her sweet little head. My little darling genius.


She also loved to watch me paint. She would sit for hours on the floor just away from my easel as I painted. It was really fun to be honest. I could talk to her and paint at the same time and she loved it. “Lets use Red right here. Can you say Red?”



When Peche Jr.’s birthday rolled around, the usual crowd was there to celebrate. I decided I would invite Roz and see how we went, I told him if he did anything stupid I would not hesitate to have Carmine and Peche escort him out. He agreed and I am happy to report, he was on his best behavior and acutally apologized to Mango. He told her there was no excuse for how he had acted, but he was sorry.

Pretty soon it was time and I took Peche Jr. to his cake.


Some body got a little jealous. After we had blown out the candles, I picked her up so she could see a little better. That seemed to help calm her down just a little bit. We all watched as Peche Jr. celebrated.


What a handsome little guy.


During the party I happened to notice Tea Rose feeling a little under the weather. She looked like she was about to lose her cake on the grass. I teased. “Maybe you are preggers Tea.”

She just laughed. “Hah! No way.”

“Ya…we’ll see.”


I was so happy that Shiraz was able to make it to the party, she was my only surviving sister from my dads side. I never did know any of them very well (besides dad I mean) but I always felt the closest to her. I hoped she would be around for a few more years, so she would be able to celebrate little Peach Puff’s birthdays with us.


Misty invited her new boss to the party and I personally think there is a little more going on there, that has absolutely nothing to do with work. I saw the way they looked at each other. I only hoped, that she would take a chance on this one and not let the opportunity pass her by like she did with Chadrick. Go for it Misty!


More birthdays! The twins were up next and they wanted a pool party. So we headed out to the Cotton Candy pool and set up for awesome night! The boys got to each invite 3 friends, of course the twins were there and bunch of others. This time I was smart and brought a little bunny rabbit for Peach Puff to play with and keep her occupied.


Oh my…watch out girls of Sugar Valley. Sunset has arrived.


Seashell was next!


My goodness my boys were handsome. I could only imagine how beautiful Peche Jr and Peach Puff would be.


During the party, Tea Rose announced she was indeed expecting. I was so excited I forgot all about my plan and the huge “I TOLD YOU SO!” Awww I just loved babies.


We got home from the party and Seashell was already hitting the books. He was able to pick up his text books a few days before, so he decided he was gonna get in some extra reading before his first day of school. I only hoped he wouldn’t burn himself out before he even went to his first class.


Sunset came home and went straight to his painting. I was so proud. He was a very artistic one, but I had a feeling there was more to his sudden peeked interest in the arts. “Chicks dig creative guys!” Oh Boy.


Peche told me that Seashell was beginning to take an interest in things other than books. Namely girls. Apparently he asked Mariah for advice on how to woo the ladies. She gave him a few pointers and then he decided to take his lessons and put them into action.


Unfortunately his first attempt didn’t go well. Yvette did not seem to be that interested.


But he had listened to Mariah very closely, so when his advances failed, he toned it down and took the friend approach. She was much more receptive and there was always a chance down the line for things to get more serious. He really surprised me with his new hopeless romantic side.


Sunset was not having any trouble at all with the ladies. I honestly was not surprised. His schoomzy side was pretty much irresistible and Nancy just like many others was not safe from his charming personality. I wasn’t crazy about them hanging out in his room all alone though. Good things the kids rooms had glass doors.


Peach Puff had a new friend of her own, she loved Mariah. When ever she was over visiting Seashell, Peach Puff would come and sit and chat. Mariah enjoyed her company also, Peach Puff could light up the darkest room with just a single laugh. Can you tell I loved my little girl?


The eve of her birthday settled upon us and I spent the evening in my room crying. I didn’t want my little baby doll to grow up. Peche kept her company while I tried to compose myself. The invitations had been sent out, the party was arranged. There was no turning back, Peach Puff my little angel, was growing up.


35 responses

  1. Great chapter! I keep checking back often for updates! xD
    The boys are so handsome. What a fine looking family. And so colorful, too. =)
    Nancy is a cutie, I hope she and Sunset get together!
    Poor Cherry. I can’t wait to see how Peach Puff ages up, though.

  2. Wonderful chapter, and like Bell, I keep checking back ALL THE TIME for updates. xD
    Oh my goodness. Sunset and Seashell are handsome. O.O
    Aw, I am excited for Peach Puff’s aging, although it is sad for Cherry.

    πŸ˜€ I am still surprised at the uncanny resemblance that Peach Puff shares with her grandmother. O.O

  3. Oh, her sons are such handsome young men. And she may feel sad that it’s time for her little Peach Puff to grow, but what a girl she will be.

  4. Once again, loved the chapter. I swear your story is like a good book that you can’t put down! Sunset and Seashell are hunks! I think Peach Puff is my favorite though. πŸ™‚

  5. Love this chapter. I’m still so happy that Berry got to be heir. How do you get the photos so good? Also I hope you don’t mind if I link your legacy on my page πŸ™‚

  6. I have no idea where that 3 came from..
    anyway, I loved the chapter, especially the part where Sunset grew up and.. ok, I’m gonna stop now.

    • You know…. I am a huge fan of female heirs, but Sunset is so incredibly cute. I really don’t know! xD for me it is toss up between Peach Puff and Sunset. I already know what they both look like as YA and Peach is stunning!

      • Exciting! ^_^ Peach is soooo cute I love all things todler =_= hardly ever throw them b-days because I want every last minute I can with them. I also love Sunset I love the throw back genetics very fun. Soooo I guess for me (if I get to vote) It will depend on their potential mates >:D

  7. Nice update. The kids look wonderful, I love all the birthday parties, it feels like this is a family that knows how to have a good time πŸ™‚
    Oh and if Yvette only know how Seashell looks under that nerdy sweater… she would not have rejected him I think πŸ˜‰

  8. i’m sensing strong genetics with this family, which means if what i’ve seen holds true, you’ll always have good looking sims.
    I’d go with Sunset for the heir, just cause you never see a lo0k of guys in legacies. We all perfer girls, can’t imagine why;)

  9. I loved this chapter. Sunset is so freakin HOT! I fancy him even though he is only a sim. I am glad Seashell has got into girls too. I hope him and Mariah get together – she has turned into a real beauty too. I was worried about her for a while there πŸ™‚

    I cant wait for Peach Puff to grow up – i want to see what she looks like! Good job x

  10. OMB!! I am in love with Sunset. I’m going to make a me my simself and let her marry him and have his babies… πŸ™‚

    Good chapter Berry, as always. I wish I had more time to work on my legacies.. but right now work is so crazy.. I miss my simmies.. :_(

  11. Ok, so I will say that I just spent the last few days reading you’re entire legacy, and never having played a berry sweet sim before, you have me wanting to do just that. How do you get your sims to be those sweet colours? Even your community lots are stunning. I’ve been writing my own legacy, but after reading yours I feel like mine isn’t very good, haha. I always seem to miss prime photo ops.

    • Thank you so much for reading and commenting! If I were you I wouldn’t worry too much about your story not being good, the only way to get better is practice. My first legacy(The Berry Legacy… which most was lost to the Sims3legacy close) was not nearly as good as this. Keep practicing and you will only get better. Tricks to “prime photos” is don’t be afraid to pause your game! Try different angles πŸ™‚

      Much appreciation for your support~


  12. Wowee. :D. Sunset looks so good. Seashell looks a bit weird though… :/. Oh wells. I’ve been meaning to ask you, where do you get your hairs? :O

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