Gen 8- Chapter 1 Part 1: Waterlily Whip

This is me, Waterlily Chiffon minding my own business. I was more than perfectly content to just sit and read in my room. Not that I was a loner per say, I just liked having time to myself. Time to read, time to think and time to just be me. When you are part of trio, its sometimes hard to find your own space. Luckily one of those places was our room. Unlike the other two, I loved to spend an evning just relaixing. The less I did, the less I was likely to injure myself…

And we probably could have had our own rooms, but we didn’t really want them. Even though I liked my space, it was hard to be away from either of them for very long.

I don’t think it was till the first year of high school that we even started to venture out to do things on our own.

Sapph and her dip head best friend started dating our freshman year, so a lot of her “away time” was spent with him. They saw a lot of movies and a lot of the insides of each others mouths. Yuck. I had no idea what she even saw in him. Ya…Things didn’t change much for us as we got older, in fact, they may have gotten worse.

He had quite a few bruises from different incidents where he thought it would be funny to tease me and force me to haul off and punch him. You think he would learn to just leave me be, but he just hadn’t seemed to figure that part out yet. Anyways…they seemed happy and I know Sapph thought the world of him, so whatever. Just wish he would leave me alone.

Loki…Oh I mean Midnight was up to her own shenanigans, but unlike Sapph it wasn’t with her boyfriend, it was with her best friend. That girl was a big pile of trouble. She always had a look about her that screamed I am up to something so you better watch out. She was not exactly mean, but she did have a pretty sick and wild sense of humor.

It was certainly not uncommon for her to doorbell ditch, or leave a flaming bag of poo on someones doorstep, and you can guess if Midna was out causing trouble, Mist was not too far behind. Those two were a match made in heaven.

They got away with it quite a few times before they ever caught, but one night, a rather late night or early morning rather. They chose the wrong house. Someone inside was already up and had called the cop before they even got the chance to fully execute their plan.

So when the time came for them to ditch, a cop car was already pulling up. Mist got away, but Midna was spotted immediately. She hung back and took the rap while Mist ran off for home. Pretty noble on her part, because when the cops brought her home…oh man was she in for it.

“Would you mind explaining to me why a cop is bringing you home at 5 in the morning?”

“I don’t know.”

“You don’t? That’s funny. The officer told me you were leaving a bag of poop on someones doorstep.”


“Its not funny Missy.”

“Berry!!! Why can no one take a joke!”

“Maybe because it wasn’t funny.”

“Oh but it was.”

“Don’t you talk back to me.”

“But it was! They come running out and then…*bursts into laughter* they stomp on it!!! and then!!! hahahaha its all over their shoe!”

“Well I am glad you are getting such a kick out of it, you can continue to laugh in your room, because you are grounded! And Mist will not be coming over.”

“But MOM!”

“No Buts! I know she was in on it, and I am going to have a nice chat with her father later on.”

Ya so as you can see the three of us are quite different. We may have the same birthday, but that is just about the place our similarities end. I like to think I am the most normal of three and even that is a stretch. I was the girl who hated dresses and shoes equally. Which brings us back to my next point…Sapphire.

“Hey Lil?”


“Can I ask you a big favor?”

“Uhhh, I don’t do favors you know that.”

“I know. I just need your help.”

I continued to read, hoping she would give up and go away. After a few seconds, I peaked over the edge of the railing and there she was still staring up at me.


“Why me? Why not go ask Midna to be your guinea pig?”

“Because I need a model for a makeover and well you would be a bigger contrast. Pretty please with sugar on top. I promise to make you look nice?”

Of course lets make over the tomboy, she will love to have her hair teased and face painted all up. YAY!!! Ughhhh it was true I didn’t do favors, but I was also really bad about saying no to my sisters, especially Sapph. She was bit on the demanding side and pretty much would not give in till she won. I closed my book and set it off to the side of my pillow. “Fine…”

“Weee thank you, thank you! Oh this is gonna be so fun!”

“Ya…fun. Woooooo.” I repeated twirling my pointer finger in the air.

“Oh hush you. Come on lets go to mom and dads room, so we have more space.”

