Gen 7- Chapter 2 Part 2: Tranquil Truffle

After some major begging, pleading, and promising my first born, I finally convinced Mrs. C to let me take Tranquil to the slumber party. I don’t know who was more excited, her or me! Well I am always excited, but this was her first slumber party ever!

Now when you are working with Mrs C. there is always a deal involved, and this was no exception to that rule. If she was gonna let Tranquil go, she wanted her older cousin Mint to go too. I think she is a cousin, well a sort of cousin? Anyways long story short, Mint had to go. Which was no skin off any of our noses because Mint was awesome, so it was more like a bonus then a deal.

We got to the house a little late. Don’t tell anybody, but I got lost. I am terrible with directions, and unfortunately in a situation like that, my co-pilot was like a duck out of water…or is it a fish? Eh doesn’t matter. After pulling over to ask for directions, I finally got us there safe and sound.

We didn’t even make it up the steps when Rose came bursting out the front doors. “Yay!! You finally made it!” She squealed.

“Little late, but here we are!”

“Oh goodie goodie! You are just in time! Food is on!”


We followed Rose to the kitchen, where not only did we find a ridiculously awesome amount of food, but Tranquil’s sorta kinda cousin Mint. Rose and Mint were more interested in the food than any of the girls, which was obvious by the way they were looming over all of the plates and sniffing in all of the amazing aromas they were exuding..

“Dig in!” Mint smiled cheerfully.

I felt my tummy growl. “Ughhh maybe in a little while.”

“Suit yourself. Miracle you want something?”

“No thanks.”

“Ok well the girls are up stairs. You can go on up. Bathroom is at the top of the stairs if you need to change.”

As soon as we stepped into Rose’s room, Loli leaped off the bed and ran straight for us. “OMB finally! I thought you got lost or something.”

“Me? Get lost? Hah! Don’t be silly.”

I heard tranquil laugh under her breath.

“Quiet you.” I hissed teasingly.

“Heheheh well go get in your Pj’s! Go go!” Loli gestured with her hands in a pushing motion. “Bathroom is right next to Rowan’s room.”

My heart skipped a beat. “Ok Ok. Come on Tranquil dear.”

“So you’ve got your bag?”


“You need any help?”


I swear she was just too independent for her own good. I hated to smother her, but sometimes I felt like she really did want help. She was just too proud to admit it. I was never one for arguing though, so I nodded. My cheeks flushed pink after realizing duh she cant hear a nod, so I added a “OK I will be right outside if you do.”

I shut the door and the leaned against the wall. I was patiently awaiting my turn, when I heard the clicking of keyboard keys. My heart yet again skipped its normal rhythm for just a beat or two.


“Oh hey there beautiful. Wasn’t sure if I was gonna see ya tonight.”

Just like any other time I got around Rowan, my words started to make less sense.

“Ah you know me. Any party I go to I will always be last to…I mean next to last.” I felt my whole body cringe in embarrassment.

Trying to back track out of my muddled tongue I threw on my smarmiest face. “So do I get a proper hello?”

Matching my look, Rowan pushed himself away from his desk. “Of course. I wouldn’t be be a proper host if I didn’t right?”


“Hi there.”

Ok so maybe we weren’t the greatest at being sexy, but it didn’t phase me in the slightest. I smiled back and leaned against the door frame. “Hello.”

Oh Berry did he smell amazing. If wasn’t for the fact his hair was bone dry, I would have sworn he had just jumped right out of the shower. The fresh scent of Irish Sprig hung heavy in the air. Trying not to look like a total a creep I inconspicuously took in a deep whiff. Aye… I felt my knees buckle. “You smell good.” I finally cooed. The tone was perfect, the words not so much.

“Oh my yes Rowan. You sure do… smell good.” *snicker*

Without either of us noticing, Tranquil had snuck right up next to us. Berry knows how much she actually heard. Both Rowan’s and my eyes shot open wide. I bit my lower lip and squeezed my eyes tight. “Well I guess I better go get changed, and take Tranquil across the hall…”

I turned around but she was already gone.

