Gen 3- Chapter 9: Apricot Bloom


It wasn’t even three weeks after Olive left our house, that she showed back up on the door step. Looking incredibly sheepish, she confided in Peche Jr. that her mother had kicked her out when she found she was pregnant. Being the wonderful fun person Olive was, she really had no other friends. Which also meant she had no where else to go.


Unlike me, this was the first Peche was learning of the pregnancy. He was so overjoyed, I swear he almost teared up. He told her she could stay as long as she needed.


He called mom downstairs and replayed the poor experience for her. Mom was shocked by the cold and cruel behavior of and Kiwi and insisted she stay as well. I had never seen such gratitude across her face before. She thanked both Peche and my mother wholeheartedly.


From that second on, Peche was in daddy mode and I’d never seen him happier.


Now almost this exact scenario played out for me in my head the day we heard her in the bathroom that morning. So none of it was a surprise to me. That doesn’t mean I was excited about it, I just knew it was coming. I spent a lot of my time in Orange Blossom’s room, and the house was pretty big, so we did not see each other much.


Orange Blossom was such an angel. We were already trying to teach her how to talk. She was not very interested in it at first. Once she had gotten a couple words down though, she just wouldn’t quit.

“Dadeeeee! Dadeeeee!”


Little changed from babyhood to toddlerhood for Orange Blossom and Pummy. She still adored him and he we still wrapped around her finger. She looked so much like him, it was uncanny.


Olive and Peche decided to move into the old guest house. It did give them some well needed privacy, and also kept her out of my hair. She spent a lot of time napping and it seemed pregnancy had mellowed her out. I only hoped it would last.


The only time I really saw her, was when she would come into the main house to work out. Something about the TV in the living room she preferred better. One afternoon while she was getting her burn on, Peche floated through the sliding glass door. He grabbed the remote and paused the more annoying than helpful instructor on the tube. Olive stopped and turned to Peche with a more than confused look on her face.

“Olive, I think you are the most beautiful woman alive, and now you are going to have my baby. Please make me an honest man and marry me?”


Olive did not even hesitate. She accepted and Peche slid the ring on her finger.


I was at the computer the entire time, and heard the whole. I felt sick, as much as I would like to say it was from the surprise proposal, it wasn’t. I had been feeling nauseous on and off for a little while. This new medical plan we were getting through Pummy’s work offered online support. My results were in and yes I was with child once again.


I jumped from the computer to tell Pummy the good news. To no surprise he was just as overjoyed as I was!


He tried to listen to my tummy, but it was entirely too soon to hear anything. He didn’t care though and neither did I.


We got another surprise that day. Precious and Seashell were also expecting their second child. According to the doctors are due dates were going to be incredibly close, if not on the same day! I could hardly wait to find what we were having!


While we were giddily making plans, baby Bitters had plans of its own. Olive went into labor right then and there. Pummy and I were the only ones home at the time, so we took her off to the hospital. As Pummy drove, I called Peche to relay the news.


Precious offered to stay with Orange Blossom until we got back home. Orange Blossom loved her auntie dearly. Who am I kidding? Orange Blossom loved everyone!


The diner was not far from the hospital and Peche ran all the way there. It was a very quick delivery though, so by the time he arrived, the baby was already here.


Forrest Bitters was born at 11:16 pm. Peche was now the proud father of a little baby boy.


After a few days, I dared to venture into Forrest’s room. There was Olive holding her darling bundle of joy. He really was precious baby.

“Congratulations…He is beautiful.”

“Uh…thanks.” she replied as she shifted him up on to her shoulder.

I was just about the to leave the room when she said something else.




“I just wanted to say…sorry.”

Thats all she said, but it meant so much more than just one word. For the first time in my life I looked back at her with a smile.


She stayed in his room for hours that night. Just watching him sleep. Somewhere around midnight I heard her walk downstairs and through the sliding glass door.


After I had left Forrest’s room, Precious cornered me downstairs.

“I have an awesome idea!” A devious smile creeping across her face.

“Oh, I don’t know if I like the sound that.”

She laughed. “Lets do something crazy! After the babies are born. Lets get tattoos!”


“Just think about it! OMB Apri it would be so fun!”

It did sound fun, but terrifying at the same time. “I’ll think about it.”


The next morning Peche awoke to find Olive’s side of the bed neatly made. He headed to Forrest’s room thinking she would be there. She was not. He went back to their room where he spied a small piece of paper on his bed side table.


I don’t deserve to be a part of your amazing family. I know you will not understand, but I am sorry.

With that she was gone.

