Gen 3- Chapter 4: Apricot Bloom


I was just about to plot my revenge when the doorbell rang. I could here my mom answer the door, then I heard the name Pumello. Oh no! What had I done. I had been totally ignoring him for weeks now. I just knew he was there to tell me off for being such a jerk. Mom called for me from the hallway and I slowly made my way to the door.


I walked out onto the porch and the door was slowly closed behind me. Oh man there was no way out of this. I looked sheepishly to Pummy, he had the most serious look on his face. All I could think was wow he is so mad at me! Finally I broke the silence.


I dropped my head and I new I had to apologize, but I was so nervous that I kinda forgot to breathe. “Pummy I am so sorry I did not listen to you. You are best friend and I should have at least given you the chance to tell your side. I was just so upset. I was on my way to tell you that I liked you and then I saw you tw-.”


Before I even had a chance to finish, he put his arms around my waist and pulled me in close. He whispered in my ear.

“Apricot, Its ok.”

I smiled at him and nodded my head. It was in that moment that we realized how close our bodies were. We both leaned in closer, I could feel my heart pounding my head. I wanted nothing more than to kiss him and I guess he felt the same.


He wrapped his arms around my shoulders, and pulled me in for the most magical kiss (well the only kiss) I had ever experienced. His lips were so soft and I melted right into them. After wards I invited him for dinner. It was mac n cheese night.


I could barely eat with all the butterflys in my stomach. I was just happy to have my best friend back with me. I was completely miserable without him. I placed my hand on the table and grabbed his. “I sure missed you.”


Mom had been incredibly busy, she was hired by Town Hall to paint 15 painting for a redecoration project. She was going to get a nice payment for it, but it was taking up a lot of her time. She had to use some of that time though for other projects. Namely Peach Puff’s birthday party. It was only a few days way by that point. It was kind of a combination birthday party/graduation party. Peach Puff had graduated at the top of her class and was accepted to the Grape Jelly Memorial Medical academy.


She had a huge smile on her face as she blew out her candles. She was so proud of her achievements. Not that she shouldn’t be, she worked incredibly hard for those grades.


I was so jealous. She was all the pretty one. I knew from that moment, I was destined to always be the cute one…


While everyone was grabbing their cake, something green caught my eye. Olive Bitters was standing in my kitchen. What in the world was she doing there, and who invited her?!


I decided to ask her myself.

“What are you doing here Olive? You need to leave now.”

“Hello Apricot, nice house you have here. Is this where the servants live?”

I don’t know why she always felt it was her job to try and p*** me off. I repeated.

“You need to leave now.”


“Oh relax cupcake, I am not here for your loser boyfriend this time. He’s old news.” She casually remarked as she headed back through the dining room. That was the straw that broke the camels back. I rushed through the kitchen and grabbed her by the shoulder.

“HEY! Don’t you ever call him a loser again!”

She stopped and just stared at me with those evil dark green eyes. “Your…boyfriend…is…a…LOSER!”


Now I probably shouldn’t have ,but I slapped her right across the face, and due to all of martial arts training it probably hurt more than a normal girl slap would have. She grabbed her cheek and I could see the tears welling up in her eyes.


She gave one last huffed sigh before she ran out the front door. I should have felt bad, but I didn’t, I actually felt quite liberated. I still had no idea what the heck she was doing there, but I had a feeling I wouldn’t see her around again any time soon. I got really lucky, no one saw me thank goodness. I would have been in so much trouble!


Sunset was to busy on the phone with Sakura to notice anything. The phone calls were getting longer and more frequent as the days went on. We still had not gotten to meet her yet, but that was about the change.


Sunset came to dad one night and asked him if he would prepare Lobster for a special dinner he was going to invite Sakura to, so she could meet the rest of the family.


Dad was more than excited to oblige.

“Of course son. We have all been eager to meet her.”

“Thanks Dad!”


The night of the dinner came and Sunset was so nervous. He was already dressed in nice suit and there were still hours until she was due to arrive.


Dad was busy finishing up the lobster in the kitchen.


Pumello had convinced me to do my homework on the floor in the new kitchen. I wasn’t to sure about the whole thing, but with Pummy there I did it! Yay me!


The dinner was nice, but she didn’t say a word the entire time. Sunset regaled the story of how they met and we all listened. She was definitely no Renae, but she was nice.


After dinner, she helped mom in the kitchen with the dishes and they got to talk a little bit more. Mom seemed to like her more than any one else in the fam, which was a surprsie with how she had felt about previous girlfriends…except Renae that is. Everything was going great until.


Sunset invited Sakura to stay the night. I guess she wasn’t ready for that yet because she turned him down.


