Gen 6- Chapter 6 New Years Special Part 2: Olivine Bloom

“Hey Livi!” Ahhh he said my name! “Whats up?”

“I was wondering if I could have a word with you. Something I need to say.”


I took him by the hand and led him upstairs. My heart was pounding so hard I could feel it in the tips of my ears.

“So whats up? Everything OK?”

I couldn’t believe I was doing it. Miss tongue tied was about to let the cat out out of the bag. I took a deep breath.

“Tiber I-

“There you are!” I have been looking all over for you.”

“Hey Babe.”

“Its almost time for the countdown! You’re gonna miss it.”

“Oh! One sec. What was it you were going to say Livi?”

“Just…wanted to say… happy new year!” *insert awkward laugh here*

NO! No no no!!! That was my chance! I blew it! I had officially run out of opportunities. I had failed myself. This was the worst new years ever. I bit into my lower lip as I followed the pair back down the stairs and out into the living room.

Everyone was gathered around the TV as the countdown started. I chose to stay way back and as far away from the heartbreak as I could.






HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!




Happy new year…

Bonus Photos!


54 responses

  1. so we can start calling her names and all, but really, what’s the poor gall done wrong?

    come on, Lily.. it’s time to get your man now, love. ❤


  2. Ugh… Chambray is SO annoying. 😡 I don’t care if she hasn’t done anything wrong technically. No woman should be THAT clingy. She like, never leaves his side, ever. If I were Tiber, that would drive me insane.

    C’mon Liv, if you don’t talk to him you’re never going to get anywhere!

  3. Awwww Livi <33 She has lived and breathed him and he is unaware. I am glad Melon came to his senses and apologised she needed something to keep her going, I only wish it could have been after she tried to talk to Tiber so it would actually have stuck in her head.
    Loved the party shots and seeing all those simmies in there. Never has there been a more colourful New Years Eve 😀

  4. Oh noes
    Poor Livi 😦 That poor little munchkin. She was about to spit it out, but she was a little too late. I kinda have an idea what is going to happen next ;D I just have wait and see if I am right.

    It was very sweet of Melon to apologize to her 😀 What a guy ;D

  5. I’m with kittycattylion and Cinnamon Sugar. I may not LIKE Chambray, but she hasn’t done anything wrong. And talking about clingy-ness? Young love can be like that, besides the fact that Livi has been obsessing about Tiber, too. Not that I care, really… They’re sims, everything gets dramatized! Lol.
    Loved this chapter, Berry, even if we’re having a slight set-back. The party looked fun. ^ ^
    Go Livi. ❤

  6. Maybe she’ll end up with Melon, just maybe. idk. just a thought.
    I was uber glad when i saw that Part 2 was already up after Part 1 cause i would’ve died from suspense. Seriously, i woulda.
    And that picture (last pic b4 the Bonus Pictures) of Livi…. 😦 she was soooo sad!! stupid Chambray and her blueness. C’MON Tiber, she’s not pretty. Sorry Chambray, but ur not pretty. Does anyone think she’s….pretty? I mean, she’s not ugly, but definatly NOT pretty.

  7. Aww nooooooo!! Why did you have to end the chapter right there… 😥 I want to give Olivine a million hugs now.

    But OH WOW what an amazing chapter!!

  8. Jw Berry, how do you keep all your sims with good hairstyles? Like at the party? Whenever I leave a family alone and check on them after a while, they always switch back to EA defaults >.< Especially the guys!

  9. I think she just has to find another blue hottie. Maybe Tiber has a brother?
    I really don’t like him anymore. He is stupid. How can he not see that she likes him.
    Berry love it, like always!

    I’m seriously on the brink of freaking out here. I think it’s getting a little annoying with the whole “She’s going to get Tiber! Oh, wait, never mind…” I’m just going to start automatically assuming that her plans are going to fail… :/

  11. I think she is going to get with the other blue guy… whats his name? I can’t believe Tiber is so oblivious though! He definitly needs to be the one Livi continues the legacy with!

  12. Aw, great chapter! Is it just me, or is Melon EXTREAMLY hot now? If you don’t mind, could you put him up for download? ^///^;
    If you did, could you put him on mediafire or something like that, because my launcher doesn’t work.

  13. Since I’m too lazy to log in…
    Grah, Chambery isn’t all that pretty. o.O Olivine, you can totally get him back! Who can resist someone as gorgeous as you?! Tiber and you will make beautiful babies. ;3 Chambrey is the only beast in your way!
    At least Veridian(?) knows what’s in front of his face, Tiber. :3

  14. Yuusss B) Gotta see a bit more of Haze XP
    Poor Livvi 😦
    Forget Tiber – go for whatchamicallhim (I’m awful with names X/) He’s also teal-y blue-ish green-ish colour 😛 He’s far better than Tiber B)

  15. Ugh!!!! I think I’ve given up with Tiber and Livi ever getting together. I just don’t think he’s “the one”. And I bet other people have said it, but Veridian looks a lot like Glaze lol xD He’s a sweetheart though! Melon’s appology was sweet too, I hope he’s changed for the better.

    Don’t worry Livi, your man will come soon 🙂

  16. ooohhhh man!! Cant belive it! She was sooo close to telling him now the chance has gone. Why cant he see it for himself too. His gf is not half as pretty as Livi!!

    But i liked Melon’s apology, that was a long time coming! xx

  17. Awwwww, poor Livi missed her chance! Ah, such is life.
    Oh, I didn’t mention it in the last chapter part, but I’m super proud of Melon for apologizing! It is a rarity for someone who has hurt you to realize it and apologize, no strings attached. That’s pretty cool!

    I read all of the genertions for the past 2 days and I am HOOKED.
    It can’t end here.. so I was wondering if you going to update this?!

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