Gen 7- Chapter 12 Part 1: Tranquil Truffle

After a tireless flight, I learned flying was not for me. I was more than pleased to touch back down the ground and be free of that loud, rocky, metal confinement. 13 hours and I barely slept a wink. Instead, I spent the entire time feeling every little ping, dip and sway that we experienced. All in all, it was not a fun time.

“Hi Granite and Tranquil Chiffon checking in.”

“Ah yes Misiour Chiffon. Give me a moment while I look up you’re paper work.” His accent was quite thick and it was almost impossible to make out what he was saying.

“Oh My.”

I understood that.

“I am so terribly sorr-ee, but it seems the chateau has already been rented out.”

I understood that one too.

This was not good. The whole reason we have rented the chateau was because all the hotels were full. We chose one of the biggest tourist seasons of the year (probably not the best idea) and there were no other places available. It felt like a dream come true when we found the place we were supposed to be staying at. Perhaps it was. Obviously too good to be true.

The tone in Granite’s voice was calm. Too calm and I knew right away he was livid. “Do you have something else available then?”

“I am so sorr-ee I have no idea how it was double booked. This has never happened before.”

“You’re sorry.”

“Yes Misiour.”

“He’s sorry. LOOK what do you expect us to do? We have no where to stay now. What are we gonna do? Sleep on the street? This is why we put down the deposit, so this would not happen!!”

Just as things were about to get ugly, a young woman walked over and tried to intervene.

“Excuse me, I wasn’t trying to eaves drop, but it seems you are need of a place stay, and I have a large house just outside of town. You two are more than welcome to stay with me. I can assure you there is plenty of room.”

The young woman and her kindness was just the distraction Granite needed to calm himself down, though we were a bit unsure if we wanted to stay at some persons house that we did not know from Apple.

“That is awfully kind of you.”

“Ah this is Mara, she works at the flower shop just across the street. She is a good and kind woman, I will vouch for her. She would seem to be the answer to our little problem. I would even be able to reimburse some of her expenses since this is mostly my fault.

Granite turned to me placing his hand on my shoulder. “What do you think love?” Not wanting to sleep on the street, I nodded softly. “I think this will be just fine.”

“Miss Mara, I don’t think we will ever be able to thank you properly. This is a real lifesaver. Please lead the way.”

The next thing I knew we were throwing our things into the back of Mara’s car and heading to her place. It was actually a much longer drive than I was anticipating. She did say she was outside of town, I didn’t realize how far that actually was. By the time we finally got there I was pretty much worn out.

Thankfully she showed us directly to our room.

“So this will be your room and the bathroom is right down the hall. Please make yourself at home. I can imagine you are probably both exhausted from your long trip so please take as much time as you need. If you are hungry I will be preparing dinner in a few hours.”

“Thank you that sounds lovely.”

“I will get out of your hair now. If you have any questions I will be right down the hall.”

Once she had gone, Granite helped me over to the bed. The moment I hit the mattress, I could feel my eyes beginning to droop and call me into a nice and peaceful Chambery nap. The pillows smelled like lilacs and that only seemed to make me even drowsier.

“These pillows smell so sweet. Like fresh lilacs.”

“Well the room is full of beautiful flowers. Purple roses. They are pretty amazing in color.”

“Mmmmm that sounds nice.”

“Not as nice you.”


Before too long, we both succumb to our exhaustion and slipped into a restful sleep. This was a wonderful (second start) to our vacation.

A few hours later, the odd yet tasty smell of the fish Mara was cooking made its way down the hallway and into our room. I took a nice whiff and tried to sit up with out disturbing Granite. He must have smelled it too because I felt a hand brush my shoulder.

“Hey you.”

“Hey. Smells good out there.”

“Ya. You wanna go?”


This was one thing I was not going to like about this trip. I wouldn’t be going very many places with out someones guidance. Talk about a fish out of water.

“Ahh there you are. Welcome welcome. Please have a seat. I am almost done with dinner.”

“It smells delicious.” I added with a smile, my stomach beginning to growl just ever so slightly.

Granite helped me locate a chair and then we both took a seat.

Mara continued our conversation as she worked her magic in the kitchen.

“You cannot see no?”

“Um yes. I was born blind.”

“Oh my oh my. You are brave yes. Strong willed. I can tell.”

“I have heard that before yes.”

“Ah here we are.”

Mara set a plate down in front of me and kindly handed me a fork and knife. She was unsure where to place, so carefully put them in my hand.

“I am so sorr-ee I have never…”

“It’s fine. Thank you.”

We ate the rest of our dinner in silence. I think she felt bad even though I assured her not to. Its hard for me to tell some times. Silence can mean many things but, its hard to read when you can’t see whats actually happening. But once we she had cleared the plates she seemed to have gotten over what ever had been troubling her.

