Gen 6- Chapter 4 Part 2: Olivine Bloom

Finally I had enough. I wasn’t technically grounded anymore but things didn’t change. I was about to fix that. I put on my game face and went to find Dad. I had practiced what I wanted to say probably 100 times in the mirror, but second I saw him, I started to get cold feet. NO! I pushed on.

“I wanna move out.” Smooth transition Liv. Just spill it all in one go. I waited for a reply.

Dad stood up from the drawing table. His face was calm. This slightly unnerved me. “Move out?”

“Yes.” I reaffirmed. “I’m 18 now and I wanna move out.”

“I see…where will you go?”

“Well…I wanna go to school in Briocheport.”

“Uh huh.”

“Where will you live?”

Crap. I hadn’t thought about that part. I just wanted out! I didn’t care. I would have crashed on someones couch if they would let me.

“Well…I guess I could….” My voice trailed off. This was not going like I had hoped it would.

“Moving out is a big responsibility and I don’t think you have proved that you are ready for it. You can’t even be honest with us. What will you do when you are on your own. How will you make money?”

I didn’t have an answer. I could feel my lip quivering. This was so unfair. Knowing that I had lost, I said the only thing that came to mind. “Fine! I’ll just stay here and be miserable!!” After that I stomped back to my room and threw myself on the bed.

I stayed in there for a good hour before there was a knock at the door.



“Its us can we come in?”

Ughhhh “Yes.”

“Ya?” My voice was a little more curt than I had thought it would be.

“Love. You’re father and I have been talking. Were you serious about going to school in Briocheport?”

I couldn’t believe my ears. “Ya there is training school there for medical assisting and I want to go. They say I can have a job with in 10 months, they even help with job placement once you graduate.”

“And this is what you really want to do?”

“Yes.” Was it really? I honestly was not sure, but if it was going to get me out of the house, I was gonna take it.

“Well if that is really what you want to do, we will support you. We love you sweetheart and certainly don’t want you to be miserable.”

The way her voice broke when she said miserable made me realize, I must have hit a nerve, which made me feel incredibly guilty.


“Yes. We will need to start looking for a little place for you to stay. We will pay the rent, but utilities and food will be up to you.”

I threw my arms around her. “Oh Mom! Thank you!!”

“Hey don’t forget me.”

“I won’t!” I squealed. I pulled him into a huge hug after I had almost squeezed mom to death.

“Now the deal is on as long as you are going to school.”


After they left, I grabbed my phone and called the only person I could think of. I couldn’t call Penny, she had already shipped off for PT. So I called Patina.

She was ecstatic and promised to meet first thing when I got into town. I didn’t stay on the phone with her too long. I had to find a place before she would be able to come visit me!!

Due to circumstances out of my parents control, namely Emerald Bliss, they were unable to accompany me to Briocheport. We had gone up one weekend prior to get everything situated for the move, payment, paper signing, all the legal stuff, so it was not all too pressing that they be there. I actually relished the idea that I would be stepping into my apartment all by myself!

As I headed up the steps, I happen to see a crane and construction going on to the side of my building! How cool is that! Nothing like that would have ever happened at home. It was just us on the hill, no neighbors or nothing! So boring! I guess I am just easily amused by huge pieces of metal and really obnoxiously loud noises.

After getting the key from the land lord, I excitedly went to my new apartment, kinda more of a studio actually. No bedrooom to speak of. The bedroom and living/kitchen were all together with only a small room off to the side for the bathroom. It may have been small, but it was fully furnished and most importantly it was all mine!! I loved it!

I plopped down on the couch while i waited for Patina to arrive. Finally I heard a knock at the door. I tossed the remote on the couch and ran to the door to greet her.

We jumped all around screaming like excited 12 years olds and then I gave her the grand tour. The grand tour lasts about 2 minutes. “Here is the Kitchen/Living room/Bedroom and here is the bathroom.” Done! Time saver indeed.

She joined me on the couch, and we watched a little TV. It was obvious we were both bored. I just got to town, we needed to get out and see everything!

“So what do you want to do?”

A small smirk started to grow across my face. “Lets go visit the boys.”

“Ohhhh. Well Tiber is at work and I think Melon is too.”


“But I just happen to know where a certain someones work might be.”

My grin was now fully taking over my face. Yes Yes yes! “Ok lets hit it!”

With that we were grabbin my keys and headin for the door.

The shopping center was only across town so we made it there in almost 10 minutes. True I might have been driving just a tad over the speed limit, but I was in hurry! We had barely gotten to talk, let alone hang out since my eternal groundation, so I was quite stoked by the prospect.

We went inside and inquired with the girl at the front desk.

“Hi is Tiber working right now?”

“Yes? And you are?”

“Oh um just tell him Patina and Livi are here to see him.”


“Hey Tiber! There are a couple of girls here to see you!!”

As she headed to the back room, I couldn’t help but notice her choice in footwear. Old frumpy combat boots. I didn’t say anything, but when she turned the corner, Patina leaned and whispered. “Nice boots…”

I couldn’t keep a handle on it any more. I started to bust up laughing. Trying my best to stifle the sound, I covered my mouth with my hand. “You are so bad!” I teased; bumping her shoulder.

Then, there he was! He floated through the doorway. I think for a second or so I completely stopped breathing. Patina poked me in the rib.


As soon as he realized who we were, a huge smile started to grow across his face. “Hey Ladies!” He pulled me into a big hug and I melted right there.

“Hey you!”

