Gen 3- Chapter 10: Apricot Bloom

OMB! Babies Interlude!


After Olive left, none of us knew what to do. Did we try and talk to Peche about it, or just leave it be. He never mentioned it, and it seemed that it had not phased him in the slightest. That acutally made me more nervous than anything. Bottling up your emotions was the worst thing to do. I guess he was too busy with little Forrest to even think about it. Unlike me, he took to fatherhood like a duck to water. I was quite jealous.


I wanted to be angry with her, but for some reason I wasn’t. Instead I felt bad for Olive. Looking at that precious little face, I couldn’t ever imagine leaving him if he was my child. What was going on inside, that she would up and leave her new born son and loving fiance.


After a couple of weeks I decided to approach Peche about the whole thing. My heart was racing a 100 miles an hour. I didn’t want to make him cry, but I was growing more concerned of his quiet, stoic demeanor.

“Hey Bro. How you hangin in there?”

“Fine I guess.”

“You really have not talked about Olive since she left. I was wo-”

“Ya. and I don’t want to ok? She obviously wasn’t happy with me. So maybe she is better off.”

“Peche, I don’t think it had anything to do with you.”

“Well what ever. It is done now. She said I wouldn’t understand and she was right. I don’t. So all i can do now is care for my son. In fact I think Forrest and I will be moving out. There are just too many memories here.”

“I see.”

“I gotta go to work now.”


Peche made his leave, and I just stood on the porch. I just didn’t know what to do. I wanted to fix it, but it was clearly out of my hands. The sun broke through the clouds just a huge contraction hit. I was going into labor. All my mind could think was PAIN! So much pain. The contractions were so close together, I knew I would never make it to the hospital. This baby was coming NOW! I was terrified, and home all by myself. By the time family arrived home, we had added 3 new members to the family.


Saffron Sugar


Persimmon Peel


Pumpkin Pie


Luckily the whole family was helpful. Pummy and I would have never been able to do it on our own. The triplets quickly bonded into the family, just as little Orange Blossom had done a few years before. Each was unique in her own special way. I could hardly wait to see how they would develop over the years to come.


Speaking of developing! Orange Blossom celebrated her birthday not long after the girls were born. We invited the entire family for a huge birthday party. She and I blew out the candles. I could hardly believe my little baby was growing up.


What a gorgeous young lady she was growing up to be.


It was so wonderful to have the whole family together. We all sat around eating cake and talking about happier times. Telling embarrassing stories to Orange Blossom about when she was a baby. Laughter and joy filled the air. I was truly blessed.


Even the elusive Seashell made an appearance. I was so surprised to see him, I almost tackled him to the floor.

“Take it easy sis.” he said with a smile.

“I’m sorry. It just seems like it has been ages since I have seen you.”

“Ya it has been a while. You know, Sugar Valley is too far away. Precious and I are thinking of moving the family here to Twizzlerbrook. Little Almond will be starting school soon, so this would be the best time if we were gonna do it. What do you think?”

“Yes! I think you should.”


One of Orange Blossom’s gift was a an easy bake oven. She was so excited to play with it, she begged Pummy to set it up right away. She started mixing her muffin batter and got straight to work on her very first batch of Blueberry Muffins.


Once the muffins were finished, she brought one to Grandpa Peche. He would be the first to try one of her amazing muffins. He sucked it down pretty fast, so it must have been pretty good. The satisfied look on her face made him smile even more.

“That was one excellent muffin!”


Orange Blossom just adored Mom and Dad. Mom would come in and read with her almost every night. Sometimes I would sit on the bed with her and we would both listen to the lovely narration my mother had always had a knack for.


After Peche had gotten settled into his new home I went to check it out. Pumpkin was in one of her fussy moods, so I packed her up and she and I went to the other side of town to visit. It was a nice little place not far from the bridge. He seemed genuinely happy.


Little Forrest was just darling. Though in my personal opinion, I thought he needed a haircut. No clue where that hair color came from though. Peche said he had seen a photo one time of Olive’s grandmother, and it was pretty close. Either way he was a cutie with those deep purple eyes.


In no time at all the girls were celebrating their birthdays! Safrron was up first…


She looked so much like Pummy and Orange Blossom, with that lovely orange skin and hair. Gorgeous!


Next was Persimmon….


She was much darker complected, but it looked like she had gotten my hair color. It was quite lovely.


and last, but not least! Was Pumpkin…


All beautiful and unique in their own way, goodness I was the proud mommy of four gorgeous girls!


Then another thought hit my brain. Triplet toddlers… Oh Berry help us.


47 responses

  1. Great again as always!!!
    I love Forrest’s hair color. It’s so unique!!!
    And the triplets remind me of creamsicles!!!
    Everyone’s so cute!!

  2. Triplets! No way!
    This is really great, Berry! I hope you’re up for taking care of the bunch, I’m sure it’s going to be a lot of fun.
    Great chapter, and everyone aged up beautifully!

  3. Awwww the triplets are cuties.
    Are we ever going to see Olive agian?
    And what happens if Apricot gets on of her nervous moments if she is alone with all the little ones.

  4. they all even look a like! my multiples never are identical, and i wounder what’s Berry’s favorite hair style for toddlers 😉

  5. Wonderful chapter! I definitely wasn’t expecting triplets! Also, I am curious to know where Apricot’s jeans are from. 🙂



    I feel the same way with Forest…. he does need a haircut!!! XD


  7. OMB! Triplets! They are so gorgeous, looks like the Chiffon household has really good genetics 🙂 The girls are absolutely beautiful but I think my favorite is Pumpkin XD

  8. i however am having a problem with so many GIRLS D:.
    i really wanted at least one boy.
    multi gendered triplet/twins unite! 😦
    but they all are gorgerous!
    annddd…id like to see precious’s baby please and
    great chapter berry!

  9. Orange Blossom is such a beautiful child! Wow, you’ve got some great genetics going on with your legacy! The twins were a shock! They are gorgeous and thankfully you have lots of sims to help take care of them. 8)

  10. Arr that was a sweet chapter – the triplets are simply gorgeous. Not sure which is my favorite yet….

    I still cannot believe Olive just disappeared. I wonder if she will ever come back. Forest is a cutie x

  11. Sorry to diffuse all the pumpkin love but I have to go with Persimmon. I just love the yellowish eyes against the darker skin. Though I have to wonder where her coloring came from.

    • I have been wondering that myself. It must be my SC mod I use. It took a darker shade from Lacey’s Color Spectrum it would seem.

    • well first off it is a core mod, which means it really messes with the core of your game, also makes it more difficult to use with other mods. First time I tried to use it, it crashed my game in the first loading screen. Twallans is just a script mod and it is waaaaay more stable. I just like it more. I have tried both and definitely think imho AM is yucky :p

  12. for some reason i find Persimmon ia lil bit cuter than the others but one question why is Persimmon darker than her family none of them are that dark? well im not really complaining cuz i love that complexion!!!!!!

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