“Looks like she found her own way.”

“So she did.”

“So I was thinking about going down for a snack in couple hours. Maybe you should too.”

“Sounds good.” I grinned.

I stepped inside the bathroom and shut the door. Letting out a long sigh, I leaned against the bathroom door. Oh that boy was going to be the death of me.

I dropped my duffel bag onto the sink and searched around for my pajamas…crud. Somehow I had forgotten my shirt. Looks like was stuck wearing this one. Not wanting to waste anymore time, I threw on my shorts and joined everyone in Rose’s room.

I was slightly relieved to find I wasn’t holding up the festivities. Everyone was talking and laughing amongst themselves. Loli and Java were having a discussion about something. Unfortunately I had no clue what, because I failed sign language class miserably. Probably why Mrs. Grapple suggested me for a blind shadow position.

Once everyone was in attendance, we all reconvened on Rose’s bed for a little pow wow. Its not a real slumber party with out one right? We talked about girl things mostly, but certain topic in particular seemed a bit off too me.

“So whats going on with you and Rowan?” Mint chuckled.

In reply the whole room almost in unison whined “Ughh no lets not talk about them. We see enough of it at school.” I shuffled in my seat. “We are dating.”

“Aww thats so cute! You two are super cute together!”

“Thanks.” I smiled. At least someone was nice about it.

Whether any one else liked it or not, having Row in my life was amazing! I felt like I could fly! Right up into the clouds. Sounds cheesy, but it was true! That was when the genius idea hit my brain.

“Oh my gosh you guys! Brain wave!”

“We should totally find Tranquil a boyfriend!”

The room one more time squealed in unison. “Awwwwwwww.”

“How cute would that be?!” Rose squeaked as she clapped her hands.

“Ya but who?!”

“Tranquil? Anybody you like? You just tell us and we will make it happen!”

“Oh no joke! You are so gorgeous. You could have any guy you want!”

“Mhmm totally!”

“Well there is this one guy.” She confided a shy smile growing across her face.

“Ohhhh who who!”

“Yes! Tell us Tranquil! Who is it?!”

“Well…see I have talked to Granite a couple times and…

The whole room fell silent.

“Oh no no no Darlin.” Loli lamented. “Anyone but him.”

“Ya. He is bad news.” I chimed in.

Being the only one who did not attend KB Square, Mint finally asked the inevitable. “Who is Granite?”

“Ughhh just the biggest jerk to walk the halls of KB square.” I growled folding my arms over my chest. “He is jerk personified.”

“He’s not as bad as you think.” Tranquil was doing her best to defend him for some odd reason.

“Uh ya he is.” No way would I ever believe that he was anything more than a jerk.

“Oh! What about Fir!?”

“Awww he is so sweet!”

Loli again had the perfect plan! Fir was perfect! I had already gotten the impression he had a little thing for her. “Oh wow ya! I think he has a little crush on her. Why didn’t I think of that!”

“But I don’t-”

“Oh nonsense! Fir is perfect!”

“Now Monday morning we will talk to him for you.”

The conversation carried on and then I happened to look at the clock. Almost 2 hours exactly had passed.

“I gotta use the restroom, I will be right back.” Did I mention I am a terrible liar…?

“Ya uh huh…Ok.”

There was Row waiting for me in the kitchen. The flutterbys darted around my stomach wildly.

“So glad you could join me.”

I couldn’t think of a snappy comeback so I just grinned bigger.

Taking my hand, he lead me onto the back porch. The cool summer air tickled my bare legs which caused me to shiver.

“Too cold? We can go back inside.”

“No. Its fine.”

“How about I keep you warm?”

I certainly wasn’t going to turn that down. “Ok.”

I stepped into his open arms and felt the immediate warmth as I buried my face in his chest. “Better?” He whispered softly into my ear. By this point, I had already melted into a puddle, and there was no possible way I was going to manage a yes. I squeezed him tighter instead.