*sigh* “Lead the way.”

So once we were in moms room, she pulled out this ridiculously gi-monstrous sized make up case out of hall way closet.

“Good Berry Sapph, you gonna stuff me in there too? There’s definitely enough room.”

“Very funny… No I just like colors OK? Each season there is a new line of my Berrnique cosmetics and each season I have to get them. Its just so hard to get rid of the old ones. I mean what if one day I want to go a little retro and use a sun burnt gold and I throw it out? Then what would I do?”

“Die for sure.”

“What ever you just don’t understand the complexities of fashion.”

“Out of all the complexities in the world, I think fashion is probably the lowest on my list.”

“Ya I know. Now shhhh so I can put this lipstick on you.”

“Whooooa nooo no no no. You didn’t say anything about lipstick. I hate lipstick.”

“Oh come on you big baby. Its just for one afternoon. Its for my fashion design assignment. You don’t want me to get an F do you?”

“Hey guilt master, would you mind laying off. Sheeeesh. You’re lucky its you, you know that.”

“I do. Now mouth closed.”

“Blehhhh OK.”

A painstakingly long hour later, she was finally finished. The lipstick was driving me crazy and my hair felt a huge cloud floating on the top of my head.

“All done! So what do you think?”

“I look like a 50’s prom queen nightmare…”

“Oh its not that bad!”

“I think you look pretty!”

“I think you may be crazy.”

“Trust me I know what I am talking about. Lets go show everyone downstairs.”

“That wasn’t part of the deal.”

“Oh you whiner come on!”

Next thing I know, Sapph was draggin me down the stairs and out to the living room, so I could look like a fool in front of the whole entire house. The dress was causing my underwear to ride in a way that made it impossible for me to walk straight and the stupid shoes she put me in almost managed to kill me before I got down the stairs. When I arrived at the bottom of the steps, I kicked them off.

“I draw the line at those death traps on heels.”

“Everyone. Check out the new Lil. Doesn’t she look adorable?”

I threw on fake smile. “I am going to kill you for this.”

They all paused their game and turned to look at me. I smiled again, this time a little more genuinely. “Tadah!”

“Wow you look great Lil!”

“Uh…huh yeah! You ummm look great sis.”

“Pffffft you like a giant blue cotton swab!”

That’s all it took, I wasn’t having fun anymore. I could feel that all too familiar anger rising in the pit of my stomach, but for the moment the embarrassment was far to strong for it to break through.

“Disco don’t be so mean! She looks fine.”

“You look really pretty. He just doesn’t-

“Understand the complexities of fashion?”


How easy it was for him to ruin my mood, and how badly I wanted to cry and punch him in the face. For brief moment I thought about doing both together. That would have really made me feel better.

But something about this time was different, I didn’t have the energy to come back at him. Oh I was angry, there was no doubt about that, but I just had no desire to retaliate. I just wanted to get out of there. I took off out the front door and hopped on my bike.

I started peddling as fast as I could down the road, doing the best to keep myself on the straight and narrow with all the tears that had filled my eyes. Stupid Disco and his stupid jokes. I cursed under my breath as I continued my way down the hill. Thankfully Chestnut didn’t live too far away and with in 10 minutes I was riding up to his house.


17 responses

  1. oh Lily II you’re so adorbs! <33

    “You don’t? That’s funny. The officer told me you were leaving a bag of poop on someones doorstep.”
    I'm sorry but… HAHAHAHAHA!!! :}

    BTW! is Mist related to a Meringue?

  2. This is so AWESOME!!!!! I swear I almost couldn’t stop laughing the entire chapter, oh how I just love this generation already!! x’D x’D

    …And seriously Disco, GROW UP! Insulting a girl because you secretly like her is not something boys usually do anymore at your age D:<

    • Haha I know exactly what you are talking about XD But for me my clothes is the problem, my mum wants me to go shopping all the time >_< uggggghhhh!! Just the thought of shopping makes me tired…

  3. Lily looked great, Disco Finn is just a ginormous jerkface….

    Although being the tomboy I am no one, not even my sister can put make up on me ever!

    Great start I love lily as much as I thought I would Yay!


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