“Gosh its seems like it has been forever. How have you been? You look amazing!”

I started to blush. “Aww thanks. Hehe.”

“I have my break in about 20 minutes. You wanna hang out and wait for me?

“Sure! No problem!”

“Ok cool. I will be back as soon as I can. Bye for now!”

“Bye!” I called out as he disappeared again through the doorway.

Patina and decided to take a seat on the small bench just outside and wait. I was talking so fast and incoherent; I could feel my stomach tying itself up in knots. I kept eying the door anytime I thought I saw movement. Finally I saw him come through, but something I wasn’t expecting came through as well.

Or someone…

Wait….were they holding hands? No…the couldn’t be. I looked closer.

I shot a glance to Patina, my eyes wide with horror and disbelief. No way this was happening? Was it?

The dejected look on her face confirmed my worst nightmare. It was.

Dear sweet Berry, what did I ever do to deserve this?!

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  1. AWWWW IT CAN’T ENDDD THEREEEEEEEEEEEEE GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH now my mind will wander :c Don’t mess up tiber please tell me shes like your sister or something PLEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASE :c

  2. Not the best start to her big city adventure :(. Our Livi has more than her share of heart break and she is so young. Fantabulous update as always once again with flawless pictures 😀

  3. Oh my :O thats sad! thats really sad.. poor Olivine. :/ I hate it when stuff like that happens Olivine was so happy with Tiber.. Lol thats the same apartment i changed for my sim, Rouge ^.^ it is really the best apartment in BP! lol
    Btw awesome chapter, like always! I’m on pins and needles, as to what happens next! I love it! the suspense! lol 😀

  4. Tiber!! Okay, so your gf gets grounded for life and you go and hook up with the first blue tramp you meet on the street?!! What the berry is that about!!!
    Let me at him, Ima kick his Berry-hole!!!

  5. Man, she’s really starting to remind myself of me.. when I was like 13-14.. rofl I was grounded every other week practically, once for 4 months. Not because I snuck out or anything, but because I spent all my time on the internet, and my Fiance’ now, well.. back then.. I gave him my address. Yeah.. that got me grounded for the 4 months, but.. haha.. he waited for me. STORY OF MY LIFE. rofl Yeah, thought I would share that. Ohhh, Olivine, I guess she’ll learn sooner or later. I guess Tiber isn’t the patient, hold out for one woman, type! Haha.

  6. Oh nooooooooooo! I cant believe he has a girlfriend. Especially one with bad shoes!!! I like her hair though, where did you get it?

    I really hope he dumps her for Olivine, ill cry if he doesn’t!!!


  7. I actually kinda like the choice in outfit for the blue tramp that stole Tiber.
    But that doesn’t make it right! D:<
    Fix this, Berry! NAO! I want to see little Livi and Tiber babies! 😥

  8. Wow Tiber… Just when I was starting to like you. :[

    (On a side note, this reminds me of the “we were /weren’t on a break”-thing from Friends! x’D)

  9. DOH!!! I guess Tiber never knew she was grounded and just assumed she’d moved on after their little kiss especially as she stopped visiting him and had no way to contact him.

    Poor Olivine, wonder if she’ll find someone else 🙂

  10. No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tiber and Olivine are meant to be together. They are just so cute that you cannot split them up, though then again it would be it boring to see them immediately together. Can’t wait to see what happens next 😀

  11. Awww poor Olivine, I really like Tiber as well. I WANT THEM TO BE TOGETHER!!!! Any way, I really love this series, your such a good writer!!!

  12. NOO! My heart just broke </3 i thought olivine and tiber would finally officially become BF and GF, and tiber has to go and get another girl?!?!
    hopefully they will get back together, i love those 2 together!!!
    GREAT CHAPTER! As usual, already excited for the next 😀
    i check this website every day, no joke!!!

  13. Oddly, I find the girl, Tiber is holding hands with, really beautiful in a way!

    Noooooooo!! xO I was hoping they’d be together officially by this update! xS
    (Still, great update!) ^u^

  14. Ooh this chapter really hit home for me… Recently I found out the guy I liked has a girlfriend–who happens to be one of my least favorite people in the whole world.

    Anywaysss, Tiber better realize what he’s missing and fast Poor Livi can’t go through more heartbreak 😦

    Thanks for the update! Studying for finals is SO NOT FUN!!! And your update made my day 🙂

  15. I think Livi needs to start learning how much she really has, and stop complaining, then maybe T will come back! I still love her though! ;D

    Loved the update, can’t wait for the next one! Could you please post a few pictures of Livi’s new apartment? It looked great from the little snippets we got, but I’d love to see more!
    Also, it took me three or four refreshes to get all of the pictures to load. Anyone know what the problem could be? It’s never happened before :/

  17. *Sigh* Well, you can’t expect a stud like Tiber to wait around for an indefinitley grounded girl…They’ll figure something out, I just can’t believe that he could act so casual and Patina didn’t bother to say anything!

  18. Hey, Berry, wats up? Do u love torturing us? I mean…..this chapter didn’t get up for about a week and a half after the 3rd chapter….and now, DO U?? DO YOU LOVE TO TORTURE UR POOR FANS??!!

    sry, i’m just………anxious, yes that’s the word. How long do u think it’ll be ’till u get the next one up?
    thnx, that was the AWESOME-EST AWESOME-LY AWESOME chapter ever in the history of….evers (and awesome-ly awesome chapters)!! lol….LOVE IT!! (and u!!)

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