So many things I had wanted to say. You’re amazing. I love you. Stay with me. It all sounded so eloquent in my head, but getting them to leave my head was a battle I was losing faster and faster. Finally I just gave in and fell head first into the moment. It was just me and him. Something I hoped we would continue stumble upon many more times in the future.

“You are so beautiful.” He whispered again.

I smiled and buried my face in his chest once again. At least one person in this relationship could talk.

We hung out on the porch for a good hour, before I finally regained consciousness. “I think we were gonna watch a movie. I better get back upstairs.”

“Oh which movie? I love movies.”

“I’m not sure. Lets go see.”

When we got back to the room, Melon Rouge was close to half over. We found ourselves a seat and Rowan pulled me into his lap. I doubted highly the Melon Rouge was on his top 10 list, but I wasn’t gonna complain! We got a few giggles and eyebrow wags before everyone turned their attention back to the screen.

“Something wrong with Tranquil?”


“She seems a bit upset.”

She did seem to be a little out of sorts. I wanted to ask her right then what was wrong, but I didn’t want to disrupt everyone else from the movie. Something was definitely on her mind though. You could tell her brain was in over drive…but over what?


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  1. Man.. I can’t imagine how tough it is for Tranquil to have absolutely no one believe her that Granite really isn’t that bad–though I hope it’s not because there’s something about him that she doesn’t know yet… Because I really adore him. He’s cold and anti-social, but Tranquil melted through that in no time.

    Blushy and Rowan are sooo cute together. ;D Sneaking out of the slumber party together, ho ho ho! Man I love teenage hormones, hehehehe.

    Now I’m stuck wondering if they’re actually gonna try to hook Tranquil up with Fir… Can’t wait to see how THAT goes!

  2. I LOVE ‘the whole room fell silent’ shot! it is brilliant and really captures the moment perfectly! Made me laugh out loud. This chapter was awesome, I can’t wait to see where it all goes…

  3. awww β™₯ great chapter! I think Tranquil and Granite would be great together! I hope that her friends trying to hook her up with Fir doesn’t mess with what she has with Granite!

  4. I could easily see me, or a close friend of mine saying “Oh my yes, Rowan. You sure do… Smell good.” XD I’m loving this! And now I’m curious about what’s gonna happen on Monday O.o

  5. Awww, poor Tranquil. Granite is just a little bit miss understood. Poor thing. On a side note, MOULIN ROUGE! Oh my god I love that movie more than anything. It’s so ironic, I just recently rediscoveerd it and then suddenly, Ewan McGregor EVERYYYWHERREEE. But you know, that’s fine by meeee πŸ˜‰

  6. I really am falling in love with Granite, he’s… absolutely adorable. Tranquil isn’t the only one falling for him, I think all of my fellow readers are as well! Thanks for the fun weekend surprise!

  7. I love how this is from Blush’s POV and I must say best slumber party ever. Totally cracked up at the sort of cousin line it was perfect. Poor Mir though, she is in love and once again no one is really listening to what she has to say. Everyone around her is just trying to plan her life for her. They’d better watch out though cause our Mir won’t take this lying down, she is a head-strong girl and she’s gonna fight back on this one!

  8. Poor Tranquil. XD She couldn’t get a word in edgeways. Hopefully she won’t let her friends set her up with Fir, because he’d just end up with his heart broken, bless him. And he seems really sweet. XD

    It’s cute that Tranquil tried to defend Granite. ❀

  9. I am not sure if you have revealed yet why Granite is attending this particular school. I may have missed that part and will go back to read. I am very curious to know about his disability.

    • Its a normal school but they feel that students with disabillities should be able to attend as well as normal children so I doubt he has a dissability

  10. I think Tranquil’s friends need to listen to her and not set her up with some Tree boy, whomever he may be (ok ok, Fir). She’s independent enough that she sure isn’t going to let anyone else make her mind up for her, and that’s pretty much why we all love her. Can’t wait to see more of her and Granite, even if it doesn’t turn into anything.