44 responses

  1. no, REALLY? OLIVE?!
    my simlord, how could she do that..

    “Who am I kidding? Orange Blossom loved everyone!”
    I laughed at this, though..
    *still giggling*

  2. The Chiffons are a prolific bunch! I hate to see a baby be without his mother but I would hate to see Olive stay on and revert to her old self…

  3. OH MY GOD – i am shocked. I cant believe Olive has walked out on the family and her new baby. I really thought she had changed but she seems to still be the selfish girl she was when she was a kid. Poor poor Peche. I hope he finds her and brings her back or i know she will live to regret leaving! Oh the drama! x

  4. Grrr… i hate cliffhangers lol i have so many questions unanswered but great chapter and is Apricot actually might be going to get a tattoo?!?!? Grrr you cliffhanger

  5. 0.0 that seems to be one of the dumber things Olive has done in a while, what gives?!
    She got so pretty too, either you’re running out of plot twists or you have something planned.

    *so you know, so some reason most of the pics wont load. there isn’t a reason to which pics will load and what doesn’t.

  6. The nerve of that girl!!!!!! Having his baby and then ditching them??? How heartless!!!!! Orange Blossom is so adorable!!!!!

  7. Ooooh! Interesting. I love cliffhangers. Get’s me excited for the next chapter. Any yes, Berry, everything you do has a reason. You just never let us in on it. LOL jk.

  8. Woah! TWIST ALERT. My goodness. I hope Olive comes back and turns into the sweetest person ever.

    ORANGE BLOSSOM IS THE CUTEST THING! I can’t wait for her little sibling to arrive!

    I’ve never been a tattoo advocate, but I’m interested to see what theirs will look like if she agrees to getting it.

  9. Ohhhh nooooo! It’s so sad Olive left πŸ˜₯ She was quickly becoming my new favorite character, after Cherry, of course. I hope she comes back…

  10. I loved Olive from the first time we met her even if she was bad agains Apricot. Olive was/is just so different from other berry sims that i just fell in love with her the first time is saw her.

  11. Ok, I just read every single chapter of this legacy (so far anyway) and my response… OMB (in a good way)!!!!!
    Olive needs to come back, I was just starting to like her, :(.

  12. So, I’m sitting here at work, mourning the death of a loved one and I decide to check on Berry’s Legacy..

    I’m oooing and ahing over Orange Blossom and the new pregnancies and just starting to like Olive. I am surprised over the tattoos and the proposal.

    Then BAM!!! Olive strikes again, and I just bust out laughing. I have been sad for too long and I don’t know why her leaving made me laugh, but it did.

    Ok Bye now.

    PS: The death I’m talking about is a 29 year old husband and father. He battled cancer for 3 years and died yesterday morning. His daughter just turned 3, he found out he had cancer in the same month his wife found out she was pregnant. He is my husband’s cousin and the family needs a lot of prayers. Just thought I would share it with you guys.

  13. Babies! Babies! Babies! πŸ˜›

    And yikes, Olive. But Forrest has probably got some unique looking parents so I can’t wait to see how he turns out.

  14. hmm…what’s with olive now? i wonder where she ran off to? i guess i’ll just have to wait until the next chapter :p. berry, i think you are the queen of cliffhangers! lol! πŸ™‚

    i’m excited to see all the new arrivals!

  15. Why does this darn thing always have to happen to the darn boys generation. First Sunset now poor Peche… I would kill Olive but I guess she had her reasons and she made up with Apricot so I’ll leave her be… Oh!! And I adore Orange, she is just so adorable I’ve ran out of words to describe her XD !!

    I’ve just catched up now and I have to say very well done, after the crash I would probably have give in πŸ˜€

  16. Another amazing chapter Berry! Can’t wait to see what happens with Olive and yay more babies! So tattoos for Apricot and Precious? Interesting!

  17. I never thought I would see the day that I wrote the following words…

    I can’t believe Olive is gone, I started to really like her, If she’s gone for good, I can’t believe that I’m actually going to say this, but I think I’ll miss the beast. She made PechΓ© Jr so happy, He’ll be crushed. Awww. Forrest is super cute, daddies skin tone If I’m right? Even though Apricot was right, I don’t think she’s the type for “I told you so” and I don’t think PechΓ© is in any mood for it either. Great chapter, as always berry. Honestly, you, cupcake and thea are my fave writers. You all are awesome. I still can’t believe you actually follow me on tumblr, its a total honour XD

    • awwww hehe you are welcome!! β™₯ Thank you so much love, glad you like what I doooo! Just wait the story is about to get a lot more interesting :]

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