“It is rather late to be going out tonight. Would you care to join me in the living room. I would love to hear about your trip so far. There is nice fire going and I can make some coffee.”

“Yes coffee sounds perfect.”

“Wonderful. Please make yourself comfortable, I will be in shortly.”

Making our way to the couch, I heard the crackling from the fire and could feel its heat ever so softly on my cheek. “You have a lovely home!” I called out and into the kitchen.

“Oh thank you. It belonged to my husband and his family.” She replied entering the room. I heard her place a mug down on the table just before me. “Your coffee is there.”

“Thank you.” I carefully felt for the cup and brought it to my lips. The aroma was so amazing. You would have sworn those beans had been growing in her backyard. For all I knew they did. I took another sip. “Mmmmm this is so good. So where is your husband? Is he working late?”

An eerie silence dropped over the room as she placed her mug back down on the coffee table. “I lost my husband 2 years ago.”

“Oh I am so sorry.”

“It is fine. You did not know. We were married only a year when there was an accident at the nectary. He went to work one morning, kissed me goodbye, and never returned home. So now I am here without him. Its nice to have company again.” *ahem* “What about you? What brings you both to Chamber-ee?”

“Well life was pretty hectic at home, so we decided to get away for a little while. Spend some needed time together.”

“You two are very lucky. You’re love is special. I can tell.”

“Thank you. We feel pretty Berry blessed.”

“How did you find each other?”

“We met in school. She kinda found me.”

“Yes his guitar lead the way.”

“Ohhh! So you are both music lovers yes?”

“Very much so.”

“Ah! The music in our hearts will see us trough the shadows.”

“Wow that is so lovely. Did you just make that up.”

“No. I read it somewhere.”

“I like it.”

“Me too.” I added taking Granite’s hand in my own.

We spent a good three hours chatting with our more than gracious host. She was so kind and it exuded from her. She treated us as if we were family or old friends. It was a nice feeling and certainly not something we had expected from a stranger. I guess you can find kind hearts where ever you go.

After our evening came to a close, Granite and I returned to the bedroom for a little alone time. Its hard to get any sort of alone time when you have 4 kids running around the house. Someone is always awake, which means someone is always listening…

“You know its been so long since we have been alone, I kinda don’t know what I want to do with you first.”

Eep! I recognized that tone all to well.

“Anything as long as you don’t tickle me.” I squeaked.

“Awww but that’s the fun part.”

“Maybe for you..”

“Hah well…nope I am gonna do it anyways.”

“Granite! AHHHHHH!”

“Oh look who I found here. It’s my long lost wife. Hello there.”

“Granite you are a goof.”

“A goof with a hot wife.”

“I think I have missed hanging out with you.”

“Ya? Me too.”

Well we spent the rest of the evening *cough* enjoying each-others company. I am sure you don’t want to hear all the details. Oh you do? Well too bad haha! Lets just say it was a wonderful night and he and I had a fantastic time.

The next morning we were awoken again by the amazing aromas from Mara’s kitchen. This time it was the sweet smell of french toast and warm maple syrup. I could feel my mouth watering before I even sat up. “MMMMMMMMMMM!”

As I was dressing there was a knock on our door.

“I hope I am not waking you! Breakfast will be ready in a few. I will serving it in the garden.”

“OK thank you!”

Once we were dressed, we made our way outside to the a small dining table in the middle of her garden. Granite said it was just beautiful, but again all I could do was take his word for it.

“I hope you like egg toast.”

“Oh yes.”

“I have some things I need to tend to. I will be back later this afternoon. Please enjoy. There are many things to go and do, hopefully you will find some that interest you.”

“You’re not going to eat?”

“Oh! I eat as I cook. Not you worry. I had plenty. Enjoy your day you two!”

“We will.”

Then she made her leave and we did not see her for the remainder of the day. I couldn’t help but wonder where she was going…


12 responses

  1. Mara is like… the sweetest, cutest, most heartbreaking woman. T_T You were right, I’ve definitely fallen for her already! ❤ I just wanna wrap my arms around her and squeeeezzzeeeeee…

    Granite + Tranquil = ❤ ❤ ❤ … I get so many warm fuzzies seeing them getting some time together!

  2. Fantastic chapter!! It reminds me so much of my holiday in France last summer, we stayed at a bed-and-breakfast just like Mara’s home, and the food… ohhhhh gooooooooooooood!!! I’ll never forget that place.
    Aww and Mara is so kind, she doesn’t deserve to have lost her husband so soon after their marriage 😦 Good that Tranquil and Granite still have each other! ❤

    Great chapter as always!

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  4. Awwwww! That is so sweet of Mara, to let them into her home that way, I hope Granite and Tranquil have a great time on holiday, seems like a great second start ! (:

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