I think he was little disappointed and whole lotta embarrassed. He apologized for being so forward. She accepted his apology, but then said her goodbyes. Not sure what was up with her, they spent like hours and hours on the phone. Guess she wanted to take things slow. Sunset had never been one for taking it slow though. I wondered how it would all turn out for those two.


After she left, Pumello and I went to the sanctuary to work on our drills and maybe a little kissing. hehe


I was totally winning when my phone rang.


It was Sensei Dragon Tea. He had wonderful news about a tournament that was to be held in Shang Stir Fry. He and our entire class had been invited to attend and possibly compete. We would be leaving at the end of the month for 2 whole weeks! Two weeks in Shang Stir Fry with no parents. I was totally freaked!

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  1. Yay, field trip. it’s been a while since your sims went overseas.
    hey, how can you have different colored martial arts outfits, but keep the belt?

    • Hmm… I think that she was using the Martial Arts outfit as the athletic, and just customized it in the dresser, you can’t really see the belt-winning outfit in C-A-S dressing, so I’m just guessing 😛

  2. Gah Peach Puff is gorgeous!

    I do love Apricots facial expressions, she has great character.

    I too also wonder why Olive was there… though I do have an idea 😉

  3. Hooray! Wonderful chapter! I can’t wait until the next comes out.

    As a question, how far are you into your legacy in the game? Like, I know for my legacy all my children are now teenagers, but on my blog I haven’t updated it quickly enough to catch up with game play, so my youngest three just grew into /children/. xD

    • I use to get way ahead of the story, but then I found it hard to catch up. So I am pretty much right at their trip. I do a lot more story telling than I did with my previous legacy so it takes a lot more time 🙂

  4. im dying to know why Olive was there!

    oh im excited for the trip! Pumelo and Apricot will have plenty of time to get as close as they used to be… or closer.

  5. Coolness! I have a craving for mac n cheese right about now. And I’m happy that Olive got slapped. I don’t like her because she’s too mean

  6. Road trip! Peach is gorgeous. I like Sunset’s new girlfriend. Mom has good instincts and would know if something was off. Perhaps she’s just shy.

    The first kiss was so sweet. Then, she beats him up in the sanctuary. Make sure you kiss those boo-boos, Apricot!

  7. Hmm, why was Olive at the party? I can’t figure it out, I hope Apricot isn’t getting into a big mess by slapping her…. and does it have anything to do with Sakura rejecting Sunset? I’m intrigued.

    I must say, I love Olive’s looks, and well, you know me, I have a thing for mean sims 😉

  8. Yay! For Pummy and Apricot ❤ They're so cute together! And its nice to know that Apricot slapped Olive, she had that coming ^_^

  9. hmm.. Olive at the party.. Sakura turning Sunset down?
    gahhh, the suspense!

    I lol’d hysterically because of Shang Stir Fry! ❤

  10. finally! apricot was able to administer some justice! that olive…what a mean thing! no wonder why i don’t like olvies in real life lol!

    next chapter china! whoo! very excited to see what apricot does in the mystical land of shang stir fry 🙂

  11. for some reason, evil me in the back of my head is remembering another story where the main girl went to china, but found some one else there she liked even more than the one left at home. I see there are a lot of romantics in the comments ^_^

  12. what a great chapter – i loved the first picture!

    Peach Puff is gorgeous, i hope Apricot grows up to be just as gorgeous.

    Whats up with Sunset’s GF?? I hope she doesn’t break his heart!

    Cant wait for next chapter x

  13. looks like this should be good. but something tells me that olive bitters might be there..just a little instict. i hope its not right~ yay for apricott blooom and her kiss! ❤

  14. OMB Shang Stir Fry thats hilarious! And I think I may know why Olive was there and I hope Im right because as horrible as it may be it would be great to read.

  15. Wow, this is really getting good! First Pumello and now Olive… the suspense is killing me!

    By the way, I’d love to know where you got Apricot’s hair. I absolutely adore it!

  16. Go Apricot kick a** girl slap of victory! Sakura is soooo cute an tiny just like a cherry blossom. I’m excited to seem Pummy and Apricot’s kids. Hmmm am I getting ahead of myself? maybe. 😀

  17. hey, wonderful chapter as always!
    Just a couple of questions (sorry!):
    1. What level of free will do you have your sims on? I know its kinda weird but i was wondering if you controlled pretty much everything or let them get on with things themsleves?
    2. Do you use some sort of cheat to get the expressions so perfect for the situation?
    Thanks a lot 🙂

  18. Okay, now I just want to know where you get ALL your hair. xD I know some of it is from a subscription at TSR, but anywhere else? I know PeggyZone has good ones too.

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