  11. I’ve finally going to start commenting more! πŸ˜€
    First, ugggh. I know what your going through, Tranquil. It’s awful to have nobody believe you when you like somebody who seems really mean. XD It’s very discouraging.
    Great chapter. Blush and Row are really cute together. ❀

  12. Melon Rouge! xD
    I’m starting to dislike Tranquil’s “friends.” They didn’t let her talk, and they’re setting her up with someone who Tranquil doesn’t like! I feel bad for Fir, he’s going to get his heart broken if her friends set them up! 😦
    I love Tranquil and Granite together! They’re SOOO PERFECT!! πŸ˜€

    • I think they’ve got her best interests at heart, but I think they are more concerned with what they think is good for her rather than listening to what she really wants. πŸ™‚

      • Ok, I know her friends only want to do what is best for her – but to set her up with someone she clearly DOES NOT want to be set up with(no offense to Fir by the way, he seems like an okay guy) – that’s going too far in my opinion.

  13. Nooo! Playing matchmaker almost never works out! Not unless both parties are committed and stoked about it! AHH!

    And I have to commend you once again on the absolutely fantastic pictures you take. I don’t even know how you get some of them. I know some of the trick is moveObjects, but half of the facial expressions/body positions I don’t even know when they DO that o_O I’ll have to watch my sims much more closely…..

    Any advice? hehe.

    Once again, a wonderful chapter! Can’t wait to read more and see more beautiful pictures!!

  14. It must be annoying to have to listen to the movie and not be able to watch it. Though Tranquil’s probably used to it by now…

  15. I know from personal experience that playing matchmaker doesn’t go over very well unless both people actually like eachother! grr… *mumble mumble* But I did like all of the joking and the amazing pictures I was able to see from my phone (internet still out!!!) But Amazing job, Berry! I can’t wait to see what comes next!! ❀

  16. hmmm… isn’t the next color blue? granite doesn’t seem so blue to me…. i could be wrong though! it doesn’t really matter to me actually, so long as tranquil is happy πŸ™‚ !

    • Actually, I think the next color is lavender. Tranquil’s dad was the sim spouse who ushered in the blue generation. Tranquil has to marry a lavender guy to get the next generation. So far, the lighting in the pictures of Granite has kept his color a bit mysterious. In his first pic he looks a bit blue but in the rest he looks gray. Put the two colors together and maybe you get lavender? Sneaky Berry, very sneaky! πŸ˜€

    • I’ll step in for Berry on this one since I happen to know Mint pretty well ;). Well that one’s a little complicated. In Pineapple’s first chapter he went to a family reunion and meet a girl called RosΓ© Pinot Noir and the story of Merlot’s affair came out:

      β€œOk, so according to the story, our great great great grandfather had an affair, and the baby is your great great grandmother! But you see, there is more to this story, Pinot Noir’s are magic.”

      So Pineapple and RosΓ© were very distantly related. Just like Tranquil is Pineapple’s granddaughter Mint is RosΓ© granddaughter. So that’s how they are related :D.

  17. Poor Tranquil they really should let HER choose who she wants to know better and if she is not interested in Fir then it’s not thier place to push it… aah the joy of “well intentioned friends” πŸ˜‰

  18. I know she’s just a sim but I feel for her so much!
    I think Tranquil is still being controlled, just let her love, LET HER LOVE!

  19. OMB! Her friends may ruin them by keeping her from visiting him in the auditorium, if they find out about her ‘visits’ to the bathroom.

  20. Has my colour changed? Yes, no? Eh.
    Great chapter!! I still havent seen any pics of Granite coz my computer blanks them – ?!?!?!
    Anyway!! Cant wait for next update!

  21. Oh my… so romantic! I think I was blushing while I was reading it.

    Looove it very much! Blushy and Rowan are very cute together. He did make her blushing ^^

    Nooww. . trying to hook up Tranquil with someone? They are very nice friends πŸ™‚ but I think Tranquil has already have her …. crush.

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